A double drabble written for the tthdrabbles community on Livejournal. My first (hopefully not last) contribution to that comm.

title: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
word count: 200
fandom: BtVS/Twilight
challenge: #079 - Horror movie monsters
disclaimer: Don't own the characters from either property. They belong to Joss Whedon and Stephanie Meyer, respectively.

Dawn woke from excruciating pain to a burning feeling in her throat. She was thirsty. She scratched at her throat absently, and frowned when she realize how different she felt.

Hesitantly, she got up. As she moved, she got a whiff of something gross—sweat, her brain provided, and dried blood.

When, she wondered, had she started easily identifying smells like dried blood? Crap. She'd traveled to Volterra for Giles to investigate reports of missing persons. It figured kidnapping would be part of the visit. She'd planned her trip around a Tuesday, too, to avoid problems.

There was a mirror on the wall adjacent to the bed. The frame was ornate, looking like it had come straight out of Disney's Snow White. When in front of it, Dawn gasped. She was gorgeous, her face's small imperfections erased. She froze when she noticed her eyes: they were a brilliant garnet red.

Her mind flashed to old Watchers' journals that described a type of vampire that called Italy home. Not the demonic fang-bearing kind she was familiar with, they were something different.

Her reflection made her want to cry. I'm the worst kind of horror movie monster, she thought. The beautiful kind.