Chapter 15- The Result of Suspense

"Make some noise for your Top 12!" Chris Roberts announced excitedly.

His exclamation was followed by thunderous applause as the contestants stepped onto the Kodak Theater stage. Christine and Meg were among the twelve. They were standing side by side.

Christine was beyond nervous. This was big. This was huge. Four contestants would be eliminated tonight and she could very well be one of them. After coming so far, she truly didn't want to be let go. The competition had come to mean so much to her over the past few months. Quite frankly, she wanted to win, although she knew Meg probably would. Christine wouldn't be angry. She wouldn't be sad or disappointed. Meg was her best friend, after all. She would be ecstatic for her.

"As you know," Chris began, now addressing the competitors, "Four of you will be leaving us tonight." He turned to address the audience and television cameras again. "There were more votes placed this week than ever before. So... Who's going to be in your Top 8?"

Loud yells of contestants' names could be heard from the audience. Christine could have sworn she heard some people yelling her name. It was probably just wishful thinking, though.

Erik could hear it. People were yelling Christine's name. He was sitting in the living room of his and Nadir's hotel suite avidly watching the television screen.

She just had to make it through. He would be thoroughly disappointed in the world if she did not. It wouldn't be the first time he'd been disappointed in people, though...

Chris, with all of his obnoxious confidence, began speaking again. "But first, we have a special performer here tonight. None other than your season 7 winner is here to sing his latest hit! Please welcome Roy Atlas to the stage!"

More applause could be heard. Erik rolled his eyes. He decided this would serve as a sort of intermission and grabbed a glass of red wine while waiting for the important part to resume.

The contestants took a seat while Roy Atlas walked onstage with his guitar. Christine could see that Meg was in a sort of trance as she watched her favorite singer perform.

Christine laughed a little, which actually helped to calm her nerves...somewhat.

The song was over all too soon. Within minutes, Christine and the others were standing on the right-hand side of the stage.

"They look nervous, don't they folks?" Chris asked with intensity. "Well, let's ease one person's mind. The first competitor who has made it into the Top 8 is..."

The television cameras were undoubtedly scanning each person's face while Chris allowed the anticipation to grow.

"Meg Gene!"

The audience cheered wildly while the judges and competitors clapped politely. Meg covered her mouth with her hand in brief surprise before grinning and jumping a little. She caught Christine's eye and Christine gave her a thumb's up before Meg followed Chris' gesture to move to the left-hand side of the stage.

Seven more spots, Christine thought, her nerves mounting.

Seven more spots, Erik thought, his eyes intensely glued to the screen. Each time the camera showed Christine's precious -but nervous- face, his eyes couldn't help but soften. His darling girl was probably nearly to the point of fainting. Oh, how he wished to ease her tension...

But then, he was just about as tense as she was.

Christine counted silently to herself. 6 spots left.. 5.. 4.. 3... 2... And finally, 1.. There's just one spot left! Oh no, I'm really going home, aren't I?

"And the final person who has made it into our Top 8 is..." Chris was definitely doing a superb job of continuing to build the suspense.

Christine felt like she was about to choke and die. She just knew it wouldn't be her name he called. And what was even more mortifying was the fact that tears were already building in her eyes. This was the end. It's been fun-..

But suddenly- "Christine Daae!"

There was a pause. She knew she hadn't heard right... Christine had built herself up for failure. She had lost all hope. So it had to have been another name he called because it being hers just wasn't possible. Her heart stopped beating.

Chris approached her frozen form with an arched eyebrow while laughing. "Christine?"

And that's when it happened, the most mortifying thing yet- Christine's body fell to the stage floor.

Erik could only stare at the screen, his eyes filled with shock and horror.

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