Boy In The Basement
Chapter 1 – The Basement

The house was bigger then any place he had ever seen before. His large blue eyes blinked at the amount of space it covered. Quickly he sprinted towards the door, his orange button up shirt (unbottoned) flowed behind him as he ran. He quickly threw open the door putting his hands next to his mouth.


A man with a brown pony tail shook his head at the teenager in front of them. He was peering into the door with a curious look on his face, the hello he sent into the empty home went unanswered. He turned around to the man and grinned a toothy, breath taking grin, "Can I go explore, papa?"

The man nodded, "Be careful."

He grinned, "Thank you!"

With that he was off. A gray haired man walked up to the brown haired man looking at the door seeing the teen run by a few times. "Iruka, ready to see our new home?"

Iruka looked up towards the man, smiling, "Of course."

The teenager grinned skipping around the house, it would be easy to get some alone time here. He moved to the stairs about to move up them when a door caught his eye. He blinked at it, his hand going up to scratch his blonde haired head. He quickly bounced off the first stair to the door. He raised his hand to open it when it hesitated in front of the door knob. This door, it had a different vibe then the whole place. It had a different feel to it; almost as if it were calling to him.

A hand was placed on his shoulder causing him to jump, he looked behind him to see a gray haired man. His hand moved from the door knob to over his heart clutching it, "Don't scare me like that dad!"

The man smirked, "That's the basement. The people that lived here before made it into a furnished room."

He turned away from his father and looked back at the door, "Can I go explore?"

"Yes, Naruto."

He turned around grinning, "Thank you!"

He quickly turned the knob running down the carpeted stairs. The door was shut behind him, and his blue eyes sparkled at the sight before him. The room was painted a plain white color, the carpet floor warmed his feet and felt nice between his toes. He looked around the room for a light switch, but couldn't find one. He titled his head to the side searching for one among the walls. Using the light from the two small windows the were ground level.

"Light, light, light."

He felt something between his hands and flicked the light switch up with a grin, "Light!"

The room was a simple rectangle shape with a small closest to the side. There was a twin sized bed pressed against the wall with nothing on it. He scanned the white walls, until he found something and gasped, "A hole!"

He quickly jumped over to the wall, and looking into the hole, gulping at the darkness behind it. Another hand touched his shoulder and he quickly turned around, "Dad I sai…"

He blinked, nothing was there. His head tilted to the side, "I knew he was a ninja."

He a shake of his head, he heard his Papa calling his name, "Coming!"

He quickly ran up the stairs completely unfair of the black eyes that followed him from the small hole in the wall.

When he closed the basement door from behind him he was met with two smiling faces, "Have you picked your room?"

Naruto thought for a minute before pouting, "Can I have the basement?"

Iruka blinked, "The basement? But why not a room upstairs?"

His dad nodded, "You can have the basement."


The gray haired man grinned, "He's a big boy, I think he can handle the basement, Iruka."

Blonde spikes started nodding furiously, "I can handle anything!"

Kakashi's hand met blonde hair and began to give him a "palm-noogy". "Well, I wouldn't go that far."

The blue eyes glared at him, "Stop it, dad!"

Iruka smiled, "How about we go out to eat tonight?"

Blue eyes sparkled, "Can I get ramen?!"

The brown haired man nodded, "Of course."



The boy just pouted at him, "I don't want to carry my boxes down there!"

"Says the boy who can handle anything."

Naruto glared at Kakashi, "I can too, Believe it!"

He grabbed three boxes stacking them on top of each other, waking towards the stairs. He gulped carefully walking down the stairs. He heard the door close behind him and he took his next step. And another. And another. And-

His foot missed the step causing the boxes to drop and fall in front of him, his body following shortly after. "AHH!"

He closed his eyes waiting for contact with the carpet but was met with nothing. Absolutely nothing. He opened his eyes and gasped to see he was completely off the floor. It was then that he felt the hands around his waist and legs.


A chuckle met his ears, "Not quite, Na-ru-to."

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