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World Meeting-2010

Germany stood at the door to the World Meeting hall, debating on whether to go in or not.

He really didn't want to go in, he didn't want to face them all again. He didn't want to face him again and hide his feelings. He didn't want to face it all.

With that set in his mind, he turned, deciding, against all his morals, to ditch the meeting. He would ask Japan later for the notes; he really did just feel like shit.

He walked down the winding halls of the meeting building, glancing at his watch every so often. The meeting would have started already, and they would probably try and start with a touch on the disaster in Haiti…..

There was a buzz in his pocket.

He took out his phone to find he had a text from Italy.

"Hi Germany!~3

It's Italy. Where are you? You are always at these meetings. Are you sick? If you are, just tell me and I'll visit you later and bring you pasta!

Love~ Feliciano"

Germany sighed, closing his phone. He did feel sick, but not in that way. Or anyway that pasta could help.

He finally found his way to the front of the building and sat on the stairs, looking out into the morning sky.

By now, America probably had already come in late and started a fight with England…

He felt another buzz in his pocket and he sighed, taking out his phone again. This time it was from his brother.

"Oi, Bruder. Why did Feli text me all panicked? You told me you were going to the meeting, did you not go?

Are you thinking about him again?

~ Awesome Me.

Are you thinking about him again?

Germany closed his eyes.

Yes, of course he was.

Guilt had been plaguing him for so long, the other's pleads, his hurt face. The images had been becoming more and more frequent in his dreams.

America had only ever tried to help. He had asked so little in return considering how much he had given in the first place.

In WW1 Alfred had tried to stay out of it, but he had managed to drag him into it, simply because he hadn't known. And then he had managed to hurt him more on top of that.

And in WW2, he had tried to stay out of it again, but he just had to push it. He had to let his bitterness take over and ask Japan to do that. Then he had forgiven him, he had forgiven him, he pushes him, the man he loved, away.

And even after that he came back. He back and he helped break down his biggest obstacle. He helped him do something he could have never done by himself, and did he even thank him? No, he left him. He left him there alone.

Ludwig sat there with his head buried in his arms for what seemed like forever, but within ten minutes a voice drew him back to reality.

"Yo, Germany. Why aren't you in the meeting?"

Ludwig looked up and two bright blue eyes met his.

"Ah… Am… America. I thought you were already at the meeting…." He rubbed at his eyes quickly, not wanting the other to notice he was near tears.

"Nah, I stopped by McDonalds to get something to eat. I got hungry on the way here…"

"Ah…" he grunted and looked down at the steps.

"So what's wrong?" America flopped down on the stairs next to him much to his surprise.


" If you say so…" there was that charming smile that made his stomach flutter.

They sat in silence for a long while, the pressure building in his chest.

"America…?" he finally managed something out.


"I… I'm sorry."

"For what?"

For what he asked. Ludwig ground his teeth. How could he ever have denied him? His fears had all been so irrational, especially after what they had been through.

"For…. For everything."


"I wish we could go back…"

There was a silence and Germany bowed his head. He shouldn't have said anything. He had screwed it up again.

Or so he thought.

"Why would we go back?" America laughed happily. " If you wanted to go back to what we had then, you just had to say so!"

Germany's head snapped up, a red blush engulfing his face.

"Thank you for apologizing and putting aside your pride." And before Ludwig could even thing about what was said, their lips met.

It was the kiss that fixed it all.

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