AUTHOR'S NOTE: Wow, this is so far the second chapter I've written this day.

Meanwhile, back at Drew and Dean's school, President Johnson wanted to impress those kids some more. So she decided on a new tactic that just might work. Mr. Trechmi was examining a piece of paper, that belong to one of the kids. "Wow, Kyle, your dog did eat your homework." Mr. Trechmi remarked. Somebody knocked on the door.

"Hey, may I have a word with the kids?" President Johnson asked.

"Mrs. President, hey!" Mr. Trechmi greeted, turning to his students. "Look class, the president is back."

"Yes, I wanted to finish up my presentation." President Johnson explained. That same kid, Rebecca, spoke up from last time.

"Did you bring pizza?" Rebecca asked, innocently.

"No sweetie, I didn't bring pizza." President Johnson said.

"Are you sure you want to continue?" Mr. Trechmi asked.

"Yep. Because I never got to tell these kids how the two party political systems began." President Johnson said. Drew and Dean rolled their eyes from their seats.

"She just won't stop, will she bro?" Drew asked. Dean sighed.

"I guess not." Dean said.

"But I thought I'd tell the story using toys!" President Johnson exclaimed, bringing in a bunch of stuffed toys from the store she bought.

"Wow!" The whole third grade class exclaimed, excitedly.

"Now, did you know that this elephant, right here....."President Johnson began, holding up a stuffed toy elephant. "Is the national symbol of the republican party!"

"Amazing!" The class exclaimed.

"Here you go, Trevor." President Johnson said, handing the stuffed toy elephant to Trevor.

"Cool! Thanks, Mrs. President." Trevor said.

"And this...."President Johnson said, digging through the stuffed animals and hold up a stuffed donkey. "....this is a donkey, the national symbol of the democratic party." President Johnson gave the stuffed toy to Rebecca.

"Here you go, Rebecca." President Johnson said.

"Thanks!" Rebecca exclaimed, happily.

"Your mom is so awesome!" Brandon told Drew and Dean.

"I know. That's why she's....."Dean paused dramatically.

".....the first female president of the United States!" Drew and Dean continued in unison.