Ok people im back sorry for the wait but heres CHAPTER 2

--------------------------With Hidan and Kakuzu in the bathroom---------------------------------------------------------

Hidan had put Kakuzu in the warm water that filled up about half of the bathtub. Kakuzu tried to jump out of the bathtub while Hidan turned around to get the shampoo.

"Hey get back in the fucking tub you little fucker!" Hidan yelled as he grabbed Kakuzu when he tried to run out the door.

"I know cats don't like the fucking water but you need a bath." He said as he sat Kakuzu back in the tub and he kept one hand on the small kitten the whole the time he went to grab the shampoo.

Hidan put the shampoo on the side of the tub as he poured water over Kakuzu's back. Kakuzu started to shake the water off himself right after Hidan poured it on him.

Hidan grabbed the shampoo once he was done pouring water on Kakuzu's frail body. He squirted some in his hand and then started to lather it onto Kakuzu's hair and body. Hidan then dowsed Kakuzu with water to get all the shampoo off him.

Hidan then grabbed a big fluffy lavender towel and softly towel dried Kakuzu off.

"Ok little guy lets get you some clothes!" Hidan said cheerfully as he picked the semi wet neko out of the tub and carried him to the bed.

___________________________TO THE BEDROOM OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOM_________________

Hidan was busy trifling through his dresser to notice the fact that Kakuzu had snuck out of the room.

_____________________With Kakuzu --------------------------------------------------------------------

Kakuzu was padding down the hall or at least he was until he ran head first into a thick muscled blue leg.

"Hey there little guy aren't you supposed to be with Hidan getting your bath?" Kisame said as he picked up the struggling kitten and started to walk back towards Hidans room.

___________WITH HIDAN______________________________________________________________

"Ok little buddy I got you some of my older clothes they might not fit com- OH MY JASHIN WHERE'D HE GO!" Hidan yelled when he turned around and saw that Kakuzu was gone off his bed.

Hidan quickly ran out his door only to collide with Kisame and make them both fall to the floor.

"Kisame have you seen Kakuzu I lost him when I was looking for some clothes!" "Don't worry Hidan I have him right here he ran into me in the hall literally!" Kisame said as he handed Kakuzu back to Hidan with a grin and walked away.

"Humph why'd you run away little guy?" Hidan said as he pulled his purplish shirt that he never actually wore down over Kakuzu's head. He picked Kakuzu up and sat him down on the other side of his bed as he climbed into the bed himself.

"Well time for bed little guy." Then Hidan turned off the light and pulled the covers up and feel asleep.


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