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General PoV

Harry was nervous. He knew the actual mating would wait but he was worried that Remus would reject him. As the Dom's stood by Remus and the sub's with Harry he only got more nervous.

Suddenly, the sign was given in the form of a yip and all the Dom's took off after their Sub's that had run.

Harry ran and ran. His legs were long and he was built for speed. He figured no one could catch him so he just kept running. He was very wrong.

Remus had taken a short cut to get ahead of Harry and cut him off. Before Harry could turn around Remus leaped on him, brining him to the ground.

Harry rolled to his back and fought as long as he could but realized he did not want to stop this. Remus took advantage of the break and bit into his shoulder. Harry whimpered as his mate marked him.

Remus stepped off of him and let Harry up. He walked up and bared his own shoulder but Harry declined. That was not part of the pact. Harry was not to mark the Alpha, only Remus could mark him.

Remus licked his face and raised his muzzle skyward before howling his triumph to the heavens.

Harry joined in the howl.

When they had stopped they wrestled and played for a good hour before heading back to gather the pack for a hunt.

Harry was met by his parents.

"If you hurt my son Alpha or not I will kill you." James growled at Remus. Remus grinned at him and nodded.

"I will love him forever. He is my mate and I could never hurt him!" Harry smiled at his mate and they started to hunt.

Next morning…

Harry awoke feeling warm and safe. He didn't want to get up yet so he snuggled his pillow. At least he did until it moved!

Harry jumped up with a yelp. "Remus!"

Remus smirked up at him, his eyes still a deep amber. "Mate, did you have fun last night?" Harry blushed at the fraise.

"Yes, I bagged a doe all by myself!" Harry giggled and hugged Remus.

"Remy was cooler though! He is always the best!" Harry decided that relying on his childlike innocence would be good. Remus chuckled and hugged the smaller boy.

"Why don't you go play with your friends while I have a chat with your parents?" Harry agreed and ran out the door. Remus sighed, now for the hard part.

Harry was blissfully happy that he got the man of his dreams! "Draco, Draco Remy really does love me!" Harry yelled as he ran up to hug his friend. Draco smiled.

"I am glad Harry. I always knew you would get him. I am just glad that you are happy but you have to let me know if he treats you wrong!" Harry nodded before noticing something.

"Draco, where is Ginny?" he was surprised when Draco stiffened and jerked his head to the side. Harry looked and snarled.

Ginny was kissing Blaise Zambini against a tree and had a mark on her shoulder.

"She was dating him on the side and he caught her during the Bonding race. I guess she didn't really love me." Harry sighed and hugged his friend back before turning slightly. He looked over his friends shoulder to see a very angry Sirius Black stalking towards Ginny and Blaise with paint can full of white paint.

Harry grinned and turned Draco around to see what was happening.

Sirius was mad! The little bitch had cheated on Draco! He knew Draco had loved her so he made no move to claim him but this was just cruel. He smirked as he dumped the bucket of paint over the couples heads.

"What are you doing!" Ginny screeched and Blaise snarled at him. This made Sirius even angrier.

"How dare a whelp growl at me!" he slammed the boy to the ground. "You had better fucking apologize to Draco or I will gladly rip your throat out. You should also think before you growl."

Sirius stood and was surprised when he was tackled to the ground. He turned and found Harry and Draco hugging him and giggling.

"What are you to doing!?" Sirius asked but he had started to laugh too.

"Thank you. That really, made me feel better." Draco said happily. "No problem kid but you two are kind of heavy so you mind helping an old man out?" Sirius asked.

They jumped off of him and Sirius stood with Draco's help. He turned to the couple who was still angry about what Sirius had done.

"You made him do this didn't you Draco!" Ginny accused. Blaise wasn't stupid enough to piss the beta off anymore.

Before Draco could respond Sirius did.

"He did not put me up to this. I got my own revenge for what you did. You are a cheating bitch who would open her legs for anyone." Harry thought that he might be able to get Sirius to admit his feelings for once in the old dogs life.

"Why did you really do it Sirius, I mean it's not like you love him." Harry jested. Surprisingly, it worked.

Sirius bristled and growled out, "Of course I love him, who wouldn't?" Harry couldn't help it. He dropped to the ground and started laughing till it hurt. "What are you laughing at pup?" Sirius snarled. Harry calmed enough to speak.

"Well one is that I outrank you so stop snarling at me." Sirius snapped his jaw shut. "2, Draco has had the hotts for you since forever but never thought you would want him and made himself think he loved Ginny. You just made his day so before his head blows off from that blush, give him a kiss."

Sirius smiled and turned to Draco and really did give him a deep wet kiss. Harry turned to Ginny.

"I am bonded to the Alpha so I suggest you beat it before I have Remus kick your butts for disrespecting your Alpha's mate." He snarled once and they ran for it. Harry turned back to Sirius only to see that he was still kissing Draco so he snuck off to visit his other friends.

By the end of the day everyone knew what had happened and Draco and Sirius had been attached at the hip for the rest of the day. Harry went back to Remus's that night to await his mate who was still running over some things with the pack.

Harry jumped when he heard the door open.

"I heard you had a very interesting day, Love." Remus said and wrapped Harry in a hug.

"Yeah it was rather interesting and very funny." Harry said as he snuggled in to the hug.

"Well good for you. I spoke with your parents and they said to let them know when you are ready to be married." Harry smiled.

"I want to be married before the next full moon. I am ready Remy so I want to be married quickly." Harry kissed Remus who slowly deepened the kiss. When they broke apart for air Harry smiled at him.

"I love you Remy." It was Remus's turn to smile. "And I you, Pup." They spent the night kissing.

Next morning…

"Harry are you sure you want to marry him so soon?" His mother asked. She had been very shocked when he had told her that they only had another month to get things ready. Luckily Molly was willing to do the cooking and Neville's parents were doing the flowers and decorating.

The only thing his mom had to do was make his wedding robes.

"Yes mom, I love him, have always loved him and I wish to marry soon so that I know he will always be mine." His father smiled.

"That's my boy. You always have known what it is that you wanted and I think this a fine idea." Harry's mother gave in and agreed on making the blue and white robes for the wedding.

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