A/N: This is NOT PLAGIARISM. I'm moving it from my other account to this one, and it's still up there so that people have time to find out that it's moving. My first ANYTHING with Riddick, so I hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: YAOI, violence, gore, swearing.


"They say your brain shuts down in cryo-sleep. All but the primitive side; the animal sideā€¦ No wonder I'm still awake."

The thoughts echoed through his mind, cutting through the silence. He could smell the other passengers. Forty, maybe forty-plus. A woman: sweat, leather, tool belt; prospector type. A holy man and his sons, probably on their way to New Mecca. And Johns, the Blue-Eyed Devil. A merc, taking him to some desolate slam to spend the rest of his days in some gods-damned cell. But this time he'd picked a ghost lane. Long time between stops; long time for something to go wrong.

And something did go wrong. Alarms blared, waking the crew and captain. He took advantage of the confusion to escape into the ceiling. Bolts flew out of the hull and killed the captain. The pilot and the nav officer escaped into the cabin, dropping cargo and trying to level out. Johns, the holy man, and the two prospectors escaped only to stumble about, unable to stay steady.

Then they were burning through the atmosphere to make an emergency landing. The ship see-sawed back and forth, unable to get nose-down. Suddenly they were skidding across solid ground, tossed about in the rough terrain of some alien planet.

As they came to a stop, the holy man helped some of the others escape from their cryo-chambers: his sons, a coward, and a girl, maybe twelve or thirteen. Then Johns noticed that he was gone. He waited until the man was alone and dropped from the ceiling, ankle restraints wrapped around Johns' neck. He was yanked down to the flooring, and knew no more.