Title: Reason to Live

Author: Blacktides

Crossover: Harry Potter/ Southern Vampire Mysteries

Summary: After receiving a letter from family believed to be dead, Petunia hatches a plan to give Harry a better life. What place is better than a home with protective cousins and Vampires running about. Harry and Draco are about to find the love they deserve.

Pairs: Godric/Harry, Eric/Draco, Bill/Sookie

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood

Warning: This is Slash (Male/Male) Mpreg (Male Pregnancy) This story does not follow the original plots only HP books 1-4 and some of 5.

CH.1: The Letter

"Harry! Get Down Here!" screeched a horse-faced woman with dirty blonde hair. Said woman was panicking. She had just received a letter saying her mother had just died. She thought her mother and older sister had died a long time ago. Her father took her and Lily to England after telling them that the other two had died in a car wreck. If Vernon found out he would be enraged that they had to take in Harry, her petite nephew, to live with them. He would surely beat the boy. She loved her little nephew, but she couldn't let her husband know that. Her son knew and he finally stopped following what his father told him when he witnessed him whipping Harry with a riding crop, and never once crying out. After that Dudley became rather protective of his younger and smaller cousin. Said boy was just climbing down the stairs.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia, what's wrong?" came the soft yet worried reply. Harry was a beautiful boy, most often people would mistake him for a girl. Standing at 5'2'' with porcelain colored skin, full pouty pink lips, large emerald green eyes, hip length jet black hair that had a blood red tint to it in the light. Quite small for a boy about to turn sixteen. It was hard to believe this frail being defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort only a month ago at the Department of Mysteries where he lost his godfathers Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and his mentor Mad-eye Moody. No one knew about him being secretly taught by the eccentric ex-auror. For some reason he felt he couldn't trust his friends and decided to keep it from them.

"I just found out that my mother has been alive this whole time, but that she died two weeks ago. She left behind two grandchildren that are in their twenties, but it doesn't mention anything about my other sister. I would like for us to go meet them, but when Vernon finds out, well you know how he'll react. So I am going to have Dudley drop you off at the Leaky Caldron today. Since today is the thirtieth, you will be turning sixteen tomorrow, so then we, Dudley and I, will pick you up at six in the morning on August first. I want you to see if you can become emancipated, and see if the goblins can forge you some documentation in the muggle world. So go upstairs and pack all of your things. It wouldn't be a good idea to leave anything behind with Vernon."

"Okay, Aunt Petunia. Umm… do you think it would be okay if Draco came with us." That was another thing no one knew of. He and Draco had been friends since they stated school, they just had to keep it a secret. It turned out that Draco wasn't as spoiled as everyone thought. His mother had nothing to do with him when he was little and he had been practically raised by the house elves. His father though was worse, he would work Draco hard, and if he made a mistake he was punished with hexes and curses. Draco had become like a brother to him and they would always comfort each other when they could, they had even done a blood brothers ritual. Draco had ended up becoming a parseltongue. After he got a nod from his aunt he continued on his way upstairs. His mind was still buzzing with the news of having other living relatives. 'Will they like me, or will they think I am a freak.' He proceeded to pack all of his belongings in the seven compartment trunk that was gifted to him by Moody. Each layer was meant for certain things and were bottomless. The first layer was a wardrobe, then his belongings, next came a fully stocked library, then a fully stocked potions lab, but his favorite was the weapons compartment. It had swords, daggers, staffs, spears, bows, armor, and several types of muggle guns. The last two layers were empty in case he needed them for something else. Once everything was packed he pushed the shrink button on the side. Pocketing his trunk as he walked downstairs to see Dudley already waiting for him at the door. Dudley was not the same boy that he had been. He could honestly say that his cousin was now attractive. Dudley had decided to take his diet seriously and began working out. He now stood at 5'11'' with blonde hair, blue eyes, and large muscles. He was even kinder to people and dropped his old friends for the more athletic kids at Smeltings.

"Are you ready Harry. I'm on my lunch break, so we'll have to hurry.'' That was another shocker. As soon as Dudley turned sixteen he got a job at an auto-shop working on engines. He even made it his goal to teach Harry all about cars and motorcycles.

"Yeah, I'm ready," he said softly. As they were walking out the door, Petunia pulled Harry into a hug, wished him a happy birthday, and put a package into his hands. It didn't take long for them to arrive at the Leaky Caldron. Dudley got out of the car to do the same as his mother, present and all.

"Happy birthday, stay safe, and we'll see you in two days."

"I will, thanks Dud,'' Harry exclaimed as he walked inside. Dudley stared after his cousin before pulling off. He knew for being so small and shy that Harry was very strong, but still had low self-esteem. His cousin had many admirers, he was constantly trying to keep the bigger perverts away from him. He could only hope that his cousin would come out of his shell during their trip to the States.