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Note: All of this is based off everything I learned in History. We just finished WW1, so that is the majority of it, but there is one or two WW2 chpts.

Words: 345World War 1- America

"I don't know what to do… what to choose." the young blonde sat at his desk, holding his pounding head in his hands.

"Well, we have to choose soon. Our ships are being attacked, innocents are dying. We've tried to stay out of it, we've even tried bargaining, but it's gone too far." The president stared at his nation seriously, not considering how pressured he already felt with half of his population supporting the German's cause, and half supporting the allies. And the decision was only made harder because of the simple fact that even though it was the Germans attacking the ships with their U-boats, there was a problem.

He was in love with Ludwig Weillshmeit.

"Boss, please. Can't we continue to stay neutral? You're purring me between my family, my friends, and my people most of all."


"Sir, Sir!" An attendant burst into the room, eyes wide with fear and out of breath, "We just got a message from Britain!"Alfred closed his eyes, feeling sick. A message from Arthur, oh the hellish things that could mean.

"Well out with it boy!" his boss urged him on, anxious for the information that was to come.

"He said that they managed to intercept a message from Germany to Mexico proposing a deal…"America could feel his bosses alarm. That meant that the Germans were going to any length to keep him out of the war. It made him grimace.

"And that's not all!" the young man had caught his breath and pushed forward with the information. "Germany proposed that if they cooperated with them that they would give him Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona!"

"Well then America, it's been decided…."

Alfred F. Jones couldn't hear his boss any longer. He had paled considerably now, and had to lay his head in his arms so not to pass out.

How could Germany do that to him? How? They were so close before all this…

a stray tear rolled down his cheek.

History behind this:

In WW1 America didn't want to join. In fact they despised getting into European business. There were a lot of speculations about if they did join, what side they would join, for as a country of immagrants, there were lot of people loyal to the Allied Powers (England, France, Russia, Serbia, & eventually Italy) as well as the Central Powers ( Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy ( though in 1915 they joined the Allies) and the Ottoman Empire ( who joined after Italy left)).
America eventually chose sides against Germany because of the Zimmerman Note, a proposition to Mexico that was intercepted by Britain, saying that if they attacked America and kept us busy and out of the war, Germany would give them Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.