Dragons of Chivalry


Thorn was sitting in the dark in the cave that Jacob had created with his fire blast. Thanks to Jake's fire, the cave wasn't as dark as it could have been, but Thorn still wished that it could be lighter. Thorn sighed as she turned her head and looked out of the cave, staring at the water beside her new home. Jacob had promised her that he would come see her, but it had been much longer than she had anticipated, and now, she was beginning to lose hope that he would be coming.

Sighing again, Thorn returned her gaze to the inside of the cave, and she looked down at her legs. Then, just as she thought that she was going to be alone for a long time, her eyes widened and she turned her head to the side, seeing a red dragon landing in the cave. "Jacob!" Thorn smiled unconsciously, and without even knowing what she was doing, she ran up to the dragon and wrapped her arms around him. Jacob staggered back as she hugged him, and as an "uhh..." left his mouth, Thorn's eyes widened, and she realized what she was doing, and she dropped her arms, stepping away from him.

"Sorry..." Thorn told him. "...I thought you wouldn't be coming..."

To Thorn's surprise, Jacob simply smiled as he reverted to his human form. "It's fine..." He told her, and as Thorn looked down, she could see that he was holding the ends of his tunic up; in his tunic, were various pieces of food. "...I told you that I would be coming..."

Thorn's eyes widened as she saw the food, and as Jacob kneeled down and safely placed the food items onto the cave floor, he looked up and smiled at her. Then, Thorn's eyes wide, she lowered herself to Jacob's level, and she slowly reached out and tried to grab some of the food, only to gasp as Jacob grabbed both of her wrists, stooping her.

"Thorn..." He told her. "...Please, just listen to me. I wouldn't eat so quickly if I were you. I don't know how many times a day I'm going to be able to sneak you some. There might even be some days where I won't be able to bring you any at all..."

As she heard these words, Thorn's longing gaze faded, and was instead replaced with a look of anger. "Then why didn't you just take me back to the Lords?" She demanded. "At least in prison, I'd get enough food to survive!"

"I was trying to help..."

"Really?" Thorn continued. "This is a funny way of helping. This is prison, Jacob! I'm just as trapped, and I'm just as alone..."

"No, you're not letting me finish, Rose..." Rose. He had called her, for the first ever time, by her actual name. And as Jacob held on tighter to her wrists, Thorn's angry look slowly faded, being replaced with a wide-eyed look yet again. "...I want to help you..."

"How?" Thorn asked quietly.

"...I want to get you away from this island..." Jacob answered her calmly. "...I want to help you find a good place to live...where you'll be happy..."


A/N: No, it's not really. As you can see, there's room for a sequel. Unfortunately, with "What A Wonderful Alternate World" and "American Dragon: Haley Long" to work on, I'm pretty busy. So, you probably won't be seeing the sequel until after I'm done with "What A Wonderful Alternate World".

In the meantime, would you like to hear the story line of the sequel? Well, since I'm fairly sure you'll want to, hear it is:

As Jacob and Thorn start to plan Thorn's escape, The Dark Dragon sets his eyes on Jacob. Never having heard about The Dark Dragon, will Jacob fall for the evil dragon's trap? With the new enemy, will Thorn be able to escape the island?

So, sound nice and original?