April 24, 2002

Word Association 3

By Yashira

(Author's Note: Please don't hurt me. I've been meaning to write this chapter… honest. Hopefully, this will conclude the three parts.)

With a moment that seemed to drag on for days, Kagome eventually rose shakily to her feet. She dimly dusted off her skirt before she stretched her arms with a forward leaning motion. "I guess we should go back to the camp," she replied as she tried to stifle back a yawn. "No sense making them worry." She turned to face Inuyasha with a soft mollifying look which surprised him. "Okay, let's go."

He swallowed a bit nervously as he realized that it was "THAT LOOK," the one she'd once given before that incorporated both accusation and acceptance of the situation at hand. He knew enough of that look to be worried. "Well… it's about time." He replied carefully. His tone lacked some of the usual gruffness he tended to mark impatience words with. "Miroku and Sango have just put the meat of the deer I caught on the fire, I can smell it from here. You must be hungry."

She dropped her hands to the side, her shoulders giving a dismissive sort of shrug as she answered quietly, "I guess."

Her look and her tone spooked him. She had to be furious to give him that kind of look. In the past he had gone through Kagome running away on him when she got mad, her glaring at him, her going off to stay with Sango and Miroku instead of being in his company, and finally she'd also given him the silence treatment. Right now Kagome looked as if she were trying to blow off what had happened and yet combine some part of the "silent treatment" as if she were still mad. Already she was moving ahead of him as if she couldn't stand his present. "Kagome…"

"It was a word game… that's all it was…" Her footsteps crushed against grass and rotting twigs as she started up the small incline to where the fire of their campfire winked back at her.

"Then why…" His words died on his lips as he stared sullenly after her. Why the hell should he be scared of what she would say to him? He'd come after her like a damn little puppy with its tail between its legs and she had the nerve to try to get the upper-hand? He followed after her, moving swiftly under each and every tree he passed. All along the way his golden eyes stared on her as if…

"Stop staring at me like I'm damaged goods." Kagome's tone, although quiet, had a sort of unhanded quality that betrayed the knowledge that she was getting annoyed.

"?" His eyes batted and blinked in surprised , "I never said-"

She turned around, black hair swirling around her shoulders with a swoosh, as she fixed brown malleable eyes on him. "You said enough." There was definitely an accusing tone to her voice.

"Damn it," and now Inuyasha's tone went extremely pissed off. Any remorse or concern he may have felt for 'accidentally' saying Kikyou's name in response to Kagome's flew out the window of apology. "Now you're angry? I thought you were depressed."

She bit her lip suddenly as if she'd realized what had happened. She'd meant to blow it off, to let it go, but perhaps she was a little more upset than she had realized. "I'm not mad."

"Oh yes you are," he countered immediately as he crossed his arms over his haori, folding the material in curves as he growled back at her. "You were mad because of what I said… and you walked off to the stream because of it. It's like you're looking for me to say something and I don't know what you want to hear that I haven't said already."

She turned her brown-eyed gaze to the side, staring at the shadows created by the trees nearby. She bit her lips with a stubbornness that would have make Inuyasha proud if it was being used on Naraku or someone else other than him. Maybe he hadn't said all he should have been saying… maybe she wanted to hear more from him… More than what she knew he was capable of. She let out a frustrated sigh.

"And YOU ARE mad." He replied with a self-righteous verbal push. His tone was getting more irate as her denials got more stubborn. He could not help but scowled at her.


He glared at her, eyes glittering with accusation as he snapped back, "Oh yeah?"


As Kagome started back up the forest path with her head strung high, Inuyasha, from the hole in the ground, barely muttered, "…okay now I know…"


Shippo was kicking at the dirt impatiently, "They sure are taking long. Do you wonder what they could be doing?"

Miroku who was in the middle of helping Sango set the last of the deer on the spit that hung over the fire, had one of his squinty eyed knowing looks, "Don't ask Shippo… you're too young."

Sango smacked the monk on the back of head and rolled her eyes at him, "Can you at least not even once think perverted thoughts?"

He rubbed the back of his head gingerly while giving her one of his best, "I can't help myself" smiles. "Well what else could they be doing? They've been gone a long time."

Sango seemed to roll her eyes up to God, asking him(or her) why he couldn't put a bit less pervertism into the man beside her. "That doesn't mean anything."

"But it does, you see…"

There was a muffled oath and tremendous thud in the distance and Miroku glanced up suddenly to see Kagome storming towards where he and Sango stood. "Quick! Where is Myouga?"

Sango looked bewildered as if he had just asked her to step into the fire, "Um Miroku, he didn't come with us on this little trip."

"Well take a look at Kagome's face." He murmured quickly as he turned to smile at the angry face of the incoming girl. "Kagome, welcome back."

"Oh gees…" She'd almost dropped the last of the deer meat as Sango caught the look on Kagome's face. "Something tells me they were arguing… again."

"Something?" Shippo replied with huge big eyes, "Look at Inuyasha…"

He was pushing through the woods behind Kagome and the look he wore on his face, was beyond furious.

"Hmm, you'd think," Sango murmured to Shippo as Miroku began to talk to Kagome on how well the deer meat would taste once it was cooked, "after he made all this trouble he'd be nicer to her."

Shippo gapped at her, "This is Inuyasha remember. You know, BIG IDIOT."

She nodded, "Yes, the Jerk."


"Two timer…"