Short fluffy fic set during the first game. Sheena and Colette friendship piece.

Dedication: belated gift-fic for Minnie. Continuing the theme of chocolate for the Sheelos Sisters gift-fics. Hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: Tales of Symphonia still belongs to Namco.

Night watch wasn't the nicest of jobs at the best of times but on a cold, drizzly night after an exhausting day it was horrible. Sheena shivered slightly and pulled her blanket closer around her shoulders.

They'd found a small clearing surrounded by trees to camp in so those were providing a little protection but she still found herself longing for a nice dry, warm bed at an inn. She yawned then jerked her head up as she heard a rustling sound.

She sighed as she realised that it was only Colette sitting up. Without saying a word the girl moved over to Sheena, shifted the summoner's blanket around with the one she'd brought over so that the two of them were wrapped up in both blankets then hugged her.

Sheena smiled softly and gently stroked Colette's hair as the blonde yawned sleepily then moved a hand to rub drowsily at her eyes.

Movements still slow from sleep she then rooted around in her pocket and pulled out a chocolate bar. Snapping it in half she offered Sheena some of it.

"Thank you," she smiled, accepting it gratefully.

"Welcome," Colette mumbled sleepily before taking a bite of her own share of the chocolate.

It wasn't long before Colette fell back asleep again but, even though she wasn't awake to keep her company, Sheena still felt better with her friend beside her. Somehow now the night didn't seem as lonely and cold as it once had.