Harry Potter

Couple: Remus x Harry.

Summary: Harry is a werewolf cub. He is living with the Dursley's but they hate what he is and torture him for it. He decides to run away and ends up in Remus's forest. What will happen to the pup…well, let's find out!

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General PoV

He was scared. The full moon rose in three days and they would kill him before then! He had to run but it hurt so much to move. His uncle had beaten him again and this time he was bleeding pretty badly and didn't know how to stop it. He could hear his Aunt fighting with his uncle again. She may not have like him much but she didn't approve of the beatings and I thanked her for that.

He slept until he heard the cupboard door creak open. He sat up slowly and saw his aunt with a first aid kit. "Boy, let me bandage your wounds and then I want you to run to any forest. Vernon will kill you before the next moon so you must run." She sat down and slowly bandaged his arms and legs and chest till he at least wasn't bleeding as badly. After giving him something to help the pain, she ushered him out the door.

He had just stepped out when he heard his uncle yell and saw him rush around the corner and in to the hall. "Run, Now!" his aunt yelled and propelled him out of the front door. He didn't know what to do so he did as he was told, he ran…ran as far as he could go and didn't stop.

With Remus, General PoV

Remus was making preparations for the next full moon with his pack when he smelled something. He didn't know what it was but he wanted whatever it was that smelled like that. He turned to his pack mate Sirius. "Padfoot, come with me." He knew Sirius wouldn't ask question. Not with the tone he used and the fact that his eyes were glowing amber.

Sirius just nodded and the pair ran through the woods, Remus looking for the scent that had attracted him. Suddenly he slowed as a different scent registered in his mind…Blood. He ran again, even faster than before, giving Sirius a run for his money. It didn't take him long to find the scent and he stopped as his eyes searched the darkness in the clearing. The moon was already high so it did not take him long to find the source of the scent.

Huddled near the small pond in the middle of the clearing was a small boy. Sirius went to step forward, having spotted him as well, until Remus growled in warning and stepped forward himself. Sirius was shocked. Remus never pulled rank with his pack so it was especially surprising that it had been a warning that if he moved he would sorely regret it.

As Remus moved closer to the tiny boy the child jumped and turned to look at him with a frightened and wild look in his eyes. And oh his eyes! They were so deep and the loveliest shade of green that Remus wanted to drown in them! When Remus tried to step closer though the beautiful child stumbled backwards only to land in the water.

Remus paused, 'the pup is afraid' he thought to himself. "Sirius! Gather the pack and bring them here but take your time!" Remus ordered, never taking his eyes off the beauty in front of him. After Sirius had gone, Remus focused on getting the pup to come to him. "Pup, why are you hurt?" Remus decided to start with the most pressing issue. All the pup did was whimper and close those lovely eyes. 'Hmm, how was he supposed to get the pup…AHA!' Remus reached into his back pocket, thankful that he had decided to wear pants today instead of nothing like others when it got this close to the moon phase.

He pulled out a bar of chocolate! "Pup, you must be starving. Here have some!" Remus said happily. He loved chocolate and always had a few bars on him. When the pup made no move to come closer Remus unwrapped the candy and pulled a piece off. Holding out, he bit in to the bar itself. "Here, it's food! Come on, it's good, you'll like it! Please?" he asked, lowering himself so that he wasn't so intimidating.

Harry was nervous but he was starving. He had been running the whole night and hadn't been given food in 2 weeks. Carefully he extended his hand to the large man and accepted the candy. Carefully putting it in his mouth and was shocked when the sweetness hit him as it started to melt. Remus laughed at the shocked expression the little boy made. "Would you like more?" he asked the boy.

He was shocked when his answer came in the pup climbing on to his lap and holding his hands out. "Good! More please, sir." The pup said, smiling happily. Remus just placed more candy in his hands and watched as the child ate as though he hadn't eaten in years. It was then that he remembered that the child was injured.

"Why are you hurt?" he asked while carefully moving his arms around the warm boy. He was worried. "Uncle doesn't like me. He says he will beat Mr. Wolf out of me." The boy answered quietly.

Remus was shocked. "You are a werewolf! I should have known that! Gosh what kind of Alpha am I that I can't even scent another wolf!? By the way, what is your name?" Remus asked suddenly. The boy jumped and looked at him carefully. "The kids at school call me Harry but I think my name is freak because that is what uncle calls me." He answered.

Now Remus was angry. Just as he was about to ask another question he heard Sirius re-enter the clearing. Suddenly he felt very protective and pulled the boy tight against his chest. "Sirius, wait with the pack!" he snarled. Remus did not release the pup until he had seen Sirius back away and into the forest. He turned back to his pup.

"You are not a freak. I am the leader of a pack of werewolves. We are all like you. I will call you Harry because that is your name. Do you have a last name?" Remus asked. "No." was his only answer. Remus just smiled. "Well I'm Remus." He introduced himself. Harry smiled at him. "Remy!" he yelled and hugged the older man tightly. Remus was shocked when the scent that had called to him hit him full force.

It was then that he realized what this scent and these feelings meant. Harry was his mate! He smiled at the revelation and hugged the boy back. "Harry, how old are you?" he asked his small mate. Instead of being met with Harry's smile, he was met with glazed over eyes and a calm smile on his face. Remus realized that the boy had smelt the same scent and now knew the same as Remus…mates.

"I am 8." Harry answered in a dreamy tone. Remus decided that he had kept his pack waiting long enough and stood with little Harry sitting on his shoulder. "Well, pup, I am 27. Now let's have you meet the pack." Harry leaned against Remus's head slightly and locked his small hands in the silky chestnut locks.

"Sirius! Bring the pack!"Remus yelled to that his friend would hear. The clearing was filled with wolves. "Listen up! This is Harry and he will be joining the pack! I want you all to listen and be nice to him. I also need someone to surrogate him until he is of age!" Remus called out. "Now for introductions! Make a line and I will introduce you in that order." The wolves did as asked.

"Harry, this is Sirius, my friend." Harry smiled tentatively at the tall black haired man. Sirius hugged him and smirked at Remus and said, "man you've got it hard." before walking away slowly.

"This is Lucius and his mate Narcissa along with their son, Draco. Draco is the same age as you. Harry waved at the blond boy who waved back, smiling happily. "Next is the Weasley's and their 7 sons. Arthur and Molly and the kids, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny, Ron is the same age as you and Ginny a year younger." Harry smiled at all of them and Molly pulled the pair into a bone crushing hug.

"Next we have the Granger's. Mira and Jack with their daughter, Hermione." Harry grinned and looked at Remus. "Remy, put me down please." Remus smiled and motioned for the other kids to come over as he lowered Harry. As soon as Harry's feet touched the ground he giggled happily and kissed Remus's cheek before turning to grin at the other kids.

Remus was shocked. He stood up shakily and with a deep blush on his cheeks. Harry was oblivious though and was quickly talking to the other kids. Remus continued the introductions and by the time they were done it was very late. Harry yawned and put his arms up to Remus with a sleepy grin. "Please pick me up." Harry asked and giggled when Remus did as asked and gave Remus another kiss on the cheek.

Remus decided that this was very odd behavior for someone that had been so scared earlier. "Harry, why do you keep doing that?" Remus asked but kept smiling so that Harry wouldn't think of it as rejection. "Because you are mine and I am yours so I can but I will stop if you want." He said the last part with a sniffle and Remus instantly shook his head and started to comfort his future mate. "No No that's not it as all! I was just wondering!" He relaxed when Harry smiled at him again and gave the adorable child a kiss on the forehead.

Remus turned his attention back to his pack. "I need someone to raise this pup until his fifteenth birthday. Is there anyone willing to do so?" Remus inquired and smiled when James and Lily Potter stepped forward. "We would like to try since Lily can't have pups." James stated and smiled at Harry.

"Hello, would you like to live with us little one?" Harry smiled at them but burrowed his face in Remus's chest. "Do I have to?" Harry asked quietly. Remus sighed and gently tipped Harry's head so that those lovely eyes were staring straight into his own amber orbs.

"You don't have to but it would be best. So how bout we do this? You will stay with me for tonight but you will stay with Lily and James tomorrow, if you still don't want to then you can stay with me until we find someone else." Remus offered and ignored Sirius who was snickering behind him.

Harry smiled at him and nodded before giving him another kiss. Remus dismissed the pack and headed to his home. It overlooked the rest of the small town that the pack lived in and was quite comfy. Remus gave Harry one of his t-shirts and went to take the pup to the guest bedroom but Harry stopped him. "Wanna sleep with Remy." Harry murmured and clenched his tiny fist in Remus's shirt. Remus just smiled and the pair went to bed happily dreaming.

Harry dreamt about being safe and finding someone who might love him and Remus dreaming about the fact that he finally had a mate and thinking that if it is Harry then he doesn't mind going to hell for the kid.

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