Hey guys, I'm sorry. I know you're all probably getting tired of these stupid authors notes. I've just wanted to let you know a few things about this story.

First off, neither EarthBolt100 or I have started the re-written version of this story. Like I said, I'm gonna concentrate on Ice Box and The Essence of All Power first. Also, my co-writer hasn't exactly been feeling all that great. I can't exactly give you a time-frame of when this story will be up but keep your eyes opened. I'm not sure how long Ice Box and The Essence of All Power will be chapter wise.

Second, anyone who has read this story before knows that it will be a Pearlshipping and Contestshipping story with One-Sided Pokeshipping. Well, I've decided to tell you which Pokemon Ash, Dawn, Brock, May, and Drew will have with them in the re-written version.

Ash: Pikachu, Swellow, Quilava, Bayleef, Gible, Buizel.
Dawn: Piplup, Espeon, Buneary, Togekiss, Pachirisu, Aipom.
Brock: Sudowoodo, Croagunk, Happiny, Steelix. Ludicolo.

May: Blaziken, Lapras, Beautifly, Munchlax, Skitty, Bulbasaur.
Drew: Roserade, Milotic, Flygon, Absol, Butterfree, Luxray.

Just bear with me here. I know these team aren't exactly accurate. Dawn doesn't have an Espeon in the anime or her Aipom evolved into Ambipom and she left it with that O guy but please, guys, bear with me. Espeon is my favorite Pokemon, I couldn't just leave it out. Aipom is also one of my good friends favorite Pokemon so in this story, Aipom hasn't evolved into Ambipom and right now, I'm thinking Aipom won't evolve period. I wasn't really a bag fan of Ambipom.

Well, that's it for now. Just keep your opened for the re-written version of this story. =D

Later Guys!
- Eryyyy