Sweat and Tears

by WSJ

Chapter 4: Night on the Town

Summery: The Blitz Team desides to stop at Aikoko City for a little sight-seeing and fun. They go out to eat, where they're challenged to an unexpected battle. Later they split up and Brad stops in to see about some parts, where he runs into Naomi and Leon. Leena goes for a walk and ends up being stalked by Harry and "saved" by Vega. Bit's determined to get Jamie and Lizzie to confess their love for each other before the night ends. Doc goes to a coffee shop to reminice by himself, and has a nice long chat with... Rayna?

Disclaimer: Me? Own Zoids? Nyuh-uh! But I do own Lizzie, Rayna, Takuya and Takuya's mysterious partner whom we won't really meet until the next chapter.


It was about a week after the battle with Rayna when Doc called the Blitz Team into the breifing room. "We're coming up on Aikoko City, anyone want to stop for some sight-seeing?" he asked, a grin plastered across his face.

There was a chorus of excited yesses from S Class's newest team.

"Think of all the shopping!" Leena said, going starry-eyed.

"Think of all the food!" Bit added, his eyes looking rather frighteningly like Leena's.

Jamie and Lizzie looked at each other and grinned. "All the famous S Class Zoid warriors who live there!"

"All the rare parts!" Brad said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

"All the rare Zoid models in the toy stores!" Doc added.

The rest of the team sighed and sweatdropped. It seemed Doc would never change...

Leena stood up, a determined smile lighting her face. "Come on Lizzie. If we're going out to dinner then we have to look our best. I have some eye-shadow that I think would look great on you..." The two women disappeared down the hall discussing makeup, hair and clothes.

Bit, Brad and Jamie also stood up. "I suppose we'll have to wear tuxes?" Bit asked, a bit uneasily.

Jamie chuckled. "Do you even own a tux?" he asked.

"Yes!" Bit protested. "Er... No..." He sweatdropped. "Brad, can I borrow a tux?"

Brad sighed. "Sure. I have one that I out grew last year that should fit you..."

Two hours later the four men were sitting around the lounge, waiting for the girls to finish. "Why does it always take women so darn long to get ready to go out?" Bit asked, fidgeting uncomfortably in the tuxedo Brad had lent him.

"Ahem, we do not." came Leena's slightly indignant voice.

The guys looked up.

Lizzie and Leena stood in the doorway, dressed in their prettiest gowns. Leena's was long and black, with a slit in the side that came almost all the way up to her hip. She wore diamond earrings, black boots and black gloves to complete the outfit.

Lizzie had on a white, short-sleeved blouse and a baby blue miniskirt with tall white boots. Her hair was done in a long braid and she'd set aside her silver-framed glasses in favor of contacts.

Jamie leaned over toward Bit. "Hey Bit, quit drooling."

Bit blinked, a light blush appearing on his cheeks. "Huh? Was not!"

"Oh yes you were." Brad said.

Doc stood up. "Well gang, shall we go?"

Blitz Team nodded and out the door they went.


"Wow!" Leena said, craning her head back to look at the huge ornate building they were standing in front of. "We're eating here?!? It's so beautiful!"

"Now I know why you told us to dress formally." Bit added.

Jamie looked a little nervous. "Um, Doc? Are you sure our bank account can cover this? It looks like a really expensive resturant."

As usual, none of the rest of Blitz Team paid any attention and Jamie sighed, dropping his head in defeat. He felt an arm slip around his shoulders and looked up to see the slightly taller Lizzie, who grinned at him.

"Don't worry about it Jamie. We've been winning battles like crazy! I'm sure it'll be all right." Her smile turned slightly malicious. "And if it isn't, we'll just see how Blitz Team likes not eating for a week or two." She winked. "I have my own seperate account, so you and I will be able to live in splendor."

Jamie rolled his eyes but smiled at her as they followed the rest of the team inside. "Lizzie, why do I put up with you? You're pure evil."

She wrinkled her nose at him. "I know!"

Ahead of them Bit turned to see if they were coming and his jaw dropped at seeing Lizzie's arm around Jamie's shoulder. His face-fault quickly turned to a snicker however, and he began to plot how he was going to get them together.

Across the crowded room two women about twenty years old sat at a table sipping wine glasses. Their faces were in the shadow, but one was a blond and the other had brownish/black hair. The blond leaned forward slightly and spoke in a low voice to her companion so no one else would hear. "Hey, look who's coming in the door."

The brunette took another sip from her glass as she glanced at the door. A smirk pulled at her lips and she set the glass down, laying her chin in her hands. "Well well, if it isn't the Blitz Team. I'd heard they'd gotten into Class S."

"Are you gonna go talk to them?" the blond asked.

Her partner gave her a sharp look. "Takuya! They'd don't even know I exist!"

Takuya grinned. "One does."

The brunette sighed and picked up her glass again. "Ok, fine, you're right. One does. But I haven't so much as sent him a postcard in the last six years, so he doesn't even know I pilot Zoids, let alone that I'm in S Class."

"Well wouldn't this be a good time to get re-aquainted?" Takuya pointed out.

"I suppose, but he wouldn't take that sort of thing very well. 'Hey! Look! I'm back!' No, he'd probably faint, knowing him."

"Mm." Takuya agreed, taking a drink of the wine in front of her. "How's this, I'll go over and challenge them to a battle. Say, day after tomorrow. We'll battle 'em, and then you'll get to see your little brother again."

"All right." said the brunette, perking up a bit. "Let's just hope he doesn't end up freezing out of shock, cuz then it'd be too easy of a battle."

Takuya rolled her eyes. "If you say so. Meet you by the car." Picking up her purse, she walked over to where the famous Blitz Team had just been seated. The six were pouring over their menus, so it was a moment before Doc looked up and noticed the woman in the long red dress standing near them.

"May I help you?" he asked.

She smiled. "Actually, yes. You're the Blitz Team, aren't you?"

"Yeah, we are." Bit said, also looking up from his menu.

"I'm Takuya Russel and I was wondering if my partner and I could challenge you to a battle." she said, smiling.

"Any restrictions?" Doc asked, eyeing her.

Takuya held up a finger. "Only one. It's a two-on-two battle, and it needs to be one air Zoid and one ground Zoid, because that's what my partner and I use."

Jamie choked. "Doc! That means either Lizzie or I will have to fight!"

Takuya frowned slightly. "You don't want to?"

"No, no, we're ok. We accept." Doc said hurridly, giving Jamie a 'we'll-talk-about-this-later' look. "When?"

"Day after tomorrow, Gobba Desert at noon." Takuya said promptly, tossing Doc a business card. She gave one last smile to the group before turning and walking away.

"So, are we on?" her partner asked as Takuya climbed into the old VW Beatle they drove.

She nodded. "Yeah, slight problem though. It seems they've aquired a second air Zoid and pilot somewhere."

The brunette shrugged. "Tha's ok. We'll get the Wild Eagle out there somehow."

Back inside the Blitz Team was crowded around Doc, eager to get a look at the business card. All it said was "R&H Zoids: The Undefeatable Ryuneko Team"

"Undefeatable?" Bit asked, scowling. "Undefeatable until they met us anyway."

Brad looked thoughtful. "I seem to remember hearing about them. They really are undefeated Bit. If I remember right they've been together for about six years, and they have a StormSworter and Zabat for one of the pilots, who specializes in air combat, and a LightningSykes for the other, who sepecializes in ground combat. The name Takuya rings a bell, but I can't remember her partner's name."

"A 'Sykes?" Leena balked. "Drats. My GunSniper's no match for one of those things one-on-one. I can't battle it."

Doc looked back and forth from Brad to Bit. "Ok you two, who wants to be our warrior on the ground?"

"I hate to admit it," Brad said grudgingly "But Jager probably has a better chance against a LighningSykes then ShadowFox does."

Bit grinned and slapped Brad on the back, a little too forcibly. "Thanks Brad! It'll be easy, like fighting Sisquo again!"

"I don't know Bit," Jamie said. "You've got to remember that it isn't Jack Sisquo you're fighting. It's and experienced S Class warrior who's been fighting and winning for six years."

"And you've not even been battling for two." Lizzie added.

"Hey," Bit said, a bit miffed. "So which of you if going to be my partner, huh? You," he pointed at Jamie "Have been in maybe ten battles your whole life, and you" he pointed at Lizzie "Have been battling for only one year!"

"Now Bit, that's not fair." said Leena. "Both of them are great warriors, and you know it!"

"Yeah yeah..." Bit said gulitly. "Sorry guys."

"It's ok." Jamie said.

"Besides, we're used to it." Lizzie added under her breath so only Jamie could hear.

Their food arrived and they dug in, Doc, Bit and Leena discussing their battle, Brad thinking about God-knows-what and Lizzie and Jamie trying to deside which of them would fly air support for Bit.

"You have a lot more experience then me Jamie, you should battle." Lizzie said at last as dessert plates were cleared away from in front of them.

"All right," Jamie said hesitantly. "Let's just hope that I won't have to go Wild Eagle."

"So what do we do now?" Leena asked as they stood up to go. "I'd just like to walk around. It's beginning to get dark, and I've heard that the park's phosphorus rose gardens are beautiful at night."

"I kinda wanted to go check out some parts stores that Naomi told me about." Brad said.

"Lizzie and I were going to go down Boro Ave. where a lot of S Class warriors live during the off-season." Jamie spoke up.

"So we're going to split?" asked Doc. His warriors nodded and he shrugged. "Fine with me. Let's meet back here at midnight so we can go back home."


"It's so beautiful." Lizzie said, admiring the city lights and huge neon signs they passed on their was to Boro Ave.

"It is." Jamie agreed. "It reminds me of this city called 'Las Vegas' my dad told me about once. All glittering lights and alive twenty-four-seven with people."

It was true. Even though it was almost ten-thirty at night you'd have never guessed it. People were out and about and going about their business as if it was only noon, which is one of the reasons Doc let them wander around.

"Hey, look there." Jamie said, grinning. "That's the home of Jake Dandre, the most famous Raynos pilot there is."

"I thought you hated the Raynos." Lizzie said. "Doc traded the Pterras for it without even asking, didn't he?"

"Yeah," Jamie said. "But it isn't a bad Zoid, just one that's a little too hard to control. And it goes too fast for my tastes sometimes."

Lizzie looked at him with a bit of worry in her eyes. "The StormSworter and Zabat are both really fast Zoids. No matter which one Takuya or her partner use you'll have to go the Raynos's max speed, and probably break the sound barrier in the process. Are you sure you don't want me to fly instead?"

Jamie shook his head. "Nah, I'll be fine. I'll use the Eagle if I have to." he shrugged. "No big deal."

Lizzie pulled away from him a bit and gave him a critical once-over. "Why Jamie Hermeros, I do believe you're growing up."

Jamie gave her a Look. "Cut that out!"

"Awww... You're no fun..." Lizzie said, pretending to pout. Then she began to shiver.

"Cold?" Jamie asked.

Mutely Lizzie nodded and Jamie quickly stripped off his tuxedo jacket, putting it around her shoulders. He then pulled her closer to him and put an arm around her shoulders, much like she had earlier, so they were walking with their bodies pressed close. "Better?" She nodded.

A hundred yards behind them Bit chuckled. "I may not have to interfere after all!"


Ok, this is getting too long. I'll split it up into two parts.

Night on the Town Part 2: Leena admires the phosphorous roses and is glomped by Harry, much to her distaste. Thankfully, Vega's there to save her. Brad wanders around the Zoid parts shopping district, and has the strangest feeling that someone's following him. Doc goes to a coffee shop to reminice about when he and Maria (Leena and Leon's mom) used to come here.

See you then! Ja!

God Bless!