My immortal Dads! ch.16

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Harry's green eyes blinked open. He stared up at the white marble ceiling, stone rafters making a crisscross design. Sunlight filtered in from behind think blood red curtains landing softly on silky red sheets. Harry sat up in his blue pine stripped pajamas; he looked around the room he was in. It defiantly was not the Gryffindor dormitory. For one thing the carpet was not thin from centuries of over use and it was a rich dark blue. The walls were made of white marble and there was ceiling high windows almost like the ones from a Gothic church. There was no portraits in the room, but there was a large fireplace with green fire.

Harry got out of bed and searched for his glasses; they were on a oak wood side table. Harry put on his glasses and looked around. There was a bookshelf filled with books written in Greek. A chest at the end of the bed. A wardrobe with his school robes inside of it; except, there seemed to be a special glow coming from red and gold cuffs as if it wasn't normal thread. There was a door to a bathroom that was close and a small girl poking at the fire.

Wait. Harry looked at the girl and then blinked hard; he must still be dreaming. Kind to think of it he was feeling groggy as if he was between the world of the living and the world of dreams. Harry moved forward; he felt sluggish as if he was wading through thick oily water. That settled it. He must still be dreaming.

The girl has auburn hair that fell to her shoulders in curls, her head whipped around the curls flying and then falling softly onto her shoulders. Amber eyes glowed with a warmth that made Harry feel as if he was in a nice warm home. A feeling he never really felt. Not even Hogwarts felt like home anymore considering he almost died in it so many times; it was still better then the Dursleys.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked curious tilting his head to the side.

The girl poked the green flames once more making sparks shoot up and dance through the air. "Tending to the hearth." She answered a faint crackling sound echoed under her voice, it was almost like her voice held a flame within. But, that was impossible and it must have been the fire in the fireplace Harry decided. He ignored the fact that the flames were burning silently; in fact he couldn't really hear anything. It was as if the world stood still, and the two of them were the only ones who could move or make sound.

"No matter what happens. Remember you will always find your hearth and home here." The little girl stood up and poked Harry in the chest. From that spot warmth blossomed like a flower in the spring.

Then with a breath of warm air she was gone taking the green flames with her. Embers glowed in the fireplace like emerald jewels. The odor of warm cookies and burning leaves filled the air. Harry took a deep breath; that smell was familiar for some strange reason. Harry smiled he walked gathered his clothes and went to take a shower.

This was a strangely vivid dream. Harry decided as he brushed his teeth; he spat in the sink and took a minute to admire his robes. The colors of his house were glorious; they shimmered and shined as if there were not made of cloth, but light. Harry fingered the intertwining gold and red threads, they were soft and silky. This defiantly was not his usual robe.

He wiped his mouth and looked once again in the mirror; he was in no hurry. After all this was a dream. He smiled lazily at his reflection eyes half lidded. That smile turned into a puzzled one as he felt a inching rubbing sensation against his neck. He wished it wasn't making him itch.

He took off his robe revealing his gray shirt underneath. There stark against the black robe was a white tag with the silver words Olympia printed on it in curvy writing. Harry smiled as right before his eyes the tag melted into the robe still shining proudly, but would no longer rub against his neck. Harry put his robe back on.

It was nice for the Olympians to let him barrow these robes. Harry thought as he straightened his robe. His hands that were once smoothing the fabric stilled. A thought occurred to Harry, this dream was far too vivid and was going on far too long. Slowly he raised his hands and moving his left to his right he gave himself a pinch. It hurt.

His comfy glow crashed around him. It wasn't a dream. Harry looked around the bathroom. White walls, blue tiles and a bathtub the size of a swimming pool. 'So, where am I?' Harry wondered briefly.

Then it all came back to him like a title wave. The Weasley's betrayal, meeting the Olympians, making new friends, Hermione's precarious position, the goblet and finally staying the night with the Olympians. Harry's once dreamy face transformed into a dark scowl. As he walked to the dining room to eat breakfast with the Olympians he couldn't help but think: 'Mornings...nothing good ever comes from them.'

He walked into the dining room and sat down in a strange three elemental chair. Lighting glowed and heated the chair as it ran through the icy looking legs and back. The seat was soft and fluffy like siting on a pitch black cloud. As Harry pulled his chair up to the table a steaming cup of hot coffee was placed in front of him courteous of Nico. Harry grunted a thanks to Nico who was sitting right beside him.

"Well, I'm use to waking up and seeing you all doom and gloom, along with Nico and Hades." Percy said ignoring the three death glares he got for daring to speak so early in the morning. "But, what's got you in such a mood. I mean your worse then usual."

Harry looked at Percy as pancakes appeared on his plate. It was nice to be sitting with these people like a family, but even that couldn't brighten his mood. "Life came up and bitch slapped me in the face with a sledgehammer."

"Ouch." Percy said making a face. Harry grunted and turned to his pancakes. As he ate he never saw Zeus, Poseidon and Hades exchange looks.

They wanted to tell Harry that they were his parents. They wanted him to know he had their support and not just theirs, but all of the major Olympians and the present demigods. But, they had to approach this cautiously. They couldn't just pop out with 'Hey, Harry we're your parents. See, we mixed our blood together to make a last chance child that we could raise and love without having an affair. Oh, you want to know why you were last chance? It's because we swore on the river Styx that we would not father anymore demigod children...yeah, didn't work out the way we planned. Now, your wondering why we didn't raise you. It's because you were kidnapped when you were a baby. And we despite being the top three Greek Gods with all of Olympus at our disposal couldn't find you.' That wouldn't end well what with Harry's...explosive personality.

"Harry." Zeus called Harry's attention to him. Harry looked at him as he swallowed his bite of pancake. "What do you know about your parents?"

"Not a lot." Harry said thoughtfully. "Why?"

Zeus swallowed as those green eyes trained on him. He could just hear the impending explosion. "No reason. Just curious."

Hades and Poseidon each gave Zeus a look that screamed Coward. Zeus gave them a challenging look that gladly offered them to try. Hades turned to Harry, who had continued to eat.

"Well, why don't you tell us what you do know."

Harry chewed thoughtfully as he swallowed he looked at Hades. "Like I said I don't know that much about them. Things that my aunt told me were lies. Mostly people tell me I look like my father with my mother's eyes. They don't tell me what they were like, just that they were great. Whatever that means."

Thalia gave him a confused look. "What do you mean? It means they were great."

Harry shrugged looking into her blue eyes. "Well, did they have a great personality. Where they great in school. Great wizards or great at making friends. It's not specific and not a one person I've met really goes out of their way to tell me what their like."

Thalia nodded and Hades opened his mouth to tell Harry who his real parents where when there was a knock at the door. Hera got up and walked over to the door. The occupants could hear her disapproving voice.

"Oh, it's you." Zeus winced he heard that voice one to many times.

"Well, what do you want." Hera asked impatiently. Aries's eye twitched, that was the voice he heard before he got yelled at. Actually that was a common voice on Olympus.

"I would like to talk to Harry." Harry straightened in his seat. He got up and walked over to where Hera stood in front of the portrait door. Her white dress shimmered with the different colors of a male peacock.

Hera had her arms crossed over her chest looking down at Hermione. She stood in a way that gave off the message that Hermione would not be coming in, and if Hera had anything to say of it she would not be talking to Harry. None of the Olympians trusted her. They didn't know where her loyalties lie and that made Hermione dangerous. The Olympians may fuss and fight, but when it came down to it they would protect their own with everything they had.

Harry stepped beside Hera and touched her arm. Hera looked down. Multicolored eyes peered into emerald green. "It's alright." Harry told her.

Hera stared into Harry's eyes for a moment. She rested her own hand on Harry's, it eclipsed his.

She pressed her lips together and nodded once sharply. She didn't want them to interact, but if Hermione tried anything Harry's family would hear and that would be the end of that.

Harry moved out of the way so that Hera could walked back to the dinning room. Hermione stepped forward; as if, she was going to enter. Harry quickly moved in her way. Hermione's face swelled with anger turning red; she opened her mouth to lecture Harry on his manners when he softly spoke up.

"I don't think it would be wise for you to come in." Harry passed a glance at Nico who was darkly looming in the doorway of the dinning room glaring at Hermione.

Hermione deflated and nodded. She was saddened that their relationship had become so...challenging. Brown eyes turned to Harry who stood with his arms crossed as he leaned against the side of the door.

"Well?" Harry drawled sounding remarkably like Draco. Hermione winced at the sound. It didn't sound like the Harry she knew.

'If the Harry you know is gone then it's your own fault. In a way, you killed him.' Hermione scolded herself silently as she told Harry.

"I just came to tell you that Ron's jealous." She was cut off be Harry's harsh bark of a laugh.

"Hermione that is not new, not worth telling and not worth hearing about. Now, tell me the real reason your here."

Hermione winced. Not at Harry's harsh words they were expected. But, at the glint of hurt in Harry's eyes. Even if he now knew that Ron was not to be trusted; Ron had been his best, if not first, friend. To know that all if it was a lie, it must still be heartbreaking for him.

"I think you should write Sirius." Hermione told Harry. Harry jerked forward and grabbed her by the shoulders. He looked left and then right, the hallway was empty. After he made sure the hallway was empty he relaxed.

Harry stepped away from Hermione back on his side of the door. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Did you really believe that I would say his name out loud if I wasn't sure the hallway was clear."

"I'm not sure what I believe anymore." Harry muttered as he turned away from Hermione, never seeing her flinch.

The portrait closed behind Harry. Harry walked pass the opening of the of the dinning room ignoring the eyes that rested upon him. He went to his room and to his bedside table; he searched until he found a piece of parchment and a quill. He couldn't find ink though. Harry looked around the room wondering where some ink would be.

"Hey," Harry looked over to the door seeing Hermes standing in the doorway in a pair of jogging sweats and a white tee-shirt. "Going to write a letter?" Hermes asked nodding to the objects in Harry's hand.

"Yeah." Harry answered offhandedly he really needed to find some ink and the idea of writing to Sirius was really growing on him.

"If you come to the dinning room and talk to us. I'll give you this quick drying ink." Hermes waved a bottle of black ink in the air trying to tempt Harry.

Harry turned and saw the ink. He gave Hermes a half amused and half thankful look. "Sure."

They walked together to the dinning room. All eyes were on Harry as he pushed his plate of pancakes to the side. He placed his parchment on the table, opened the ink that Hermes gave him and dipped his quill into it.

Dear Sirius, Harry began the letter he was dipping his quill ink again when Nico asked, "Who are you writing to?"

"My godfather Sirius Black."

You told me to keep you posted on what's been happening at Hogwarts. So, here it goes...

"You have a godfather?!" Percy blurted out, confused. Harry lived with his relatives right?

"Yeah, he was wrongly accused of murder and sent to prison. He escaped in my third year to find the person who framed him. We found him, but he got away. So, Sirius has been on the run ever since."

Thing have been rather hectic here. I've found out something that I could do without.

"Harry. How do you know he can be trusted?" Thalia asked cautiously. From what she knows about Harry is that he is loyal and trusting almost to a fault. Until, it comes out that they betrayed him.

"Yes, I'm sure. He went out of his way just to see me. He saved him from a werewolf and offered me a home when he becomes free." Harry said calmly. He could understand Thalia's concern, even if it did annoy him.

"Is it alright if I mention you guys to him? Your a part of my life now and he is important to me." Harry said fiddling with his quill not looking any of them in the eyes.

"Of course you can." Zeus said as Hermes laid a hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry turned and gave Hermes a blinding smile, that smile was shared with everyone in turn before he started to write again.

At the World Cup it was pulled to my attention that Ron, Ginny, Mrs. Weasley and Dumbledore can not be trusted. They have been plotting against me. Ron was using me for my fame, Ginny wanted to use a love potion on me and Mrs. Weasley was getting money from Dumbledore to watch over me. However, I also found some people I can trust. Fred, George, Mr. Weasley, Draco, Cedric, and some new people who came to Hogwarts with me! Their the Olympic gods, Sirius! It's so cool! They even have demigod children!

Harry leaned back tickling his chin with the quill wondering what else he should write. He watched the Olympian family talk together. He leaned over his letter again and wrote,

The Triwizard Tournament is here. And guess who's been entered against his will...yep, me how much fun is that? Cedric Diggory is also in the tournament too. He's in Hufflepuff.

Harry had a brief moment where he hoped Sirius could read sarcasm.

Anyway, today is the weighing of the wands. And I could really use some advice right about now...

Hope you're okay, and Buckbeak _Harry

Harry couldn't really think of anything else to say so with a flourish he wrote his soon as he wrote the last letter of his name the ink dried. Harry smiled as he folded the letter, he was going to get up to get an envelope when Hermes held out his hand.

"Here, give it here." Harry looked at him and slowly gave him the letter. Hermes rolled his eyes in fondness a smile tugged at his lips. "God of travelers, that includes mail."

Harry gave him a sheepish smile rubbing the back of his head. Hermes summoned a envelope and carefully placed the letter inside. He pulled out a hand stamp he showed it to Harry, winking. The imprint was a Caduceus. Hermes pressed the stamp to seal the envelope shaking it from side to side to make sure the imprint showed clearly. When it was lifted there inside a perfect circle was his winged staff with two snakes wrapped around the staff all in silver.

Hermes gave the envelope back to Harry smiling. "Why don't we get this delivered."

"Okay, but we have to go to the Owlery to borrow a school owl. Sirius thinks its a bad idea to use Hedwig. She draws too much attention." Harry said turning in his seat and standing up.

"I'll come with you. I can help choose an owl." Athena stood and walked over to the boys.

Thalia watched them leave listening to Hermes playfully complain. "Why are you coming? I've got this covered!"

She could hear Athena coolly reply as the door closed behind them. "My sacred animal is the owl. I can help choose the best one for the job."

Once there were gone she couldn't help but speak her mind. "I worry about Harry."

"What do you mean?" Percy asked looking at her along with the rest of the Olympians.

"Well, he's really trusting. You saw how fast he was at trusting us and that Ron guy. What if his godfather is up to no good? What if he planes to hurt Harry?"

"Then we'll just have to protect him." Apollo said summoning an arrow to his hand. He studied the tip making sure it would be sharp enough to pierce skin.

"Yeah," Nico peeped up. "I also think we have to take care of his past aggressors. He hasn't done anything to get back at Hermione for her betrayal."

"He gave her that necklace that causes her twice the pain he feels if she has a hand in anything against him." Demeter filling Persephone's bowl with more cereal.

"I just don't think that's good enough. It's too lenient." Nico huffed crossing his arms. He wanted the people who made his little (older?) brother suffer to pay.

"Your just bloodthirsty." Demeter dismissed waving her hand at him. "Eat some cereal and stop brooding on revenge. No good will come of it."

Nico grumbled, but seeing as everyone else seemed willing to drop the subject he did too. They turned back to their breakfast or to their conversations, but in the back of their minds was the thought of Harry being hurt. He was family and they had already resigned themselves to taking care of him. That meant protecting him and backing him up when he needed help.

The Owlery was chilly. Grey stone surrounded Hermes, Harry and Athena as they walked into the Owlery. Windows carved out of the stone walls offered no protection from the cold wind. The wooden rafters creaked under the wait of thousands of owls; roosting, sleeping, some even eating mice that they caught. Hermes grimaced at all the owl droppings; he was glade he wasn't wearing new shoes. He swallowed back bail when he stepped on the skull of a rat.

"You think that having all that magic at their disposal they'd do a better job at cleaning this place up." He said shivering as once again the sound of crushing bone came from under his feet.

"I guess they just never bothered with it." Harry said looking around at the owls. He needed to find one quick before Hedwig came over.

As Hermes stepped on another skull he decided he couldn't take it anymore. With a snapped of his fingers the owl droppings and rodent skulls were a thing of the past. Hermes gave a sigh of relief. That sound of skulls crushing from under his feet had disturbed him.

Harry turned with an interested look. "Did the mess bother you that bad?" He asked head tilted to the side.

"Not the mess. It's a psychological problem." Hermes answered waving his hand by he head. "See, as Greek Gods we can grow up and beyond twenty feet high. We would show this form to campers as a attention grasper or a show of dominance, it was suppose to be something for the demigods to enjoy. You know be in awe over."

Harry nodded his head as he once more started to look for owls. As he looked he noticed he couldn't find Athena anywhere. That was pushed out of his head as Hermes continued his tale.

"Well, I started to notice that some of my kids and the campers I watched over would begin to pray to not have nightmares. This would always happened right after the winter solstice. I had to talk to the god of dreams to asked that their dreams to be passed on to me. He warned me that the dreams were disturbing and that I would take my rightful place in those dreams. I told him to give me the dreams anyway..." Hermes trailed off shuttering. Harry by now had stopped looking for an owl and was just staring at Hermes. "My children were dreaming that I was stomping on them. I was a giant, unapproachable, untouchable, unreasonable and my sandal covered foot would comedown. They were like ants...Just like ants."

A shiver ran down Harry's spine. Hermes looked haunted. "Hey...It's..." Harry trailed off as a white blur rushed forward from behind Hermes.

Hermes snapped out of it has he heard the rustle of wings getting closer and closer. He dunked in a hurry, then with a cautious look he rose after the white blur had passed over him. There on Harry's shoulder was a snowy owl. The owl nibbled on Harry's ear with affection. Harry smiled at the owl and the smiled sheepishly at Hermes.

"Sorry about that. She's excitable."

Hermes nodded smiling wearily. Hedwig fluttered off of Harry's shoulder she saw the letter in Harry's hand and held out a leg. She was puffed up with pride as a personal owl she was used the most. She was the most care for and at the top of the hierarchy. Shock filled her system as Harry smiled in apology and then turned away from her.

Hermes winced as Hedwig began to attack Harry. She flew around him pecking at his head. She rose in graceful arcs and then dived like a fighter pilot wanting to get as close to the ground as possible before they released their gun fire.

"Ow! Hedwig! It's nothing personal! Sirius just thinks you draw to much attention." Harry yelled covering his head with his hands. Hedwig seeing the letter began to go after it. Harry quickly stuffed the letter in his pocket and then began to once again cover himself from the on going attack.

The attack soon came to an end when a soft cooing came from behind Hermes. Hedwig changed position in mid dive. Turning from Harry, flying passed the dunking Hermes to land on Athena's shoulder. Athena gently petted Hedwig's chest feathers smiling at such a beautiful owl. She turned to Harry saying, "I've found an owl for your use."

On her right arm was a brown barn owl with silver eyes. The owl flew off of Athena's arm and landed beside Harry as he tied the letter to the owl's leg Athena spoke to him. "That is one of my personal owls. He helps me in my library in Olympus."

Hedwig snapped her beak in irritation. Athena ran a hand through Hedwig's feathers speaking softly to her. "Hush, now. Harry can't use you because it's to dangerous. Not only for his godfather, but for you as well. He only used another owl for your safety." Hedwig took flight to a rafter turned away from the three of them. Athena shook her head, that owl was quite prideful.

Harry finished tying the letter to the owl as Hermes stepped forward. He knelt down once and pressed a finger to the owl's head. A soft glow sunk into his head, the owl ruffled it's feathers and then took flight. At Harry's questioning look Hermes told him.

"Its a travelers blessing. He'll have smooth flying and as an extra treat that letter will be delivered in one to two days free of charge." Hermes winked as Harry laughed.

The three of them turned to leave and right before they exited Hedwig came down. She landed on Harry's shoulder nibbled on his ear and then took flight toward the forest to hunt for mice.

"Love you too." Harry softly said as he watch his owl fly out of sight. Hermes slung an arm around Harry's shoulder and steered him down the steps of the Owlery.

The next day Harry walked with Percy, Thalia and Nico to Care of Magical Creatures. All day the gods and demigods have been glaring at anyone who had so much as given Harry a dirty look. They had all hoped that after things have calmed down people would have accepted that Harry was a champion, but so far no luck. As they got closer to the class they could see the Slytherins standing away from the Gryffindors.

Percy nodded to Draco as they pasted. Draco nodded back looking at the three demigods with weary looks. They all looked like they were at the end of their ropes; Percy was even cracking his knuckles.

"How have things been?" Draco asked at the four students stopped near him.

"Horrid." Harry said shortly. He was tired of all the cold treatment, it was like people thought he really did want to die. Everything was getting on his nerves; even the Olympians were getting on his nerves. He knew they were trying to be supportive and that they were only doing what they thought was best, but glaring at everyone was a bit extrema.

"Where are the others?" Draco asked looking around, usually the Olympians moved in packs. He felt a bit disappointed that he couldn't see Aphrodite or Silena.

"The adults are trying to find a way around the Goblet." Thalia told Draco seeing his silver eyes flitting around, looking for his mother and sibling.

"And the rest of the kids are harassing any of the students that either did something against Harry which could mean a verity of things or does something that annoys them." Nico finished looked wistfully at the castle; he wanted to be up there giving people a piece of his mind.

Dark eyes glanced at Harry and quickly that wish vanished. He wasn't going to abandon his brother. Besides. Brow eyes narrowed as a red headed boy broke away from the Gryffindors followed by a bushy brown headed girl. Thing were about to get interesting.

"Hey, Potter!" Ron called up to the black haired boy.

Harry barely spared him a glance before turning back to Draco. He didn't say anything just ignored Ron. Which angered Ron more then anything. He hated it when people ignored him.

"Of course your hanging around Malfoy! He probably helped you put your name in the goblet using some dark magic."

Harry rolled his eyes and gave Ron a bone. "Malfoy is the same age as us so he wouldn't be able to put my name in the goblet. Hogwarts has wards around it that detect dark magic. If any is preformed then it's reported to the Ministry."

Ron barred his teeth in an ugly grin. "You know there's betting pool floating around school. Their betting on how long you'll last in the tournament. I bet five gallons on that you won't last two seconds!"

Percy grit his teeth and started forward. Harry grabbed him by the back of his collar. Sea green eyes snapped to emerald green, with a barely there shake of his head; Harry told Percy to forget about it. Draco saw the tension rising around him, he could feel the anger; he was also feeling angry at the weasel. So, he laughed mockingly.

"Wow, Weasley five whole gallons. What, is that your whole family inheritance? Or did you have to steal it from hard working folks." Draco hissed at Ron glaring.

"I don't steal." Ron snapped back brown eyes blazing. Draco gave him a disbelieving look, "Whatever." he said walking pass Ron making sure not to ever brush against him.

"Don't want to get Weasley germs." Draco muttered softly enough that Ron didn't hear him.

Harry watched Draco go and made to follow when Ron made one last comment.

"Your parents died fighting, protecting you. To bad they died for someone not worth protecting. I bet you'll die crying and begging for mercy and I can't wait to see that."

That is what caused Percy to snap. To him that sounded like a threat. With relish he swung his fist making contact with Ron's nose. A sicking crunch echoed around them followed by a rush of blood. Ron stumbled back and went forward to attack, he never got the chance. Percy tackled him to the ground. Then he fell on him like a wild animal, hitting over and over never letting Ron get any bearings.

"Percy!" Nico gasped as he and Thalia dragged him off of Ron. Percy struggled against them wanting to make Ron feel pain, he was deep into blood lust.

Harry walked in front of Percy and leaned forward. He stared into Percy's eyes making Percy calm down. Harry jerked his head over to the students. Percy nodded and they made their way over to where Draco stood. They didn't see Hermione helping Ron up. Ron pushed Hermione away ruffly and started after them, no doubt about to attack them. Shadows wrapped around his feet sticking him to where he stood. Ron growled at the fact he couldn't move.

'One of them must have put a spell on me!' Ron thought feeling anger coarse through his veins, being calm was never his strong suit.

Ron reached for his wand only to find it gone. He pulled his pockets inside out and checked all around him. His wand was no where to be found. It wasn't in his front pockets, his back pockets or on the grass anywhere around him. Ron looked up when he heard a whistle from in front of him.

Harry's group was standing with Draco and only one was looking at Ron. Nico wiggled his fingers at Ron, then he put his hand inside his pocket. He pulled out Ron's wand. Ron dumfounded wondered where Nico could have gotten his wand. Nico twirled it around his fingers whistling, then he snapped Ron's wand in half. Ron went bug eyes as his body went cold; he could swear he could hear the snapping sound of his wand even though he was well away from Nico. He was just about to yell at Nico when Hagrid stepped from the back of his home.

Hagrid carried large crates stacked on top of each other each containing to the students horror Enlarged Blast-Ended Skrewts. Apparently the skrewts had been killing one another because of pent-up energy, and the solution would be for each student to fix a leash on a skrewt and take it for a walk.

"Take them for a walk?" Draco repeated in disgust, staring into one of the boxes. "And where exactly are we supposed to fix the leash? Around the sting, the blasting end, or the sucker?"

"Roun' the middle," said Hagrid, demonstrating. "Yeh, might want ter put on yer dragon hide gloves. Harry you come over and help me with this big one."

Harry sent a reluctant look over to the demigods. He really didn't want to go over there. None of them wanted anything to do with the skrewts, so they did what any kid did when they didn't want to do something. Faked being sick.

Nico doubled over groaning, "I think I'm going to puke."

"I'm not feeling so hot either." Percy gasped holding his stomach.

Thalia grabbed Nico and Harry grabbed Percy. "We better get them to the hospital wing. You know for a check up." Harry told Hagrid as he wrapped Percy's are around his shoulder.

Hagrid gave them a concerned look. "All right, hope they feel better. Make sure ya hurry back. Ya don't want to miss this lesson."

"We'll try." Percy groaned over his shoulder. He hoped he wasn't over doing it.

Draco watched the other four leave the grounds disappearing into Hogwarts. He took one look at the skrewts and sent a prayer to his mother. He was so focused on praying that he jumped when a hand landed on his shoulder.

"Draco, my dragon, what's wrong?" Aphrodite asked him concern present in her silver eyes.

"Any chance you can get me out of this?" Draco tilted his head toward the crates and the skrewts that Hagrid was passing out.

Aphrodite gave the skrewts a disgusted look. "Wait here."

Draco watched as Aphrodite walked toward Hagrid. Boys and girls stopped to stare. Some with jealousy and others looked with lust. Draco felt uncomfortable with those wanting looks; he wanted those looks to stop. He watched as Aphrodite talk to Hagrid twirling a her hair around her finger. Hargid seemed to become flushed and looked like he was stammering. Soon after Aphrodite walked over to Draco gripping his arm she quickly pulled him to the castle.

"I don't want to know what you said to him, but thank you." Draco said quickening his pace to match Aphrodite's. He placed her hand in the crook of his elbow and rested his hand on her's.

Aphrodite winked at Draco. "Anything for my little dragon."

Together they went into the castle and retired to Draco's room where Aphrodite proceeded to go through his clothes.

The next couple of weeks were horrible for Harry. Everywhere he went people were hostile to him. Apparently he was an attention seeking prick that couldn't stand the thought of anyone else taking the spot light. When Nico heard this he would often joke.

"That's not Harry. It's Percy."

"Hey!" A wrestling match would soon commence.

Then there was the fact that he couldn't get charms down; the new spell just wouldn't work to for him. Athena was quick to reassure him that she would help in anyway she could. His main problem was concentrating; it was understandable after all practically the whole school hated him. Sirius still hasn't answered, but that was to be expected even with the blessing on Harry's mail. It would take a while for Sirius's answer to get there. Not only that, but Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were acting strange around them. They acted like they had something to say, but back out at the last second. The only good thing that happened was the fact Hagrid was on Harry's side.

The day of the weighing of the wands Harry was in Potions. The Olympians where having a meeting in their room, apparently they had some calls to make. So, Harry was alone and Snape was being his usual pleasant self. Draco was paired with Harry blocking Ron and Hermione from being Harry's partner. More then once Draco frowned at a snipe Snape made; he really didn't like the way his godfather was acting, but when he brought it up (not during class hours) he was snapped at. Severus was not going to change his ways. Not only that, but a few Gryffindors were flashing a pin that said "Potter Stinks" in flashing gold letters against a red background. That pin's wording would change to "Support Diggory." Though they couldn't wear them for long because Snape took any that he saw. Not, out of kindness more out of the sniggering Gryffindors annoyed him.

Draco glared down at his potion's book as he heard Ron loudly whisper, "Potter Stinks!"

"Silence Weasley!" Professor Snape growled causing Draco to smirk. All this talk of pins was giving him an idea, he'd have to talk to his mother about it soon.

"Antidotes!" said Snape, looking around the classroom making students shrink in their seats. "You all should have prepared them sufficiently if not..." He trailed of dark eyes landing on Harry. Draco felt a jolt of fear that Snape would poison Harry and it would be his godfather that would pay the price for endangering the son of the big three Greek gods. Harry gulped as Snape dragged out a vile of clear substance. He was saved from drinking what was in that vile by a knock at the door. Draco and Harry both slumped in relieve. Harry because he wouldn't have to drink the poison and Draco because he wouldn't have to explain to his father why he suddenly has a pet bunny that he had to protect from random hunting dogs. Snape glowered as the door open, not knowing how close he had come to being a chew toy for the hunting goddesses' dogs.

Travis and Connor walked in along with Colin Creevy; the twins walked in confident while Colin edged in afraid of Severus. The three beamed at Harry, and walked up to Snape's desk. "Harry needs to be excused from class." Colin told Snape hoping that he wouldn't shoot the messenger.

Snape opened his mouth to say something scathing when Travis and Connor darted toward Harry. They grabbed him by the arms and pulled him out of his seat. Colin swiped up Harry's book bag and they rushed for the door. Travis and Connor shouted at Snape as they left. "Challenger stuff, can't stop to talk! Take it up with Dumbledore if you have a complaint!"

Snape stared red faced at the door. He heard some students giggled and turned around snapping, "Since Potter isn't here to test his potion then someone else will have to!"

That wiped off any lingering smiles.

Harry smiled as Travis and Connor pulled him down the hall. Colin had left for his own class with the promise that the twin brothers would take Harry to the classroom where the weighing would take place. The twins smiled mischievously at each other as they toward the class room. Travis and Connor pulled Harry until he walked between them.

"The gods talked to Dumbledore trying to get you out of the quest." Travis told Harry leaning toward Harry. "Which, by the way, I think is totally bogus because use demigods have to go on dangerous quest all the time and they don't intervene."

Harry winced, not wanting the demigods to hate him, he opened his mouth to either apologize or offer up an explanation for the way the gods act. Connor seeing Harry's wince quickly intervened.

"We're not mad at you. It's just annoying how the gods have favorites or can treat others different from their demigod children."

Harry nodded along; he understood favoritism all too well. "Have you tried to talk to them about it?" He asked.

"No," Connor answered honestly. "Do you want to try to change the ways of a god that had done the same thing for over a thousand years?"

"No. Not really." Travis answered Connor using a fake British accent making Harry smile.

"I still think someone should do something to change that." Harry muttered as the twins dragged him along.

"Anyway," Travis drove conversation back on track. "Hermes and Apollo did get to integrate themselves into the interview. Hermes will supply a quill for the writer to make sure that they can't use one that forges lies. And Apollo will be there during the interviews to make sure the questions are fair, the answers are true and the writer isn't making things up."

The twins pushed Harry into a room. "Good luck." They called as the heavy wooden door closed shut.

The room was a relatively small one. It was a classroom with all, but four of the desk pushed to the side of the room. Those four desk was at the front of the room, in front of the blackboard, was covered with purple velvet. Seven chairs surrounded the desk; each chair was occupied. Ludo Bagman was sitting next to a women Harry had never seen before. Her blond hair was set in elaborate and rigid curls that cascaded down to her shoulders. The blond curls rested on her magenta robe, her back was to Harry, and she seemed to be clutching something in her lap as she chatted with Bagman.

Viktor Krum was standing in the corner glaring at everyone; he gave a nod to Harry as he entered the room. It was strange to receive a nod from the moody teen, but out of any one who could understand his fame it was probably Viktor. Harry nodded back and continued to survey the room hoping that he would be able to take everything in before anyone else noticed him.

Cedric and Fleur where talking. Cedric was smiling happily; he flushed bright red as Fleur laid her hand on his arm and leaned toward him. Fleur smiled and said something to Cedric. Cedric still red stuttered something to Fleur making her lean back with a laugh. She took her hand off of his arm and continued to talk to him. She seemed happier then Harry had seen her before.

Near by a paunchy man holding a camera kept looking at Fleur and stroking his camera. Each time she laugh or smile he would raise it, as if he was going to take her picture. He also kept giving Cedric dirty looks. Those looks would quickly disappear when he did something that made Fleur laugh or smile.

Down at the end of the table was Apollo and Hermes scowling in an unusual way. Harry had never really seen them look that way before. They didn't seem angry just annoyed with the people around them. Hermes kept glaring at the woman near Bagman. Apollo was stiffly watching everyone as if he was sizing them up. They looked like they were preparing for an attack.

A quick glance up had Hermes smiling; he had spotted Harry. Hermes jabbed Apollo gaining his attention. Apollo caste a dark look toward Hermes who nodded toward Harry. Catching sight of Harry, Apollo's face lit up; he stood up and motioned Harry over to him. He tried to be discreet about it; he wanted to talk to Harry before everything began. Sadly it didn't end that way, someone noticed him before Harry could make his way to the gods.

"Harry!" Bagman stood from his chair and quickly made his way for him. He held up his hand shaking Harry's unaware of the dark look Apollo was sending his way. "Just the man we were waiting for! Now that you're here we can begin!"

"Hello." Harry shook Bagman's hand. "What exactly are we going to be doing here?"

Apollo started forward; he wanted to give Harry his support. Hermes held up his hand stopping Apollo from going over to them. Hermes as he stood up and began to walk toward Harry and Bagman. Apollo sat down pouting slightly watching Hermes; he wasn't happy about this, but he let Hermes take over. Hermes eyed Bagman as he walked; he didn't trust him. There was something off about him, and with everything going on; no one could be trusted.

"Oh, nothing much." Bagman began eyeing Hermes who was standing beside Harry. Hermes wrapped an arm around Harry looking coldly at Bagman. "We will be beginning the wand weighing ceremony_"

Harry interrupted. "Wand weighing ceremony?" He asked nervously clutching his hands in front of him. Hermes squeezed his shoulder catching Harry's attention.

"Bagman and the other judges will be checking that your wands are fully functional. Basically they don't want you to explode while trying to transfigure a rock into a flower." Hermes told Harry throwing in the last part to try to get Harry to smile and easy the tension he's been having all week.

Bagman cleared his throat as Harry smiled at Hermes grateful for the small bit of amusement. "The wand expert is upstairs with Dumbledore; there will be a photo shoot and then a brief interview."

The magenta covered witch walked forward. She wore jeweled spectacles. Her hands with two-inch nails painted red clutched her crocodile-skin handbag. She eyed Harry like a piece of meat as she said. "I'm doing a piece for the Daily Prophet and I have to say this is probably going to be my best interview yet. My name is Rita Skeeter."

Hermes stepped slightly in front of Harry. He didn't like the way Rita was looking at Harry. He knew a vulture when he saw one and that lady was decently a vulture. Either that or a cross between a leech and a vulture; a blood sucker and a scavenger. Hermes swallowed down his disgust; he understood that writers needed a story to do their job and get paid, but some of them took it too far. Rita looked the type to take it too far.

In a foot in mouth moment Harry blurted out. "Your rude."

Hermes closed his eyes feeling a smile come on. The room was silent and when Hermes opened his eyes; he could see the other challengers trying not to laugh. Bagman looked alarmed, and Apollo busted a rib trying not to laugh. He loved his family; they were always good for a laugh.

Rita was obviously offended, so Harry awkwardly sought to explain. "Most people give their names first before talking to others, and then ask for the other person's name when they plan to do business with each other."

Rita sniffed in anger. "I was trying to be friendly." She scolded Harry.

Harry looked at her blankly and said, "You are not my friend."

Rita flushed red as Krum snorted. Harry looked at Victor with surprise that had to be the most human thing he has seen him do. Victor caught Harry's eye; brown eyes sparkled with amusement, but his face was emotionless.

'He reminds me of a...What are they called? A Valcen? Hullen? No it started with a V...VULCAN! That's it! From that American movie and series: Star Trek.' Harry thought as he looked at Krum with interest.

"Anyway," Rita began sending Harry an annoyed look. She turned to Bagman and placed her hand on his arm. "I wonder if I could have a little word with Harry before this whole thing begins? To add a little color to my interviews you know with him being the youngest champion."

"Well, I don't see why not." Bagman began looking down at Seeker who was staring at Harry.

"Perfect." She grabbed Harry's arm and attempted to pull him away from Hermes.

Hermes tighten his grip on Harry glaring at Skeeter as Apollo spoke up. "I think not!"

Rita turned and glared at Apollo still gripping Harry's arm. Apollo stared at her stone faced. "It would not be fair to start with the youngest, unwilling, and in a complete coincidence I'm sure, the most famous of challengers. You will wait until after the weighing, the photograph and then you will go in order of the names called."

"Who are you to order me around?" Rita asked poisonously as Harry shook off her arm.

Harry edged closer to Hermes. Emerald eyes glanced from Rita to Apollo. He expected Apollo to be mad. But instead Apollo smirked. "I'm a guest of Hogwarts, a friend of Harry's, and I have permission from not only the headmaster of this school, but also from the judges to make sure the proceedings of this event are fair and true. NO lies will be committed under my watch and no special treatment will be committed either."

Rita drifted over to Apollo. She picked up a quill from the stash Hermes had on the table beside Apollo. She waved it in his face; the brown feather tickling his chin. "You said there will be no special treatment, but how can you promise that if you admit yourself that you are his friend."

Rita ran the feather down Apollo's neck. Desire lightened her eyes. Apollo back away moving out of rang of her and the feather. Disgust lit his eyes as he said, "I merely meant that none of the challengers will be attacked by a vulture like you."

"Vulture!" Seeker shrieked throwing the quill to the floor. "I am not a Vulture!"

"Really?" Apollo leaned froward and whispered. "How about you tell me about that handy little Quick-Quotes Quill you have in that bag." He nodded toward her bag. "You know the one you will not be aloud to use." He nodded to the pile of quills.

Rita flushed a snarl taking over her face. She turned on her heel and stalked away from Apollo to the other side of the room. From there she glowered at him. Hermes and Harry made their way to Apollo and sat down with him ignoring Seeker's nasty looks.

"Thanks." Harry said as he sat down between Apollo and Hermes.

Apollo flashed him a smile. "Thanks is not necessary. I was doing what I was suppose to do. Which is keep thing fair. If I get to protect and support you in the process then that's just a bonus."

Harry smiled at Apollo as Dumbledore, Ollivander and the Judges came into the classroom. Dumbledore walked up to the velvet covered table saying, "If the champions would be so kind as to relocate their chairs by the door."

The sound of scraping chairs and shuffling feet echoed through out the room. Harry sat his chair next to Cedric who sent him a quick smile. He sat down and stared at the Judges. Professor Karkaroff was looking as evil as ever. Madame Maxime was still a giant who towered over the other judges. Mr. Crouch sat next to Apollo who sifted away from him almost like he was uncomfortable to be near Crouch; though to be fair Crouch made people uncomfortable on a regular basis. Then there was Ludo Bagman sitting next to Rita; he looked a bit too interested in her.

Skeeter pulled out her Quick-Quotes Quill ready to take notes. Quick as a flash Hermes was beside her pulling the quill out of her hand. "I believe that prier to our agreement you will be using this quill."

He presented her with a regular quill. Rita snatched it out of his hand and broke it. As Apollo approached with a new one she called to Dumbledore. "You can not be serious Dumbledore! They are messing with my creativity."

Dumbledore's eyes sparkled. "I do not believe that it takes much creativity to have a quill write for you Miss. Seeker."

Harry felt his lips twitching into a grin as Rita took the quill from Apollo. Know she would not get out of this she grabbed some paper, and prepared to take notes.

"Now then if we shall begin. Mr. Ollivander if you will."

Mr. Ollivander stepped forward his pale eyes peering at the challengers making them uncomfortable. He stopped in front of of Fleur his gray eyes cutting into her soul. Fleur felt a shiver run through her, one she tried to control.

"Mademoiselle Delacour, could we have you first, please?" Mr. Ollivander asked he step to the side and waved his hand in a 'after you' motion.

Rita cleared her throat. "Mr. Apollo surely you have something to say about this? After all it's not fair that he targets a young lady to be first."

Apollo raised his eyebrow. "As they say ladies first. Besides he wasn't forcing her; he asked her."

Rita huffed as Fleur stood up. Fleur floated over to the judges glancing at Seeker. She could see that women was trouble, it wasn't just Harry who would have to be careful. Ollivander stepped up beside her and held out his hand. Fleur's hand tightened on her wand. She didn't want to let go of her wand; she certainly didn't want to give her wand to someone else no matter who they were. A subtle nod from Madame Maxime made up Fleur's mind. She handed her wand to Ollivander.

Ollivander studied Fleur's wand. He looked at the wood closely and hummed. He twirled her wand between his fingers like a baton; pink and gold sparks sprinkled out of Fleur's wand in a delicate way. "Nine and a half inches...inflexible...rosewood and containing...oh my."

"An 'air from ze 'ead of a veela," said Fleur. "One of my grandmuzzer's."

Harry's eyebrows flew up his forehead, and he exchanged a glance with Hermes and Apollo. So the rumors where true Fleur was part veela. He smirked; Harry couldn't wait to see all those fools demean themselves trying to impress her. Harry looked at Fleur with new eyes. She was really beautiful and charming in her own way; even if her lure was not that strong yet she could still bend people to her will. Even Harry would have fallen for her charms if he was not focusing on changing his life; as it stood Fleur Delacour could be of some use to him.

"I myself have never used veela hair. I find it to make rather temperamental wands; well to each their own." He said as he ran his hand over the wood checking for bumps or scratches; then he muttered. "Orchideous!" and a bunch of gold and pink flowers burst forth from the tip of the wand.

"Very well, very well, it's in fine working order," Mr. Ollivander said as he handed Fleur back her wand flowers and all. "Mr. Diggory, if you will be so kind." Ollivander wanted to be a polite as he could; he didn't want Seeker causing a stink.

Fleur glided back to her seat, smiling at Cedric as he passed her.

"Ah, now this is one of mine, isn't it?" Mr. Ollivander said taking the wand from a willing Cedric. "Containing a single hair from the tail of a particularly fine male unicorn...nearly gored me with his horn after I plucked his tail with the help of at least seventeen hands. Twelve and a quarter inches, ash, and pleasantly springly." He said excitedly suddenly his gray eyes pierced Cedric. "You treat it regularly?"

"Polished it last night," said Cedric, grinning proudly.

Harry glanced down at his own wand expecting to see finger marks, dents, and scratches all over it. It was to be expected since he got into trouble every year, and for the fact that Hogwarts doesn't really teach how to take care of one's wand. Which is stupid considering how much wizards rely on it. To his own surprise instead of a badly treated wand it was freshly polished. The wood smooth as if it was brand new. Harry looked up and made eye contact with Hermes who winked. Harry's eyebrows raised in surprised. He didn't even want to know when or how Hermes got his wand considering he thought it was always close by or on hand.

Ollivander waved Cedric's wand causing indigo and yellow sparks to fly out. He then sent a stream of silver smoke rings across the room from the tip of Cedric's wand. Pronouncing himself satisfied; he then said, "Mr. Krum, if you please."

Victor Krum slouched forward as he stood up. He walked over the Ollivander giving off the air that he wanted to get the testing over with as quickly as possible. Ollivander looked at Victor's wand closely.

"This is a Gregorvitch creation if I am not mistaken. A fine wand maker though the styling is never quite what I enjoyed. Hornbeam and dragon heartstring." Ollivander shot a look at Victor who nodded in agreement. "Thicker than one usually sees. Then and a quarter inches, yet rigid."

Ollivander waved his wand sparks streamed out. Dark red swirled and mixed with black. He hummed, and then pointing the wand away from him self and others he said, "Avis!"

Krum's wand let off a blast like a gun, and a number of small, twittering birds flew out of the end and through the open window into the watery sunlight. The occupants of the room watched them go. The only sound in the room was Rita's quill scratching against parchment. "Excellent!" Ollivander crowed handing Krum his wand back. He turned to the last champion as Krum walked back to his seat. "And now for mister Potter."

Harry got to his feet keenly aware of every eye on him. He stopped next to Ollivander and handed him his wand. Ollivander held the wand up a look of affection on his face. "Ah, yes. I remember this one quite well. Eleven inches, holly and containing the single feather from the tail of a phoenix." As Ollivander said this Harry could hear rustling behind him as the other champions sifted in their seats.

Mr. Ollivander twirled Harry's wand. Red and gold sparks exploded out like fireworks, they fell to the ground evaporating into a dark green smoke. Ollivander gave a satisfied smile as he waved Harry's wand and made a fountain of wine shoot out of it. With a smile Ollivander pronounced Harry's wand to be in perfect condition and handed it back.

Rita stood up intending to have her interviews now when Apollo cleared his throat. "I believe that it's time for the photos. First a group photo of the judges and champions; then a group photo pf the champions, and then individual pictures."

Rita stopped herself from voicing her argument. She wouldn't get her way no matter what she says besides she's rather excited to get a picture of the boy-who-lived. She could blow it up so it is the biggest picture of them all.

"There is a condition of course." Apollo continued eyeballing Seeker. He ignored the judges and challengers situating in front of the velvet backdrop that the photographer summoned up. "If the individual pictures are to be used they must be show in equal size."

Rita immediately objected. "You can't tell me how to print my paper!"

"Really?" She turned to see a smiling Hermes. "Well, if your not willing to accept our terms then I hope you don't mind this opportunity going to someone else."

Rita's mouth closed with a click. She snarled, "Very well."

Pictures were taken. The first was the combination of judges and challengers which to Harry's disgust and Cedric's discomfort involved Dumbledore resting his hands on Harry's and Cedric's shoulders. Victor posed in front of Karkaroff. Fleur in front of Madame Maxime. Mr. Crouch stood at one end of the line and Ludo Bagman stood at the other.

Next, came the pictures of the challengers. Since Cedric and Krum were the tallest they stood in back with Harry and Fleur in front of them. Fleur stood in front of Cedric and leaned back against him slightly causing him to look down. She winked at him. Cedric immediately looked up staring straight ahead trying to not feel embarrassed. Fleur placed her hands on her hips looking smug while Cedric just smiled warmly at the photographer waiting for his picture to be taken.

Krum stood next to Cedric. He positioned himself so that his body was turned to the side with his arms crossed in front of his chest and his head looking toward the camera man. Harry saw this and decided to mirror him. Harry faced Krum with his arms crossed, but before he could turn his head to the camera man Krum turned to him. His eyes lit up with amusement and a smile appeared on his lips. Harry smiled back feeling like laughing; this whole thing was ridiculous. A click and a flash and the picture was taken.

The individual pictures were taken. Fleur sitting in a chair with her back straight a royal air about her. Krum leaned against the wall glaring at the camera. Cedric sat on top of a desk and grinned boyishly. Harry stood up straight with his hands tucked behind his back resting on his lower back; his feet where spread shoulder length apart, and he stared forward with no emotion. The pictures were quickly taken as if the photographer was sick of looking at them. Well, everyone except Fleur.

Then it was time for the interviews. Rita grabbed Victor Krum dragging him out of the room. They were followed quickly by Apollo and Hermes; the judges left soon after. The remaining champions were left to do as they pleased as long as they remained in that room.

Harry sat down planning to relax while he waited. He did not expect Fleur and Cedric to come and sit by him. Cedric sat across from Harry looking slightly embarrassed. Fleur sat next to Harry moving her hair out of her face as she turned to fact the two boys.

"All of this attention is kind of setting me one edge. It's strange from going to a nobody to someone famous." Cedric said smiling resting his hands on the desk.

"Yeah, it really is." Harry agreed know better then anyone how jarring it could be to go from being practically invisible to having everyone pay attention to you over night.

" 'ow would you know what it is like to go through that transformation?" Fleur asked looking at Harry as if he was a new species; she didn't know what to expect from him.

"I lived with muggles for the first eleven years of my life and have to return to the every summer." Harry told her honestly. If he was going to befriend her then there was no reason to lie to her.

"I zought zat you lived in the wizardry world." Fleur continued looking even more interested.

"No." Harry said trying to convey a since of discomfort, but a willingness to talk.

"Ze muggles zey treat you will?"

"No exactly." Harry swallowed as he saw Fleur's eyes flash silver.

"Did zey 'urt you?" She asked in a deadly voice. Cedric leaned back in his chair. Staring at the two of them in shock. He didn't expect Fleur to react this way to someone she just met. He also didn't expect for the wizarding world's hero to have been abused. He wondered briefly if the Olympians knew about this.

"Not exactly." Harry tried to dodge the question. He wanted to be her friend, not tell her his life story. Sadly, Fleur took that answer and to her it meant that Harry's situation was at it's worst.

A hissing sound came from Fleur as her eyes flashed violently. "What did zey do?" She demanded placing her hand on Harry's arm.

"Nothing!" Harry yelp wanting to get this topic as far way from him as possible. Fleur hissed and leaned toward him nostrils flaring.

"What. Did. Zey. Do." Fleur demanded staring deep into emerald eyes.

Harry gulped words welling in his throat. He didn't want to tell anyone and certainly not someone he knew was his competitor. She could use it against him. Dumbledore could use her as a spy. He didn't want to tell...Did he? It would be nice to unload on someone and she did seem sincere. Maybe, just the bear basics.

"They called me names and didn't feed me as well as is required for child care." Harry answered carefully.

Fleur's eyes narrowed once again turning from blue to sliver. "Did zey 'it you?"

"Just a smack here and there." Harry said trying to make it seem like no big deal. Boy, trying to win her friendship was sure backfiring on him.

A angry thrill came from Fleur alarming Cedric and Harry. She seemed to be struggling with an inner rage. Her eyes fully silver flashed with hate. She gashed her teeth together and clenched Harry's arm.

"Fleur!" Cedric called in alarm. She was reacting rather strongly for someone she didn't know.

Fleur took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and let it out slowly. Her eyes when opened were blue again. She released Harry's arm and began to smooth her hair down. She straightened her shirt as she evaded the probing eyes staring at her.

"I apologize." Fleur said turning blue eyes to Cedric and then Harry. Her eyes seemed sorrowful. "Veela's 'ave very protective instincts. We can not stand ze zought of a child being 'armed in anyway."

"I'm not a child." Harry huffed. Fleur lifted a hand and gently patted Harry's head.

"No, but you where." Fleur said massaging Harry's head. Harry leaned into her hand soaking up any and all concern and comfort he could.

"You said zat you 'ave to return zere each summer?" Fleur asked as she untangled her hand from Harry's hair. At Harry's nod she continued. "Zen we will 'ave to fix zat. You are welcome to stay with my family and I in France."

"I would love to, but isn't there some legal things that could stop that?" Harry asked puzzled. This whole thing was confusing, but he'd take any chance to get away from the Dursleys.

"Let me take care of it all. Before zis year is over you will be part of my family."

"Um," Cedric began drawing the eyes of both Fleur and Harry. "Forgive me for saying this, but...Even with your instinct aren't you acting a little extreme?"

At Fleur's uncomprehending stare and Harry's slightly grumpy look; Cedric hurried to explain. "I mean your asking someone you barely know to come live with you. Most people would just try to find a new family or a way out for them, not offer up their house."

"I am finding him a new 'ome and family." Fleur snapped. "Besides, no doubt zere are zose that wish to keep him zere. After all it is suspicious zat the-boy-who-lived was mistreated and no one tried to check up on 'im!" Fleur's cheeks flushed red. She took a deep breath to calm down before she continued. "By offering my family protection no one can touch him. Only a fool would mess with a Veela's family adopted or not."

"But," Harry said feeling weary. "How do you know I'm a good person and how do I know you are not just going to use me?"

"From the sparks that came from your wand." At the boys' confused look Fleur further explained. "Muggle psychology states that colors can 'ave meanings. I found zis to be true and zat ze color of the sparks from a wand can show a person's inner personality. For instance my own sparks where pink and gold. Pink has the positive meanings of unconditional and romantic love, compassion and understanding, nurturing, romance, warmth, 'ope, calming, sweetness, naivete, feminine and intuitive energy. zat all applies to my Veela nature."

Cedric and Harry traded looks with raised eyebrows as Fleur continued.

" 'owever zere is a dark side to the pink." Harry snorted; he couldn't help it. Fleur ignored him. "Such as being overly emotional and over-cautious, having emotional neediness or unrealistic expectations, being immature and girlish, lack of will power and lack of self worz."

"Well, I guess you don't have the negative traits. Maybe overly emotional." Cedric began, but trailed off. Fleur gave Cedric a hard stare making him sink down in his chair.

"Wow and I thought only Gryffindors had the foot in mouth syndrome." Harry said making Fleur's mouth twitch. She gave up on the hostel look making Cedric relaxe.

"I would like to remind you mizzer Cedric zat you do not know me." Fleur said blue eyes sparkling. Harry nudged her arm asking, "Well, what about the other colors?"

"You are interezed in my color psychology?" Fleur asked looking at Harry with interest.

"Yeah and it will pass the time." Harry shrugged. Instead of being offended Fleur continued.

" 'Arry and I both have gold sparks that come from our wands." Fleur held up her wand and waved it causing pink and gold sparks to come out. "Zat means zat we are charismatic, loving and compassionate. We are positive and successful. We 'ave expensive taste." Fleur winked at Harry causing him to chuckle. "We appreciate life. We have high ideals and standards. We are wise and practical as will as successful and honest. We are leaders; reliable, genuine and trustworthy. We are cheerful, friendly and outgoing. We are good listeners and make friends easily; though some of those friends are false. There are others, but I grow tired of listing traits that are obviously there."

"Maybe there is something to this color physiology thing. I see a lot of those traits in Harry." Cedric nodded his head to Harry.

"Yeah, the false friends one. There's no doubt that one is true." Harry muttered under his breath unheard by the other two.

" 'is other color red is interesting, both Krum and 'arry have that color in common. Red is a courageous and confident color. It is action oriented with strong survival instincts." Harry snorted. That was him in a nutshell. Fleur continued once again ignoring Harry. " Ze color red is easily angered. And have a strong need to control zings around zem."

Harry shifted in his seat. Cedric might be right, there might be something about all this. It might be helpful to him one day. Fleur looked at Harry studying him. "I do not know 'owever why your sparks dissolved into a green mist. I 'ave never seen zat 'appen before."

Cedric pressed his lips together. "Maybe it has something to do with the houses. I mean gold and red is Gryffindor colors and they describe him. What if the green cloud is a symbol of Slytherin."

Harry shifted some more crossing his arms over his chest. He sighed, "The sorting hat did want to put me in Slytherin."

Fleur seeing Harry was uncomfortable move on. "Cedric," She called gaining his attention. "Would you like to know what your colors mean?"

"Sure." Cedric smiled at her gently. It really was interesting to hear.

"Your yellow sparks mean that you are a 'appy person. You are creative, but a perfectionist. You hide your emotions and are spontaneous. You tend to use your mind to find things out and are good at making connections. You can be stubborn, deceitful, arrogant, pretentious and snobbish."

Cedric shrugged, it was fun leaning about the others. It was a bit uncomfortable learning about himself.

"The color indigo needs structure in its life. It is an honest, compassionate and understanding color. Justice is very important to you. You love creating drama. You do not trust easily and your a show-off." Cedric winced. There was some things that he tried to suppress. "You can be narrow-minded, intolerant and prejudice. And your obsessive."

"Ouch, I'm beginning to think you don't like me." Cedric said rubbing his chest over his heart as if what she said wounded him.

"I do like you. I was just telling you what I know and your the one who wanted to know." Fleur said smiling at Cedric.

Harry averted his eyes. It felt like they were flirting. It wasn't surprising; they've been flirting ever since the weighing of the wands began. Though Harry wasn't sure if it was just for fun, something to pass the time. If it was a Veela thing, Fleur's allure attracted Cedric and he was responding to it, or if they really liked each other.

The door behind them opened and Krum stormed in. He walked until he stood next to Fleur's chair. He stared down at her dark eyebrows furrowed over his eyes. Fleur looked up at him making her blue eye wide. Victor blinked and pointed at the door, "It is your turn."

Fleur got up nodded to the boys and walked out with her head held high. Cedric watched her leave thinking she was all business. He gave a start when Krum thumped into the seat next to Harry. Victor stared at Cedric. Cedric stared back; he started to feel nervous with those blank eyes on him. Cedric shifted and looked at the door, "Since I'm next maybe I should wait by the door."

Krum watched as Cedric darted away. A frown tugged at his lips. Why did every person either runs from him or flock to him because of his fame. His gaze slipped to Harry. Perhaps he could make a friend that understands this struggle. Maybe he would not have to suffer in this loneliness anymore. But, how to start?

"So, how was the interview?" Harry asked Victor turning his to look at him.

Victor gave him a deadened stare. Harry cracked a smile. "That good, huh?"

"Indeed." Victor said drily. He hesitated a brief moment then decided to take a plunge. "So, your wand core is a Phoenixes feather."

"Yep." Harry popped the p as he leaned back into his chair. "And yours is a dragon's heartstring."

A silence descended upon them. For Harry it was comfortable, for Krum it was awkward. He wanted to say something, but it as if the words where stuck in his throat. Finally, he just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"When you where getting your wand did the wand makers committed on it?"

Harry turned to Krum with a blank look. Though Krum himself kept a blank look, inside he was shrinking away. He had blurted out a very personal question. Harry would shun him. Harry would hate him. He would be alone. Lonely once more. No one to talk to; at least no one who wasn't after his money or fame.

"I'll tell you if you tell me what yours said first." Harry stated as the door opened.

Fleur popped her head in. "Cedric it is your turn."

Cedric stood up stretching. "Well, that didn't take very long."

"Zat woman is 'orrible. She kept trying to ask bias questions, questions about 'Arry and trying to slander my 'eritage." Fleur left without saying good bye. Angry about the way she had been treated.

Cedric winced, waving at Harry and Victor he called, "Wish me luck."

"Good luck!" Harry called as the door closed shut. He turned to Victor and watched him, waiting.

"The wand maker that gave me my wand said I am powerful and that like a dragon I am fierce, protective and possessive. I was destined for the air and for greater things if I so desired." Victor said proudly siting up strait. He wanted to impress Harry, and power always impressed people.

'And dragon, or not, like heartstrings you can be played.' Harry thought to himself. This could present a danger in befriending Victor Krum. He could be swayed to betray others easily if the right buttons where pushed.

Victor looked at Harry expecting to be told in return. Harry cleared his throat and looking out the window began to tell his wand's tale.

"When I went to get my wand I like all children was eleven." Victor looked at Harry with interest; he had gotten his wand at age six. "Mr. Ollivander was the wand maker as I walked in he gave me quite a scare. He came out of nowhere and didn't seem to know the meaning of personal space."

Harry chuckled taking off his glasses and wiping them on his shite. Victor smiled at him as he placed his glasses back on. Harry smiled back as he continued.

"He went on to tell me about my parents wands, besides hearing about my parents physical appearances and that they where magical this was the first time I heard something about them."

"It must have been nice to hear about them." Victor softly said; brown eyes soft.

"Ever nugget of information about them is a treasure that I hoard jealously." Harry inclined his head. "Anyway I tried out different wands each one giving me a multitude of trouble. I can not even tell you the number of wands I tried just the fact that the pile grew and grew. Until, I reached my wand."

Harry paused for dramatic effect much to Krum's amusement. Harry found himself enjoying himself. Who knew that telling stories was so much fun.

"He told me that the wand that had chosen me was the brother wand of the man who gave me my famous scar." Krum's eyes flickered to Harry's forehead. Harry ignored that quick look, not wanting to become annoyed. "He also said that the wizardly world could expect great things from me."

Harry finished and leaned back as the door opened. Cedric poked his head in looking slightly annoyed. Harry tilted his head in curiosity. From what he could tell Cedric was usually a laid back guy; if Seeker could get under his skin...This did not bond well.

"Harry your next. Good luck, Seeker's rude, but Apollo and Hermes are keeping her in check. Well, when she's not hitting on one of them." The boys gave a collective shutter as Harry and Victor stood up.

"Good bye and good luck, Harry." Victor gave a little bow and left Harry at the door where Hermes was waiting.

Hermes smiled from where he was leaning against the wall next to what seemed to be the door of a broom closet. He straightened as Harry walked closer. "Hey, Harry."

Harry smiled at the sandy haired man. Hermes wrapped his arm around Harry's shoulder and tugged him away from the broom closet. "It's just down the hall and to the left." Hermes pointed with his left hand.

Harry nodded as his lips tightened. He was about to give an interview. Something that he loathed to do; nothing good would come of this. Hermes noticing his nervousness sought to brighten the atmosphere.

"You know that crazy women wanted to do the interviews in a closet."

"Really?" Harry's head whipped up to look at Hermes who nodded.

"Apollo almost shoved his arrows in her eyes when she tried to argue about going into a class room. That women has been doing nothing, but causing problems." Hermes chuckled. "Really, all of this is more of a hassle then it's worth."

"I know what you mean." Harry laughed; it felt good to smile. "Bringing back a deadly tournament." He scoffed. "You would think they would find a better way to bond the schools. Like a gigantic Quidditch match between the schools. Only the best players from the schools pitted against each other."

Hermes chuckled. "And let me guess you would be the Hogwarts Seeker."

Harry flushed. "I don't know maybe. Draco's pretty good at being a Seeker; he could do that just as well."

"My, my, brother. So modest." Hermes chuckled, that saying was often a joke among the Olympians they had their moments, but after several centuries those times where far and in between.

Harry stumbled in shock. Hermes had called him brother. Joy filled his heart even as Hermes himself looked shock. Hermes' steps faltered as realization hit him; he had almost blown their cover! A quick glance at Harry showed that he wasn't angry or suspicious, but joyful. Hermes warmed at the thought that Harry didn't mind being called brother. He saw Harry opening his mouth to say something and snatched his attention in front of him.

"Oh look, we're here." Hermes interrupted Harry and held opened the door. The conversation was over before it even began.

Harry frowned, but entered the classroom anyway. It was a normal class room the desk all in place. The only difference was Skeeter was on one side and Apollo on the other. Apollo was glaring at Skeeter arms wrapped in front of his chest. Skeeter look flushed as if she had been yelling.

"I think they had been fighting." Hermes muttered to Harry as he closed the door. He tried to do it softly, but in the silent room the door boomed, as if it had been slammed.

'No duh.' Harry thought as Skeeter's eyes latched onto him.

"Harry!" She exclaimed making frantic waving motions with her arm toward the seat next to her. "Come, and sit here then we can begin."

Hermes snorted as he walked over and sat in the seat where Skeeter was gesturing. Skeeter glared at him. "Okay." She gritted out. "You can have that chair, and Harry can sit on the other side of me."

Quick as a flash Apollo sat down on her other side. "I think it would be better if Harry sat in front of you. We can keep a better eye on what you write if we sit next to you."

As Harry took the seat in front of Rita she snapped. "You didn't behave this way with the other champions!" A smirk curled her lips. "Favoritism perhaps." She purred leaning her head on one hand.

"No." Apollo said looking her dead in the eye. "I just don't feel like standing while looking over your shoulder. All that perfume and hair dye makes my head spin."

Hermes snorted into his palm as Rita turned bright red. "My perfume is light and breeze."

"Out of a hogs ass." Apollo mutter to Harry making him smile.

Skeeter ignored what he said. "And I'm a natural blond. I unlike some have no need to dye my hair."

"Really?" Apollo asked glaring at Seeker. "Cause those roots say different."

Skeeter hissed through her teeth. Harry straightened up saying, "Maybe we should begin?"

Skeeter snapped her head toward him making Harry scoot back. She looked like she was about to eat him. Skeeter took a deep breath, and forced a rather painful smile onto her face. "Yes of course. To begin: What made you decide to enter the Triwizard Tournament?"

Harry blinked in shock as Skeeter began to write before he even opened his mouth to say anything. He figured she was writing down the question until Apollo ripped the paper out of her hands and set it on fire. "I do believe that insulting a champion is not part of the interview."

Skeeter opened her mouth in outrage until Apollo nodded his head to a new sheet of paper in front of her. With a huff Skeeter wrote down her question, and waited for Harry to answer. Harry's eyes flitted between the three before of him; this did not seem like a good idea.

"Nothing made me decide to enter the Triwizard Tournament because I did not place my name in that cup."

Rita moved her quill in a writing motion. "Really Harry no need to be so coy. It's obvious that you placed your name in the goblet. So have no fear about being in trouble for breaking the rules; everyone loves a bad boy." As she spoke she kept dipping her quill into the vat of ink, but no matter how much ink she placed on the quill, or how hard she wrote the words would no appear on the parchment.

"If you plan to slander Harry's name then give up. You cant. Just like you couldn't when you tried with the other champions." Apollo said bored; what did she really think they would slip up?

Rita exhaled through her nose. Her stories where suppose to entertain and inform with those two interfering it would do neither. Who would want boring facts, or dull answers from witless teens. Everyone who was in the reporting business knew, that when reporting to do the best to tug at the heartstrings of the readers to get more followers, even if the truth or reputation of others had to suffer.

She wrote down what Harry said word for word and this time the words stayed on the paper. The black ink was stark against the yellow parchment. Rita swallowed thickly; these bastards where going to ruin her career!

"How do you feel about the task ahead?" Rita asked blinking back tears. She was bored already! There was no way her readers would enjoy this!

"I haven't really thought about it." Harry said thoughtfully gaining startled looks from Hermes and Apollo. Both of them wondering why Harry wouldn't be thinking about a set of challenges that could kill him. "I guess nervous." Harry finished unconvincingly.

The scratching of the quill was all that was heard for a minute. Then Skeeter once again questioned Harry. "Champions have died in these task before haven't you thought about that?"

"Not really." Harry said uncomfortably keenly aware of Apollo's and Hermes' eyes on him.

Skeeter's sharp eyes locked on Harry. A light lit up her eyes. Maybe, her story wouldn't be so boring after all. Harry tensed as Skeeter began to fire question after question at him, not even giving him time to answer.

"Of course you stared death in the face before haven't you?"

Apollo and Hermes tensed remembering what Harry had told them when they first met. No where was safe for him, not as long as Dumbledore and Voldemort where around.

"Do you think the trauma of your past has come into play? Do you have a need to prove yourself and that's why you entered the tournament?"

"I didn't enter the tournament!" Harry shouted sending his chair tumbling to the ground as he stood up.

"Alright that's enough!" Apollo said glaring at Skeeter. "This interview is over!"

Before Skeeter could protest Hermes grabbed Harry and dragged him out of the room. As the door closed Harry could hear Skeeter exclaim for them to come back.

"What's going to stop her from printing her own version?" Harry asked as Hermes pulled him down the hall and toward the Great Hall for dinner.

Apollo smiled in a way that reminded Harry of a shark. "The paper we gave her is connected to one at the printing station. Everything she wrote down is being printed as we speak, and by the time she gets back it will be distributed among the masses. She wont be able to change a dang thing."

Harry smiled as the walked into the Great Hall. He swept his gaze across the students. He saw Draco, Aphrodite and her daughter. The rest of the Olympians where probably in their rooms dining. Ron was gone as well as Hermione.

As the three of them ate a barney owl came and landed in front of Harry. Harry opened the letter. It was from Sirius with a grin a mile wide Harry got up, and raced out of the Great Hall with Hermes and Apollo at his heels.


40 pages!