Author's Note: First multi-chapter FanFic. Forgive any incorrect info when it comes to the technical jargon and medical facts. The prologue is a bit slow, as its purpose is just to set up a back story, but don't worry. The story picks up quickly in the next chapter.

Aram Salir was a man with a grudge. Ever since his weapons exchange with an American dealer went south a few months ago, he carried a vicious hate for the organization that shut him down. He carried that hate for NCIS.

. . .

The exchange happened in a secluded shipyard. It was a simple task. Load the weapons onto their cargo ship and hand over the suitcase of money. A simple deal for a simple objective. Salir and his men had one goal…one mission statement for their little task force. Rid the world of the weak and corrupt. There were various methods of doing so, and they had practiced many of them. From assassinations of corrupt political figures to biological weaponry taking out entire towns, Salir's plans were always executed perfectly. Except this one.

NCIS had caught wind of the deal and came to the site. It was utter chaos as guns were fired and people fled. Salir was crouching behind a large metal canister, motioning for his brother- his only brother, his last remaining family- to come next to him and hide. His brother was almost there when a man with gray hair and icy blue eyes shot him twice on the chest. In shock, Salir watched his brother rattle out his final breaths before he sprinted away.

A clever man, Salir evaded capture easily, and the authorities were left with no leads. Salir laid low, intent on carrying out his objective. But another thing motivated Salir now. Revenge. The gray-haired man would pay for what he did. And NCIS would pay for setting him back on his plans. He had the resources. He would study. He would lurk in the shadows until the time came. And when it did, he would have his revenge.