A/N: For the purpose of this chapter you need to embrace that in this universe, Puck is a year older than Rachel and after Summer Vacation he entered his Senior year and she, her Junior. Also, I'm not entirely sure when Universities in the US start sending out letters of offer, but in my world it's April. Go with it….

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Puck entered his house via the kitchen entry after a particularly gruelling Friday night football practice, his gym bag slung over his left shoulder.

"Hey Ma." He greeted tiredly as he passed his mother on his way upstairs, looking forward to a long hot shower to help ease the aches in his overworked muscles.

"Noah, wait a moment. You got mail today from Ohio State!" The excitement in Sarah Puckerman's voice was unmistakable and she jumped up from her place at the kitchen table to reach for a large white envelope that had been sitting expectantly beside the telephone.

Puck dropped his bag to the floor with a thud and crossed the room in two strides to snatch the envelope from his mother's grasp, briefly meeting her eyes and seeing the anticipation he was feeling reflected in her gaze.

Taking a deep breath, he tore open the flap and slid the contents into his hand, skimming over the words on the letter that was paper clipped to a wad of documentation and coloured leaflets.

Dear Mr Puckerman, the first line read. Congratulations on your acceptance to Ohio State University for the Fall semester of 2011…

"I got in." he said faintly, rereading the first paragraph again to make sure he wasn't hallucinating, His head rose and he clutched the letter tighter in his hand, a wide grin spreading over his face as he swooped his mother into a one armed hug, whooping, "Ma, I got in!"

Mrs Puckerman was laughing as her son spun her around the room.

"Here," he thrust the letter at her and then stood behind her, reading the letter over her shoulder for a third time.

"Oh Noah, I'm so proud of you!" Sarah exclaimed as she turned to face him and pinched his cheeks affectionately. "I always knew you could do it."

Puck laughed, shaking his head as if he still couldn't believe it. "No you didn't. I didn't believe it myself. But fuck Ma, this is freaking awesome! I thought for sure it would be community college for me, but it looks like Berry riding my ass about homework all these months has finally paid off."

"Rachel has been the best kind of influence on you." His mother agreed, admiring the pictures in the glossy college brochure. "She'll be so excited for you. And thankful as well, I imagine. that Ohio State is only a few hours drive from Lima; you can visit each other on weekends."

Puck nodded in agreement, glancing at his watch and noting the time. "I can't wait to tell Rach. You're right, she's going to frigging lose her shit over this." Puck turned his phone idly over in his hands.

"Are you going to call her? Do you have plans for tonight?" Sarah asked, watching the way her son's eyes glazed over as his thoughts strayed to his girlfriend of over 8 months.

The couple (dubbed Puckleberry by their friends) were still, after all this time, nauseatingly cute.

Puck's protectiveness over the pint sized brunette was apparent to the rest of the student population from the first day back after summer break, when Dave Karofsky had slushied the girl in the hall right before first period.

Karofsky had ended up with three broken fingers and a shiner the size of a baseball for his trouble and Puck had been happy to take the three day suspension awarded to him.

By lunch that day, everyone knew that Rachel Berry was Noah Puckerman's girl and thus off limits in every sense of the word. The two were practically inseparable, and it was generally accepted that where one was, the other wouldn't be too far away. Rachel usually sat happily on the bleachers doing homework or listening to her iPod during football practices, proudly wearing a jersey emblazoned with the number 20 on game days, while Puck hung around the auditorium as she rehearsed or played chauffeur to the multitude of dance classes and vocal training sessions she undertook.

When Rachel joined the local amateur theatre's production of Romeo and Juliet, Puck sat through countless rehearsals and was front and centre on opening night and several Sunday matinees afterwards; though he told himself it was only so he could make sure Romeo didn't get handsy.

Needless to say, the entire female population of McKinley were devastated by the news the former bad boy had been tamed and carted off into coupledom. There were a group of particularly disheartened girls who avidly followed the progress of the pair's relationship, fervently wishing for a break-up that would put the swoon worth jock back on the market.

Bitterly, they had to acknowledge that Rachel Berry wasn't top of their class for no reason; she had somehow managed to ensnare the most sought after senior in their district and wasn't about to let him go. The more astute students seemed to realize that Puck was even less likely to put an end to the relationship, as equally enamoured with the diva as she was with him.

"Yeah we have plans. Andy and James have their monthly wine club gathering tonight so Rach and I are going to spend the night in, watching movies on the big screen." Puck smiled again at his mom. "She's finally agreed to watch all 3 original Star Wars movies; it's going to be epic!"

"How romantic." His mother said sarcastically, with a twinkle in her eye. 'I assume you'll be staying the night at the Berry's then?"

Puck opened the refrigerator, grabbing himself a bottle of water and scanning the contents for a snack he could throw together. "Of course, it's Friday." He reminded her needlessly.

The sleepovers had ceased towards the end of summer when, after biweekly counselling sessions, Rachel seemed to be completely cured of her separation anxiety and there seemed to be no reason for Puck not to resume living at his own house.

It had taken some adjusting to, not only for the two teenagers but for Andy and James as well who had grown used to having Puck around. Luckily, his relationship with their daughter meant that he was still a regular fixture around their house and she around his. On weekends Rachel's fathers and Sarah were happy to have them stay together and the two had fallen into the routine of staying at the Berry household on a Friday night and the Puckerman's on a Saturday, enabling the pair to serve as babysitters to Beth while Sarah was working the graveyard shift.

Finding nothing appetizing, Puck slammed the fridge door and stooped to pick up his discarded bag. "I'm going to shower and head over to the Berry's. Do you need anything done around here before I leave?"

Sarah shook her head, smiling at him with affection. "No, but thank you for asking sweetheart."

Puck nodded and flashed another grin before scooping up the literature from the university and heading upstairs.

His mother watched him go with her proud smile still intact. He seemed lighter these days. Happy, more content. That was largely in part to Rachel Berry and the stabilizing influence of her two fathers. She adored the entire family and despite the fact she knew her son would roll his eyes in exasperation if he knew what she was thinking, Sarah couldn't help but acknowledge she just couldn't picture her son's future now without Rachel in it.

Rachel and the handful of talented Jewish babies she could provide.

Sarah rubbed her hands eagerly in anticipation. Those babies would be just adorable.

Dusk was falling as Puck was leaving his house. He sent a text to let Rachel know he was on his way and barely a minute later his phone beeped with her reply.

MSG BERRY*: Use you key and come upstairs. See you soon xoxox

Puck quirked his eyebrow at the oddness of that request but shrugged it off, turning up the volume of the radio and tapping his thumbs on the steering wheel in time to the music as he drove.

Rachel's purple Prius was the only car in the driveway when Puck parked in his designated spot behind her, signalling her fathers were already gone for the evening.

He let himself in as instructed and locked the door behind him, taking the stairs two at a time and calling out to his girlfriend so she wasn't startled by his arrival.

"Hey babe, it's me. You up here?"

"In my room." She called back, her voice muffled by the closed door.

With a courteous knock, Puck pushed open the heavy wood, halting in his tracks.

Dozens of candles were lit and strategically placed around the room, the fading daylight casting long shadows over the walls, while soft jazz played in the background.

A soft thud drew his attention and his head swung around to the direction of the adjoining bathroom.

As he caught sight of her, his mouth ran dry.

Rachel was clad in a satin white robe that stopped mid thigh and was belted at the waist, leaving miles of her smooth, toned legs on display.

Her dark hair was curled at the ends, falling over one shoulder and her face was natural, free of makeup just the way he liked her, though her lips were glossy and painted a soft pink.

The soft candle light in the room bathed her in a golden glow that made the space feel warmer than it was and Puck found himself tugging on the collar of his button down shirt, feeling suddenly flushed.

"R-rach." He croaked, swallowing heavily and trying again. "You look-" fucking gorgeous he thought to himself. "Beautiful." He finished reverently. "What's the occasion? Did I forget our anniversary again?"

His lips quirked at his little joke. In the 8 months they'd been together, Rachel had pressed 'Happy Anniversary' cards into his hands a total of 12 times.

12 fucking times.

The occasions warranting her commemorative display each proved more ridiculous than the last. There were the kind of legitimate ones, like the dates that marked the first, third and sixth month of them being together. Sure he didn't remember them and each time when Rachel looked expectantly at him after handing him the card she had painstakingly picked out, he would shrug sheepishly and resign himself to the fact that he'd have to put up with a whole day of her pouting and proclaiming that his memory was worse than a sieve.

But then there were the 'Happy-its-been-a-year-since-you-slushied-me anniversaries', or the anniversary of the first time he stopped calling her exclusively Berry and addressed her by her first name. Did that crap really matter? To her, apparently yes.

He wasn't sure how she expected him of all people to recall with perfect clarity the specific day they had first encountered each other (she wasted no time in informing him it had been in third grade).

Those were the times he didn't hesitate to remind her that she was bat shit crazy, because was he like, supposed to be impressed she remembered the colour crayon his 8 year old self had leant over and asked to borrow? No, because that shit was creepy and he didn't mind telling her so.

Still, it was inevitable really that each time one of these so called 'anniversaries' popped up, regardless of how he felt about them, he usually found himself pulling on a clean shirt and begrudgingly treating her to dinner and a movie of her choice.

Not because it was less painful than having her bitch at him until the end of time (though this was true) but because it made her happy.

And when his girl smiled at him like he was the sun orbiting her crazy planet, well shit -what were a few hours of his time and a hundred bucks?

Still, Puck wondered what could have prompted her to have dressed in that getup, because if she thought he was taking her out to a movie instead of trying to talk her out of that piece of satin, she was sorely mistaken.

She was biting her lip in that adorable way that made him want to cross the room and suck it into his mouth but he refrained, intrigued by the possibilities.

"No, it's not our anniversary." Rachel told him and he mentally gave thanks, because he knew 'The Back-Up Plan' was playing downtown and although Jennifer Lopez was one smoking hot Latina, he knew that would be 120 minutes of his life he'd just never get back.

Locking her gaze on his, she pulled at the tie and let the robe fall open, revealing the delicate camisole and matching lace briefs she wore underneath.

His eyes bugged out of his head as she allowed the robe to drop to the floor and the light framing her from the bathroom behind her confirmed that yes, the material was in fact transparent.

Puck could see the clear outline of her pert breasts and dusky nipples that were already erect and pushing against the filmy fabric.

"Fuck me." He uttered, astonished and a small smile curved her full lips as she slowly walked towards him, her hips swaying tantalizingly from side to side.

"Well actually," she replied shyly, "I was hoping that fucking me would be forefront on tonight's agenda."

He didn't know what shocked him more, the fact that a curse slipped so easily from her mouth or that she was actually implying…what she was implying.

'You want me to-" he swallowed thickly, not taking his eyes off her face as she came to stop in front of him. Rachel threaded her fingers through his belt loop and pulled him towards her, lifting her face up for a kiss.

Puck was so stunned that he didn't have time to submit before she let out a huff and took matters into her own hands, sliding her hands behind his neck to draw him down to her.

He opened his mouth and granted entrance to her probing tongue for only a moment before drawing back and settling his hands at her waist. "Rach, are you saying that you want to like, do it? Now? TONIGHT?" he emphasized with wide eyes.

She had to stifle a giggle at his adorable dumbfounded expression and she nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck as she rose on her tip toes so their gazes were level. "I do. I want you to make love to me Noah."

"You do?" His gaze narrowed as he looked at her shrewdly. "Are you sure about that Rach? I mean, are you ready? Because just last week we were fooling around and-"

She silenced him with another kiss, caressing the nape of his neck with her fingers while her other hand began to work the buttons on his shirt.

'I've thought about it and I want tonight to be the night." Her voice was no more than a whisper across his lips as she drew back slightly. "You always say that you're mine Noah, well I want to be yours, completely. Don't you want that too?"

As she trailed kisses over his jaw, Puck groaned. "You know I do but I'm not sure-"

"I am." She interrupted again, flicking her tongue over his skin as she continued to move her mouth down over his throat. When the last button popped free he pushed the shirt off his shoulders.

To her delight, she found that he had forgone the wife beater he usually wore underneath, so his defined chest and rock hard abdominals were readily on display.

"We're really going to have sex?" He couldn't help but ask again in disbelief.

'Hopefully, if you stop talking. Honestly Noah, I never expected you to be so reluctant." Rachel teased him and he growled at her playfully, shaking out of his mental stupor and pulling her closer.

There was a new boldness in the way she moved her mouth, soft and pliant yet quietly demanding. Puck let her lead as her hands started to wander further. One reached up to entwine in his short hair while the other roamed down his back where it seemed to be mapping the contour of his muscles.

He could do nothing but reciprocate, tracing the line of her spine and skimming over her lower back and around to her hips. There he hesitated. Puck wanted to let his hands slide up her torso to her breasts, but he still wasn't sure that this was real and if that would be welcome, so he waited for another signal.

He got it when her hand inched down to his butt, then used it to pull his groin against hers. He broke off the kiss, nuzzling her forehead against his.

"Noah, please stop thinking." She all but begged, frustrated at his pace, but he shook his head.

"Babe, we have to just slow it down here a second."

Rachel made a sound of impatience and he buried his face in her neck. Puck inhaled the sweet scent of vanilla, thrilling at the feel of her against his body, coming to life and responding to every overture even as he took a deep, calming breath.

"Why? I don't want you to stop." Her voice was much steadier than his and when he met her gaze, he found hers pleading.

Very slowly, he took the hem of her camisole in his hands and lifted it up; his eyes darted between her chest to her face and back again as he tossed the garment carelessly aside.

She was a fucking vision and he found himself reaching for her urgently, claiming her lips once again, this time with bruising intensity. Palming her breast in his hand, his thumb grazed the rigid little pebble atop it and the pulsing between her legs gave way to intense throbbing.

She tore her mouth away from his, panting heavily as she reached over and pulled open the lid of the jewellery box on the dresser beside them, snagging a foil packet and holding it up for his inspection.

His hand closed around her own, gently prying the condom from her grip.

"Are you sure about this Rach?" Puck asked again in concern, even as his hips rolled against hers, eliciting a moan from both of them.

"Yes Noah." She answered breathlessly, for what seemed like the hundredth time, running her now tentative hands over his naked torso. This is where her experience ended and his began. She needed him to take the lead and show her what to do and how they could be together.

Rachel could tell he was still unconvinced by the way his hazel eyes searched her face for any signs of uncertainty.

Please, her own chocolate depths were imploring, I want you so much.

He continued to study her intently for another moment before coming to a decision.

Puck tucked the condom in the back pocket of his jeans and hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties, drawing them slowly down her legs as he squatted in front of her. Rachel rested her hand on his shoulder for balance as she stepped out of the scrap of lace and held her breath as his hands skimmed over the back of her calves and up over her thighs.

He looked up at her and she gazed back, unaware of the vulnerability in her expression as she raked her fingers over his scalp. He rose to his feet and in one swift movement, had hoisted her up with his hands on her ass.

"I'll be careful baby, I promise." Puck vowed, nuzzling her neck while Rachel wrapped her legs around his hips and he carried her across the room.

"I know," she said into his chest as he dipped them and deposited her gently onto the bed. "I trust you."

Puck's pants and boxers disappeared and she vaguely registered him moving to take them off, but was so wrapped up in the nervous expectancy of it all that she barely had time to miss his presence beside her before he returned, his fingers trailing lightly down the flat plane of her stomach.

Their eyes locked and he nipped at her lips, whispering huskily "I love you Rach, more than anything. You know that right?"

She moaned in response and he ground his hardness against her core, his length rubbing deliciously against her folds.

"You're so fucking beautiful baby, so frickin hot." He rasped, pressing against her, warm, solid and heavy as he stole another kiss. "I could stare at you all day."

"Sometime you do." Her laugh was strangled as his hand slipped between their bodies and his index finger teased her entrance, causing her to gasp and arch her back.

"Can you blame me? You're fucking perfect." He found her clit, rubbing against it in circular motions while she whimpered her approval. His fingers were now drenched in her juices and all at once, he stopped stroking and slid two fingers deep into her.

"Noah!" he head tossed against the pillow and her hands grasped at the sheet beneath her, tensing for what she knew was to come. "Please." She begged even as he stilled his movements.

"You're ok?" Puck checked, pressing his mouth against her temple.

Her lips parted to blow out an unsteady breath, "Yes, it feels so good." Rachel assured him, meeting his heated gaze and spreading her legs wider, opening herself further to him.

With agonizing slowness, he withdrew his fingers then plunged them back in. Gently, he fucked her with his hand, exploring her depths and the softness of the walls of her inner sanctum.

Rachel felt the tell tale tingling of her approaching release and her breathing became more erratic. She keened quietly, "Soooo close Noah, can you d-do that thing-"

She broke off as Puck knew instinctively what she was asking, curling his fingers inside her and prompting her to trip along on her orgasm, gasping his name.

He smothered her moans with his mouth and settled himself between her legs, resting his weight on his forearms.

Oh god.

His cock was so big and imposing, nestled against the inside of her thigh and though their progress in the intimacy department had been slow, painfully so at times, she had to remind herself it wasn't the first time she'd seen or felt it

But having Puck in position now, ready to bury his length deep inside her moist heat, had her questioning once again whether when the time came, he was going to fit.

"We don't have to do this" He reminded her, rubbing his thumb over her hip. "Just say the word babe and we'll stop."

Rachel dug her nails into his shoulder as, for a briefest of moments, her heart stopped and the breath caught in her throat. Biting hard on her lip, she tasted copper, unsure whether the restless churning in her gut was out of fear or excitement.

"Look at me," he urged when she didn't answer. She tore her gaze from the spot over his shoulder to meet his eyes, their usual hazel colour now darkened by his arousal to a deep, moss green.

Concern overlaid the flicker of desire she saw there and she could see he was about to change his mind and decide that she wasn't ready for this. Unconsciously she slid her foot up his leg, pressing her calf into his upper thigh. She wanted this, she did. If he stopped now she thought she would die.

"I want to." She told him again, her voice barely audible to her own ears over the loud thumping of her heart.

"Then there's nothing to be scared of Rach, it's just me." Puck leaned down to brush his nose against hers. "Stay with me, ok? Keep your eyes open and watch."

She nodded slightly. "Kiss me again Noah." Rachel requested quietly, unable to keep her voice from catching. He nudged her again with the tip of his nose before running his tongue soothingly over the lower lip she'd worried, complying.

His kiss was long, tender and achingly sweet. His stroked the inside of her mouth leisurely, taking his time to explore every crevice as if he hadn't already done so a thousand times.

"I don't want to hurt you but it might feel uncomfortable at first," he murmured when they came up for air. "I promise you that it'll pass and it'll start to feel good."

"I already feel amazing," She claimed softly and his familiar smirk made a fleeting appearance.

"Babe, you aint seen nothing yet."

She inhaled sharply as he shifted; entering her slowly, inch by inch, with a gentleness that brought tears to her eyes.


It seemed to take forever for him to fill her and she expected pain or at the very least, a mild discomfort, but there was nothing except a strange sense of completeness.

Until he moved.

"Breathe Rach," Puck murmured into her ear, forcing himself to still until she adjusted around him even though his own body was demanding he withdraw and thrust back into her, hard and fast.

"Don't forget to breathe." His own breath was hot against her neck and she didn't think she'd ever be able to forget the sensation as it tickled her skin and made her shiver.

"I am, just…g-give me a minute." Rachel requested shakily, closing her eyes tightly for a split second before opening them again and refocusing on the face hovering above her.

Puck slid his hand underneath her head and cupped the back of her neck with one large hand. He was giving her a look she'd never seen before and somehow she knew that she was seeing him as he really was. Gone was the sarcastic sense of humour and the wall of bravado that he usually carried around with him.

All she could see was lust, concern and….love. His eyes were ablaze with it and as his thumb brushed her cheek, she wrapped an arm around his shoulder.


"I'm ready." She whispered and he nodded, dragging his lips over her collarbone. He drew himself gently outward, only to sink back inside her, a move he repeated over and over until his movements seemed to sync with the rhythm of her gasps.

"So good." Puck was moaning above her, his own eyes rolling back in his head as he struggled to keep his thrusts even. "So fucking tight."

It was everything she had wanted it to be, yet nothing like she had imagined. There was only her and Noah and it felt like he was in every pore of her being; a world of heat and slick sensation that drove her clear out of her mind.

He'd reminded her to breathe, but she'd forgotten how. There wasn't room in her body for air anyway, not with him there. As it was, she didn't need oxygen, she only needed him and everything was alright.

"Noah….oh…Noah!" She cried, wrapping her legs tighter around his waist as he hit that spot. She rose her hips up to meet him on his next thrust. "Oh my god, yes!"

His hand was kneading her breast and his mouth had closed over her nipple when she came suddenly, without warning. And as the building sensation in her belly crested, Noah's name was on her lips again, loud and clear and definite.

He wanted it to last longer, but it had been just too damn long. The intenseness of her heat around him and the internal spasms of her pussy milking his cock, saw him follow soon after.

Her name poured from his mouth in a guttural groan. "Rachel…fuck! L-l-love you."

He plunged into her for a final time and her fingernails dug into his buttocks, desperate to hold on to him for just a moment longer.

Puck collapsed on top of her with an outward gust of air that blew the mussed waves of hair from her sweaty neck. Inside of her, the last few contractions of his satisfaction were echoed by her own body.

"You okay?" His lips were against her hair and she nodded, not trusting herself to speak quite yet. The only sound in the room was the ragged music of their breathing.

He began to pull out but she held on to him tighter, her legs locked around his waist preventing him from moving more than an inch. "Please don't, not yet." She begged, her eyes fluttering shut as she relished in the warmth of his skin, slick against her own. Rachel felt him kiss her forehead and smooth away the hair from her face, trailing his index finger down her nose, over her cheek and across her lips.

Eyes still closed, she nipped his wandering digit with her teeth and felt his chuckle as he gripped her thigh.

"I'm sorry baby, but you gotta let me get rid of the condom."

He slid out of her slowly, her moan of disappointment making his gut flip. Crossing to her bathroom he took care of his business in record time, at that moment not wanting to be away from her for longer than he had too.

Rachel opened her eyes when she felt the mattress dip as he returned to her.

"Hi." The dimple in her chin made an appearance and he grinned back.

"Hey yourself." He leaned down for a kiss and wrapped her up against him as he rolled onto his back. She giggled as he found herself lying fully on top of him, her breasts squished against his chest and his spent cock nestled in between her thighs.

She felt him twitch and harden and shook her head with an incredulous smile.

Not so spent then.

She met his gaze and he grinned unabashed.

"I'm a dude, you're my girl." He justified simply "And you're smoking hot." He added with a wink and she laughed, settling against him and sighing in contentment when his hands automatically began to trace large circles over her skin.

"You sure you're ok, babe?" he asked quietly, all signs of amusement gone from his tone and Rachel lifted her head so she could look at him.

"Never better." came her soft reply.

Puck nodded and she settled back against him and stifled a yawn.

"How long until we can do it again?" She asked drowsily, raking her nails up and down his side.

"Two minutes of you keep that up." He retorted and felt her smile against his shoulder.

"That sounds wonderful." Rachel murmured and he chuckled, his hands tightening on her waist for a moment before resuming their gentle caresses. "Rest now babe, you're going to need your energy."

"Alright." she agreed tiredly, her eyes falling shut of their own accord. "Love you Noah."

He kissed the top of her head and heard her breathing even out as she drifted off. "Love you too Baby."

When Rachel blinked the sleep out of her eyes the next morning, she found herself nose to nose with a wide awake Noah Puckerman who seemed to have been staring at her in besotted fascination.

He leaned in to kiss her before she even had the chance to wish him a good morning.

"You're in a good mood." She noted.

"Hmm I wonder why." He quirked his eyebrow, his hazel eyes dancing with amusement. Her forehead crinkled as she pretended to think.

"I'm sure I have no idea." She demurred, running her foot along his calf and then wincing as she felt her muscles protest at her movement.

Immediately Puck's smile dropped and his hand that had been resting warmly on her hip, wandered lower, seeking the tightness that was cause for her discomfort.

"Sore?" He asked needlessly and she flashing him a small smile as she tentatively stretched her legs. "A little. That's normal though I'm told."

He nodded "It's normal, especially since you ignored my warning and overexerted yourself."

Rachel's narrowed her gaze at him. 'Excuse me? Who woke whom up for round two?" She reminded him and he grinned smugly.

"Hey, I did all the work that time and I was happy to go back to sleep but no, you had to start straight onto round three."

She rolled her eyes, "You weren't complaining at the time if I recall."

"I'm not complaining now." He replied, kissing her eyelids as they fluttered shut. "Fuck, do you know how long I've had the image of you riding my cock like that in my fucking spank bank? Now I've experienced the real thing I can die one happy, son of a bitch."

Her eyes flew open and she smacked his shoulder in indignation. "You are so vulgar."

"You're sexy." He countered, rolling her over onto her back and pressing her into the mattress, kissing her thoroughly. Puck felt her nipples harden and rub against his chest as his arousal pressed into her stomach.

"How bout I run you a bath?" He offered when he pulled back, pecking her lips once more as if he just couldn't help himself.

"Now?" Rachel asked in disbelief, consulting her clock. 'It's 8am."

He shrugged, "So? It'll help. You'll feel better."

She skimmed her hand down his side and slipped it between their bodies, stroking his erection. 'What about this?" She blinked innocently at him and he groaned thrusting himself into her hand before rolling away reluctantly.

"He'll keep. He's had lot's of practice these last few months." Puck kissed her again and then pushed the covers off of his body. Rachel put a restraining hand on his arm and waited until he turned to look down at her.

"I'm sorry that you had to wait so long." She offered quietly, biting her lip.

He dropped back down on his elbow, his eyes soft as he gazed at her. Her dark hair was spread over the pillow, her checks flushed pink from the warmth of the comforter and his shared body heat.

"I've told you before Rach, you don't ever have to apologize to me, not about that. I would have waited a hell of a lot longer for you."

Rachel considered him for a long moment. "I know. It's just that, now that we've done it I can't imagine what I was afraid of. It was perfect. Thank you Noah." She paused. "I'm so glad my first time was with you. Maybe not technically but-""

His eyes flashed now, almost possessively and he caught her lips in another kiss. "I was your first Rach" He repeated firmly. "Don't you ever forget that. In all the ways that matter, I was first."

"I won't." She blinked back tears, not wanting to put a dampener on their morning. She smiled, giving him a little push. "You said something to me about a bath?"

He studied her intently for a minute before nodding, moving away and padding naked to the bathroom. Rachel listened as he ran the bath water and rummaged through the cupboards underneath the vanity, presumably for the bath salts he knew she liked.

A few minutes later, she heard the taps turn off and he reappeared, apparently completely at ease with his nudity and her gawking, as he made no attempt to cover himself or his raging hard on from sight.

He pulled back the covers, exposing her body to his gaze as he paused to admire the view. She squirmed uncomfortably under his scrutiny, much to his amusement. "It's a little too late to be embarrassed." Puck told her, scooping her up in his arms and carrying her bridal style to the bathroom. She buried her hot cheeks in his shoulder as he stepped over the threshold and across to the tub.

Rachel knew he was right. He'd inspected every inch of her body last night, ran his tongue over her skin and kissed the most private parts of her. To feel exposed to him now, due simply to her lack of clothing, seemed ridiculous.

He lowered her into the bath and knelt beside the tub as she got comfortable, his fingers swirling through the milky foam that sat upon the surface of the water. Rachel accepted the pony tail holder Puck passed to her and swept her hair into a messy bun that cushioned her neck against the porcelain rim as she lay back.

She sighed in contentment and rolled her head towards him, peeking at him from beneath her lashes as he reached both hands into the water.

Puck nudged her thighs apart and rubbed soothingly against the spot high up that was causing her the most discomfort. When his fingers strayed mischievously, her breath caught and he smirked before returning his attention to his task. Starting on the inside of her leg near her knee and gradually roaming higher, he firmly kneaded the muscles with just the right amount of pressure.

She moaned as his fingers worked their magic.

"You're good at this." She praised, asking thoughtlessly, "Have you had lots of practice?"

Her eyes flew open as she registered what she was asking. Puck caught her reaction and didn't call her on it. They never talked in detail about any of his past exploits; she'd heard about most of them anyway since, previous to his relationship with her, he'd taken great pleasure in bragging about his conquests to his team mates who had in turn spread the stories throughout the school.

"No." he answered simply, "Just thought it would help."

"It has."

After repeating the process with the other leg, Puck withdrew his hands and rested his forearms against the rim of the tub as he contemplated her.

Rachel reached out her own hand towards him, lacing their fingers together.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked self consciously, trying to interpret his expression.

Puck shrugged. "Just wondering how I got so lucky." He answered frankly, lifting their joined hands up to his mouth so he could kiss her knuckles.

Rachel smiled softly at him, squeezing his fingers and tugging him towards her.

He took the hint and leant over to kiss her properly.

"Do you think there's room for one more in this tub?" she queried against his lips, her brown eyes sparkling.

"I thought you'd never fucking ask." He replied. "Scoot up."

They headed down for breakfast close to 10 o'clock, greeting her fathers who were sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

Andy exchanged a glance with his husband as they watched Puck and Rachel move around the kitchen, fixing themselves fruit salad and cereal (for her) and a massive bowl of captain crunch and several pieces of thick buttery toast (for him).

The two had always been demonstrably physical, but that morning it seemed that neither was able to let the other reach past or have their bodies brush against each other without them pausing to exchange soft kisses.

Their was a new intimacy in their interaction that had Andy and James averting their gaze, feeling as if they were intruding on something private and sacred. And, if either man had any doubt about what had transpired the night before (which they didn't because Rachel's bedroom was decidedly NOT soundproofed), their daughter's actions that morning would have confirmed it.

When they settled at the table across from where the older men sat, Puck's arm slung casually over the back of her seat while Rachel's hand rested high on his thigh as they both attacked their food with gusto, like they hadn't eaten in months.

"So Noah." James ventured, "I hear congratulations are in order."

Puck choked on a mouth full of cereal and cast a sidelong glance at Rachel.

Seriously? James was going to give him props for boning his daughter?

"Ah thanks?" he replied unsurely.

Andy seemed to understand exactly Puck was thinking because he blanched. "No, Lord no." he protested, making a face and Puck couldn't help but laugh.

Rachel and James looked between the two of them in confusion and Andy hastened to correct Puck's assumption.

"We ran into your mother at the market this morning and she told us your good news."

Puck's eyes widened. Oh shit. He'd got so caught up last night in…well, Rachel, that he'd forgotten to tell his girlfriend about the letter from Ohio State.

'What good news?" Rachel asked, immediately suspicious as she saw Puck try and covertly signal at her father to zip his mouth.

James, who was oblivious to Puck's rising panic continued. "Noah's acceptance into OSU of course, what else?"

Rachel's spoon dropped with a clatter as she turned to stare at her boyfriend.

"You've started receiving your college offers already?" She demanded immediately.

"Just the one. Ohio State." He confirmed, bracing himself for the squeal.

He wasn't disappointed.

Rachel launched herself into his lap, almost knocking the both of them off his chair as she peppered his face with kisses.

"Noah I'm so proud of you!" She exclaimed happily, squeezing him tight before pulling back to slap his chest in indignation.

"I can't believe you kept this from me. How long have you known?"

"Shit babe, that hurt." He complained rubbing the spot she had hit. "I just found out yesterday and I was going to tell you last night but you-"

Rachel slapped her hand over his mouth. "Do not finish that sentence." She warned, feeling his grin against her palm.

"This is so wonderful. I can't wait to do research and help you decide where you'll go away to college." She enthused, her eyes glazing over as she imagined the poster boards she could chart with pro/con lists for each possible location.

Puck was looking at her like she had lost her mind.

"I don't need to do anymore research, I've already decided to accept the offer. I'm going to Ohio State next year." He told her firmly.

She pouted, he took away all her fun.

"But Noah, your future is at stake here. You can't just throw it away on the first college to offer you a placement. You owe it to yourself to consider all of the options available to you. This decision will set the course of your life for the next four years and you really ought to-"

"I have considered my options." He interrupted, seeing that she was gearing up for a long winded lecture. "I chose to apply to OSU because they have a reciprocal agreement with The City University of New York. If I keep up a B+ average in my classes I can transfer there for my second year."

Rachel was just staring at him, her mouth opening and closing as she interpreted what he was telling her.

"You want to move to New York?" She questioned, surprised.

He toyed with the ends of her hair, weaving the strands through his fingers. "I do if you get into Julliard, which you will."

James and Andy made cooing noises from across the table and Puck shot them a look.

He turned his attention back to the girl in his lap who was looking at him in absolute adoration.

"You've really thought this through haven't you?" Rachel wondered, fiddling with the buttons on his shirt. "You made this decision based on me? On us?"

When he nodded in confirmation she looked away for a split second before refocusing on his face. "Noah, that's ridiculous." She stated flatly, even though he could see the hope blooming in her eyes. "We're in high school and you're going to map the next four years of your life on the supposition that we'll still be together? What if we break up? You'll be starting a whole new chapter, meeting people, broadening your horizons…"

Her father's both started laughing as she trailed off and the two teenagers turned to them, surprised.

"I'm sorry," James apologized, "But sweetheart, think of all the obstacles you've faced and had to overcome since your attack last year. You two have stuck together throughout all of it and come out all the stronger for it. I just don't see that changing anytime soon."

Rachel bit her lip. "I don't either." She admitted. "I suppose it's just a little daunting to realize that you've thought that far ahead and I factor so prominently in your plans."

He brushed his thumb over her cheek. "Babe, my future didn't look so crash hot until you came into the picture. You're the only reason there's a fucking letter with the Ohio State logo sitting on my goddamn desk. I love you crazy girl. I want to be where you are."

She melted at the sincerity in his gaze and glanced quickly at her father's who were pretending they weren't eavesdropping but were actually hanging on his every word.

James took the hint and got to his feet, signalling Andy to follow suit. "Your father and I thought we'd go antiquing today so we'll head off and give you two love birds some privacy to talk or,' he smirked and arched an eyebrow, "whatever it is you kids do these days."

Andy groaned, not wanting to think about what would be going on in their house during their absence. He clapped Puck on his shoulder and kissed the top of Rachel's head.

"We'll be back around 5." He advised, as more of a warning than anything, hoping they'd take the initiative to set an alarm or something, determined to avoid having

to confront that fact that his only daughter was now so obviously having sex.

Puck and Rachel chorused their goodbyes and when her fathers had left the room she responded to her boyfriend's sweet, yet utterly Noah declaration.

"I love you too Noah." She replied quietly pressing her lips against his. "And I want to be where you are as well."

He grinned and arched his eyebrow, hugging her to his chest before standing suddenly and tipping her off his lap.

Rachel stared at him in askance as he started to walk backwards and beckoned her to follow, his trademark smirk in place.

"Right now, where I'm going to be is upstairs, naked. You coming?"

She smiled shyly and followed, lacing her fingers in his as she caught up with him in a few steps.

The nervous fluttering in her stomach was back but this time around Rachel welcomed the feeling, secure in the knowledge that when he touched her body and brought her to the heights of pleasure, she'd be thinking of nothing else but him.

And then they lived (mostly) happily ever after…

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