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In this chapter I hope to address what occupied Quackerjack for the month or so that Darkwing was in Duckburg and get Steelbeak reorganized since F.O.W.L. has been taking it on the chin from a 'mysterious' series of attacks in recent months. Also there are a few cuss words from various villains but HEY they are the bad guys and I figure they do that sort of thing. There is also mention of alcohol consumption but no one actually drinks it. (this IS a story about bad guys…but they are DISNEY bad guys so I am trying for lightness even for them, but I thought I should warn readers) hence the T rating, If ever I exceed this or anything is too offensive please DO e mail me or PM me and I'll adjust things as much as I can. I also welcome suggestions so…please read and review thanks very much Irual


Lady Velvet frowned as she perused the news wires and the reports from her online team of information specialists. Her connections online were fairly standard since she was investigated so often and so thoroughly but that was why she had one of Brighteyes' sons filter information for her from his team of connections. From what she was seeing, the F.O.W.L. networks were up and running and the European crime lords looked to be doing business as usual, but something wasn't adding up….

Turning her attention to the local scene, she opened her snail mail first and set aside the usual requests to have events hosted at the Velvet Rope and R.S.V.P. cards from the club members before opening the one envelope addressed to her in colored marker. She noticed that the seal on the envelope had been opened but she wasn't worried in fact; she was actually relieved.

Hardnose had been the one to bring the mail and he wouldn't have allowed Quackerjack's letter to pass him by without inspecting it for the toymakers disturbing tricks. Quackerjack DID try and keep his more lethal ideas confined to his crimes, and Michael was far more considerate than anyone who knew of his alter ego would have suspected; but neither of them were what she would consider stable emotionally. Even on one of their play dates Danielle never considered herself entirely 'safe' with them…of course the danger WAS part of the appeal….

Smiling slightly at the memory of the last such occasion about a month ago, she looked over the rest of the snail mail and decided that the rest could wait. Quackerjack seldom sent her anything, even if he thought of her…so the fact that he made the effort meant that this was something she needed to look into. The 'letter' was several pages long and surprisingly coherent but it was the caper chronicled within that made her touch the stud built into her desk to warn her staff she was busy for the next little bit and settle back into her chair to make sure she understood every word contained in the missive.

Hi, it's your turn playmate. Ready, set, go! I am writing to tell you about our newest game. I know how much you like to play, and I don't want to leave you out. I was with Bushy and Licky and together we were headed out of town. Licky was working on a sales pitch and he agreed that we could come along so he could use our talents to enhance his campaign….

We were helping Liquidator with what he called product distribution and Bushroot was chatting with some of the trees beside the highway where we were getting my life sized giant Christmas nutcrackers to load a convoy of trucks when Bushroot suddenly fell over in a faint. There was another game going on besides us I guess, but it's hard to say since Bushroot didn't wake up until we got back to St. Canard.

Liquidator wasn't happy that Bushroot's plants were not helping once Bushroot gave up his turns in our game. But it wasn't that big a deal since my toys finished up things just fine. (And they were MUCH more FUN than those stuffy old plants) AND you'll be glad to know that I have become inspired to produce a whole new line of outdoor toys that I think will be a HUGE hit in St. Canard. Once Liquidator took his delivery, he went to visit someone that I think he wants to have for a playmate…but I am not sure that he plays by the same rules for that game that we do and I haven't heard from him in about two weeks.

When we were headed home, we met up with my BEST Playmate MEGSY. BUT (sniff) He has a NEW playmate now and he's busy playing with HER! I was very upset let me tell you, but the neat thing is that she woke up Bushroot and he took us back to St. Canard. I have been busy making my new line of toys but I am planning on showing them off at the end of September. I hope you will schedule a play date for us sometime after my newest line is finished,

Your playmate QJ

Lady Velvet glanced uneasily at her calendar and saw that if things were going according to Quackerjack's timetable, St. Canard should be in serious trouble in the next couple of weeks. Deciding to err on the side of caution she quickly placed a call to have Hardnose send one of her steadiest girls for a special briefing. First Agent Grizzlikof was supposed to come to dinner tonight and even though she would never betray Quacky, Velvet knew that S.H.U.S.H. was still without their top local operative.

Darkwing hadn't been seen on the streets of St. Canard much even though he had returned from Duckburg and according to her sources that kept tabs on McDuck Enterprises he had been busy doing some sort of investigating for the Billionaire. This being the case, she thought that it would be a good idea to give S.H.U.S.H. a nudge…. The extensive intelligence and terrorism response agency tended to be react well to situations they were aware of but without the kind of shaking up of the criminal hierarchy that Darkwing did for them; they were a bit slower on the uptake than Velvet was really comfortable with on the local front.

Negaduck wasn't one to interfere with his gang unless they got in his way and if Quacky shut down the city's services it would disrupt her finances. Of course she HAD her own generator and a small clinic for her people…but having a super-villain destroying large areas of the city would disrupt her finances if she had trouble fulfilling her contracts.

Velvet grimaced and admitted as she slid the letter into her files, that having the wealthy clientele she used as cover hiding and complaining would be bad for her bottom line as well. When the criminal element got too vigorous in their pursuits it tended to make the rich and famous avoid the area and that would be bad for business too.

Some of her best sources were in entertainment and the series of events she had planned for September would have to be canceled if she couldn't maintain a balance between the appearance of safety for the jet-set and their actual safety. Granted many of them enjoyed the vicarious thrill of thinking they were flirting with danger but it was poor business to actually endanger them.

Sighing to herself, Velvet looked toward the door as a quiet knock signaled the arrival of Jessica and turned her attention to prepping the girl for her role tonight. IF things went well it was even possible that she could tender an offer to Director Hooter through Grizzlikof and if he came to the Velvet Rope before mid September….


Steelbeak slumped into his favorite lounge chair and took a few deep breaths as he stared at the video phone in his hand. That call could have gone better…but at least it was over and only one of high command had been ticked off enough to threaten him with early retirement and for someone in his position that USUALLY meant becoming uncomfortably and permanently dead. He sighed, and reflected miserably on the sorry state of his life as he went to get changed into another suit and send this one out to be cleaned and repaired this was the second suit he had decimated this week!

It had been nearly two weeks since he had seen Hammerhead Hannigan and his cronies recruiting in the warehouse district and he was getting just as frustrated as High Command over his lack of solid leads but there wasn't much more he could do on his own. He wasn't a detective…damn it all! He WAS a highly skilled and trained operative and F.O.W.L. WAS still getting its collective feet back under themselves from the weird attacks on their foreign holdings which was why he had gotten away so lightly with his chat just now. He usually had a much narrower set of goals and a lot more resources than this but F.O.W.L. HAD paid him through the end of the year as of this week and other than the death threat the other members of F.O.W.L. High Command had been reasonable; hence the hefty paycheck.

If High Command wanted better results then he needed better Intel. At this, Steelbeak paused and considered what his frustrated mind had just come up with and settled further into the chair to sip on one of the fruit juice cocktails that that bear-like female that had healed him had made him promise to drink.

He felt like a real sissy not loading his glass with a martini or some other more sophisticated drink but…he HAD promised and remembering the glow of her eyes as he'd floated in agony while his flesh had been cleaned of the remnants of his suit and plumes he knew he didn't want to break that promise. He still drank alcohol, but only after the fruit drinks and eight glasses of water…he wasn't going to mess around and anger a Mage-born. In spite of what his grandfather thought; his momma didn't raise a fool!

Suddenly struck by that thought Chanticleer swallowed his pride along with the last of the juice and placed a call to one of the weasels that answered to his civilian side. A few minutes later the rooster was whistling as he went to the taxi stand near his high-rise apartment and went to visit his grandfather. He was a dutiful grandson after all and Gramps might have some suggestions that would point him in a new direction if he asked.

Gentleman Joe Capon II had decided early on to focus his efforts on feeding people's gambling habits. After almost a decade of effort he had finally gotten the necessary legislation passed to build a legal Casino/Hotel resort on his waterfront property on the downtown side of the Audubon Bay Bridge just past the business district. Steelbeak knew that the plans were still being worked out and that Gramps had decided to have several silent partners along with Lady Velvet. She had been instrumental in getting them this far since she was ever so 'connected' with many of the movers and shakers in the tri-state area; even the few 'honest' ones.

The casino project wasn't something that concerned him directly of course, but Steelbeak WAS concerned that maybe Gramps was overextending himself what with letting other 'investors' have so much input in the project. J.C. was still stuck in the slammer and all…but so far Gramps hadn't admitted to the identity of any of his other partners. Chanticleer had already been forbidden from breaking his dad out of prison early when he had brought the idea up earlier in the year but he was a Capon and damn if he was going to let anyone mess with the family.

J.C. was going to be fronting the new operation with Gramps and they wanted to placate the authorities by having him serve out his sentence and become 'reformed'. Steelbeak knew that his career choice still puzzled his family, but no one had objected in a serious way since he had attained Chief Agent status and been assigned to the tri state area. It DID mean he was kept out of the innermost circle of plans on the business side of family affairs though and now was one of those times when that was a pain in the tail feathers.

Shaking of his introspective mood he paid the taxi as it let him out in front of the unassuming little office park where Gramps had his current working area. Since he had hired architects and advertisers and other legal specialists to work on making this project a reality, this office was where he met with them and made arrangements for meetings and such and Chanticleer was hoping that he could coax the older bird into putting in a few modifications to the designs that would come in handy for an enterprising bird like himself as well as profit the family.

Gentleman Joe Capon looked up from his desk to see his grandson Chanticleer stepping into the room and as he looked the younger rooster over Joe couldn't help but be glad at the sight of him. From all accounts the boy had handled himself well in that mess back in May and from the way he moved and the healthy sheen of his thick plumes it looked as though he was fully recovered, physically at least. There was still a certain sort of wariness around his eyes and a hesitant angle to the set of his comb though; but that might just be because he knew that his working outside the family businesses meant that Joe didn't entirely approve of his lifestyle.

Rising from the chair, Joe stepped around the desk and grabbed Chanticleer in a huge hug that lifted him off his feet saying, "Damn boy…it's good to see you out and about."

Stepping back slightly and setting Chanticleer back on his feet Joe continued in a stern tone but with a twinkle in his eye, "And I know you had to get caught up and see to your other obligations but it's about time you came to pay your respects in person. I was beginning to think I'd have to have one of the enforcers bring me to Canard Tower and camp out there in order to get to see you."

Steelbeak laughed uncomfortably at the image of his grandfather camping out in his apartment and paled slightly at the thought of how the old school rooster would have reacted to being there when his grandson came home with 'female company'. Not that any of them would be offensive to Gramps; but Chanticleer knew that Grandma and his mother Jemma Capon were both getting anxious for him to settle down and give them children to look after and they wanted another female in the family. Gramps was bound to start that lecture all over again if he saw any of Velvet's girls or one of the other escorts or even a female colleague in his apartment.

Ignoring that for now, Steelbeak asked with a little laugh, "a aha ah you must be working out a lot Gramps. I'm no lightweight now that I am healthy again. I have put in the gym time and rebuilt my muscle mass too."

Joe replied, "Glad to hear it boy. Now I know you need something, you always do. So why don't you spell it out for me and I'll see what I can do before I meet with the architects after lunch. I expect you to contact the womenfolk personally too. I'll let them know you'll be by for Sunday dinner. That way they can feed you right and see you for themselves."

Chanticleer winced at this but he was resigned to looking like a selfish bird since he DID want something, even though what he wanted WAS for both their benefits. He also knew that family dinner was the least he was going to have to pay for going back to the family for help; but it HAD been several months since he'd been back to the family compound and after all he'd been through, Chanticleer wanted to see Ma and Grandma. Quietly and in a businesslike manner he began outlining what was worrying him and what he was up against.

Joe was more than a bit surprised that Chanticleer was so concerned about the silent partners in this enterprise. But his concern DID show a certain awareness that Joe was glad to see, and the fact that the boy understood the situation made him glad. After all, once he got this whole secret agent thing worked out of his system he'd be a big help to J.C. and that was a good thing.

Shaking his head over the fact that these F.O.W.L. people were expecting Chanticleer to come up with leads on his own, Joe stroked a hand along his bill thoughtfully and asked, "What do you plan on doing about the situation with these F.O.W.L. people Chanti? I mean, it sounds as though this is some sort of territorial dispute going on between them and whoever is behind these attacks you told me about. What with them not sending you anything in the way of information or people; it sounds to me like whoever is behind all this has the upper hand. At least they seem to so far; and IF F.O.W.L. expects you to change that you won't be able to on your own."

Joe sighed to himself as Chanticleer bristled with wounded pride and the haunted look in his eyes increased a little and Joe relented, "I didn't mean it like that and you know it! You're no greenhorn pullet fresh from the farmyard so pay attention!"

Steelbeak sat up straighter in the chair he had slumped into and watched Gentleman Joe attentively and Gentleman Joe was glad to see the spark of hope in his eyes as the old gangster continued, "Grandson or no I am too old to get involved in a turf war…but, I don't want to lose you so here's what we'll do…."


Dirk Mallard whistled with uncharacteristic good cheer as he shut down his computer and went to the kitchen to grab a beer. Joining World of Wonder had seemed like a total waste of time but it seemed Anna DID have a point after all; fragging all those wimps in their stupid duels WAS fun as was sneaking up on them and just killing them.

Raiding had its upside too it was just too bad that he couldn't steal their equipment and money when he killed them. Of course writing a cheat that would give him duplicates of their stuff was an idea that he might even get away with unless he happened to attract the attention of the DM's. But since he'd signed up for this game with his Dirk Mallard identity, he wasn't planning on getting kicked out of the game; it would be a bad mark on his clean ID and credit score and he wasn't going there until he had to. He had also briefly toyed with the idea of breaking into the 'secure' information in the internet payment servers and stealing some of the other client's identities but that was going to have to wait too.

He had seen Drake playing WoW with Gosalyn in the compact which was what had given him the added incentive to join the game to find them aside from Anna's enjoyment of this weird online community obsession thing. Unknown to them he had even started a separate character he was careful to be ever so sickeningly nice with to chat occasionally with Gosalyn and her little guildies as well as Drake since the anonymity of their avatars and the impersonal distance of the internet connection made him more comfortable than trying to face Drake in person.

Dirk still hadn't confessed who he was in the game to them and he didn't want to set off any kind of problem that would alert Drake to who he was since his do-gooder character had been allowed on their friend lists. Drake played with them as often as he could but the children played without him fairly often which was what had prompted Dirk to check on them this morning. After all if HE could contact Gosalyn then there was no telling what some other perverted weirdo would do! And it would be a cold day in Hell before he'd let anything happen to her, or any of the rest of their family.

He ignored the twinge in the region of his chest at the thought of losing contact with Drake again and mused irritably…. Drake's parenting skills were almost decent; other than the whole teaching her to be a hero thing of course…but still, why take chances?

None of the guild had been online so he had switched to his evil death knight that he used to duel with and kicked some tail feathers to relax, but after glancing at the clock he knew he'd wasted enough time on fun and it was time to get back to business. Just then his feathers shifted slightly as though he was standing in a slight breeze and the Chain around his neck buzzed comfortingly.

Recognizing the sensation and feeling suddenly as though Drake was being particularly do-gooder like and therefore most likely getting himself into yet another disaster from which he would likely escape JUST because he was a 'hero' Dirk snorted to himself and started to slam the refrigerator door shut. Instead of guzzling his beer and stomping off to practice destroying something with his personal favorite weapon Mr. Chainsaw though he acted on instinct and reached past his anger and decided to see what Drake was really up to.

Dropping his beer back into the cooler of ice and settling into the loveseat in the bedroom; Dirk dipped his left hand into the pocket of his baby blue sweater vest to get the mirror he used to check up on Drake. He grimaced at his reflection since he felt rather like a sissy in this outfit, but after the last time he'd lost his temper and pulled out his chainsaw and destroyed the computer when he became frustrated he had agreed to wear this outfit when he played. That way he'd have a chance to calm down before he destroyed anything since he had a few tricks hidden away in this outfit but not anything instantly destructive….

NOT that he was going soft or anything…Anna knew who was the boss. However, he winced at the recent memory of when he'd sawn the computer in half. The resulting electric shock he'd gotten had really scared Anna and the smell of burned feathers had lingered humiliatingly for hours even though he'd been relatively unharmed once the initial zap had worn off so he'd agreed to wear this outfit…and she'd been quite, enthusiastic in her appreciation of his compromise too.

Focusing on the mirror and ignoring the flutters of desire in his belly at the thought of Anna and her many talents, and the rather disturbing glimmer of memory that surged to his mind that insisted that the Spell Chain he wore had had something significant to do with his relatively unscathed state. He uneasily remembered that the chainsaw had missed his feet when he'd dropped it.

He also recalled that his scorched tail feathers had been the only physical sign of the electricity that he'd absorbed which HAD been a bit unusual, Dirk also determinedly ignoring the fact that the Chain had glowed even in the daylight of the room for a short while after the accident. Focusing on Drake he looked in the compact and nervously fingered the chain at his neck which quieted under his touch. What he saw was Drake, dressed in his hokey hero costume looking pretty tired and seated in the co-pilot's seat of the Thunderquack. The Masked Mallard was speaking to Launchpad but the look on his face didn't bode well for whomever he was talking about.

For reasons Dirk refused to put a name on or acknowledge directly; he felt uneasy at the sight of Drake. Faintly he wished he could do something more direct to help Drake, he was still very thin and the stress he had been under was still evident from his dull feathers and discouraged slump. But of course Drake WASN'T a total moron and he still refused to put much trust in Dirk in any of his personas.

This was actually something that Dirk didn't blame Drake for, he knew just how tenuous his hold on his temper and need for violence was; and feeling discouraged he started to close the lid of the compact. Suddenly to his utter shock the Chain around his neck tingled and he heard sound coming from the mirror as well as the picture.

Drake was saying, "Mr. McDuck will be disappointed, but…there wasn't any way to be faster LP."

Reassuringly Launchpad replied, "You have been building the case as quickly as you could DW and S.H.U.S.H. has sent the information to the F.B.I. and the D.I.A. and customs as well as the D.E.A. and even with…everything; we are only a couple of weeks behind what he hoped for. The federal charges have been pulled and all we have to do is give this report to Mr. McDuck and he'll be able to rebut any accusations from any of the companies in the private sector."

Drake perked up slightly at this encouragement before he said grimly, "maybe so LP but Mr. McDuck has been losing a lot of profit and even I know how he feels about that. And worst of all, although S.H.U.S.H. has been working on a cure for almost three months we still aren't any closer to helping poor Herb."

At this Launchpad winced and admitted, "Yeah, poor Honkman…. Dr. Bellum has asked around but what we really need is someone that can tell what can counter the chemical cocktail in that poison and so far all the usual methods of research aren't helping at all."

But then Launchpad's natural optimism came through and he offered, "At least Herb seems stable now and Mrs. Muddlefoot is doing a little better."

Nodding Darkwing agreed, "True enough old buddy. We will be going to visit them again next Monday but, I am not sure who else we could ask to investigate that stuff. I still have one of the vials in the lair but I need to get rid of it. It's too dangerous to risk around Morgana or the kids."

Launchpad grinned and agreed, "Heh, he, heh right-o DW! Between Gos and the Kin nothing in the lair is really out of bounds. Remember what happened when Gos and Cleo decided to help you make your sneezing powder capsules?"

Dirk grinned as Drake paled and said, "Don't remind me LP I was sneezing my feathers off for over an hour!"

Launchpad sobered a little and offered, "Well at least Morgana managed to spell most of them back into your outer coat until you molt again."

At this Drake developed a distinct pink tinge all over as he blushed violently and cleared his throat before determinedly changing the subject back to poor Herb Muddlefoot.

Looking thoughtful Drake said, "Dr. Bellum's research assistants HAVE determined that most of the chemicals in that poison are derived from some kind of Asian botanicals but they can't isolate what they need to administer to Herb to remove the traces from his kidneys and liver and unless they do there isn't much hope of weaning him off the machines."

Upon hearing this statement from dear heroic Drake, Dirk grinned an almost mischievous grin that made Anna step towards him with an inquisitive expression as she emerged from the ensuite bathrom. Dirk snapped the mirror shut and tucked it safely in his pocket before nibbling aggressively on Anna's soft down under her lower bill. She responded and returned the caress but made no verbal protest as he pulled away after only a few moments of intimacy. Her only reaction had been to look at him with her best smoldering pout and to leave a hand on his chest for a few seconds longer than she ordinarily would have. Dirk's ego simply enjoyed her aroused state, which combined with his recent idea for bamboozling Drake meant he was now in an effusively great mood.

Dirk's expression held deep satisfaction…he now had the PERFECT way to get under Drake's feathers. And best of all; the Do-gooder was bound to feel grateful and maybe even just a tiny bit obligated to the five after THIS…. Then his cynical side piped up and he mentally amended that thought to just himself and Bushroot instead of the entire gang.

He was going to call Drake's 'lair' phone tonight and see if Drake would agree to meet him in their civvies, but for now he had an urgent appointment with a certain plant/duck hybrid scientist. Summoning his self discipline, he resolutely ignored Anna's pert tail that peeked out of the back of her leotard and gestured for her to continue on her way to the room upstairs where they had some exercise equipment set up. She blushed as his hand's caressed her ample hip on her way by but she understood his body language and knew that he wasn't in the mood to continue their preening.

Cautiously she offered, "How can I help you Dirk?"

The Spell Chain necklace at her throat twinkled at him, its cheeky sparkle matching the saucy glint in her eyes. He chuckled and stepped into the elevator built into the foyer of his penthouse and pushed the button that would send the car directly to his other property in the below ground basement space of the tower.

As the doors shut he said, "Just keep to your training schedule. Muscovy and I are heading for Spoonerville as soon as I get things worked out here. I want to have a chat with that goofy Von Drake character and you need to keep up your conditioning."

She nodded and headed for the treadmill without commenting but her eyes were alight with excitement since Dirk was consenting to allowing her to be part of his work again. He had been exceedingly cautious after that whole strange incident in Duckburg after they had rescued Megavolt.

Even though she felt fine once she woke up after the fight with that Shunt bear-thing Negaduck had insisted that she follow a strict regimen including regular rest, training exercises and a series of juice drinks before every meal for the past month. Dirk had also refused to allow her to leave the penthouse alone, even going so far as to accompany her in his civilian disguise to shop and run errands.

He HAD threatened dire consequences to her if she mentioned anything about his disguise or his lack of fashion sense as Dirk though. In honesty though this had been a comfort since his obsessive attentiveness had been more than a bit disquieting as she had continued to improve physically.

He had donned his Negaduck side and flatly forbidden her to return to her tiny rented space in the slums other than to retrieve her things or to do anything as Muscovy until he mentioned it today. Anna had to admit that she was glad he seemed to be in agreement with her assessment of her physical improvement; but the most confusing thing about this whole thing was that she hadn't felt bad at all once she had awakened in Duckburg in that strange house with Negaduck and a very tall strangely dressed duck even though she KNEW she had been badly hurt by that bear.

She had to admit that Negaduck's concern had been flattering, and that tall duck had been very comforting although most of her memories of him were very vague. To keep herself occupied between rehabilitation sessions she had joined WoW and convinced Dirk to play some with her as well since the penthouse didn't really have a lot of space available to practice hand to hand techniques or weapons work.

The only downside to her month or so of rehabilitation was that she had become bored without any real work as Muscovy…. The only exception had been their evening out at the Velvet Rope about two weeks ago and even then he had been solicitous once they had returned to the penthouse and it had been far more date than work; not that she was going to complain about that! Dirk had seemed pleased with her observations about the crowd and they had both enjoyed each other mentally, physically and emotionally every night since then, but he was very moody and she knew instinctively not to push his temper now.

She absently caressed her necklace and smiled at the memory of when he had gifted it to her, it tingled and all her feathers fluffed but she didn't realize anything unusual was happening; instead she began her warm ups as a soothing warmth flooded her body. Meanwhile her memories of Negaduck's hair-trigger temper were flowing past her mind's eye as well as memories of her training in being unnoticed and in gaining control of people's emotional state in order to shift crowds and minimize violence.


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