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I was listening World Painted blood by slayer on my Ipod and lay on the couch zoning out when I heard the door close. Eve was home. I turned the volume all the way up, I didn't feel like being bother right now.

"Yo. Shane, I smell the chili, I know you're here! Get your headphones out of your ears!" I groaned man she was loud. I pulled the hear phone out of my hears and sat up. There was a girl standing awkwardly in the hallway she opened her mouth to talk but I put my finger you my lips shhing her. (I Know shhing is not a word.)

"Hey I'm Shane What's up?" that when I noticed she had a black eye "Dude, that is a bad shiner. Hurts, huh?" she just nodded looking nervous. She had black short hair,blue eyes, and was small and skinny looked about sixteen.

"So I guess you're gonna say that the other chick looks worse," I said. She shook her head and I saw her wince "No, I -- Um -- how did you know it was -- ?" she asked.

"A chick? Easy. Size you are, a guy would have put you in the hospital with a punch hard enough to leave a mark like that. So what's up with that? You don't look like you go looking for trouble." Really she looked like she couldn't hurt a fly. There was a long silence than I nodded to the chair across from me she walked over and plopped down into it.

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