title:...and back again
word count:
#98: not again
I down neither Buffy the Vampire nor The Lord of the Rings, and make no money off of this creative fanwork.
I like to pretend Wesley didn't die in Angel. So consider this an AU. This is also a fic for all pairing.

Wesley landed with no grace, a heap of arms and legs, face first in the grass. His screaming joints reminded him that he was too old to be in the field. Next time, he lied to himself, he'd stay home. Safe.

He moved and saw an immaculate lawn, a gleaming white tree in full bloom, and two angry-looking men in plate mail, with a third man, barely discernible, behind them.

He froze. They were clearly guards; he didn't want to seem threatening.

Their charge spoke quietly, and the guards parted just enough for Wesley to see.

"Estel?" He had aged; gray hair replaced brown, wrinkles marked previously smooth skin. At least I know where I am, then. If not when.

His old friend's face broke into a wide smile. Estel strode past his guards and helped Wesley stand from where he'd frozen. Estel hugged him fiercely. "Welcome to Gondor, Wesley. It is good to see you again."

Wesley blinked. Assessed his friend. Blinked again. He bowed as best he could. "Your majesty."

"Estel, Wesley, please. We are friends from Rivendell."

"Of course." He looked around in curiosity. "Gondor?"

Estel smiled, an expression laden with pride and loss. "It is a long story."