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Who wants to be Cinderella?(Part I)

Please please please don't be me... Alex repeated the word 'Please' for the hundredth time in his head before he put his hand into the box. He grabbed a piece of paper randomly, said a short prayer, and drew it out the box. Everyone in his class was slient, looking at Alex. He unfolded the little piece of paper and saw the small writing on it. Cinderella. He froze. Oh nonononononono... I'm dreaming, right? He thought, and looked at the writing again. Why wouldn't my luck of devil work when I need it?

"Don't just stand there Alex, who have you got?" Tom asked but Alex didn't answer him, so instead he snatched the piece of paper from Alex's hand, pulling Alex back out of his trace.

"Wa-" but Alex was too late. Tom had already got the piece of paper.

"Woah man! You are lucky aren't you? You got the role Cinderella!!!" Tom burst out. Then everyone in class started muttering.

"Alex as Cinderella? Oh my god I can't wait to see!" "It suits him so much!!" Some girls whispered but Alex could hear them clearly.

"Thanks ever so much Tom." Alex said sarcastically.

"Hey the druggie is Cinderella!!!! I hope he won't take drugs while he is in the show!!!" Blake, a boy which Alex had never liked exclaimed. Alex didn't retort but gave him a hard stare.

"You're just jealous, aren't you?" Tom helped Alex out. "Coz you don't get to wear a dress... oh, wait, you have still got a chance if you got the UGLY sisters' role." Blake's face reddened. The whole class burst out laughing except Alex. He was not in the mood of laughing at all. How the hell is he going to be Cinderella?

[Mr. Blunt's office]

K-unit was sitting in Mr. Blunt's office waiting for the emotionless man to speak. "I want K-unit to go undercover to watch out for one of our agents." Mr. Blunt said.

"Agent? But may I ask why the SAS?" Wolf asked.

"Because you know the agent, so we think it's the best to use you guys." Mr. Blunt answered. Who do we know in MI6 except fox? Wolf thought.

"So, who are we looking out for?"

"You will be going undercover in a school in London called Brookland."Mrs. Jones answered at the side.

"School? Is the agent a teacher or something?" Eagle asked curiously.

"Here is the information you need." Mrs. Jones said as she gave a thin file to wolf. Wolf took it and opened it. Inside the file it had the basic information about Brookland, and a photo was attached to the folder.

"Agent Alex Rider. One of our best agent in MI6." Mr. Blunt noted.

"Cub?" wolf burst out after seeing the photo.

"Let me see!" Eagle snatched the file from wolf's hand. "Wow this really is cub!" he exclaimed as he passed the photo to fox and snake.

"This is why I want K-unit in. Since you trained with him and Ben you have worked with him in a mission I think it is best to put you in." Mr. Blunt said. Wolf, eagle and snake looked at fox surprisingly.

"Why didn't you tell us cub was in the MI6?" snake asked.

Fox shrugged. "You never asked... so how long is the assignment?" fox asked, changing the subject.

"Not long. Just a day. Brookland's open day and everyone is allowed in his school." Mrs. Jones explained. "Alex destroyed a couple of organisations in his past assignments, and there might be a chance that some people come for revenge." She said as she unwrapped a peppermint and popped it into her mouth.

"So, are you clear what to do? Report back if needed." Mr. Blunt said.

"Yes sir."

[Alex's classroom]

Embarrassed. Stupid. Retarded. This was what Alex felt right now. He was in a long dress, and some holes was painted on to make him look poor. He had a wig too. He didn't feel like himself. His face was coated with thick make up, and his head felt heavy because of the wig.

"Get your lazy bottom up and do the chores!" a voice rang out. Alex looked up. It was Tom. He was in a dress as well but his face was completely white with bright red lips and cheeks. Alex wanted to laugh about how hideous Tom looked but he was just not in his mood.

"Leave me alone Tom."

"Oh come on Alex! It's just one day! You're not wearing it forever! And you're not the only one with a dress! I'm wearing one as well, and you are even better than me! I got to be the ugly mother with red lips and cheeks! See!!" Tom said as he pulled a face and leaned closer to Alex's. Alex couldn't stand Tom's face anymore and he burst out laughing.

"Finally I got a laugh from your mouth... and do I really look that funny?" Tom asked. Alex was still laughing his head off and he gave a nodded. "Ok, there's one more thing I want to say about you."

"wh-what?" Alex gasped.

"You look good in a dress. If I don't know you in the first place, I might have ask you out." Tom said jokingly. Alex stopped laughing immediately and stared at Tom. "OK OK, I'm sorry! Chill out man! Don't give me the death glare! You might make me shit my pants and I'm sure you don't want that to happen..." Tom yelped pretended to be scared. Then a girl in class walked over to them.

"Alex and Tom?" the girl asked.


"Can you help us giving some advertisement leaflets out in the front court? We're short of people."

"Sure!" Tom said before Alex could say anything.

"I don't want to go outside!" Alex hissed beside Tom. "People are there!"

"Oh don't be such a spoilsport! No one will recognise you anyway! It'll be fun!" Tom said as he took the pile of leaflets and dragged Alex out of the classroom. Tom barged into Blake as they went through the classroom door.

"Druggie..." Blake muttered when he saw Alex which was being dragged behind Tom.

"Get out of our way Blake. Princess coming through." Tom said and Alex kicked him at the back of his leg.

"Aww! What was that for?"

"For your big gob." Alex said. Blake didn't say anything about Tom and Alex bickering to each other. Instead he just stared at Alex confusingly.

"What're you staring at?" Alex noticed Blake's glare and asked warily.

"Er..." Blake blushed.

"Oh ignore him. He's just too surprise with your prettiness... Come on, we got some leaflets to hand out." Tom said mockingly and dragged Alex which was again, giving Tom another death glare.

[Brookland's front court]

"Wow look at that wolf!!! Everything is so cool in here!!!!" eagle yelled, bouncing as they went through the gate of Brookland.

"We're not here to have fun. And call me James in here."

"Oh you're just so boring Jamie boy! Enjoy! I think cub can take care of himself! Oh look... free balloons!!! I want one!!" Eagle exclaimed and bounced off, leaving wolf, fox and snake behind.

"Who gave him sugar?" wolf asked sternly.

Snake raised his hand guiltily. "My bad. I forgot."

"What have you given him?" Fox asked.

"Sugar mice..."

"Oh for christ's sake. How much?" Wolf asked, his voice threatening snake.

Snake's voice was getting quieter. "The whole packet..."

"Holy crap." Fox said.

"The whole fucking packet? Jeez, Luke! You know how much sugar is in those thing? Now he's going to be like that for the whole freaking day!!" wolf growled.

"Calm down James, we can't do anything about it now." Fox said. "I think we should go find Alex. Alex's class was.." but wolf wasn't listening. He was dragging eagle back.

"Hey! Look at that! Two girls are giving out leaflets! Let me go! I want a leaflet too!"eagle yelped and struggled in wolf's grip.

"No. Stay here." Wolf demanded.

"Look! A man with a hand-grenade!!!!" eagle exclaimed, pointing to a random direction. Wolf turned around by instincts but no one was there. He had been tricked.

"Shit." Eagle took his chance and broke loose from wolf's grip. Wolf tried to grab him back but he was already sprinting in an inhuman speed to where the two 'girls' stood.


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