My immortal dads prologue

By ncalkins I don't own Harry Potter or Percy Jackson; ooc ;might be au

Zeus walked the halls of Olympus thinking of what he and his brothers did just before they made a pact to not have any more children.

'I can't believe we all agreed to that. Then again it is nice to have at least one kid and he's immortal.'

Zeus walked into the nursery, white walls and a crib made of clouds held the child of his thoughts; striding toward the child's crib, staring down at the little one he smiled. Tuffs of black hair on a small head with eyes closed shut the baby was the picture of innocence. Zeus gently ran a finger down the little boy's cheek. Zeus froze as he felt another presence in the nursery, turning around to find Athena looking at him.

"Are you sure its wise to have a kid like him?" Athena inquired.

Zeus glared at her and growled out, "Do not question my judgment. Nor my brothers."

There was a lot of things Zeus trusted Athena with but his new found boy was not one of them.

Athena nodded and walked toward the crib to look at the boy who had started to stir, turning to her father she asked, "And how was this boy made father? I have not heard of any news of Hera, Persephone, or Amphitrite being pregnant."

Zeus shook his head and looking at the little boy again who had opened his eyes revealing emerald green eyes, Zeus smiled as he answered Athena, "No, none of our wives were pregnant. This child was forged by our blood, we mixed our blood on the intent of making a child."

Athena looked at he father as he gently picked up the small boy silently wondering, 'why would they want to make a child like that, why not just have kids with their immortal wives and not have to share a child.'

Before she could ask Zeus sighed and said in a wistful voice, " I wish we could do this with our human children…I know that some were just children of flings that had no meaning, but some I really do love them."

Athena laughed harshly and bit out, "Don't we all! But you know why the old laws are placed we can't get attached, because when they die, the godly parent would be ruled by emotion and cause mayhem."

"I know why we have those laws Athena! Do not forget I was there when they were made." snapped Zeus as he cradled the boy close to him.

Athena looked at the boy in Zeus's arms to find Emerald jewels peering at her with curiosity. Athena softened and asked in a soft voice:

"What is his name?"

Zeus smiled and said, "Harry… his name is Harry."