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The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: Morose

Pen name: bmango

Pairing: Victoria

Rating: K+

Prompt: Morose

Why do I feel like this? I am the huntress.

Beautiful, magnificent, powerful ... and alone.

So, my tastes are rougher than most. There's euphoria in the hunt, the kill. Why don't they see it? Why can't they taste it?

Well, there was. But somehow, humans have lost their flavor.

I laugh at the irony: to live until eternity and to never feel joy again, to be morose forever.

Now all is grey. My thoughts are grey, my world is grey. I sit and wait for something, someone.

Someone who understands me, and lives for the thrill of the chase.




A/N: Thanks for reading. I'm delving into the world of Victoria. Is she the psycho killer with only one thought in her mind??? I'm hoping to change that.

Big thanks to theladyingrey42, mhl1115 and my DH for reading these!