Dragons of Chivalry

A/N: Well, here it is for those of you who care: My first new story of 2010. This story is a little similar to Toph the blind warrior's story "Renaissance Dragon" in the sense that it takes place around the same time period and that it's a love story. So, I just want to make it clear that I am in no way trying to copy.

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Prologue (Part One): The Story of Thorn

Everyone knows the stories about princesses being locked in towers with big, vicious dragons guarding them; keeping them inside. In reality, those stories were completely untrue, made up in order to entertain young children. In reality, there was only one princess who was locked in a tower, and she was not even a princess. She was actually a murderer, a murderer of dragons. No one knew what her actual name was, but the name she was known by was enough to send shivers of fear down the scaly backs of all dragon. She was known as Thorn.

But did any dragon know her side of the story? In reality, Thorn was a neglected and abused girl, only thirteen years of age and she was all alone, locked in the tower by a man who claimed to have saved her from living in the streets and dying from the plague as an infant after her parents died shortly after her birth. For almost her entire life thus far, the man, known only to Thorn as "Master", kept her locked in the tower, forcing her to kill any dragon that came close to her tower window in order to earn her meals. Her master had told her that the reason he kept her locked up was to make it easier for her to make her kill. Of course, this was a lie in more way than one; for one, her master only wanted Thorn out of his way, and second, it would not make it easier for her to slay dragons. In fact, Thorn had almost starved at the beginning; it had taken four days for a dragon to fly by. And then, it wasn't until about the fifth dragon that Thorn had managed to slay until the other dragons realized that something was going on inside her tower. Then, more dragons had come, and Thorn had slain them all, earning just enough food to stay alive. And of course, her master had taught her everything about dragons, such as how disgusting, unnatural and evil they all were.

If Thorn had any actual ill-feeling toward dragons, no dragon would know, nor would they care. They would not care that in reality, Thorn was not actually her real name. Her real name was Rose, and she was miserable with her life and was lonely. But...she had to do what she had to do in order to survive...


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