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"You want something?" I asked after a while. "Coke, maybe? Chili? Bus ticket back home?" I was not kidding about the bus ticket; she should really go home while should she still can I mean a cute little thing like her would not last long around here. What! Shane stop right there buddy, you cannot thing she is cute and you must definitely cannot like her I am eighteen and she is what…sixteen .Well, that is only- Stop! Stop right there!

"Coke, "she said then thought for a second. "And chili," she answered.

"Awesome choice. I made it myself. The chili, not the Coke." I said nervously, got off the couch, and headed quickly to the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen I went to the cabinet, got out two bowls, pull chili them, and went to get to cokes. Just then, I hear Eve going back into the living room. Then I heard her talking to Claire.

"Ice pack first," she said. "You can never tell what Shane puts in the chili. Be afraid." I chuckled. Then when back to the living room.

Eve gave me a look. "Yeah, man, thanks for bring me one, too." She asked rolling her eyes. "Dork."

"Didn't know if you wanted zombie dirt sprinkled on it or anything. If you're eating this week." I joked.

"Dork! Go on and eat, I'll go get my own." Eve said as she got up. Claire picked up her spoon and took a little bit then I saw her eyes light up and she started digging in. I raised my eyebrows at her, man she could eat. "'Sgood," she mumbled I gave her a lazy grin. Eve was back by now, sat down in on the floor, and started eating.

"Not bad," she finally said. "At least you left out the oh-my-God sauce this time."

"Made myself a batch with it," I said with a grin. "It's in the fridge, so don't bitch if you get flamed. Where did you pick up the stray?"

"Outside. She came to see the room." She told me. What! She is like sixteen what was Eve even thinking.

"You beat her up first, just to make sure she's tough enough?" I joked.

"Bite me, chili boy." She said rolling her eyes.

"Don't mind Eve," I told Claire. "She's hates working days. She's afraid she'll tan." Ha scored one for Shane.

"Yeah, and Shane just hates working. So what's your name?" What!. She did not even the girls name. Well my turn to show off. Claire opened her mouth but I beat her to it.

"Claire. What, you didn't even ask? A chick beat her up, too. Probably some skank in the dorms. You know how that place is over there." I told Eve.