Finding family chapter 1

By ncalkins I don't own Harry Potter or Percy Jackson ; thanks to my beta!; ooc

Percy and the other campers were on Mount Olympus spending time with family. Nico was sitting in front of his father Hades. Annebeth and her brothers/sisters were talking with their mother Athena. Thalia was staring at her father Zeus thinking:

'This is so weird.' And he stared back thinking:

'This is a disaster.' Percy was talking to his father Poseidon about how Kronos was stopped before he could rise by making it so he could not influence anyone. Luke was with the others that reside in Hermes's cabin laughing at a joke Hermes told. Dionysus was drinking a coke with his sons, Clarisse was wrestling with her siblings with her dad cheering. And the other cabins doing different thing with their godly parent. Suddenly a big screen T.V. popped on the far east wall a voice boomed:


Everyone turned to the one who spoke Hephaestus looked at everyone sheepishly.

"It is a new device I'm just finished. It tells if there is another demigod we don't know about."

The screen flashed blue as it turned on, everyone turned with wonder who would this new demigod be. A name flashed on the screen Harry Potter son of Lily Evens-Potter-Jackson and James potter.

"WHAT?!" shouted Percy everyone shushed him as the name of Harry's godly parent came on. Poseidon- Hades- Zeus, shocked silence filled the air then someone shouted: "How is that possible?!" Words began to tell the story of Harry Potter.

_ Sally Jackson real name Lily Evans had Percy and when he was five went on a business trip leaving Percy with his human uncles who lived in London England close to Godric's hollow. Went to England and met James Potter a wizard and got married unknowingly pregnant with young Harry Potter. They had a fight which ended with a depressed Lily having sex with Poseidon, Hades and Zeus on the same night at different times. Their godly dna mixing with Harry's turning him into a demi-god. Harry Potter was born on July 31, 1985, James Potter killed on October 31, 1985. Lily believing that Harry was dead went to pick up Percy and left for New York._

"What the hell?! I have a brother! A younger BROTHER!" yelled Percy. Nico stared at the TV screen in shock.

"I have a younger brother." Nico mumbled, Thalia was saying the same thing. Poseidon stood up and asked:

"Well were is he?" the screen became a little map with the Empire State Building with a dot labeled Harry Potter on the second floor. Zeus stood up putting a question to vote:

"All those who vote we should go to the 102nd floor to meet Harry, put up your hand." Everyone put up their hand and so they flashed onto the 102nd floor in a meeting office. With gray walls, a long wooden table and black spiny chairs and plants in the corners. The office seemed very plain except for the wall high windows and the small fact that Greek gods and goddess where sitting in the chairs with their family. Zeus pushed a speaker button and spoke into the microphone.

"Mary could you send up the visitors." Zeus asked and a reply was instant.

"Yes Mr. Thunder sir, they will be there in a minute." came Mary's reply, Hera quickly made a feast of food appear on the table her answer to the questioning looks was:

"After a long journey they are probably hungry.".

A couple of minutes later the door opened and stepped in a walrus looking man with a purple face walked in followed by a whale of a boy with blond hair, blue eyes and a horse looking women with a very long neck. The last to come in was a sickly thin boy with messy black hair and emerald green eyes, a lightning shaped scare on his forehead. Zeus and his brothers stood up:

"Hello my name is Zeus this is my brothers Hades and Poseidon." They shook hands with these strangers and Zeus finished the introductions and when he was done the walrus looking man said:

"A pleasure to meet you. I am Vernon Dursley, this is my wife Petunia and my son Dudley."

Vernon made introductions looking as if they were his pride and joy. Hera looked over into the shadows were the young man seemed to be trying to blend into the wall.

"And who is this fine young man who seems to be trying to blend into the shadows?"

The black haired boy stepped out of the shadows with a long sleeved shirt, and baggy pant that was held up by a piece of rope. His clothes had many holes and the fabric wearied thin. They looked more like rags then clothes, making him look even thinner then he is. Emerald green eyes peered weary around making eye contact with everyone in the room. Vernon grabbed the boy by his shoulder and said throw clenched teeth:

"This is my nephew Harry Potter."

Harry looked at the hand on his shoulder with complete loathing a look that clearly said: "Why is he touching me if he dose not remove his hand I will cut it off." Harry snapped his head to look at the others with a blank face and flat voice devoid of all emotion he said:

"Very nice to meet you sirs, madams."

Hera looked up and said:

"Please sit and eat you must be hungry after you journey."

Vernon, Petunia and Dudley sat without question and began to put food on their plates.

"Hang on, I don't recall telling you we were on a journey." said Harry who was still standing tense. Looking ready to run or fight, getting some respect from Ares for not trusting so quickly.

"Well with you accents I assumed you were not from around here." answered Hera. Harry relaxed while he nodded as he sat down next to his uncle.

"And I assume by your accents you are travelers also." stated Harry who winced as his uncle hit him upside the head hard enough to make him jerk in his chair almost flying out. "Stop being rude!" hissed Uncle Vernon that was met with many objections the loudest being Nico who had stood up glaring a Vernon.

"That was not fair! He was not being rude just curious!" Nico yelled. Hades who was glaring at Vernon said in a firm voice:

"Nico sit down. And please refrain from hitting young Harry his was just asking a question."

Poseidon looked at Harry smiling kindly and said;

"Yes we are travelers…we are from Greece, but we have been here for awhile."

Harry looking interested asked:

"Greece? Was it nice there?"

Poseidon smiled at Harry kindly with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Yes it was maybe some day you will visit there" he said.

Hera quickly cut in with:

"Harry dear you should eat something you are dreadfully thin." holding out a platter of sandwiches. Harry reached out with his right hand his sleeve slipping down reviling a bone tine wrist. Several campers gasped, Harry filling embarrass snatched a sandwich and tried to sink into his set. Hephaestus looked at Harry and motioned for him to come here, Harry stood and walked over to Hephaestus and squat down looking him in the face. Hephaestus put his hand on Harry's head and said:

"Nice to meet you. I'm Hephaestus and is you need anything built just come to me k?" A weird look passed on Harry's face that made Percy snort into his plate. Harry hoping no one would noticed flipped him off, sending Percy into a fit of laughter earning weird looks from everyone except those who saw. They were chuckling or smiling along with Percy.

"OK." Harry whispered turning to go back to his sit he leaned over to Thalia

"Why did he pluck out my hair." Thalia looked at Hephaestus weird who shrugged and tried to look innocent

"No clue." she answered. Harry returned to his seat as Athena asked how old was he.

"Fourteen going to be Fifteen next month in July." answered Harry as he finished his sandwich.

"What school do you go to?" Asked Annabeth, Harry opened his mouth to answer when Vernon interrupted:

"Look at the time! I'm cretin that my family is tired we should go."

He stood up fallowed by the others when Zeus called out:

"Wait, your family, my brothers, our children and I should go out to dinner later." he directed the sentence to Vernon but was looking at Harry. Vernon agreed, they turned and left Harry called out:

"See ya later." Zeus clapped his hands and they were on Mount Olympus. Percy turned to Nico "What was that?" he asked

Nico turned to him confused "What was what?"

"The whole yelling at him thing. You look like you were about to jump over the table and massacre the walrus called Vernon." said Percy.

Nico's look turned dark and he said "I don't know. I didn't like him hitting Harry. Give me a break I'm new to the whole big brother thing." Thalia nodded "I understand, he looked very frail. It gave the felling of wanting to protect him."

Hera looked over and said:

"You know usually I don't like Zeus other children but with this boy I felt the need to mother him." several others nodded in agreement Athena turned to Hera:

"Did you see how thin he was?" Surprisingly it was Hephaestus that answered:

"Yes, and I have a device that will tell of his medical condition past and president. And show how he is at the exact time we are done viewing his medical conditions."

Zeus nodded and said:

"Lets do it." so Hephaestus hooked up a small device to the TV and put Harry's hair into a small slot.

'So that's why the plucked Harry's hair.' thought Thalia as the screen flared to life. But suddenly the screen crashed and a sign flashed ERROR. Hephaestus cursed and said:

"It seems we will need to find out the old fashion way either spy or ask." Zeus looked up and said: "We should wait and ask, build his trust. And get to know him. He is in no imitate danger."