Truths to Big to be Told -- 2010

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, but most of the witty banter is. No copyright infringement intended, but they say that possession is 9/10s of the law.

RECAP: This story picks up a few weeks (18 days to be exact) after we left off in Some Truths Hurt. What you need to know is a lot but I'll try to recap the important parts. Season 1 with a lot of changes, LoVe got together in February, (then apart then together, then apart, then together again, whew). Keith and Alicia are dating, Mac and Enbom are dating. Dick is a somewhat changed man. Leanne came back to town and Veronica found out that she has a baby sister. The father of the baby is undetermined. Jake left Celeste. Aaron was arrested for trying to kill Veronica and Keith after the tapes of him sleeping with Lilly were found. Veronica has doubts that Aaron is the real killer due to Lilly's many other affairs. A few days before graduation the guys get into a car accident and Chester French (09er pal of Logan's) dies. Felix (PCHer) is also injured and is in a coma. The bad blood between the haves and have nots is boiling. No one knows who was driving the car that night.

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Chapter 1: Summer love

(Tuesday, June 28)

Scene opens on Veronica sitting behind her desk at Mars Investigations staring at an open tabloid. She looks shocked then angry and stands up to leave, her movements jerky. She slams the door of the office shut behind her with enough force to rattle the glass. The camera pans to the tabloid as we hear her stomp down the stairs. It shows Logan, an apparently passed out Logan, being put in the back of a large black SUV. The headline screams: "Hollywood heir cleared in Fatal Crash!"

The article spelled it out pretty clearly. "Logan Echolls, who had been the focus of investigators in a car crash that took the life of one of his friends, was not driving the vehicle at the time of the crash. New photos prove that he was in the back of the vehicle and was not the driver. The child of Hollywood royalty turned accused murder Aaron Echolls and starlet Lynn Echolls, Logan Echolls and the other passengers of the vehicle have maintained a wall of silence around the night's events."

Cut to Veronica using her key card to let herself into the Penthouse at the Neptune Grand. She drops her bag on the floor, her anger still clear on her face.

Veronica: (sharp tone) Honey, I'm home.

Logan comes out of his room, a wary look on his face. He sees her tight expression and knows he's in trouble. He tries to lighten the mood, but his joke falls flat.

Logan: Is that you Lucy?

Veronica: No, I think I'm going to play the role of Ricky. It's you who've got some explaining to do.

Logan: (looking down) You're mad?

He had obviously seen or heard about the tabloid.

Veronica: I'm sorry, was that a question? Am I mad? Hmm. Let's see. My boyfriend has been the subject of a police investigation, not to mention the focus of our fair town's newest foray into class warfare. That might make me mad. (voice rising) But I think it's really the fact that you weren't driving, and you never even told me that that really pushed me over the edge!

Logan looks contrite, but doesn't try to make excuses.

Veronica: (angry) Why wouldn't you tell me that you weren't driving? Damn it Logan, you could have at least told me that.

Logan: (quietly) I thought you knew.

She pauses to think about it.

Veronica: Because of your promise.

Logan: Yeah.

He looks surprised that she had doubted him. And a little hurt.

Veronica: (still angry) You could have just told me.

Logan: Wait, I'm trying to decide if I should be angry that you doubted that I kept my word or happy that you stayed with me despite the fact that you doubted me.

She sets her jaw, not backing down.

Veronica: What can I say Logan, when I'm left with no information, I kinda assume the worst.

Logan: He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life; but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction.

Veronica: (her mouth falls open) Are you quoting the Bible at me now?

She glares at him, then counters with a quote of her own.

Veronica: Silence is argument carried out by other means. Che Guevara.

Logan: (weary) I'm not fighting with you Veronica. I'm protecting you as much as the guys. If you don't know anything you don't have to decide.

Veronica: Decide what?

Logan: Who's wrong? Who's right? Who should be punished, and what that punishment should be.

Veronica looks conflicted.

Veronica Voiceover: He's right. A large part of me didn't want to know.

Veronica: (calmer, but still huffy) Well it's out now, so you may as well tell me.


Night of Rams Birthday party.

Rams and Dick carry a nosily snoring Logan from the beach up to the parking lot.

Dick: Dude, Logan weighs a ton.

He tries to get a better hold on Logan's feet. Rams doesn't appear to have any difficulty carrying Logan's dead weight across the sand.

Rams: I can't believe he passed out. How much did he drink?

Dick: He's not passed out, he's sleeping.

Rams looks like he doubts that statement.

Dick: (grins) Ronnie kept him up the last few nights.

Rams: (grins salaciously) Nice.

They make it to the mostly empty parking lot, then dump Logan in the back of the large Suburban and close the doors on him. Unseen by any of them is the paparazzo that had been watching them all night. He snaps a few pictures as the guys carry Logan to the car and lock him in the back cargo space.

The loud noise of the doors shutting wakes Logan up and he looks at them through the tinted windows.

Logan: (sleepy/annoyed) What the fuck?

He tries to open the doors from the inside but they are locked.

Dick: You snooze you lose my man.

Logan: Let me out.

Rams: (grins) OK. But first you gotta tell me what you and Veronica did last night that made you soooo tired tonight.

Logan: (frowns) Fuck you.

Dick: Uh, no, I think it's more of a fuck Ronnie situation. Unless your gift to Rams was a tasty threesome.

Logan flips them both off and slumps down to the floor of his small temporary prison. Rams puts Dick in a headlock and they begin fake fighting/wrestling.

A few minutes later all the guys are laughing as they clumsily load the surfboards on the roof then Chester, Rams, Dick, Enbom, and Harry Didden all pile into the Suburban and drive away.

--End Flashback

Back to present day. Veronica notes that Logan still leaves out the who of who was driving.

Veronica: If that picture hadn't surfaced, you never would have said a word, would you?

Logan shakes his head. Veronica looks both tender and still annoyed and worried.


Veronica Voiceover: The fight between the 09ers and the townies has only gotten worse in the last few weeks. If anyone thought this was going to blow over, they thought wrong.

-- Flashback Montage

The guys—Logan, Dick, Rams, Harry, and Enbom, are all taken in for questioning by Lamb. Each has their own lawyer and with the exception of Logan a parent with them.

Each guy leaves with a more and more and more frustrated Lamb no better informed about whom to charge with DUI and reckless driving. They needed the driver and the circumstances of the crash in order to determine if vehicular manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon charges could be filed for Chester's death and Felix's injuries.

Exiting the station there are several angry people from the poorer part of town and even more media.

Veronica Voiceover: The media were in town covering Aaron, especially after the DA announced that the conviction against Able Koontz was being vacated and as soon as that was done, Aaron would be charged with Lilly's murder.

-- Flashback Montage

The media focus on Logan, Lynn, Veronica, and the Kanes, hounding them with questions and requests for interviews.

Veronica Voiceover: It didn't take them long to get pictures of me with Shiloh. The few days after that was fun, I became America's most famous teen mother. I think even Britney Spears was offering me supposed parenting advice. Thankfully the media corrected themselves on that one pretty quickly.

-- Flashback Montage

Veronica is at the beach with Shiloh and Meg, playing in the sand and splashing in the water safely inside Veronica's arms. Meg runs up to Veronica and points to the boardwalk wall. Several photographers are visible and have their cameras trained on Veronica and the baby.

Flash to Logan, Keith, Alicia and Veronica talking about how to address the problem. Several tabloids are on the table in front of them and the TV in the background had Veronica's name at the bottom of the screen as Nancy Grace talks about the Lilly Kane case. She asks her so called experts if Veronica's status as a teen mother will hurt her credibility with the jury.

Veronica rolls her eyes.

Veronica: That's a stupid question. Why is this even on? She scares me.

Alicia turns the TV off.

Alicia: I think we should release a statement saying that Veronica is not Shiloh's mother.

Veronica: But that brings up the immediate question of who is, which leads to the next question…

Keith: Well at least we know now that I'm definitely your daddy.

Veronica smiles softly at her father.

Veronica Voiceover: Dad got out of the hospital a week after graduation and moved in with Alicia. He has daily doctors' appointments and physical therapy, but he's doing great. A judge granted him custody of Shiloh until a paternity test was done to prove whether Jake or dad is her dad. She's been living with us ever since.

-- Flashback Montage

Keith leaving the hospital, giving a press conference. Lamb looks on sourly.

Jake unhappily delivers the news that the latest paternity test proved what Veronica already knew in her heart, Keith Mars was her father. Leanne doesn't dare to meet any of their eyes.

Keith and Alicia sit the kids down to explain that Keith, Veronica, and Shiloh are only living with the Fennels temporarily during Keith's recovery. Wallace and Veronica share a disbelieving look. Later that night they bet that their parents are engaged within three months.

Flash to Keith and Veronica sitting in Alicia's bed. Keith is propped up comfortably and Veronica is lying on her stomach next to him reading from the screen of a laptop. Keith has been writing his book, and Veronica is very involved in the details. Neither wants to make Lilly into an overly simplistic characterization. In the end they decide to let Veronica write the foreword of the book explaining who Lilly was to her. But Lilly and her more salacious activities are mostly left out, the story focusing instead on the investigation, and how Keith, with Veronica's help, solved the most famous crime of the decade.

Alicia comes in and rubs Keith's shoulder, checking his arm which is mostly healed now. Veronica smiles at them, happy to see her dad so happy again.

Veronica Voiceover: Living in a two parent household has posed some unexpected problems though.

-- Flashback Montage

Logan and Veronica are making out on the bed in the small studio apartment. A short, sharp knock on the door causes them both to freeze.

Keith: (stern) Veronica, Alicia wanted to know if you and Logan would like some refreshments.

Logan flops over off of Veronica and throws one arm up to cover his eyes and face.

Veronica: (grimaces) Thanks, Dad we're fine.

Keith: She made fresh lemonade Veronica. (demanding) Don't be rude.

Logan groans and gets off the bed, pulling a flushed Veronica up with him.

Logan: We'll be right there.

Cut to Logan dropping Veronica off after a date. They are standing on the front porch talking softly and kissing for a minute before the porch light turned on. They break apart but remain outside until the door opens a minute later to an awkwardly smiling Alicia.

Alicia: Logan, I'm glad I caught you. (Logan looks ill at ease) I wanted to invite you to Sunday dinner.

Logan nods, smiling tentatively. He keeps his face turned towards Alicia but his eyes go to Veronica, and clearly express his discomfort. She smiles at him then at Alicia who remains in the open door until Veronica smiles awkwardly and says goodnight to Logan.

Veronica Voiceover: Both of us were still working to deal with everything that had happened. Spending some unrestricted time together is exactly what we needed. I just wish Alicia and dad would understand.

-- Flashback Montage

Logan sneaks out of Veronica's studio early in the morning, creeping quietly out the door and down the street to the next block where he parked his car.

Flash to the Fennels' studio. Veronica changes into her pajamas, talking to Logan on the phone. She teases him about coming over, then says goodnight and climbs into bed. An hour later there is a quiet tapping on the door.

Veronica Voiceover: I'd never been more grateful that Alicia is as stubborn as me and demanded that Shiloh would do better in a room on her own. We converted half the office into a nursery, and Shi spends most nights in there.

Veronica gets up to answer the door, smoothing the smile off her face into an unyielding expression as she goes. She opens the door to see Logan.

Veronica: (whispering, affecting surprise, and looking furtively right to left out the door) Logan, what are you doing here?
Logan: (impatient) You invited me.
Veronica: I never thought for a second you'd be stupid enough to come!
Logan: Well that makes you a tease.

She smiles and giggles as he pushes his way into the studio and sweeps her up into his arms.

Leaving later that night, or early morning, Logan walks jauntily down the drive until he feels eyes on him and turns to see Keith standing in the window rocking Shiloh. Logan's face falls.

Veronica Voiceover: After getting caught two times in one week, Logan resorted to all kinds of amusing tactics to be able to spend the night with me.

-- Flashback Montage

Daytime. Logan is standing impatiently over a repair guy who installs new door hinges on the door to the studio so in now opens silently.

Flash to night. Logan sneaks into the studio and has Veronica naked and in bed in under five minutes. A few minutes later she looks up at the clock and makes an amused face. Logan is already getting dressed to leave. She props herself up on her elbows.

Veronica: What happened to my caring boyfriend who thought that endless amounts of time spent on foreplay was the way to go? The one who would cuddle with me afterwards?

Logan: (Yoda voice) Foreplay, cuddling - a Jedi craves not these things.

Veronica: Yeah, well your girlfriend does. Now if you want to keep her happy, you'd better spend a little more time on the before and after.

Logan: It's not my fault you have two parentals that have ears like bats.

Veronica: (teasing) So 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am' is what I should expect from now on?

Logan: It is until you start sneaking out to come to my place. (smiles seductively) We could take all the time you want there. (darkly wry) The hotel has steel reinforced fire doors, even your dad and Alicia's combined ire couldn't take it down.

He darts back to the bed and kisses her deeply, then slinks out of the room shutting the door silently.

Veronica Voiceover: Alicia promised that once I was 18 she would work on dad to get him to back off a little, but I have my doubts about that promise. Alicia is almost as overprotective as my dad is.

Alicia sits Logan and Wallace down to have "the talk" with them. Both look horrified.

Cut to later, Keith and Alicia laugh about it.

Veronica Voiceover: I decided to go the mature route and just tell dad that I was staying over at Logan's one night. (dryly) That went over well.

-- Flashback

Veronica is in the kitchen getting a glass of orange juice. Keith is nearby eating a sandwich. She turns to him.

Veronica: (casually) I'm going to stay over at Logan's tonight.

Keith: No. You're not. But, nice try.

Veronica: Dad, you're being…

Keith: What? Fatherly?

Veronica: (huffs out a sigh) Annoyingly overprotective.

Keith: No, I don't think I am. My teenage daughter wants to spend the night at her boyfriend's penthouse suite for a sleepover? I think most fathers would object.

Veronica: Uh, horse, barn door? Remember?

Keith: Oh, I remember honey. I remember that until you are an adult living on your own, (pauses, frowns) with your husband, (longer pause) well into your 30s, that you are my responsibility to protect.

Veronica: (mildly frustrated) You're being unreasonable.

Keith: Once you have children you'll understand. (frowning) Not that I want that to be anytime soon. I'm still too young to be grandpa.

Veronica Voiceover: After that I decided a "don't ask, don't tell" policy was going to be best. I should have thought of that before I told dad Logan and I were having sex at all. Then he could live in happy denial-land and Logan wouldn't look like he was going to the firing squad every time he came over for Sunday dinner.

-- Flashback Montage

Early morning. Veronica parks in the drive way and walks up towards the Fennels' house. She pauses and considers trying to sneak into her room unnoticed, then decides to go in the front door. She finds Keith waiting for her at the kitchen table.

Keith: Why didn't you come home?

Veronica: (philosophical tone) Why didn't I go to China? Some things you do, some things you don't.

Keith looks unhappy, but doesn't continue the fight. Veronica smiles tenderly and kisses him on the cheek.

Veronica: I love you.

Keith can't help but smile back at her. Veronica goes out to the studio to change for the day.

Alicia is leaning in the doorway to the dining room, watching the scene unfold.

Alicia: You're so strange. One minute you want to lock her up until she's old enough to apply for Social Security, the next you let her sweep in here after staying out all night, and don't say a word.

Keith: (softly) I couldn't think of any words that would change anything.

Alicia: They love each other. And we have to trust them to be careful. (she smiles at him) You know what? I love you too, you big softie. Now come here.

Keith stands up and kisses Alicia deeply until Wallace's gagging sounds and Daryl's giggles can be heard behind them. Shiloh is with them and tests out her new word.

Shiloh: Besos, besos, besos!

All of them laugh. Alicia sweeps Shiloh up and pops kisses all over her cheeks making the baby laugh too.


Cut to present day. Neptune Grand. Veronica is staring at Logan intently. He holds her gaze.

Logan: So how long will you be mad at me this time?

Veronica: I'll get back to you.

She shakes her head and goes to sit on the white leather couch. Logan looks happy that she stayed. He grabs them both a water bottle from the kitchen area and walks over the couch cushion to drop down next to her. Veronica rolls her eyes at his continued complete disregard for the proper care of furnishings and accepts the water from him.

Veronica: You're still stuck on the fact that you got punished for being a complete asshole to me? Really? 'Cause if you keep bringing it up, I might reconsider. You managed to keep your head up your ass for quite some time Logan, maybe I let you off too lightly before.

Veronica had kept her promise to be angry at him the week after graduation, much to Logan's chagrin.

Logan pouts and won't meet her eyes.

Veronica: Oh I see. You thought because you were in a car accident that I'd feel so bad for you that I would just forget?

Logan: (shrugging) Maybe.

Veronica: Sorry Pookie, you weren't that hurt. (but her eyes darken at the memory of the dark bruises that had covered his torso the days following the accident) Besides I wasn't completely mean to you.

Logan smiles, remembering how Veronica had babied him, making sure he was comfortable and took his pain pills, even ordering him healthy food.

They settle into the couch, leaning into each other, comfortable with the silence.

Logan: So where is the little tyke today?

Veronica: (smiling) She's with Mrs. Narvarro at the house.

Veronica Voiceover: When Jake came back to Neptune he went to the Nanny's apartment expecting to find Shiloh there, but no one was home. Guess Mom didn't tell him what had happened, 'cause he called Weidman in a panic.

-- Flashback

Veronica answers the door at the Fennels' house holding Shiloh in her arms. Seeing Jake with Weidman on the porch she tries to shut the door in their faces, but Weidman holds it open. She glares at both men and calls for Alicia (her dad currently being out at a doctor's appointment).

Alicia arrives quickly, and looks from Shiloh's face puckered in a cry, responding to Veronica's emotions, to the two men in the doorway.

Alicia: Veronica why don't you take Shiloh back to your room.

Veronica: (bouncing the baby to comfort her) No, I -

Alicia: (calmly with a dark undertone) This isn't a good environment for her at the moment Veronica.

Both Jake and Weidman are notably shocked when Veronica obeys Alicia and leaves the room.

Weidman: Mrs. Fennel. We meet again.

Alicia: Yes. It appears so, (calm collected smile) and each time less pleasant than the last.

Weidman looks at her with respect that she manages to remain in charge of the situation and can control Veronica, whom Weidman had to this point found difficult to manage.

Jake: Mrs. Fennel, you know who I am (Alicia is unimpressed). Shiloh is my daughter. Thank you for taking care of her, but I'm home now and -

Alicia: Yes, I know exactly who you are. (her look reveals that she knows several of the secrets the Mars family knew about the Kanes) Veronica is the one primarily responsible for taking care of her sister. And before you can even ask, no, Shiloh will not be leaving here with you. Keith was awarded custody of both Veronica and Shiloh. Now that you've returned you can petition the court to have a paternity test done.

Jake looks shocked.

Alicia: As for your thanks to me, you're welcome. And you will repay me by crediting me back the time I had to take off work to care for Shiloh after you and her mother abandoned her.

Jake: She wasn't abandoned, she was left with a responsible caregiver -

Alicia: (again Alicia interrupts him) A caregiver who was unable to reach either you or Leanne and ended up leaving Shiloh, a sister that Veronica had no idea even existed, with Veronica. A 17-year-old girl who was going through hell already. (hard look) I believe you are also primarily responsible for that as well.

Jake looks flabbergasted.

Weidman: (coolly) I'd like to see the custody order.

Alicia stares at him like he's crazy.

Weidman: Please, Mrs. Fennel.

Veronica had reentered the room, without Shiloh, and walks to the desk to get the court order. She hands it to Weidman. Weidman reads it and turns to Jake and nods. Jake looks upset.

Jake: How is she? Will you at least let me see her? Please.

He sounds sincere and neither Veronica nor Alicia are oblivious to his pain. Nor to the fact that he was likely the father and if Veronica wanted to be able to maintain the relationship she had developed with her sister, Jake would be in a position to allow or disallow it.

Veronica leaves and returns with Shiloh and Jake takes her easily from Veronica's arms. After less than a minute Shiloh squawks loudly and reaches for Veronica.

Shiloh: Roka.

When Jake doesn't release her she gets louder.

Shiloh: Roka. Roka! Roka!

Jake looks sad as he hands the baby back to Veronica. Shiloh immediately calms down and begins to play with Veronica's hair.

Jake: Roka?

Alicia: That's what she calls Veronica. Logan tried to get her to say Ronnie, but it's still too many letters for Shi.

Jake: (wistful) She wasn't talking when I left.

Alicia: No, well she started soon enough once she was surrounded by a loving family.

Jake looks like he's been slapped.

--End Flashback

Veronica Voiceover: Jake might not be the best father, but no one can accuse him of not paying his debts. June may have been a rough month for the Mars family, but it brought a financial windfall. The Kanes paid the $50 thousand dollar reward to dad for finding Duncan and bringing him home. Jake paid the $200 thousand dollar reward for information leading to Lilly's killer (the money that had gone unclaimed after Weidman framed Abel) to dad and me. It was a 50-50 split with $100 thousand to each of us, and you can bet that Dad promptly made me put $75 thousand of mine into a long term, high yield savings account. I said I could use mine for college, but Dad insists that paying for college is a parent's job.


Keith, Alicia, Wallace, Veronica and Daryl are dressed up and sitting in a nice restaurant. The crisp white linens on the table and the formal place setting give it away. A waiter approaches the table and introduces himself as the sommelier. Keith and Alicia take his recommendation for a bottle of wine from the reserve list. Veronica grins.

Wallace: What did he say? He's a Somalian? Like from Somalia?

Alicia: He's a wine steward.

Daryl: What's a steward?

Veronica begins laughing and Keith smiles at her, so glad to see her happy again.

--End Flashback

Veronica Voiceover: Yeah, we could splurge for a nice meal out now and then, and could afford some of the stuff we'd done without for the last year, but nothing really changed, except I no longer felt so awkward when Logan spent money on me. I knew I could afford to get him some nicer things now too. Though he seems to like the old gifts just fine.


Veronica is sitting on the floor with Logan's Valentine's Day gift in front of her. She carefully places a few new photos into the book and closes it. Across the room Shiloh and Daryl are attempting to roll a ball back and froth between them. Shiloh is not so good at the game, but Daryl is very patient and tried valiantly to make the game work. Veronica puts the album up out of reach of small, sticky hands and goes to help Shiloh play.

--End Flashback

Veronica Voiceover: Besides the parental interference from my side, things have been good with Logan. He's still going after Lamb. His newest prank is a series of listings for Lamb on craigslist. From a post for a free box of jumbo condoms, to casual hookups for males seeking males, Lamb has had his hands full.


Lamb arrives at the station unexpectedly in the middle of the night. Leo and Rogers are sitting in front of Leo's desk laughing at something on screen. Seeing the boss, they quickly pull up another screen and get back to work. Lamb glares at them then goes into his office and pulls the shades. He's been sleeping there the last few nights since his home was under siege from random visitors and very bad smells.

As soon as he pulls the shades, Rogers and Leo return to their entertainment, watching the latest videos on youtube of Lamb. The newest one posted this morning shows Lamb destroying his house trying to find the source of the horrible dead rotting smell. The two deputies grin.

--End Flashback

Veronica Voiceover: Lamb must suspect that the 09er guys are behind it, but he can't prove it. Just like he can't prove who was driving. The guys have been holding strong with their refusal to talk, buy Harry Didden's father is pushing him to make a deal so it doesn't effect his chances at getting into a good college. As for the rest of the town, they don't need proof or to know who was driving, all the guys are targets.

--Flashback Montage

Rams exits a movie theatre with Kate to find the side of his truck has been gouged and the windows broken out.

Enbom is at the beach just having come back in from surfing. He leans his board against his car and goes to wash off in the beach showers. As he comes back he sees his board broken into three pieces.

--End Flashback

Veronica Voiceover: At least the attacks had remained localized on the ones who were in the car that night and not spread to everyone else. Mac, Meg, Kate and I were all safe as long as we weren't with the guys.


Logan's Xterra is parked a few houses down from the Fennels'. Inside the car, Veronica and Logan are making out in the back seat. She has her hands on either side of his neck and his hand trails up to her cheek. They sink down into the seat, Logan's body over Veronica's. She squirms uncomfortably on the seat as Logan struggles not to kick out the window with his long legs.

Veronica: (breathless) You really need to buy a house.

Logan huffs out a laugh and pulls Veronica up to be sitting, straddling his lap. In addition to being more comfortable, it offers him good access to her neck and her legs which are mostly bare with her skirt bunched up around the tops of her thighs.

Logan: Yeah, well if your dad didn't have contacts with every security guy at the Grand, we could go there more often.

He begins kissing her neck ardently.

Veronica: But he does. (moans a little) So wherever you buy a place, make sure you (stutters as he begins to suck on her pulse point) b-bribe the security guy first and impress upon him, oh, that you're a big asshole and will get him fired for informing on you.

Logan: Yea, yea. For now why don't you focus?

She smiles and pulls him in closer for a long kiss. They continue to make out.

They are interrupted by the sound of a motorcycle coming to a stop outside. The couple pauses, but they don't move. There is a loud reverberating bang of a gunshot and an explosion of glass, causing them both to cry out. Logan pushes Veronica down on the seat, covering her body with his and bringing his arm up to protect himself and Veronica underneath him.

They jerk up and stare at the departing bike, both looking frightened.

--End Flashback

Veronica Voiceover: Meg even got a normal job, just like other people our age, at Java the Hut. It made for a nice new hangout spot, I just wish fewer of our classmates showed up there. She still won't talk to me about whatever is bothering her, besides the Duncan thing, but she is working hard to make as much money as possible. She works 20 hours a week at Java the Hut. She also babysits for Daryl and Shiloh and is still working on the Get the Dirt business. She insists she just wants to earn some extra money and get some job experience and references, but I know there is more to the story.

-- Flashback Montage

Java the Hut. Meg shows a group of people to a table, telling them a waitress will be right with them.

Meg hands Duncan a take-out coffee even though he specified that it was for there (eating in), Duncan smiles but Meg walks away quickly. Veronica is sitting in the background in the corner of the shop working on her laptop.

Meg shows a couple to a table and glances over at Duncan who is reading while sitting on a small couch. Duncan smiles at her then looks at the short hallway that leads to the restrooms. A moment later Veronica comes out of the hallway and stops short seeing Duncan there. She looks around for Meg and finds her talking to the other waitress on duty, asking her to take Duncan's table.

Veronica Voiceover: I went to the Hut most days Meg was working. The adjustment from living with just dad and being home alone a lot to living with a larger family, has been a little tough on me. I come in, chat with Meg, get a latte and have some nice quasi-alone in public time. (tone grows darker) Duncan said he'd been visiting the Hut every day before Meg ever took a job there and I started visiting on an almost daily basis. True or not, he showed up most days I was there the last few weeks.

-- Flashback Montage

Java the Hut. Duncan and Veronica exchange awkward smiles when Duncan clears a table for Meg when she's busy. Logan enters and looks at his old friend coldly, sitting next to Veronica and draping an arm around her shoulders. Duncan's eyes drop to see her hand run up and down the length of Logan's thigh. Duncan frowns and turns away.

Flash to a new day. Duncan tries to talk to Meg but she shakes her head and walks away quickly. She makes a beeline for Logan and talks to him briefly, glancing over her shoulder at Duncan. Logan's face is grim. Meg disappears into the back but Logan remains and stares at Duncan impassively.

Veronica Voiceover: Logan and Duncan still haven't talked. I don't know if Duncan was there for me or for Meg, but neither of us are interested in his motives. Maybe he was just trying to break the ice. He just doesn't realize that the "sorry I had sex with you while you were unconscious and I thought you were my sister" and the "you raped my friend" ice is thicker than the arctic. Duncan's nice guy act isn't cutting it with either of us. Lucky for us Jake is sending Duncan away for an internship in Washington DC. Celeste left town a few days before the news about the Kanes' divorce hit the media.

-- Flashback Montage

Jake's corporate office. Duncan enters with a newspaper in his hands. He throws it down on the desk. The headline says Jake Kane to Divorce. Duncan looks upset.

Jake: Duncan we discussed this.

Duncan: Yeah, but did you discuss it with Mom? 'Cause she seemed kinda surprised.

Jake: Of course I talked to your mother. I'm sorry if this is unsetting for you, but I love Leanne. I had hoped you would support my decision Duncan. I just want something good to come from all of this.

Duncan had been almost as surprised as Veronica to learn about Shiloh's existence, but unlike Veronica he had made no effort to get involved in his sister's life.

Kane estate. Celeste is sitting at a large table with her lawyers. She doesn't say anything as they discuss the terms of the divorce that Jake has offered. Once they leave, she is left alone in a silent house. She wanders over to the windows that overlook the pool and stands silently looking out to the spot where Lilly had died.

Veronica Voiceover: (happy tone) Fortunately for Meg she had someone new to distract her.

--Flashback Montage

Java the Hut.

Java the Hut Cute-as-a-bug manager: (to Meg) Your boyfriend is here.

Meg: He's not my boyfriend

Java the Hut Cute-as-a-bug manager: Well, whatever you kids call it these days, there is a hot, burning, hunk of man here for you.

Meg turns to see Dominic standing up by the hostess stand. He smiles at Meg, then winks at her manager beside her who sighs. Meg tries not to laugh and walks over to Dominic, looking a bit shy as she gets closer. She greets him quietly and Dom raises her hand to his mouth and kisses the back of it gently. Meg's face softens.

Flash to Graduation night. The party is at the country club, and most of the assembled crowd are 09ers, and they are a somber group. Instead of a free for all binge of alcohol, hooking up and gossip, the students stand clumped together and reminisce quietly.

Veronica is standing with a quiet Logan, neither in the mood to party. Across the room Veronica sees Meg talking to Dominic, who has a serious expression on his face. He appears to be trying to convince her of something. As Veronica watches, Dom leans down and captures Meg's lips in a kiss. Veronica grins and points out the pair to Logan.

Later that night as Veronica congratulates Hamilton Cho on earning the Valedictorian spot and winning the Lilly Kane Scholarship, she sees Meg and Dom behind him, ardently making out.


Cut to present day. Veronica and Logan are still sitting on the couch talking quietly about their plans for 4th of July weekend, when Veronica's phone rings. She picks it up and sees it is Meg.

Veronica: Hey Meg.

Meg: Hi Veronica. I wanted to see if you could go to the mall with me after I get off work today.

Veronica: (less than enthused) The mall?

Logan smirks.

Meg: Yeah, I kinda want a new dress for this weekend.

Veronica: (teasing) Ooh! You want to impress Dominic. Nice.

Logan grins and waggles his eyebrows, making suggestive hand gestures at Veronica, and implying that she should ask Meg if they've had sex. She rolls her eyes.

Veronica: How's that going by the way?

Meg: It's fine.

Veronica: Fine? Just fine?

Meg: Well, yeah. He's fun to be around.

Veronica: Uh-oh.

Logan tilts his head, obviously listening to the conversation.

Meg: (trying to be convincing) It's fine.

Veronica: I'm sorry Meg, could you be any less convincing?

Meg: I like him, I do. Why wouldn't I?

Veronica: I don't know, you tell me.

Meg: I'm not sure if he's just having fun or if he actually wants to start a relationship. And even if he did, he's leaving for New York in August.

Dominic was attending a performing arts school in New York City in the fall.

Veronica: So, you're keeping it light?

Meg: Yeah. I don't want to fall hard for him then have it be over.

Veronica: I hear ya.

Meg: So shopping? Now that you've extracted your pound of flesh?

Veronica: Expressing interest in my friend is acceptable behavior Meg. Putting my friend's quasi-boyfriend under surveillance would be a bit less acceptable. See, I'm learning.

Logan flops his head back on the couch back and laughs.

Meg: You may be learning, but you're far from normal.

Veronica pouts.

Meg: If you want to be normal, you should come to the mall with your friend.

Veronica laughs.

Veronica: Fine. But only because my goal this summer is to strive for normalcy. When do you get off work?


Veronica Voiceover: Dad wanted me to get a normal job too, but with the reward and the Get the Dirt business, I don't need the money bad enough to work for minimum wage. Besides I wanted to spend more time with dad and Shiloh. And Logan.

-- Flashback Montage

It's Sunday dinner at the Fennels'. Keith is fresh out of the hospital. Logan is there too, holding Shiloh in the kitchen and laughing at Alicia's attempts to teach Veronica how to make biscuits from scratch. She has flour on her nose and looks adorably baffled as she reads the recipe.

Leanne's apartment. Logan helps V pack up the last of her belongings. Logan looks at Veronica to gage her mood about her mother.

Logan: How is your mom, lately?

Lately, as in after she lost custody of both her daughters, and with Jake being out of town about half of the time.

Veronica: She's drinking, I don't know how much. At least she's not demanding visitation rights.

Logan: How are you?

Veronica: (shrugs) All right. (flat tone, but her meaning is very clear to Logan) She's still drinking. I can't be around her when she's like this. She chose alcohol over me, and OK, I was fine without her (Logan knows that isn't true), but she chose alcohol over Shi when she was just a few months old. (shakes her head sadly) I guess we should just be happy that the alcohol didn't affect Shi medically.

Logan: Yeah.

Veronica: (attempts to be happy) So how is your family?

Logan: (faux cheer) Fan-fucking-tastic.

Veronica smiles.

Logan: Mom is in LA getting ready for (uses a TV announcer voice) Dancing with the Stars, Dad's—well you know where dad is. And Trina? Sis is negotiating with networks to sell her version of the Aaron Echolls story. I think the sticking point is she's insisting she play herself. The producers, on the other hand, are insisting on Tara Reid.

Veronica: (eyebrows make a V) Trina wasn't even around.

Logan: Who do you suppose cares? I've always wanted a TV movie version of my life. Hey, think they can get Tom Welling to play me?

Logan makes a soaring gesture.

Veronica: Dream on. I think you're more likely to get Chad Michael Murray.

Veronica mocks with a smile. Logan looks offended.

Logan: I hope they at least get someone with some acting talent. Hey, maybe Hillary Duff can play you.

Now Veronica looks offended. She laughs a little imaging how the story will go, and walks out of the room with a smirk at Logan.

Veronica: Maybe one of the Laguna Beach kids can make his acting debut playing you. (ponderous tone as she continues towards the kitchen) Art imitating life, imitating art, imitating life. I get confused.

In the kitchen she opens the fridge to find a bottle of water. She takes one out and unscrews the top before taking a big swig. Suddenly he face contorts and she spits it back out. It's vodka.

Her face is grim as she pours it down the drain, then begins going through all the kitchen cupboards for the rest of the alcohol she knows must be there.

When Leanne returns home she finds the counter full of empty bottle and the apartment filled with the scent of alcohol. She looks upset and a bit angry. She walks to the entryway closet and pulls down a box. Inside is a half full bottle of gin.

Veronica Voiceover: The Kanes and the Echolls weren't the only ones getting divorced. Dad didn't waste much time after he got out of the hospital to begin divorce proceedings with Mom. I have mixed feelings about it. I guess in the back of my mind I always hoped my parents would get back together. But I know our family was never perfect, and maybe now all of us can be happy. Or at least we have a chance at being happy.

-- Flashback Montage

Flash to Leanne sitting in Cliff's office with Keith. They are working out the simple details of their divorce. Leanne agrees to repay Veronica for rehab and Keith is satisfied.

Keith and Alicia waltz around the living room as the kids look on in amusement. They are obviously in love, and content in the knowledge that their love is returned.

Flash to Leanne with Jake, eating dinner. They are talking and laughing about their younger years.

Veronica Voiceover: Judge Thorpe granted Aaron Echolls' lawyers' requests that he be released to house arrest. Aaron is scheduled to get out of the hospital in a few days. I still don't know if he killed Lilly or it was Judge Thorpe. Logan's been house hunting for the last week. Big Dick is acting as his advisor and both are convinced that Logan should buy now before prices boom. I guess it's his choice.

-- Flashback Montage

Echolls' mansion. A moving truck is parked out front and Lynn is directing several movers and professional packers. They remove several pieces of art work from the walls and some of the antique furniture. Two lawyers, one of Lynn's and one of Aaron's watch, and record what is being removed.

Logan and Veronica walk through carrying boxes out to Rams' truck. Logan and Rams knock fists and Rams leaves, driving Logan's stuff to the Casablancas house where it's being stored until Logan finds a permanent place to live.

The movers are gone and the place looks very empty now, a shell of the home Logan had grown up in. Logan and Veronica wander through the hallways, room to room, taking one last look. Many of their childhood memories were made in this house.

In the hallway lined with the posters of Aaron's movies, Logan pauses in front of one of the earlier ones. It has a picture of Aaron's face and a bus careening over a precipice.

Logan: The Long Haul, starring Aaron Echolls, circa 1982. (pauses, his voice young and vulnerable, and seething with emotion) It was his first big hit. How the mighty have fallen, from Hollywood leading man, to aging actor and murder.

Veronica: Logan…

Logan: He won a people's choice award for it. Mom hadn't even met him yet.

Veronica: We should go.

Logan: No. No, I want to show you his pride and joy.

Logan takes her hand and pulls her through the house leading her into Aaron's den. Veronica has never been in there before. It was always forbidden. Logan pushes open the door with a lot of force causing it to crash into the wall.

He lets go of her hand and spins around, his arms extended to his sides. The room is lined with old books, trophies, awards, and photos of Aaron with famous people. Veronica notes that there is a picture of Aaron and Logan together, when Logan was very young, probably around Shiloh's age. Both are smiling and staring into each others eyes.

Veronica feels her throat close up. It was clear to her in this picture at least, that Aaron had loved Logan. Veronica was lucky to know that her father still loved her. She had always been secure in Keith's love. Logan didn't have that. Maybe it had changed before he was even old enough to remember a time when Aaron had looked at him like that.

Logan: Here it is. His first Oscar. And here (sweeps his hand to the other side of the fireplace mantle) is the other. His first and only loves. Accolades to his own greatness.

Veronica: Logan. Come on, let's go.

Logan: No.

She looks upset, and can feel Logan's tumultuous emotions rolling off him in waves.

Logan: This is where we would come for punishment. (offhand, hollow voice) Unless he was too mad to wait. Then anywhere was good.

Veronica flinches at the naked hurt in Logan's voice and expression.

Logan stops and points to a spot on the floor.

Logan: There. I would knell down there. But I'd have to take my shirt off first. Belts are so much more effective on bare skin.

Veronica holds her expression, forcing back her tears. Logan doesn't need them, and she knows if he sees her crying he'll stop talking. And it's obvious he needs to get it out.

He whips off his shirt and kneels on the ground, a glare of pure hatred on his face for a moment. His expression slowly changes, fading into bewilderment and sadness.

Veronica moves towards him and steps in close, pulling his ravaged face into her stomach, cuddling him against her.

Veronica: (broken) I'm sorry Logan. I'm so sorry.

She can feel his tears begin to seep through the cotton of her shirt as he cries for the father he had, and the one he would never get to have—one that would love him more than he loved himself.

Veronica stands silently letting him cry, running her hands through his hair, scratching his scalp gently with her nails in the way she knew he liked. After awhile he stops crying and sits back on his heels, his hands drifting from her waist down over the curves of her hips to her legs.

Their eyes meet and Logan pushes his hands back up her legs to slide under her tank top. He edges it up and rises back up on his knees kissing her belly lightly. The gently touch sets off a wave of emotion and sensation in Veronica and she grabs his head with both hands tilting it back so she can see his face.

She traces her fingers over his features lightly, soothing away the lines of worry, regret and sorrow. Slowly she smiles and sinks down to her knees in front of him. Logan still has a slightly hollow look in his eyes and she wants to erase it.

She grabs the hem of her shirt in both hands and pulls it off over her head, dropping it. Logan looks pleasantly surprised. She inches closer to him tracing the muscles in his shoulders until their chests are pressed against each others.

Veronica: Kiss me.

Logan doesn't need to be told twice.


Later both are getting redressed. Logan appears much more relaxed and smiles genuinely at Veronica.

Putting their clothes back on later, Logan smirks at Veronica as she hops on one foot trying to get her shoes on.

Logan: I guess that is one way to banish bad memories. Therapists should offer that as a service, they might get more clients.

Leaving the room, Veronica grabs the picture of Aaron and Logan from the shelf and stuffs it in her bag. Maybe someday Logan would be ready to see it. Maybe.


Veronica Voiceover: Duncan left town yesterday for his internship. Shockingly it isn't with Senator Rake. I guess Jake believed me. No, Duncan will be working for the Minority Whip of the House of Representatives, Richard Durbin from the great state of Illinois. Jake apparently is going to be in and out of town all summer, setting up a new corporate site in India. I'm not sure where that leaves Shiloh, but as far as I'm concerned she can live with me forever, despite the fact that caring for a baby destroys most of my chances for days of teenage normalcy.

-- Flashback

Logan and Veronica are sitting in the backyard of the Fennel's house on a blanket with Shiloh. Shiloh toddles back and forth between them before demanding Logan pick her up. He does and stands up, sweeping her through the air like an airplane. She squeals with laughter then claps her hands with joy as he kisses her forehead and begins to toss her in the air and catch her again and again.

-- End Flashback

Veronica Voiceover: Once Logan got used to her, he turned out to be surprisingly good with Shiloh. I can't really explain how I feel with I see them together. It's so sweet it almost hurts. He has so much love to give, and she just soaks it up. Shiloh had Logan wrapped around her tiny little finger before he even knew what hit him. As much as I love spending time with Shi, I still want some time alone with Logan, and some time with friends.

-- Flashback

Veronica and Logan are in the Xterra parked at the beach, making out. Logan is in his board shorts and a tank top, and Veronica's bikini straps are visible behind her neck. She's dressed in a casual cotton sun dress. Breathe Me by Sia is playing on the radio.

Lyrics: I have done it again I have been here many times before Ouch I have lost myself again Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found, Yeah I think that I might break Lost myself again and I feel unsafe Be my friend Hold me

It's getting hot and heavy in the car as Veronica pushes Logan down onto the back seat.

A knock at the window interrupts them. Veronica, on top of Logan, swings her head around to see the guy who tapped on the window. It's a guy she's seen with Logan and Dick before, but doesn't know who he is. Dick is standing next to him.

Veronica: Oh, good, we have an audience.

Logan sits up, keeping Veronica turned into his body with his arm. He lowers the window.

Lucky: Okay, Lover-Boy, that's enough face-sucking for now. We got things to do.

Logan: And you're on a tight schedule of smoking pot and playing Halo. I can't wait to graduate. Lucky: Come on, man. We're done screwing around. The ball's in our court and someone's gotta pay.

Veronica is puzzled and turns to look at Lucky.

Veronica: And who are you?

Lucky cuts her with a look then ignores her.

Dick: But, after we make someone pay, we're gonna get high and play Halo, right?

Lucky: (scolding) Get it together, Dick!

Logan smiles at the put down. Lucky turns his attention back to Logan.

Lucky: Ninety seconds, wrap this up.

Logan: I'll be there when I'm there.

Lucky isn't happy as Logan rolls the window back up and returns his attention to the girl he is holding.

Logan: Hi.

Veronica: Hi yourself.

He tries to resume kissing her, but Veronica pushes him away and climbs off his lap.

Veronica: This is yet another example of why you need to rent a place already.

Logan: Well, we are in a public parking lot.

All their friends including Mac, Meg, and Wallace were meeting for a day of fun in the sun at the beach.

Veronica: Right. Well, I prefer to make out in private. So, I'll be going now.

She opens the door and climbs out, grabbing her beach bag from the front seat.

Veronica: And don't think that I missed the point of that little conversation.

Logan: (guilty but trying to look innocent) What?

Veronica: Don't do anything stupid Logan. No. I take that back. Don't do anything, period. You'll just make things worse.

Logan: (grim) They shot at us Veronica. How much worse can it get?

They look at each other, both serious, both frightened for the other.

Later Veronica is sitting on her towel next to Meg when Logan approaches. Meg takes one look at his face and smiles at him encouragingly before scurrying away. Logan kneels down next to Veronica. She meets his eyes reluctantly.


Veronica: I don't want to fight.

Logan: I don't want to fight.

Both smile and Logan sits down next to her, trailing his fingers through the warm sand.

Veronica: I don't want you to do something that ends with you getting hurt, Logan.

Logan: I know. (slight smile) So, I was thinking. How about we take Shiloh to the zoo tonight?

Veronica: Tonight?

He knows she's asking why he's not going with his friends on whatever mission they have devised, but he responds as if it were a logistical issue.

Logan: Yeah, it's their Summer Nights thing. They stay open late and you get to see all the nocturnal animals.

She smiles.

Veronica: Shi usually goes to bed by eight.

Logan: So call and see if Alicia can get her down for an extra nap this afternoon. This way your dad and Alicia can get a night out too.

Veronica: (bites her lip, her eyes warm as she looks at him) Yeah. Sounds good.

Logan: Good.

He stands up to rejoin his friends, but Veronica stops him.

Veronica: Hey. I think I left something in the car. You want to come with me to get it?

Her look clearly spells out what she's offering. Logan grins, and takes her hand pulling her to her feet. They race across the hot sand to the parking lot with most of their friends smiling at them as they go. Except for Wallace. Wallace looks slightly green.

Dominic approaches Meg and whispers in her ear before pulling her towards the parking lot as well. Meg follows him but blushes as Dick and Rams issue several cat calls in her direction.

-- End Flashback


Back to present day. Veronica rides down to the lobby of the Neptune Grand with Logan. They kiss and head their separate ways. Veronica drives to the hospital and parks, automatically looking around for paparazzi as she walks from her car to the hospital. The frenzy had died down a bit, but the media were still dying for interviews with any of the major people involved. So far no one had agreed to a sit down.

Inside the hospital, Veronica marches purposefully down the hall. She slows when she notices something ahead.

It is Weevil and three of the bikers, standing and talking in the hall. They spot her and stop talking. Weevil turns his head and his eyes follow her as she approaches. His look is hard and challenging. It would appear that they aren't friends anymore.

As she draws even with them she pauses, meeting Weevils eyes and ignoring the hate in the stares from Hector and the other biker. Weevil nods at them, ordering his friends to take off.

Weevil: You gotta pick sides in this town these days. You may still live on our side of town, but you're one of them again.

Veronica: You don't know anything about me. And you don't know anything about them.

Weevil: So, did you like your taste? Your little year of living dangerously? Did you get your fill? As soon as they'll have you back, you go running to the 09ers. And as a little bonus, you give it up to the richest asshole in school. Wow. Well, I'm sure his sheets are clean.

Veronica: I've been with Logan for going on six months now Weevil. What did you expect?

Weevil: (angry) What did I expect? I thought you would want to know the truth, that you would want whoever nearly killed Felix to pay. But no, I guess justice is only for people from the 90909 zip code. Your boyfriend may not have been driving, but one of his pals was, and he's getting away with it because he's rich and he's white.

Veronica: Their friend died too. And you don't know what happened that night, no one does.

Weevil: So I guess, Felix crashed into them, huh?

Veronica: (frustrated) I don't know.

Weevil: But you do know that they were all drunk, weren't they? And yet, still no arrests have been made.

Veronica: Like your boys have never driven under the influence or done something stupid and crazy that could get someone killed.

Weevil: My boys? Nothing goes down in the club without my say-so.

Veronica: So I guess you know about the shotgun blast that almost killed Logan and me? Bikers ride up, blow a hole through Logan's car.

Weevil doesn't have an answer. Behind Veronica, Keith comes out of the hand therapy room.

Veronica: You sure you're still in charge?

Weevil: (annoyed) Go home Blondie, you're safer there. At least the cops investigate crimes in your neighborhood. In mine you're lucky if they take a report. Marisol Reyes' family still don't know what happened to that little girl. It's destroying them. And now I get to watch Felix's family lose another son? How's that fair?

Veronica's mind flashes to the pictures of Lilly with Felix's older brother who had disappeared, Gus Toombs. Keith regards Weevil solemnly, and takes Veronica's arm, leading her away.

Veronica Voiceover: I suppose it's true. In Neptune these days, you're forced to choose sides. I chose Logan. And, yeah, it does feel weird to be on the side of the 09er guys. What can I say, they're not completely devoid of any redeeming characteristics. They're all hurting from losing Chester. Do I want to know what happened that night? Yeah, I do. But do I want the responsibility of having to turn one of them in for it? Do I want to hurt Logan again by betraying one of his friends? Not so much.

In the car driving home, Veronica stops at a red light and her eyes track the progress of a Hispanic woman and her young daughter as they cross the street. She turns to Keith.

Veronica: Dad, what happened with Marisol Reyes?

Keith is surprised at the question and also a bit worried at what Veronica might do with the information.


Welcome back.

Wow so this chapter was really heavy with flashbacks (I can't wait to get back to real time) but there was a lot to cover and on the good side I did it in one chapter instead of the 4 it would have taken me to blow through 18 days. And now we have two of our three major summer mysteries/issues. The accident and Marisol Reyes.

RE: Marisol Reyes, in my version I'm going with the fact that her body wasn't found. She just disappeared.

OK, so I have no idea if there is a hospital on Pendleton, but there could be, so I'm going with it. In my mind Neptune must be pretty much situated on Camp Pendleton so it's a bit of meta fun for me too. Lynn being on Dancing with the Stars is also a nod to art imitating life. And before someone corrects me, I know that if a house went into foreclosure that a tenant would likely be asked/forced to vacate, but I don't want to include a search for a tenant and a whole real estate storyline. So there.

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