Hey Rogue, mission in five."

"Thanks Marvel."

Rogue knew it was a recruit mission so she dressed in her favorite outfit. Which consisted of black skinny jeans, a white tank, boots and a leather jacket. Oh, and her gloves.

"Come on Stripes, we're losing daylight!"

"Ah am comin'"

Once in the X-Jet, they started heading towards New Orleans. There was a sentinel attack on the new mutant. He was about 18 years old, just like Rogue. He looked like a thief. She headed for the mutant while they took care of the sentinels. Once Marvel Girl walked out she was hit by a car and got stuck under it.

"Help me Rogue!"

"Hold on Shugah!"

She tried lifting the car but could not. Marvel "Accidentally" (HEHE?) touched Rogues cheek. Marvel flew up with Rogue latched onto her.


"I can't!"

Rogue was scared. She held on to Marvel and had an idea.

"Logan! Cut me! We can't let go."

"Sorry Stripes."

"It's okay, help Marvel."

"Uhhh…She is dead."


Rogue had killed her? The mutant they had tried to save came up and said, "Remy would like to help you."

"Ah am fine. Logan, can I borrow your powers?"


A few seconds passed and Remy asked, "How do you do that?"

"Ah will show ya." She took her gloves off and smiled. Logan reached a hand over to her. They held hands for a moment and Rogue began to heal.

If you don't close that mouth your gunna catch a fly."

"How did you do that?"

"My power. Come to New York and Ah will explain everything."

"Oui, Remy will come."

"Remy, we are glad you chose to join the school. Rogue, please give him a tour."

"Yes sir."

"So what will be your code name?"

"What do you mean?"

"Everyone calls me Rogue, that is my code name. Bobby's is Iceman, Scotts is Cyclops, Logan is Wolverine, and so on. The only one without is Jean."

"Why don't you name me, Chere?"

"Well, okay…what are your powers?"

"Remy can blow anything up as long as it is inorganic."

"What do you normally blow up?"


"Okay…Gambit. This will be your room."

"Where do we go to train?"

"I'll show ya."

Down in the DR, Rogue was fighting a sentinel.

"Do you get hurt?"

"Only…when…you don't pay…attention."

"Hey Rogue. How's it going?"


Kurt looked over and saw Remy.

"Who is he?"

"Newbie. Play nice."

"Rogue! Look out for…"

Rogue put a hand behind her back and the image disappeared.

"Kurt, don't you DARE add the Brotherhood."

"It wasn't me!"

"Cut the program."

Wolverine walked in.

"Hey, some one is here to see ya."


When she walked into the hallway, Logan began to turn blue.


"That is your mom?"

"Who is at the door?"

"No one, just an old friend."

"Hello?" She gasped as Kurt bamfed her out of the hallway and back into the DR.


"Hey Rogue."

"Where is Magneto?"

"Right here."

"Look, can the three of you come down form up there?" (They had "bamfed" to the top of the DR room).

They all went down. Somehow, Rogue landed on the three people and made them black out.

"I think you got Marvels super strength sister." Kurt said with a grin.