Sweat and Tears
by WSJ

My first Zoids ficcie, so don't kill me if it stinketh. I don't own Zoids, but Rayna and Lizzie are my own creations, and copywrited to me. Although, I sure wish I owned Bit and kawaii little Jamie... ^_^

Warnings: Bit/Leena/Rayna triangle, Jamie/Lizzie pairings, and Brad + whats-her-face. (I'll remember by the time we need her! ^_^;;)


Jamie tossed and turned in bed, once again nightmares of his father's crash from ages ago causing him to loose valuable sleeping time. He sat up and sighed, switching on his light and, having nothing better to do, got dressed so he could go down and work on Bit's Lyger for awhile.

He was trying to design another armor set for it, by Bit's request, that could give it more firepower then its other versions, but still retain most of its manuverability.

After pulling on a pair of old jeans and a slightly torn white t-shirt, the sixteen-year-old grabbed his scetch book and drawing case and headed bare-foot down to the hangers. It felt strange to him to be up at night, when the Sandcrawler had stopped and shut down for the night, and there was no rumble of machinery underfoot.

(A/N: I have no clue what they call that big snail thing that they live in, so from now until I find out I'll refur to it as the Sandcrawler. ^_^;; I am so illiterate when it comes to Zoids...)

It was rather dark in the halls, only minimal lightling up near the ceiling, which cast everything in a greenish glow barely bright enough to keep Jamie from running into the walls. He arrived at the hanger doors and keyed them open.

He stepped inside and shut them behind him so that he was enveloped in pure darkness. They never left the hanger lights on at night, not even on the dimmest setting. It would make it too easy for would-be theives.

Jamie was about to flip on his flashlight when he noticed a glimmer of light in the dark that shouldn't have been there. It looked like it was coming from over near Lyger.

Gently setting his pad and case down by the door he crept closer, dropping into a crouch and using both his hands and feet to keep from stumbling over something. He drew closer, and as he got near the light he saw it was some sort of lantern set on the floor, and someone was sitting on a box next to it.

Jamie peeked out from around Leena's Zoid's leg and smiled, relaxing with a sigh of relief. Sitting on a crate with her scetch pad in her lap, pencil moving deftly over the paper, was his best friend, Lizzie. She was dressed similarly to him, wearing a pair of black stretch pants and an old tanktop, barefoot as well. Her long lavendar hair was tied back into a hurried ponytail and her icy blue eyes narrowed as she came to a difficult point in her scetch.

"You know, if I had been a theif I would be long gone by now, right?" she asked without looking up.

Jamie came out from behind the dino Zoid's leg and pulled up a box to sit beside hers. "How'd you know it was me?" he asked the fifteen-year-old after he'd retrieved his own art supplies and began work on scetching the Lyger's new armor.

"Well, at this time of night Bit and Leena are always sound asleep, the Professer's probably in the lab trying to catch up on work, Brad's on guard duty, yet not in here. It could only be Jamie." she said, looking up and grinning.

"Oh. I see. What are you working on?" he asked, craning his neck to look at her picture. "And how come you're up so late, it's almost one in the morning." Jamie glanced at his watch.

"I always work best at night, besides, I go on watch right after Brad's shift ends in about twenty minutes, so I might as well be awake." In answer to his other question she turned the pad so he could see it. It was a beautiful picture of her beloved Ranos, a black and red Zoid that resembled the dragons of English legend. The Ranos breathed fire and had wicked claws as well as missels for the ground and in the air.

Jamie smiled sheepishly and glanced at his own blocky picture, barely good enough for them to tell it was the Lyger. Lizzie followed his gaze and laughed. "Here, try it this way." She flipped to a clean page in her book and he did likewise. She began to roughly scetch a close-up of the Lyger's head in its Schnyder mode, and Jamie tried to copy her strokes.

What resulted was much laughing and a passable scetch of the Schnyder, before Lizzie stood up and told him she had to get to her duty before Brad murdered her for being late.

She left the lamp for him and picked up her scetch pad and pencils before heading towards her room to deposit them and change into more decent clothes. As she passed him she squeezed his shoulder slightly and he turned to watch her leave the hanger area.

When the electronic door had closed almost silently behind her he still sat staring dreamily at it, and smiled as he recalled her smile, her laugh, all the good times they'd had together. It seemed just like yesterday when they'd met...


Hi peeps, and thank you so much for reading! The next chapter will be a flashback chapter, about how Lizzie and Jamie met and became best friends, and how Lizzie ended up joining the Blitz Team. *grins* I know, you're all probably dying to know about this Rayna girl and why Lizzie didn't mention her when she was going over the occupants of the Sandcrawler. Well, sorry, but I probably won't get to that until at least the third or fourth chapter.

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