Lily furiously turned around and stormed back up to the castle. James stood there unfocused. He couldn't let her go. "Wait!" he called. Lily quickly turned and watched him move towards her intriguing her. He looked at Lily with great integrity and looked her straight in the eye. "I love you."

Lily looked at him shyly letting the tears swell in her eyes.

Git, toerag, idiot, moron . . . Potter. He was the most self-absorbed person on the planet. He was absurd and immature – and the only reason I was thinking of him because I had gotten a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry acknowledging that I had become the Head Girl. It wasn't through grief that I was thinking of James Potter but that he was also Head boy – something I wouldn't have expected with all of the detentions he had received.

The summer holidays were slipping to much of my dismay. This was the first year I was sure I would dread. Not only was Potter going to be a challenge – but this was N.E.W.T. year, far more challenging than fifth year. Just thinking about my upcoming year made my stomach squirm. I had already gotten my school supplies last week, days were literally flying.

"Lily! You need to get down here!" shouted my mother from downstairs. "Petunia has something to announce!"

I groaned in despair. Why would I want to do with anything Petunia did? Honestly I didn't, I haven't ever since my first year at Hogwarts. I got off my bed, walked out of my room and into the hallway. As I got closer to the stairs, I heard a big booming voice coming from downstairs. The man seemed to be schmoozing my parents.

I slowly advanced down the stairs listening intently on what the booming voice had to say. It wasn't anything important, it was mostly about drills and something about how he worked at a drill company.

As I landed on the stair landing I found that the man's voice belonged to an overly large early twenties man. He had his back to the stairs but stiffened when my mom's eyes darted from the man onto me. My mom smiled and beckoned for me to join.

I swiftly walked over to my mom. "This is Vernon, Lily. He is your sister's fiancé." She said to me. I looked at him and my sister who was standing next to him.

"Congratulations Petunia," I said not looking at my sister but keeping my eyes on Vernon. "You too . . .?" I had already forgotten his name. "Vernon," he answered gruffly. "Vernon," I said smiling, shoving my hand out forcefully. He didn't take it, but looked at Petunia who was effortlessly trying to hide her bitterness. Vernon didn't take my hand but started the same topic of conversation he had with my parents before.

"Grunnings just couldn't deny someone like me of course, with my family's history in the company and with the perfect," he glanced at me. "schooling."

I wasn't sure if my parents noticed the emphasize on schooling but I know I did, and it bothered me. How much had Petunia discussed about me? How far did she go into details? I glanced at Petunia, trying to catch her attention, but she just kept her gaze on her fiancé. She seemed to have a tinge of blush on her cheeks, concluding my rush of questions. She had told him about me and my world.

"Lily, dear," my mum said abruptly pulling me out of reverie. "Could you go into the kitchen and grab the champagne from the cabinet? I feel the need to celebrate!"

I nodded and contentedly rushed into the kitchen. I leaned against the wall once out of sight and sighed heavily. Petunia was literally out to get me. But why? As I recall she was the one that started to overlook me as her sister once I had gotten the letter from Hogwarts. It didn't matter now, I resented her as much as she me. Six years of hoaxing and name calling has certainly changed that.

Quickly remembering why I had come in here and dashed to the cabinet above the stove and grabbed the first bottle of champagne I saw. After that I went across the kitchen and grabbed four glasses for my parents, Petunia and her fiancé. As I receded back out to the hallway I perceived that they had moved into the living room, Petunia and Vernon sitting on the love seat while my parents assembled on the couch. I placed the bottle and glasses on the coffee table and retreated to the recliner.

My father poured the wine into the glasses and passed them out to each of the groups in the room – except me, of course. "To Petunia Evans and Vernon Dursley!" he chanted followed by the same words from the others. I mumbled it briefly since I didn't have anything to drink.

Discussions erupted between the four, my mum and sister talking eagerly about the wedding. My father talking to Vernon about the new Prime Minister's judging and changing on taxes – leaving me trying to engross myself on the wedding conversation.

" . . . I want it in mid-May so pastels?" said Petunia looking at our mother.

"Some pastel colors won't look good with Lily's hair color though." Said my mum.

"What?" Petunia and I said staggered. "What do you mean Lily?" Petunia continued.

Our mother looked sternly at Petunia and said very harshly. "I know you too aren't very fond of each other but you two are sisters. Lily will be in your wedding."

"She will not," said Petunia with equal severity.

"Mum," I interrupted. "It's Tuney's wedding. Let her choose what she wants."

They both starred at me stunned. My mum seemed hurt but Petunia just looked completely shocked. For a moment I thought she was considering letting me be a part of her wedding, but I knew it was just a trick of the light.

"That's settled then," said my mum a little sniffled. "Lily, you should get to bed. You'll need you're rest for tomorrow."

"What? Why?" I said looking at my mother.

"You're going back to school tomorrow. Have you forgotten what day it is?" she said looking at me surprised. "Tomorrow is September first."

"Oh no," I said and sprinted upstairs to pack my trunk, or in other words pack my new belongings. Half way through packing, I remembered an easier method – magic.

I snatched my wand out of the drawer besides my bed, raised it and said nonverbally: pack! Everything floated into my trunk leaving me satisfied and tired. I heaved my heavy trunk into the corner of my room, propelling it against the wall. I then scurried over to my dresser and pulled on my sleeping gown. As I climbed into my bed and started nestling into my cozy blankets, warm thoughts of going back to Hogwarts filled my head, drifting me into my dreamless sleep.


My morning was bustling with excitement as usual, but this time my parents weren't to drop me off. I was too disapparate onto platform nine and three quarters. My mum wasn't so keen on it but my dad had to go to work and since my mum didn't know how to drive, she grudgingly agreed to it.

"Lily, you have to go," said my mum for the second time. "Vernon will be coming soon. He is taking your sister and I out to brunch." She said hurriedly. I looked stricken at my mum trying to kick me out of the house. "Don't look at me like that. I love you,"

"I love you too, mum." I said and hugged her. We pulled apart and I imagined platform nine and three quarters in my head. I concentrated on the three 'D's' and was gone in a tiny pop. I was now used to the feeling that occurred in your throat when you disapparate, but still surprised me.

I arrived as quickly as I left which was a relief for me – I wanted to see my friends. I looked around me and smiled to myself. I was home, in my world.