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Who wants to be Cinderella? (Part II)

Alex was frustrated. Why does every single man walked by whistles at him or eyeing him up like he is in a freak show or something? He thought as he gave out leaflets to people. He noticed four men, standing by the front gate. They looked familiar... HOLY SHIT. What the hell are they doing here? He remembered Mr. Blunt saying that someone will come in today to look out for him, but Alex had never thought of K-unit. That bastard. "Tom, can I go back to the classroom first?"

"What? You're not going to let me give out all these leaflets on my own, are you?" Tom asked.

"6 o'clock direction!"

"6 o'clock? No, Alex, it's just gone past 1." Tom said dumbly. Alex rolled his eyes. Can he get any dumber?

"Just looked behind me! Can you see four men by the gate?"

"The four big guys? Yeah, I see them, and their muscles look like it is going to explode in any minute… wait, are they some bad guys from some random organizations that want revenge on you?"

"No. Worst. They are the SAS!"

"SAS? Cool!"

"No Tom, this is not cool. I'm in a bloody dress with bloody make up on! I can't let them see me like this!" Alex turned around and saw that eagle was running towards them. "Shit! Hyper guy is coming! Cover for me!" Eagle reached them right after Alex had spoken, with fox, wolf and snake following. Alex hid behind Tom, dropped his head letting the wig covering his face.

"Sir, a leaflet?" Tom asked, smiling at eagle.

Eagle grimaced. "Eww... Ugly!!"

"He's such a nice guy, isn't he?" Tom kept smiling to eagle, and murmured to Alex sarcastically.

"I'm sorry, this guy just had a couple of drinks." Fox said beside eagle. "Let's go, Matt."

"No wait...!" Eagle spotted Alex. "Look who we've got here!" Alex tensed. Has he recognize him? "Oh now I get it! You're the ugly mother in Cinderella!" he pointed at Tom excitingly. "And she must be Cinderella!" Alex relaxed a little. "Come on, look up, don't be shy..." Shit what should he do? If he doesn't look up they will be suspicious! Then an idea flashed in Alex's mind. He looked up, acting as girly as he could, making his voice several pitches higher than usual.

"Yeah I'm Cinderella! Welcome to Brookland Open Day! Enjoy yourself." He smiled. Tom looked bewildered seeing Alex like this. Eagle looked shocked and moved back a step. Has he found out?

"Oh my god! I found my princess!" Eagle exclaimed, took Alex's hand with both hands and kissed it. Alex was shocked. "My dear princess. I'm Matt! Nice to meet you! What's your phone number? Where do you live?" Is he alright...? Alex thought looking up at the three other SAS man. They were staring at eagle and Alex, looking shocked. Oh my god is there a staring contest going on here? He turned to Tom and mouthed 'help me' but Tom just watched them with interest. Alex threatened him with a glare. Tom stopped smiling instantly and stepped between Alex and eagle, separating them.

"Sorry sir, as her legal guardian, my daughter is not old enough to start a relationship. If you want to see her again, come to the assembly hall at half one. She'll be there in the show waiting for you." Tom said, smiling at eagle as he dragged Alex away.

"Wow Tom, you're good." Alex said as he was being dragged along.

"Yeah, and I'm sure you know why everybody in class called me the 'drama queen'. You own me one this time." Tom said, giggling.


"Oh come on wolf! We've got to see the show!" Eagle begged, giving wolf puppy-eyes. (When a twenty-two year old fully grown man with a muscular body gave you puppy-eyes... well, I'm sure you don't want to think about it.)

"Call me James. And don't give me that look again. Seriously, I will punch you in the face." Wolf warned.

"I think we might as well go see the show. The leaflet said it is Alex's class that is doing it. Alex will probably be there." Fox said.

Wolf sighed. "Alright then."

"Oh I just love you wolf! Here, have a hug!" Before wolf could react, eagle darted forward suddenly and gave wolf a tight hug.

"Can someone please hold me back from shooting him." wolf said shakily, fist clenched and face reddened because of anger. "And get me a dog lead to harness him with."

[Corridor to Alex's classroom]

Finally the show was over... Alex thought as he walked back to his classroom. He was tired of people staring at him so he didn't stay at the backstage for the celebration. He recalled what happened in the show. The prince in the show kissed him. On the lips. In front of everyone. "That bloody bastard didn't suppose to do it!" he cursed, using every single swear word he could think of. "I can't believe he did that!" he shouted angrily and kicked one of the walls, leaving a clear mark on it. It was lucky no one was around because this corridor wasn't opened for visitors today. He thought of the kiss again and shivered. Sick. As he kept walking, he saw a man standing in front of his classroom door so he walked towards him. "Can I help you?" the man spun around, eyes flickered with alert and danger. Alex was startled by the man's sudden movement and moved back a step. The danger in the man's eyes was gone after a second.

"Oh sorry dear, are you in this class?" The man asked pointing at Alex's classroom. Alex nodded. "Then I suppose you know Alex Rider? I'm his uncle but I haven't seen him all day..." Alex frowned. My only uncle was dead a year ago...

[Outside the assembly hall]

"Oh my god this show is amazing!" said Eagle, swinging his arms like a child would do.

"This is weird. I didn't see cub in the show." Snake said.

"He might be helping out in backstage or something... we should go see if he is in his classroom..." fox said.

[In the corridor]

"Hey! That's Cinderella!" eagle said pointing at the far end of the corridor. "I want to go chat with her! Hey!!" Alex spun around, seeing eagle bouncing towards him. An idea flashed up in Alex's mind. He waited until fox, wolf and snake caught up with eagle.

"Hi, you're Matt, right?" he answered in a girly voice.

"Hey you remember my name! Do you want to..."

"Just a second. I need to find Alex, my classmate first. His uncle was here." Alex stretched out on his name, hoping K-unit could notice.

"Alex? You mean Alex Rider?" wolf asked and Alex nodded.

"Wait a minute..." fox stared at the man suspiciously. "Alex's uncle was already..." the man's face darkened, and suddenly, he grabbed Alex by his arm and pulled him against him. By the time Alex knew what just happened, a sharp knife was already held against his throat.

"Nobody comes near." The man warned, holding Alex in front of him as a human shield. Wolf got his gun out immediately and aimed at the man.

"Holy shit! He's here for cub!" eagle exclaimed, taking his gun out as well.

"Drop your weapons." The man demanded. Wolf and the others hesitated. "I said DROP YOUR WEAPONS. If I repeat it again this girl is going to get hurt." The man threatened, pressing the blade harder against Alex's throat. A thin line of blood appeared.

"Ok. We will listen to you. Don't hurt the girl." Wolf said, and slowly, they all put the gun down onto the floor.

"Now slide it over." The man said. It's just not my day today, is it? Alex thought. I'm in a dress, wearing makeup, k-unit was here, got kissed by a boy, and now, I ended up being a hostage, and nobody seemed to recognize me. Are things going to get any better for me? "OK girl, tell me where Alex Rider is..." the man's voice stopped Alex from his thoughts. He decided to play along.

"I-I-I don't know!" He stuttered; acted in shock and tried to force tears coming out his eyes. "Ple-please let me go!" He turned around slightly, avoiding the blade, and looked straight in the man's eyes. The man's expression softened a little seeing Alex with tears. He held the knife a little further away from Alex's throat.

"OK dear... I don't want to hurt you... just tell me where-" That's when Alex made his move. His elbowed the man hard in his gut, making him loosen his grip. Immediately after, Alex brought up one leg, spun around and performed a perfect roundhouse kick at the man. It made contact at the side of the man's head and he was knocked out at once, hitting the floor with a loud bang. He walked over carefully and poked the man lightly with his foot, making sure he was fully unconscious, and turned around to look at K-unit. They were all staring at him, gob smacked.

"Cub?" the entire K-unit exclaimed at the same time. Alex's head felt light. His wig must have came off when he kicked the man.

"Took you guys long enough to find out." Alex said sarcastically, picking his wig up from the floor.

"Sweet Jesus Chris! I've just fallen for cub!" Eagle yelled.

[Mr. Blunt's office]

Mr. Blunt put down the report and took a sip of his tea. He put the tea down and looked at Alex and K-unit, which was all sitting in front of him. Then he took out a photo. "Is that you Alex?" It was a photo from the show. Alex's face reddened and nodded slowly, hoping the ground would open up and sallow him. Where did he get that? "I must admit that you look good." Now he's insulting me... bastard. "I've got a new assignment for you."

"Wow, I can't wait." Alex said without any enthusiasm in his voice.

"This man," Mr. Blunt said as he took out a photo. "is suspicious of drug dealing and smuggling. He's the head teacher of a girl's high school..." Alex already understood what Mr. Blunt wants him to do.

"NO." He cut Mr. Blunt off.

"Oh come on cub! You fool us all yesterday! You will be well fitted in!" eagle interrupted jokingly. The whole unit looked at Alex, expecting him to answer back but he didn't say anything. Instead, he stood up, looking calm, walked straight out the office ignoring everyone and closed the door gently behind him. 3 seconds later...



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