When he wakes he has the strangest feeling. He remembers the dream very vividly, it was a dream filled with wonder. He has never dreamed anything like that before. It was...he searches for the word, but can't think of any to describe it.

He remembers long silky black hair and his hands running through it, a familiar happy laughter that made him tingle all over and rolling over a body much softer than anything he has ever touched before. Leah Clearwater. He feels like he has been tickled and has laughed so hard he is completely exhausted and feeling so good and happy, it's like floating. He feels strangely fulfilled.

"Jacob!" It's his dad sticking his head into the room, interrupting his efforts to catch hold of the fleeting dream.

"Time to get up!"

Jacob grumbles, but does as he is told, and that is when he feels it, and sees it.

There is a sticky mess in his boxers and even on his sheets. He doesn't understand what it is. Has he peed in his pants? But no, pee doesn't look or feel like this. Is it glue? Or is it the hair wax his sisters bought for him a while a go?

Why is there hair wax in his boxers? And on his sheets too!

Is it a prank? But Embry and Quil hasn't been to his house during the night and his sisters wouldn't do something gross like this.

How odd!

Does he have a terrible disease? Is he dying?! Oh god, what if he is dying?!!

"Dad!" He cries horrified. "DAD!"

His dad wheels back in. "What is it Jake?"

"There's something wrong with me!" He let's out, face ashen.

Worry crosses his father's features.

"Look!" Jacob gasps pointing at his soiled sheets.

To his amazement his dad starts chuckling. "Jake! Seems to me your perfectly healthy! "

"Let's clean this up, and then the two of us can have a little chat." His dad says smiling gently at his fear stricken son.

* * *

Jacob and his dad are sitting by the kitchen table, Jacob's face in a frown, mulling over the things his father tells him about what is called a wet dream and the sticky thing on his sheets and in his boxers is something called semen. He doesn't quite grasp it, but he remembers the word semen from biology class, and then recalls how their teacher told them that a mans sperm have a swimming competition and then they find an egg inside a girl and then she will have a baby. Then he thinks about how Embry's mom has told that if dreams seem real they can really come true. They are called true dreams. What if this was a true dream?

"I was dreaming of Leah! Is she pregnant now?" He has to ask because if she is pregnant, he will need his dad's help to tell Leah and Sue and Harry too, so they can get married right away, just like you are supposed to do when you have babies. He doesn't know anyone who has gotten married when they were only eleven years old like he is, or had babies either for that matter, so maybe he will be on the cover of La Push newspaper and become famous? He has always thought he would become famous for being the best baseball player or the coolest superhero, but becoming famous for marrying Leah is awesome too. Leah and Sue will probably be very angry at him for making her pregnant without her knowing it. Maybe Sue will try to shoot him with Harry's shotgun or try to run him over with his car? Rumor has it that she threatened to do just that to Paul Meraz when she found him kissing Leah in her room when they were supposed to be studying. Jacob wonders how mad Leah will be exactly, when she hears that he has made her pregnant by dreaming of her and then he wonders about the sperm having a swimming competition all the way from his bed to Leah's house and her bed and not even in water but in air, and then he starts thinking how weird it is that there is an egg inside of Leah and that it will become a baby.

His thoughts are interrupted by his dad's rumbling laughter. "You can't get a girl pregnant by dreaming of her Jacob." He can't? Jacob lets out a breath he wasn't aware that he was holding and feels relief washing over him, because now he won't have to worry about Leah slapping him in the face in the stinging and eye watering way that Rachel and Rebecca do when he does something naughty.

That's when his dad starts telling about how girls get pregnant, and he tells it very differently from their teacher, and Jake feels he understand much better. Sure his dad uses the same strange words such as sperm and ovaries, but he talks about love and that the body and sexuality is a gift that Jacob should give to someone who deserves his love and trust, a girl he respects and cares about deeply, a girl he wants to make feel good and loved.

Jacob nods his head in understanding, he already knows a girl who fits all the things his dad described to him. It's the same girl he dreamed about. Leah Clearwater! Maybe Leah would like to get his body as her birthday present?

"I'm gonna give my body to Leah! She deserves to be my girlfriend and being my girlfriend will make her feel good!" He exclaims happily. Jacob really likes talking with his dad, because his dad explains everything so well and Jacob knows he can always tell his dad everything on his mind, and his dad will understand and help him.

His dad looks like he chokes on his own spit and starts coughing, before his face turns back to his ususal relaxed smile.

"Son, at eleven you are way too young for sex, and even if you were ready the girl you want to have sex with has to be ready as well and she has to want it as much as you. I'm telling you these things now so you will know when it's time and you will have the right information, but you aren't ready for sex yet. I don't want you to have sex until you are truly ready and I hope that day will be years from now."

"How do I know when I'm ready?" Jacob asks feeling perplexed again, just when he was thinking that he understood everything and was already thinking about wrapping himself up in gift wrapping for Leah's next birthday.

"You'll be ready when you know how to be safe and take responsibility."

Then his dad talks about protection but Jacob isn't really listening any more, because it all seems confusing once again. Jacob associates the word protection with fighting off monsters and bad guys and being a hero and he doesn't understand how it can be protecting to put on a rubber thing called a condom on his penis. Jacob liked it much better when his dad talked about love and trust and bodies being gifts to the ones you love. So he tunes out what his dad is saying thinking about much pleasanter things, like imagining laying naked on top of a a girl, who in Jacob's mind looks exactly like a certain Leah Clearwater and also is named Leah Clearwater. It makes his groin tighten weirdly, his heart hammer and face feel flushed, and most of all making him want to touch himself like his dad said that boys might like to do and that it's okay to do it whenever he is alone and thinking about things that make him feel good. It's called masturbating.

"Uh-uh." Jake chokes out to a question he quite didn't hear. "I gotta go do some stuff in my room." He bursts out rushing up from his seat, so he can be alone in his room and think of things that are interesting, like Leah Clearwater's soft body.

That's the day Jacob finds himself a new hobby he really likes, a hobby that he occupies himself with whenever he has the opportunity, like every night when he lies in bed and every time he takes a shower, and sometimes during the day when he locks the door to his room, and once even in the school bathroom when he was thinking of Leah and heard her laughter in the hallway.

He has already asked Leah to be his girlfriend a couple of times, but she always answers that he is too young for her. Next year he will be older, then he will ask her again, and if she says no he will ask the year after that. He will keep on asking until she thinks he is old enough and then he will give his body as a gift to her, so she will know that he has chosen to love her and only her forever and ever and ever. And then they will get married and have babies and be famous superheroes together.

Just like all of Jacob's plan, this one is a really good one, of that Jacob is truly certain. And Jacob knows that good plans always come true in the end! In the meanwhile he will busy himself of thinking of all the amazing things that will happen once his dreams become reality.

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