Her eyes pounded behind her skull, seeming to drill holes into her brain little by little. The light bloomed behind her eyelids, making her wince and roll over into a warm cushion. The pillow sighed and started stroking her back, she thought through this, slightly slow on her reaction time due to the fabulous ache forming.

The pillow was breathing, and warm….and muscular.

Her brain, slowed by a hangover, pieced together the puzzle. She opened her eyes, her vision was fuzzy, and she had to blink a few times before Vaako's face swam into focus. She huffed about to say something when realized how dry her mouth was, it was as if she had swallowed cotton. She tried to prop herself up to realized that she was only wearing one of Vaako's t-shirts and her underwear from last night…sans bra.

She had a jolt of anger for a minute, before realizing he was only looking after her. It still made her angry, however. She stretched once her feet hit the floor. She took inventory of each bruise and ache.

What she could remember of last night swam into her mind; along with the remembrance of all the personal information shared between the pair, the tweaker with the gun, and her flirting with Vaako. Her face heated up and her fists tensed. Here she was being was angry with him for being dishonorable, when she had practically thrown herself at him the night prior.

She shook her head, as if to shake the thoughts away, another headache was forming behind her eyes and that meant no heavy thinking. She pinched the bridge of her nose and walked out of the room, finding the smell of Vaako's cologne and her perfume to be too potent for her headache. She headed for the shower, passing her room, and noticing that Riddick wasn't there. She sighed again and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind her...

What does it matter? If he wants in, he can just pick the lock…

She shedded the shirt and wriggled out of her underwear, turned on the water so it could heat up, and then brushed her teeth several times. The taste of morning and old vodka was still in her mouth underneath the spearmint despite her efforts. She stepped away from the mirror, used the bathroom, and got in the shower.

The steaming water did wonders for her hangover; it seemed that even centuries into the future no one had come up with a cure for these kinds of things. As she opened her eyes again, someone knocked on the door,

"Can I come in?"

"As long as you don't have any intention of peeping in my shower!" she said rather loudly over the running water. Her suspicions from earlier were confirmed as he picked the lock in under thirty seconds.

"Damn" she mumbled and continued lathering her hair.

"What was that?" he mumbled, she could vaguely see him through the frosted glass and steam. He repeated her movements from earlier as he rubbed his temples in an effort to relieve his own headache. She almost chuckled, but out of self-preservation, she didn't. She just continued lathering, she heard him brush his teeth, pop a couple pills, and then relieve himself.

"I'll see you in the kitchen" he threw over his shoulder as he closed the door, she showered even more quickly, for she was scared to what would happen if she left him unsupervised in the kitchen….with a stove…

As she was drying off, she heard the sizzle of something in the pan, and it smelled edible.

Maybe all hope isn't lost after all…

As she entered the kitchen, she took noticed of how he was still in his boxers, and damn…. She had to shake her head and look at what he was cooking instead of him. His eggs looked edible, and the bacon was salvageable, as well as the oatmeal he had in another pot.

He turned and examined her; she was wearing a pair of exercise shorts and a black tank top. She had her tumbling auburn locks pulled into a loose and non-constricting ponytail. She had a light shadowing of powder on to cover her heavy sleep marks, and a bit of eyeliner. Without makeup she was breath taking, he wished she wouldn't even bother, but he was glad she opted for powder that day. Looking at the sleep bruises he felt a pang of guilt, it was his fault that she had gotten drunk last night, he instigated it.

Sarina walked up behind him, took his hands away from the breakfast and gave him a soft-spoken order to set the table. He complied as she took the bacon out of the pan and onto a plate covered with paper towels. As she stirred some cinnamon and butter into the paste that the oatmeal was quickly becoming, he tried to keep his thoughts on how he was going to tell her Riddick wasn't home yet.

"I can hear the gears turning, what's up?" he shook his head and stared at her in shock, she was draining the grease from the bacon off into the ship's waste system.

"Riddick's not home yet…" he trailed off after he mumbled it, but he was sure she heard it, the kitchen was silent, sans the noise of her clicking off burners and transferring the food to the kitchen table. She sat down and took a deep draw of her orange juice; she stared down into the glass. Why couldn't she have put some vodka in it? She shook her head, killing the appealing thought, and wiped her hand down her face.

"It's fine, he's an animal that cannot be controlled, he will come home when he is done sulking and has wandered around enough" she took a bite of her eggs to find them pleasantly edible, the bacon was a bit crispier than normal, but the oatmeal didn't taste like glue. She was satisfied with the meal overall,

"You need to practice your cooking." She said softly, she found if she talked to loudly, the mild headache turned into an irritable ache. As soon as the words left her lips, she heard the hull door slide open, she didn't bother looking up as guilt pooled in her stomach. She felt the thump of a stack of cash being dropped by her plate, and a slight growl. She looked up at him, he had scratches and gashes all over his arms and he walked with a slight limping gait.

She wrapped her fingers loosely, yet strongly, around his wrist. She abandoned her breakfast to examine his injuries more closely, he growled and tried to shove her off, to which she snarled and looked him in the eyes. His growl turned from angry to slightly aroused at the expression on her face.

"Vaako, will you please bring me the medical aide kit from the medic bay?" Vaako nodded solemnly and pushed back out of his chair, Riddick bent his head a little and sniffed deeply,

"You reek of him" his sneer turned feral, she didn't try to make an excuse, but instead pushed him into a chair, and examined his injuries.

"You smell of another woman" she ground out, "Let's not start the blame game" he opened his mouth, but she stopped the comment with a particularly feral glare, and so his jaws snapped together audibly. She waited a moment, trying to get him to show her his leg injury. The silence was tense when Vaako walked back in, sending a glare to Riddick before setting about clearing the table. His appetite was suddenly gone; he wrapped Sarina's plate in a paper towel before setting it in the fridge, and turned to watch the scene.

She cleaned his scratches with a type of determination; she also took pleasure in every barely audible hiss. His mouth was crumpled into a grimace.

"Sit still" she murmured, and continued down his left bicep,

"What happened to you?" she continued tersely

"Just a job."

"With what, a band of cat people?" she rolled her eyes and her tone was snappish.

"If you must know, it was half-weres" she gasped and looked him in the eye, then slapped him gently on the cheek,

"Stupid ass, don't you think?" as she said this, she dipped another patch of gauze into a bowl of cleaning alcohol that rested on the table.

"Not really" Vaako answered for him, when Riddick turned to growl at him and start an argument, she slapped him on the back of the head, to which he wrenched out of her grasp. She growled and straddled him to keep him in the chair, growling defensively, as she fixed some more of the gashes on his arm.

"Now let me see your leg wound" he didn't argue, but she could feel his erection pressing into her thigh at her open display of her Furyan blood. She rolled her eyes and grimaced.

As she rolled his pants leg up, she caught a number branded into his calf, that was why he was limping. Vaako saw it and his eyes got round,

"You mother-fucking jack ass! You could get us all killed!" Vaako screamed as his face turned red, Sarina turned to him, an angry question alighting on her face.

"He went to a fight club last night, that's where the money is from, the number that his branded on his calf is a mark from the Emerald Underground Fighting Arena! I am surprised no one noticed him!" Riddick shot Vaako a look of anger, and stood as Sarina looked shocked,

"You could have brought mercs back here!"

"Don't lecture me on what I can and can't do!" he lunged at Vaako, to which Vaako countered with his own lunge. Vaako caught him and they were soon rolling around on the floor while Sarina kneeled stock-still, this shit was unacceptable. How could Riddick have been so stupid?

"What the fuck do both of you think you are doing?" they stopped at her words, and stared at each other, then at her…they were in a dodgy position; Riddick was currently straddling Vaako, who was snarling at Riddick ruthlessly. Riddick had shifted one of his hands to hold Vaako's wrists, while Vaako's legs wound around Riddick's torso, making the Furyan keep his distance.

"This is not a time to be fighting, we could be caught by now, not to mention that you killed almost all of the Necromanger royalty and court, and you!" she added, snarling at Vaako,

"You somehow survived the whole ordeal, along with the Head Purifier, and all you two can think about is ripping each other to shreds. Riddick, I know you don't like Vaako, but I don't give and shit! You were very fucking stupid last night." At the sight of Vakao's vindictive smirk, she closed in on him too,

"Don't you even smirk! You were fucking stupid yourself, you drug me off and we got drunk! Those are perfect examples of ways not to deal with your problems, get smashed and beat the shit out of people!" she gave a lurch and grabbed Riddick's arms, hauling him off Vaako with a strength she didn't know she possessed,

"Now apologize, to me and to each other! And mean it!" Vaako grimaced, and Riddick's expression settled on a frown. They shuffled their feet angrily and settled on apologies,

"Sorry" Vaako was the first to grind out one, and Sarina gave him a kiss on the cheek for his maturity,

"Sorry" Riddick growled his out and looked at Sarina, both men said 'sorry' to her at the same time, causing her to give a grim chuckle. She kissed Riddick on the cheek too and Vaako, sighed,

"Your food is in the fridge" she nodded and turned to wash dishes, Riddick went to take a shower, while Vaako set courses for a new planet.

"Where are we going?" she asked softly, and a short time later, placing a hand on his shoulder before settling into the co-pilot's chair next to him, still in rumpled cotton jogging shorts and a tank top, with a cup of coffee in her hands.

"You could do better" he grumbled, she heard him and smiled in a reminiscing manner,

"I hated him at first you know… my nightmares have gotten better since I have teamed up with him…you just haven't seen the side of him I know. He is feeling threatened with you in his presence, he hasn't completely adjusted to having another Alpha Male around his mate" she smiled softly, and took a sip of her cooling coffee.

"It doesn't mean I should cut him any slack," he said grudgingly as his fingers hit the keys, she smiled again,

"I knew you'd say that" he turned to look at her, she seemed so young and fragile sitting in the chair, curled up with her arms around her knees and the coffee cup in her hand,

"That stunts your growth you know" he said this in a begrudging manner and she chuckled softly, taking another sip and basking in this moment. She was sure that this would be a rocky friendship… but she would give it a try.