She felt something slip under her skirt. Violet's scream of surprise was silenced by Stefano's menacing glare, though the despicable, fake jovial smile never left his face.

"So generous of you to take me on this long, arduous journey of yours, despite my inexperience with reptiles! You're such a genius that I feel inferior just looking at you Professor Monty!" Cooed Count Olaf sycophantically. Accompanying these long lies were long stokes of Olaf's long, serrated knife, which was slowly making its way up Violet's calf. She involuntarily shuddered at the cold metal, while trying with all her might to not give the Count the satisfaction of seeing her so weak and so helpless to his advances. The praise was echoed throughout the dinner, and each remark made Violet sicker and sicker to her stomach, until she could no longer take it.

"Perhaps, Uncle Monty," said Violet in what she prayed was a normal-sounding voice, "Klaus, Sunny, and I could go upstairs while you and Stephano finish you meal. We're all so full we could hardly eat another bite," she said patting her stomach and giving her siblings a meaningful look. Before they could agree, however, both Uncle Monty and Stephano exclaimed "Nonsense!"

"Besides," said Uncle Monty, "I have yet to finish ironing out the details of our trip with you children! It wouldn't be fair to leave the all the decisions up to us two, now would it?" he asked Stephano. "No," Stephano muttered, gazing deep into Violet's insolent stare. "It wouldn't, would it?" He turned the knife so that instead of the flat, smooth side, the sharp serrated edge now scraped Violet's soft skin, like so many needles on her supple flesh. "I suppose not." she concluded, looking pointedly at her Uncle, and away from the villain now secretly assaulting her. He had now reached her knee, and had no intentions of stopping there.

This sick and devious hidden attack did not only instill fear in Violet. It inspired a somewhat unfamiliar feeling, a feeling that she felt creep up the back of her neck and feed the butterflies in her stomach. It was the same feeling Violet felt when Klaus had told her about the theatre troupe that performed Macbeth naked, the very same naughty feeling hat she got whever she enjoyed something she knew she shouldn't. That same feeling she felt when Count Olaf with his grimy, spidery fingers, stroked her face, promising to make her his Countess. This feeling that now caused her once pale cheeks into a dark rouge blush. The gentleness of his knife, up and down, made her warm with a scary mix of anger and this revolting feeling, to which she had no resistance. In contrast with her fickle heart, however, Violet's brain begged her to stand and run. Run far, far away from this doomed house, down the Lousy Lane, and hide herself forever from her aggressor who was destined to plague her for the rest of her days. Unfortunately, her stubborn side wouldn't let her. It would keep Violet a prisoner, making her constantly challenge this fiend, and take her rightful place as Baudelaire heiress. Because of this, Violet knew (or thought she knew) she would never give in.

Much later, as their awkward meal came to its long awaited end, Stephano asked, "My dear Monty, would you mind if I asked your lovely girl to come help me pack up my room? I feel so at home here, I can't bear to do it alone." "That's not a good reason to ask a baby to pack your things," Monty said sternly. There was a pause as everyone, including Sunny, allowed the stupidity of this sentence to sink in. "Of course it isn't!" The Count explained. "That's why I would much prefer Violet's help in this exciting endeavor- that is, if she'll allow it." With that, he sliced her mid-thigh, as a warning of what was and what could become.

Violet looked from Klaus' fearful eyes to Sunny's unharmed face, to Uncle Monty's ambiguous expression, and finally back to Olaf's sick attempt at an imploring smile. In the moment before she spoke, she thought of her promise to her parents, her promise to keep her siblings safe, whatever the cost and knew that her answer could only ever be "Yes, I suppose." She said in a dead, defeated voice. "But only after I've put Sunny to bed."

"Excellent! It's all settled, then!" Uncle Monty concluded. He stood, pushed his chair in, gathered the dishes and parted with a loving, "See you in the morning, bambini!" Soon after he left, Olaf stood and surreptitiously slid his knife back into his pocket. As Violet pushed her chair out from under the table, she noticed the small blot of blood where her skin was cut underneath. But she wasn't the only one who noticed. Olaf bent down and hissed into her ear, "Now I'll know where I left off." He grinned evilly and slithered out of the room. Violet was left with her brother and sister, stricken with fear of what had just happened, and was was going to happen later on to-night.

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