It's a love hate relationship...

Summary- Bella starts at a new boarding school, and meets a boy called Edward who she immediately hates for his player ways, then there is evil little pixie Alice who happens to be her room-mate, also there is Alice's friend... arrogant bitch Rosalie, another room-mate. Then there's always Jasper, an EMO jock who hates fellow jock Emmett, who is big and boisterous, what happens when they get stuck together for a week and are told to learn to get along? All Human – BxE, EmxR, AxJ

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Chapter 1- Starting School

Bella's POV

I hugged my Mum and clambered into Phil's car. "You don't have to go Bella," Mum said for what seemed like the millionth time.

"I want to go," I said again, it was a pure lie but I'd got so used to saying it that I was starting to believe it myself.

Phil drove me and mom to the airport, where I would have to say goodbye to my Mum. I was dreading the time when it got to that. We got out of the car and walked over to the luggage counter line, with my two measly suitcases. They were light and mostly filled with the few wintery clothes that I had from living in Phoenix. We finally got to the front of the line and I hauled my suitcase up to the desk. I gave the baggage lady the information she needed and she then gave me a superficial smile and handed me two labels for my bags. I quickly wrote on my name and address on each label while my Mum was being her typical scatter brained self and started talking to the lady like she actually cared.

"Bella here is going to boarding school," she started.

"How nice," The lady grinned a very fake smile.

"Yes, well she's going close to where her father lives."

"Is this all the luggage that your daughter has then?" The lady faked interest.

"Yes. It is." I snapped closing any further conversation and handing her the labels.

I walked with my Mum and Phil through the airport until we got to the point where it was passengers only.

"Well... this is it." Phil started.

I gave Phil a hug and sobbed into his shoulder, "Bye Phil, I love you." Over the short time that we had known each other, we had become very close; mostly due to Mum's constant setting up of 'father-daughter bonding time' I was closer to Phil now than I had ever been to my true father.

Phil patted my back and blinked away tears in his eyes, "I love you too kiddo, Bye. Take care of yourself." We backed out of the hug.

I moved onto Mum. She was my one of my best friends, not a mother but a true friend. I took care of her until Phil came and whenever he wasn't around, as she couldn't take care of herself, she was the most enthusiastic, scatter-brained person I had ever met.

"Goodbye Bella honey, Phone me once you settle in." Tears were streaming down our faces, as I embrace my mother in

"I will Mum, I love you, Goodbye." I said.

"I love you too honey, Be safe." She kissed my cheek and released me from her embrace.

I started walking away with my raincoat and duffel sack and turned around a final time to look at my family. I waved and began my walk towards the plane.

On the plane I was bored so I got out my Wuthering Heights book and began to read.

I guess now would be a good time to tell you about me so here I go:

My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I am 17 years old. I have long brown hair and dull brown eyes. I had lived with my Mum, Renee, alone for 14 years. My parents divorced when I was 2, after marrying young, straight out of high school at 18, they had me after a year and divorced after 2 years of arguments being screamed at each other through the house.

Mum remarried a year previous, to a minor league baseball player, Phil Dwyer, who travelled a lot. Renee and I had stayed at home while Phil went to his games. I realised that this made my Mum unhappy and made the decision to move out, and start at a boarding school, close to where Charlie lived.

My Dad, Charlie Swan was a famous and rich lawyer in Seattle. He was known widely throughout Seattle and was also a bastard. Since he and Renee had divorced, Charlie dated different women all of the time. They generally fit into this description: young, blonde, gold-digging and fake. Unfortunately my dad was not smart enough to see through this behaviour. Fortunately I hadn't seen the ass for three years. I used to go and visit him during Holidays and for some Christmases. I put my foot down at 14 and said I wasn't going. I wondered how Charlie had changed since I had last seen him, and decided to give him a chance to redeem his previous behaviour with me. I still chose to go to boarding school rather than public school though, because, as much as I wanted to give him another chance, I didn't particularly want to hear my Dad having sex every night with some random girl, just older than me.

I had three best friends, other than my mum, back in Phoenix: Jacob Black and Lauren and Cecilia Greene. Cia and Jake were dating. I had known Jake since I was born, his father, Billy, and Charlie had been good friends until my parents divorced and Charlie changed. Jake and his father moved with his two sisters Rachel and Rebecca, down to Phoenix, a couple of years after my Mum. Billy wanted to escape Forks, Washington, where we had lived, when his wife died, and he had moved down to Phoenix, remembering that was where we had gone. Jake had started at the same school as me when we were 5 and we were friends immediately.

Cia and Loz were twins and moved with their parents to Phoenix when they were 11 and we were friends straight away. Though they were twins, Loz and Cia were very different, Loz loved to shop, and was head cheerleader (but she wasn't the slutty type) and Cia was a book worm who hated sports as much as I did. I had other friends, just none as close as them and Jake. We had amazing times together and when we were 12 Cia and Jake started liking each other. Loz and I didn't get involved until it really started to bug us when we were 15, We formed a plan and We sat them in a room and said let's play 'I have never', with a disgusting concoction that Jake made. I immediately said, 'I have never liked anyone in this room as more than a friend.' They both took a drink and looked at each other. We made them admit to each other that they liked each other, they started kissing and Loz and I left... We were just like... Not the best thing to see from two of your best friends. They soon got over the honeymoon stage and we were able to hang out as friends once again. They remained a couple since then.

"Passengers, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing." I heard through the speakers. I obliged and soon enough we were back on sweet, sweet land. Now for the part I was dreading: meeting my father. This was sure to be a very awkward car journey.

I climbed off the plane, watching my step as I did, and walked over to where the luggage was collected. I grabbed my two tattered suitcases and walked out to where I was to meet dad. I waited in the airport for 30 minutes and there was still no sign of Charlie.

Fifteen minutes later Charlie came into my sight.

"Hey Bells," He said, not showing any sign of an apology. I muttered a greeting and followed him to his car. I got into Charlie's- or dad's as I have to call him to his face- car in total silence as he put my suitcases in the boot. We didn't utter a word, the whole way to the school, it was incredibly awkward, as I had predicted.

When I arrived at campus my dad simply said, "Goodbye," and gave me a hug. First he makes me wait 45 minutes for him because he doesn't care about me as much as whatever slut he was with, then he doesn't apologise for being late and now he only says, "Goodbye." I haven't seen him for 3 years and that's the best he can do? I shook my head getting rid of the thought and replied, "Bye Dad."

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