Finding Family chapter 13 it's the End

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Thalia stormed her way toward Apollo's cabin, no, she really stormed, and she had a dark cloud over her head and everything. As she reached the gold glowing cabin, she realized it was not glowing like normal; it was darker like it had been tarnished by some dark cloud. Thalia pounded on the door shouting, "Apollo get you butt out here!"

"Go away!" Was the reply followed by sniffling and sobbing?

Thalia growled as lighting flashed over her head, 'What does Harry see in this guy? He is dumber then the average guy and a wuss.'

"Apollo, I swear if you don't get out of that cabin, and right you're wrong, I will kick your ass!" Thalia screeched like an eagle causing several passing campers to back away.

"I'd like to see you try." Can Apollo's reply.

"That is it!" Thalia hissed, and then she walked backward a little bit, with a determined glint in her eyes she gave a battle cry and charged! At the last moment, she jumped in the air and kicked the door in.

Inside was a mess, used tissues littered the floor and over flowed from the trashcan. Ice-cream tubs were scattered all over the room and not the wimpy kind. These ice-cream tubs were colossal size; they were so big a party of twenty kids would have trouble eating it all…on a hot summer day and they have not had ice cream in weeks. However, what was to most surprising was it was dark and there was no music playing.

'This can't be good.' Thalia thought as she looked around, the normally shiny silk golden beds were bronze and seemed to be molding. 'No wonder the Apollo kids decided to stay in the infirmary their cabin is falling apart.'

A sob broke her thoughts, Thalia turned to see a shaking mass of blankets in one of the darkest corners of the cabin. "Apollo?" Thalia asked as she carefully approached the quivering blankets.

"What do you want?" A broken voice asked as a red eye poked out of the blankets.

Thalia remembered Harry was dieing and it was all Apollo's fault!

"You need to go to Harry, tell him you love him and fix him!" Thalia screamed as she pulled the blanket off of Apollo.

Apollo looked a mess, his skin was shallow, his hair was limp, his eyes are blood shot and he had a scratchy beard.

"What's the point? He hates me." Apollo whined with watery eyes, he pulled out a tissue form thin air and blew his nose.

"He loves you and if you don't get up he'll die!" Thalia snapped at Apollo.

"He can't die, he's immortal. Besides if, you love something set it free, but he will not come back to me. Because he hates me!" Apollo wailed as he fell back on his bed.

Thalia lost her temper and hit Apollo on the chest hard. "Listen you waste of space! I have always heard that the longer you live the more selfish of your own life you get. So why won't you fight for what's yours?"

Apollo turned on his side, his back facing Thalia and he closed his eyes ignoring her.

Thalia felt repugnance fill her at the sight of Apollo, then she came up with an evil plan.

"You know what, go ahead and stay in here." Thalia began, "You are not man enough to heal Harry, Thanatos is all Harry needs."

Apollo's eyebrow twitched and his shoulders tensed.

"Besides, I don't get why Harry would ever love you. You're weak and pathetic."

Apollo's jaw clinched.

"I think you're not man enough to love Harry." Apollo's eyes snapped open and he hissed. Thalia smirked and continued. "Cause a real man would fight for what he loves."

Apollo growled, got on his hand and knees, he glared at the pillow and his hand clinched the blanket.

Then Thalia went for the kill, "I think you don't even love Harry."

"DON'T. YOU. EVER. SAY. I DON'T LOVE HARRY!" Apollo roared as he jumped out of bed. "HE IS MY WORLD!"

Thalia remained calm though a flickering sun god is scary. "Then prove it, go to him and say you love him. Stop him from dying."

"Fine!" Apollo shouted and his appearance changed. His skin turn tan, his hair brighter and silky, his eyes turned normal and he shaved. Then Apollo charged out the door, leaving Thalia smiling standing in the middle of the cabin.

Thalia looked around; the beds were gold and silky again. There was a soft light coming from everything and music came from no were and every were at once. The trash that once littered the floor disappeared. "There's the Apollo we all know."

-With Apollo-

Apollo busted into the infirmary and marched over to Harry. Harry, whose arm was almost gone to his amazement and everybody else's horror, looked up at Apollo. Apollo swooped down and kissed Harry on the lips. When he leaned back he enjoyed Harry's dazed looked as he said, "You stupid boy. I love you why are you fading?"

Harry's eyes filled with tears and to everyone's amazement, his arm formed again. Harry dragged Apollo and Thanatos into a hug as he cried. "You bastards made me wait!"

Apollo just smiled and rubbed Harry's back. Thanatos was crying along with everyone else tears of joy, their Harry was back.


Apollo, Thanatos and Harry got married. How that worked is Harry would go to Apollo for two weeks of a month, then Thanatos for the rest of the month. Zeus, Hades and Poseidon fulfilled their promise and made Thalia, Percy and Nico gods and goddesses. Therefore, Harry, Nico, Thalia and Percy became the gods of heroes and abused children. They guided demigods to camp half blood and spent most of their time there, the kids loved them. They also found abused children and sent them to good homes. In addition, the all lived happily ever after. (Man that sounded cheesy)

-Alternate ending-

Apollo kissed Harry and Harry smiled then he exploded in a burst of light. Faded forever. Apollo and Thanatos collapsed onto the bed crying, Harry's brothers, sister and his fathers were not any better. That night it seemed as if nature was mourning, the clouds were crying, the sea sang a sad song and the spirits of the land seemed to cry (scaring the crap out of many people). That morning the sun did not rise and death did not take anyone. The reason is because the two gods had faded. Hades though it pained him, turned the mourning Nico into the new god of peaceful death and Will who was mourning his father was made into the new sun god.

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