AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a parody of the 5th episode of Cory in the house 'Rock the Vote' again, like all my parodies, this is just merely the cast.

Ricky Hunk- Brandon Mychal Smith (Candy Smiles)

Shiloh Miller- Lil' Mama

Bradley 'Brad' Liu- Justin Chon

Alessandra 'Allie' Livingston- Josie Loren

Chef Amanda- Jennifer Garner

President Johnson- Candance Cameron

Drew and Dean Johnson- Shane and Brent Kinsman

Mrs. Mozarelli- Nancy McKeon (one of the 3rd grade parents)

Mr. Trechmi- David DeLuise (Ms. Flowers)

Trevor- Bradley Steven Perry (Tanisha)

The zoo keeper- Jerry Trainor