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Black Maggie 's POV

"Wellmet?" The shop owner gave me a skeptical eye as I unrolled my map. My stay in Desh was meant to last a few days, and those days were up.

"Yes, do you know how long it will take me to get there?" I asked again, tapping my nails against the paper.

"Can I ask why you want to visit that city?" The shop owner questioned, scratching at his short beard.

"I have business to attend to."

"Business is not what is going on in Wellmet as of late." He stared down at the dot on my map. I raised my brows and he sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. "A group came down from Wellmet a little while ago. When they left, our lord Jaggus was left dead. Their trade is suffering too, that city is divided and it ain't fairly." I fought back the urge to laugh. If the city was still in the same state that I'd left it in, of course it wasn't divided fairly.

"I know the state of the city. That, however, does not affect my reasons for visiting. So, I'll ask you one more time: how long will it take me to get there on foot?" I leaned over the counter and stared into his light eyes. He took a step back and looked back down at my map.

"Nine to ten days depending on the weather." He answered and I rolled up my map. I dropped two coppers onto his table.

"Thanks." I wrapped my headscarf around my head and left the square. If I could walk until dark, I hoped I could make it to Wellmet in six days. I needed to see Connwaer as soon as possible; I needed to make sure that nothing had happened to him.

"...never going to work now." My heart stopped as I came across two men at the edge of one of the stalls. I slowed my pace as I confirmed my worst beliefs.


He stood with another wizard, talking about future plans. There was no way for my to walk past him wig attracting his notice. It didn't matter who I was, he would see a woman and he would stare. I adjusted my head scarf to hide a much as my face as possible and tried to slide by him.

"You there, come here for a moment."I stopped where I stood and didn't move. The scarf wouldn't hide my whole face, and he would recognize me close up. When I still didn't move, the wizard that was with him started speaking in Deshian; most likely asking me the same thing Crowe was.

I turned to him, keeping my head down as I stood in front of him. I could hear him muttering something to the wizard before turning back to me. "Have you any idea about the envoyage who traveled here not too long ago?" The group from Wellmet was probably the Duchesses' best guards. I stood staring at the ground, knowing that this would wear my brother's patience more than anything.

" s...sir." I did my best to play the scared local. He looked at me with his coal colored eyes. He hadn't changed in the past nine years; he still stood a head taller than me and looked perfectly groomed as usual. I wound a loose bit of scarf around my neck and looked at him.

"You don't so sure about that. What do you have to hide from me? You're neither wizard nor a noble, what do you fear?" He took a step closer, grazing my hand in an attempt to make me trust him. Another woman may have found this flattering, but being his sister made me want to jerk my hand away.

"I am sure, I need to go now." I turned to walk away when he grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me back.

"Crowe!" I shouted and spun to face him, my scarf slipping away from my face. He gasped and stared as he finally saw who he was talking to. Letting go of my wrist, he took a step away from me.

"Maggie?" His eyes darted across my face as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. I stood calmly, but ready to run the second he tried to attack.

"Yes, brother?"

"No, I'm seeing things, you aren't really here." He shook his head as if doing do would make me go away.

"You're not seeing things, Crowe. It's me, you sister."

"Impossible, you're dead."As if saying that a few times would make it real. I stood in front of him, my hands on my hips.

"Clearly not as dead as you would like or think."I smirked, enjoying my time playing with his mind. I could see he had something to say, but I had more pressing questions to ask.

"What have you done to him?"


"Don't play dumb with me, what did you do to my son, Connwaer?" I watched as his lips curled into a grin.

"From what I have gathered, your incompetent son went and got himself exiled." I licked my lips to keep quiet. "I haven't had contact with him since he spoiled my plans on Wellmet."

"Spoiled your plans to take the city hostage and use the magic for your own selfish greed?" I crossed my arms, narrowing my eyes.

"The Twilight was going to get the attention it deserved."

"Sure, hide behind that lie if it helps you sleep at night. We both know that you couldn't have cared less about what happened to the people of the Twilight." He was about to say something else, but I beat him to it. "All you've ever cared about was money and power. When dad died and you became Underlord, you swore you would help the Twilight, and you lied."

"That's not true."

"Yes it is! For goodness sakes, you nearly kicked me out when I told you I was pregnant!"

"That's because you let that good for nothing wizard impregnate you!"

"You know nothing about him brother, nothing. You made him leave, you tried to kill me, and then you made my son suffer for all the wrong you've done! You are a horrible and disgusting human being!" I screamed and ran from him before he could reach out and grab me. I heard him shouting, but couldn't be bothered to listen to his words. I kept running until I was sure he wouldn't send someone to come after me.

Houses lined either side of the street, and a few women were looking at me as I slowed down. I avoided their gazes and pulled out my map. I had to be out of Desh and into the forest as soon as possible. Crowe would never chase me into the forest; there were too many places I could attack him from. I could stretch out my walking time; I knew that I wouldn't sleep after finding Crowe again. Rolling it back up, I traded the map for my canteen and took a long drink. I'd have to find a river before I settled down.

Rewrapping my headscarf, I kept my head down as I left Desh.

Connwaer's POV

"How is it that you always manage to draw the worst kind of attention to yourself?" I put down my tea cup and looked up at Embre. I'd explained everything that had happened in Desh, and how I'd managed to escape Wellmet.

"It's not as if I'm trying." I pointed out as I circled my cup with the spoon. When I'd been explaining, both Embre and Sparks remained silent, never asking a question. Explaining what had happened gave me time to think about it myself.

"If this is you not trying, I never want to see the mess you'd get into when you are." Embre sighed and folded his arms on the table. "You swear that Rowan won't tell anyone about you?"

"No! Embre, Rowan would never tell her mother about where I am." He raised a brow and I stared at him. "What?" He shook his head, a smile on his face.

"You seemed to jump to the defense very quickly." I could see the amusement in his dark eyes. "Are you sure there's nothing more than a friendship between you two?"

"With Rowan? No, we're just friends and nothing more." I couldn't believe he'd even suggest something like that. Rowan was as independent as a person got; she would never need someone as more than a friend.

"Are you sure?"


"I think you're lying." Embre leaned across the table to look at me. "I think there is something more between the two of you, and I'd be careful. It's one thing to be friends with the Duchess's daughter; it is another thing to be involved with her." He leaned back, taking a sip of his tea.

"Even being her friend is punishable by death." I muttered and drank the rest of my tea. It was growing dark outside, and I felt the tiredness of the past few days.

"Tired?" I nodded and lay my head down on my arms. After a few minutes, I felt something poking me and raised my head to see it was a spoon. "You need to write a letter to your master. He should know that you've returned to Wellmet." I groaned and tried to put my head down, but Embre's hand stopped me. "No, you need to write to him." I sat up and rested my head on my hand as Embre called to Sparks to bring out paper and ink.

Well, maybe writing to Nevery would be a good thing. I couldn't stay with Embre and Sparks forever, not with Kerrn and her guards around, at least.


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