A/N: None of these characters are mine... if you were wondering.

Even though Bella was in pain, she was used to it. This was the last day of her transformation and when she was getting ready to wake up. I had read somewhere that a Twilight vampire heart beats faster before it is fully changed and stopped.


It was a surge of power, I felt it flow through my veins. I felt it pounding at me, an unheard of energy, like a foreign reaction blasting through my body. It made me feel whole. My heart pulsed more rapidly than it has ever done before, the reaction more exhilarating than a roller-coaster, smoother than blood. I felt it as the blood rushed from my heart, surging through my body, carrying its power, where it was flowing from my bloodstream to my limbs, making my body feel…unfamiliar. Alien. The rush was unlike any adrenaline rush, it was power. A raw energy. It was the power that would alter my entire being, making it separate from my humanity. It was flowing through my body, nothing stopping it. Even when the blood returned to my heart, the power, the feeling, still lingered. I knew, instinctively that then, distinctly, that I was…different.