A/N: I saw the Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan, and I just wanted to make a story of HitsuHina love. ENJOY!!


Chapter 1

After the Zanpaktous all returned to their owners after the commotion with Muramasa, Toshirou and Momo grew really close. One day, they grew so close to each other, that they were inseparable. Rangiku kept saying that they were made for each other, but the two both thought it as bull.

One day Toshirou shared his story about Kusaka with Momo. She was frightened, but Toshirou let her lean on him for support.

Momo realized her feelings for him three years later, when the two were both nineteen years old. She never had the courage to tell him until two years later, when they were twenty-one, but she could never tell him, for everyone was busy. So Momo had to wait. When they were twenty-six, five years later, Toshirou told Momo first about how he really felt about her. Their first kiss was like "a God-given miracle."

They had to wait for another four years, at age thirty, before Yamamoto-soutaichou allowed them the ultimate gift, marriage. Their wedding was as perfect as anyone could ask for.

They had two children afterwards one year later, twin girls. But three months after the birth of the twins, the two lovers got into a little fight. The next day, Toshirou walked in to see Momo packing. She simply but sadly told him, "Sayonara, Shiro-kun. Take care of our other daughter, will you?" She took a twin and went out the door. Unfortunately, Toshirou didn't even bother to after her. He was too dumbfounded.

When he snapped out of his trance, he walked over to his other daughter who was standing in the doorway, crying, and comforted her. "Shh…it's okay…I'm right here…Yuki…"

Momo, meanwhile, was comforting her daughter. "It's alright, Mommy's right here…Rei…"

~13 Years Later – In Soul Society~

A knock came on the captain's door. "Who is it?"

"May I come in, Father, please?" Yuki's small and petite voice was filled with politeness.

"Yes, you may, Yuki," Toshirou answered. He allowed his daughter to enter his office. He stared at her when she walked in. "Yuki…"

"What is it, Father?" The truth was that Yuki as no longer in her Academy uniform, but in a regular black shihakusho. Around her waist was not the usual white sash, but a long blue ribbon that tied in the back. (You know, like Senna?) She also had her zanpaktou, Mizushiro, strapped to her waist.

"Did I miss you graduation? Did you graduate early?" He asked.

"Hai and…hai, Father." Yuki closed her blue eyes and smiled. "I'm in your squad. Third seat!"

Her father got up from his chair and said, "That's great, kiddo." He ruffled her sky blue, shoulder-length hair. Then he started to tickle her. She giggled happily.

~Meanwhile in Karakura Town~

"Sweetie, wake up!"

Rei rustled around in bed. "Ten more minutes, Mother…"

"It's your first day of eighth grade. You have to get up, Rei!" Momo said, shaking her daughter.

"Alright, I'm up…" Rei got up and put on her new school uniform, which was a white shirt, a red tie, a gray skirt and socks and shoes.

Rei got downstairs, picked up a piece of toast, and kissed her mom goodbye, grabbing her school bag in the process.

"Have a good day at school, sweetie!" Momo waved.

"Bye Mom! See you this afternoon!" Rei said as she ran to school.

Two different lives. Two different parents. Yet, all destined to be together again.


A/N: Sorry this chapter was so short. It was the intro chapter. Chapter two will be longer I promise! First some notes: Rei means Spirit/beauty. Yuki means Ice. Okay?