Post game Sheelos fic. Fluffy, plotless and slightly festive.

Dedication: belated gift-fic Lilikoifish. Hope this fits the theme you requested and that you enjoy it. :)

Disclaimer: Tales of Symphonia's still Namco's, not mine.

It was funny, Zelos thought, how some things just stuck to the point that they became traditions without people consciously trying to make new traditions. For example the way that the people he considered his family always met for a picnic in the summer, the way that he always insisted on decorating people as well as the tree at winter festival and, the one that had caused him to have the thought, the way he always made chocolate for Sheena at winter festival.

It had started when he'd wanted to give her chocolate as a present but hadn't wanted to give her just some box of chocolates anyone could have picked up from a store. Genis had owed him a favour so he'd asked the mage to teach him how to make chocolates.

He'd chosen to make them in the shape of winter festival trees because that seemed more fun than just plain round chocolates. And once he'd decided to make them that shape he'd chosen to make them from white chocolate as that seemed to suit the season too.

The first batch he'd made hadn't been terribly convincing trees but Sheena had liked them all the same and they had been rather delicious. The next year he'd decided to have another go, to see if he could make them look more tree shaped. He'd had some success and had continued to try and improve every year since.

This year's batch was one he was particularly proud of. Smiling happily he finished tying the ribbon around the box then went to put it with the rest of the presents.

He laughed as Sheena pretended she didn't know what the gift was and made completely crazy guesses. The smile in her eyes told him she was looking forward to the chocolates as, he thought as he knelt down to place a tender kiss on the top of her head, he hoped that she would continue to do every year.