If it weren't for Dumbledore, Harry would be dead.

Perhaps it would be more prudent to not be so dramatic, but it was true. If he hadn't barged into Potters' house the previous night, Harry, as well as Lily's beloved husband, and perhaps herself, could have been murdered.

It was a terrifying thought to lose both James and Harry, but what bothered her most was that there had been a prophecy about her son. A prophecy! He wasn't even a year yet and he had had his own prophecy read out. And quite frankly, it was a rather unsettling one.

Voldemort wanted either Harry or another boy who had been given birth to in the month of July. But, instead of choosing Neville Longbottom, the other boy born in July, he had chosen her baby. Her son. Her world.

If it weren't for James, she probably would have gone mental. Her little Harry, defenseless and weak, Voldemort's target. How sick.

Dumbledore, in a way, could easily be her hero. He saved her weak son's life. Show owed him everything she had, but she would never admit that, not to his face anyway.

She wouldn't get a chance to, anyway. Lily and James went into hiding, using the Fidelius Charm to protect them. Dumbledore had insisted that he be the secret keeper, but instead, Lily and James preferred that Sirius would be more appropriate for the job. Dumbledore already had enough on his hands.

As for Harry, he hadn't noticed anything different. They were still living in their same old house, same old neighborhood with the same old people. Only problem, though, was that they weren't necessarily going outside anymore. They could, sure, but Lily was still trying to get over the initial shock of having to go into hiding.

Lily held more hate towards Voldemort then probably anyone in the Order. That madman had targeted her—her son—to kill. Not anyone else—her son. Her Harry. She cringed every time she thought about it, which always ignited her anger again.

Why was it always her? She had lost her family to that madman. Would she lose her son to that madman, too?

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