Shinzo Guardians Chapter 1

"Yakumo where are you going west is that way." Mushra asked the human while he was upside down on his hover board and pointed in the other direction they were headed.

"Hakuba needs fuel and Kutal told me there's a town this way." Yakumo answered giving Mushra a smile that made him quickly turn his head and blush. She then turned to look back at the surrounding buildings that use to be an old city from here time.

"What's wrong with Yakumo, Mushra?" Sago asked as he came up next to Mushra.

"I don't know, I think she's interested in these old ruins, as if there is anything intrusting about them." Mushra said and he returned his hover board to the right way up and sat down on it.

"You forget Mushra these old ruins are from her time. So it's really not fair of you say that. How would it make you feel if you where in Yakumo shoes." Sago said looking at the young Enterran. Nodding his head Mushra gave a heavy sigh to show he under stood what the water Enterran was talking about.

"Um Yakumo you wouldn't mind if we stop for some lunch first. The kittens seem kind of hungry, and the town is still a bit away if my memory is correct." Kutal asked hopping the answer was yes as he was staving and his mouth was already watering with the thought of food.

"Well I am kind of hungry myself, and if the town is still a bit away I think we could all use a little brake." Yakumo said to the over grown cat. "Is that all right with you Hakuba?" Yakumo asked her robot companion.

"That is fine Yakumo, I can recharge my batters. That should be enough to get us to the next town." Hakuba said turning his head to Yakumo.

"I guess that settles it we should find a place to rest." Yakumo said turning towards the Enterrans. They all soon found a nice place to camp just outside an old abandoned building that unlike the rest of the building did not look like it was about to crumble or collapse anytime soon.

From one of the windows of the building a figure hid in the shadows watching the group set up a small camp fire. Not far from the figure, standing in the light of the sun shining throw the window was a small reptilian Enterran.

"Good I see you were able to get the human and her companions to these ruin." The figure said in a soft female voice. She turned to look at the Enterran her gold eyes shining in the shadows.

"Yes, it wasn't easy draining that robot of nearly all its oil without one of them noticing me." The Enterran told the figure a wide smirk forming on his lips. "But now not only do I get to make money by handing the human in, but by selling all this oil. I'll be rich."

"Who ever said anything about the handing the human in." The figure said.

"You did, you told me if I help you capture the human you would give me power." The Enterran said walking towards the girl.

"No I believe I told you I would give you power if you brought the human and her companions to these ruins. I said nothing about capturing Yakumo." The girl said turning her back to the Enterran.

"So you're just going to kill the human?"

"In time;" the figure said as she started to walk out of the room.

"What do you mean in time, why did you want that disgusting human and those traitors at these ruins? What are you after if it's not for the money?" The Enterran asked walking even closer to the girl. Before he could take another step thou the girl had quickly turned around to the Enterran stabbing a red blood stained dagger throw his gut.

"How disgusting you pitiful Enterrans are." The girl said removing the dagger from the lizard and watched as he fell to the floor.

"Now was that really necessary sister." A male voice said from behind the girl as she looked at the blood stained blade. "He did his job in bringing the guardians little chosen heroes here"

"I know that's why I thought I would give him a quick death for his reward." The girl said turning towards the new figure that stood by the door. The light coming in blocked out how he looked from the girl.

"By putting him to sleep?" the boy said looking down at the lizard. The girl looked down at the lizard again before forming an energy ball at the Enterran and shooting it at him destroying the Enterran and only leaving behind his en-card.

"It's always peaceful to go in your sleep." The girl said walking towards the door. "Now are we going to get that brat or what?" The girl asked making the boy smile at his sister.

"Yes we'll get him now, but I suggest we play with them a little, after all we still have time." The boy said making the girl smile back at her brother before they both left the room.

In the celestial realm a young boy wearing golden armour, a white shirt underneath and black trousers. He had had pale purple hair that stuck up like a flame and his eyes were light blue. He stood by a large window overlooking all of the celestial creatures below; the boy was holding something to his chest completely ignoring what was going on around him.

"Raven you ok." A concern voice asked as a young girl wearing the same armour as him, but instead of wearing a white shirt underneath it was a white dress. She had long black hair that was held in place with a gold hair band with two green jewels on the side her eyes where bright green the same as the jewels. She walked up beside Raven to see what he was holding.

"Why is it that there is always something wrong happening to people?" Raven asked looking at the eternal night sky.

"I guess that is the way life is. Just waiting for the unexpected," the girl answered Raven with a sad look but she then got a soft smile on her face. "But in the end everything turns out good now doesn't it." At this Raven couldn't help but chuckle

"No matter what you always look on the bright side of things. Don't you Serenity." Raven said putting a hand throw his hair.

"Hey, Raven, Serenity how's it going." Another boy said coming into the room making both Raven and Serenity turn to the boy. He wore the same armour as both Raven and Serenity, his hair was bright red sticking up but also tilting to the right. The boy also had a deep scare going across his nose. "Raven can you talk to Crystal."

"Why would you won't me to talk to her?" Raven said in annoyed voice as he looked towards the other boy who started walking back from him. "Anything you did to her you can sort out your self don't bring me into it Teran."

"Oh come one she you're sister and I only stepped on a few of her flowers." Teran groaned scratching the back of his head. Raven just looked at him before looking at his hand that held a photo.

"Fine I'll talk to her." Raven sighed out of annoyances. This made both Teran and Serenity look at him shocked.

"Hey you alright, you're not ill or anything, don't tell me you ate Serenity cooking again?" Teran asked Raven as he put his hand to Raven head to feel his temperature.

"Hey, my cooking isn't that bad." Serenity said to Teran putting her hands on her hips.

"We're immortal and already you're cooking has nearly killed Raven more times than I can count." Teran said.

"It has not; it's just made him really ill." Serenity said saying the last part in a low voice.

"Teran can you take your hand of me." Raven interrupted both guardians and making Teran jump back.

"Sorry about that, but seriously are you alright, you never offer to talk to Crystal. You normally just hit me over the head and tell me not to bother you with my problems." Teran said looking really worried.

"I don't know I just have a bad feeling like something is going to happen on Enterra." Raven said as he looked down at the photo.

"Oh come on, you just want to see you're ……" Teran started when Serenity butted in.

"Then why don't you go and check it out. We'll come to." Serenity said while Raven got an angry look on his face.

"What I can't do that it's against the rules to interfere with a planet and its life." Raven said.

"Yah but you're worried, so just go for a little while we won't go to close, we'll just make sure everything is ok and then come right back." Serenity said smiling at Raven, Raven was trying to think of something to argue back but in the end he just gave up since he did wont to go to Enterra.

"All right we'll go but not for long. We'll make sure everything is fine, and we are not allowed to interfere with anything." Raven said to both Serenity and Teran before spreading golden wings and flying into the night sky.

"Star is not going to like this." Teran said shaking his head as he looked at Raven flying off. "And there is no way I am telling Crystal you can just forget it."

"Well neither of them will have to know if we hurry, and it's not like we are actually going to step foot on Enterra." Serenity said as she two spread out her golden wings and flew off.

"Yah right, now I have a bad feeling." Teran said as he went a picked up the picture Raven had dropped. Looking at it he saw Raven in the background with a serious face crossing his arms while a girl that looked like him stood a little in front of him, she had the same colour hair but it was longer, up to her shoulders and wavy. She wore the same outfit as Serenity and even had the same hair band only with blue jewels. The last figure was a boy his hair was the same as Ravens only down and longer in the front going around his face. His eyes were the colour as both Raven's and the girl's. He had a crown on his forehead and a large blue jewel in the centre of it. Putting the picture down on the windowsill Teran took to the sky and left for the blue planet called Enterra.

"Uncle Kutal, can me Rai and Estee are go and to look around. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE." Sen asked giving his uncle big puppy dog (pussy cat) eyes. "Alright but don't go too far now. The food will be ready any minute, and we are leaving right after." Kutal said patting his nephew on the head. With that said the three kittens let out a cheer and ran off into the old building they were all next to.

"JUST STAY ON THE GROUND LEVEL" Kutal called after them.

"Are you sure that it's safe Kutal? We don't know how stable this building really is." Sago asked looking at his feline friend.

"Oh don't worry, they well be fine. We haven't been attacked in a week. And as long as they stay on the ground level I'm sure nothing would happen." Kutal answered Sago while the water Enterran just looked at Kutal. Unlike the cat Enterran he was actually worried about not being attacked in so long and the fact that Hakuba had lost so much fuel was worrying him a little.

"Hey do you know where Yakumo is?" Sago asked.

"She went to look around the ruins for a bit." Kutal answered as he stirred the soup before lifting spoon up to taste it and then put the spoon back down into the pot before adding some more salt.

A little bit away from the two Enterrans Mushra was sitting down with his back to a tree staring up at the bright sunny sky. He was board of how peaceful it was and just wanted to just get up and do something. He never did like just sitting around and doing nothing. With a heavy sigh Mushra stood and stretched and went over to join Kutal and Sago.

"Hey Kutal where are the kittens?" Mushra asked hoping playing with the kittens would be a lot more exiting then what he was doing at the moment 'which was nothing.'

"They've gone to go and look around the ruins." Kutal told Mushra.

"Is that a good idea those three have a habit of getting in trouble." Mushra said secretly hoping that there would be some trouble soon. He wasn't going to say that though since he knew Kutal would most likely hit him with the soup and he didn't want any first 1st degree burns.

"Don't worry Mushra nothing is going to happen, and their only going to stay on the ground level." Kutal said while Sago and Mushra both thought. 'Yah right.'

"Hey Mushra want to play a game of cards." Sago said turning to the younger Enterran.

"Alright." Mushra said.

"Great how much you got to bet." Sago said smirking as he knew Mushra luck.

"Hold on let me go and check."

Not too far from the three Enterrans Yakumo was walking around the building. Something seemed odd about it, they where different from the once she was use to seeing. They seemed to be from after her time but for some reason they seemed to have just been as if it was just made now.

"Why do these ruins bother me so much," The human wounded to herself as she continued walking around a bit more before coming across an open window. Taking a moment Yakumo looked throw the window to see what the inside of it was like. As she peered throw the window all of a sudden a bunch of birds came flying out knocking her down.

"Ahhh!" Yakumo screamed a little as she covered her face until all the birds had left. After all the birds were gone Yakumo stood up looking back throw the window to see a shadow run by. "What was that?" Yakumo said as she pressed her face closer to the window to see what had run by. "Was I seeing things?"

"Sen, Rai, Estee, Yakumo soups ready." Kutal called out, Yakumo could hear Sago giving out to Kutal. "Kutal, do you want every Enterran on Enterra to know where we are?" Yakumo couldn't help but smile as she started making her way back to the Enterrans. She quickly looked back towards the window but seeing nothing so she continued walking.

"Hey Rai can we go back now, Lunch might be ready." Sen asked his twin brother as the three of them were now making their way to the third floor.

"Yah and didn't uncle Kutal tell us to stick to the bottom floor." Estee said to her older brother.

"Oh come on, I want to see more. Don't you." Rai said to his brother and sister.

"But I'm hungry." Sen said while Estee nodded her head.

"We'll I'm going to see what's at the top." Rai said as he continued to climb the stairs.

"Rai wait up." Estee said seeing her brother going up the stairs. She wanted to go back to her uncle but at the same time she didn't want to leave her brother here.

"Well, well what do we have here?" The three kittens heard, as they looked up the stairs they saw a girl around 16 or 17 years old she had long golden hair that was curly and golden eyes. She wore a long red dress that was tied with red string on the side, her boots and gloves were the same colour as her dress, her gloves having blue jewels on the end of them.

"Who are you?" Estee asked the girl as she quickly hid behind Rai on the stairs.

"Me, I'm Zafire." The girl grinned as she walked down towards the kittens. "And this is my brother Entra." Zafire said as a boy in his early 20 came out up from the stairs the kittens had just came from. He had bronzed hair and the same golden eyes as Zafire. He had a black cloak around him that had yellow and green armour on his left shoulder, underneath the cloak was gray and blue armour, dark navy shirt and dark blue trousers. Around his waist was a light blue sash.

"We'll it looks like we have some bait." Entra said he walked closer towards Sen who was closes to him.

"Sen run." Rai said as he held onto his sister as Zafire made her way towards them.


"What was that?" Yakumo asked looking in the direction the scream came from.

"That's Rai Sen and Estee. There in trouble." Kutal shouted as he throw his food down that he was just about to serve to Sago and rushed into the building he saw the kittens ran off into earlier.

"Kutal wait up." Mushra said worried for the kittens but also hoping this was his chance to finely have some action.

"I told him something might happen." Sago said getting up and following his two friends. Yakumo putting down her food also followed her friend's wonting to know what happened to the kittens.

As all of them enter the building they each felt a deep heavy pressure as if something wasn't right.

"RAI, SEN, ESTEE WHERE ARE YOU!" Kutal called out looking around.

"I think the scream came from up stairs Kutal." Yakumo said as she looked up. She was quite surprised that the inside of the building was more well kept after 500 years and also there was nothing in the building at all.

"I told those three to stay on the bottom level." Kutal said worried

"This is strange." Sago said noticing the same thing Yakumo did.

"Yah I know." Mushra also said looking around and being on his guard. All other them walked throw the building careful as they opened doors to check inside

"Do you think it is a trap?" Yakumo asked as all of them made their way deeper into the building.

"We'll whoever set this trap is going to regret it if they have done anything to my family." Kutal said all of them finally finding the stairs and making their way up.

"I'd be careful; whoever set this up must of thought of this quite throw." Sago said looking around the corner of the stairs on the second landing to make sure there was no one there.

"What do you mean Sago?" Mushra asked the water Enterran as all of them stopped for a moment to hear what sago was going to say.

"What I mean is they must have prepared these building and the ones all around us. Making them look like they were from Yakumo time." Sago said.

"You mean there could be bobby traps?" Kutal asked and sago nodded.

"Well we haven't run into any at the moment." Mushra said.

"That's because there is none." All four tuned around to see at the end of the corridor was Zafire.

"Who are you?" Mushra demanded bring out his staff ready to fight. Sago and Kutal did the same with their own weapons.

"Now, now fighting is not necessary here." Entra spoke coming out of the shadows on the other side of the corridor.

"Who are you two, have you seen three small kittens." Yakumo asked looking at the too. There was something she didn't trust about them but as long as they weren't going to fight she was happy. 'Just talk things throw.' She thought to herself quietly.

"My name is Zafire; this is my older brother Entra." Zafire said as she pointed to herself and Entra.

"As for three kittens; there right here." Entra said as he held up Sen and Rai, who he was holding behind his back. Zafire held up Estee as well. All three of the kittens were tied up and had cloth around their mouth to stop any of them from screaming.

"What have you done to them?" Mushra growled at the two as he was about to charge at Entra but Yakumo quickly held him back.

"Mushra don't, the kittens."

"You fiend, let them go right now." Kutal growled he never felt so angry before but he wasn't about to charge at the two as he was afraid what would happen to them.

"Now, now we only just came to talk." Zafire said bringing Estee towards her face as if the kitten was a new toy. Estee started to struggle some more tears coming to her eyes she was so scared. Kutal felt himself about to charge at her but sago grabbed his arm.

"Kutal if you charge at them without thinking you will only be putting the kittens in more danger." Sago told his friend, he could still fell Kutal shaking with rage. "What do you want with the kittens?" Sago asked turning towards Entra.

"Their just the bait."

"For what?" Mushra asked holding up his staff.

"What do you think?" Entra said back narrowing his eyes at Mushra. The fire Enterran was about to charge at Entra again, but Yakumo continued to hold him back. "Mushra stop."

"My, my here we came just to talk and already you can't wait to get into a fight." Zafire said as she leaned against the wall, still holding Estee.

"Then there was no point in taking the kittens if you only wanted to talk. Please just let them go were here now, I promise we won't fight you." Yakumo asked as she watched Estee struggle.

"Sorry Yakumo but were keeping them for the time being. You may promise not to fight us if we let these kittens go, but I don't think Mushra or the cat feel the same way." Zafire said, Sago narrowed his eyes at her catching what she had said.

"What's that suppose to mean." Mushra said turning to Zafire.

"What I mean little boy is, that you seem like you can't wait to start a fight. The cat I understand since their related so of course he would be worried about them, but you, you just want to fight because you can. You don't care what happens to these kittens."

"Of course I care what happens to the kittens" Mushra said angry his whole body was shaking with anger now.

"Then why is the human holding you back." Entra said.

"What is it that you won't?" Sago asked cutting in before Mushra could reply.

"What everyone on Enterra wants?" Entra said. "For all the human's to be whipped out." A smile came to Entra face as Mushra broke away from Yakumo and charged at him. Mushra was about to hit Entra with his staff when Entra quickly moved out the way at the last second throwing Sen in the way of the oncoming staff and making the small cat get hit instead.

"SEN." Kutal called out watching his nephew fall to the floor. Sago eyes were wide with shock at what had just happened lost for words while Yakumo covered her mouth. Kutal quickly broke away from Sago and ran over to Sen to see if he was alright. Mushra stood there shocked as well; he didn't think Entra would throw Sen at him.

"Kutal....Sen....I...I...didn't..." Mushra started to say as he lowered his weapon and watched as Kutal picked Sen up. He could see a cut on top of the young cats head.

"hahahahahaha, I guess you can't change Enterrans." They all turned to look at Zafire who was now laughing at them all before dropping Estee to the floor and stepping back.

"Just give them a reason and they fight, not caring who gets hurt in the process. How does it feel Yakumo for being that reason?" Zafire finished saying before sinking into the shadows.

"I guess we can finish this later." Entra said as he dropped Rai and also disappeared into the shadows as well.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Mushra called out and was about to chase after Entra when Yakumo stopped him.

"Mushra leave them." She said shaking.

"But their getting awa..." Mushra started saying when Yakumo cut him off. "And Sen is hurt."

"They threatened you." Mushra said about to run off after Entra again.

"And that gave you a reason to put my nephew in danger." Kutal said turning towards Mushra, who took a step back from the cat's anger. He'd never seen Kutal this angry not even with Gyasa, when the snake was about to attack the kittens.

"Kutal." Mushra said as Kutal just turned his back to the fire Enterran and untied Sen. As soon as Sen was free the young kitten grabbed his arm and crying in pain. Yakumo who had untied Estee who ran over to make sure that Sen was alright. Sago had untied Rai and who quickly ran over to his brother worried.

"Sen are you alright?" Mushra asked walking to them but stopped when he saw the look of fear on Sen face.

"Uncle Kutal, can we get out of here?" Estee asked burying her head into Kutal side scared.

"I think we better head to the next town as soon as possible. Get Sen some Medical treatment." Sago said as he walked past Mushra not saying a word to the younger Enterran.

"Kutal how long until the next town?" Yakumo asked as she helped Kutal stand up who was still holding Sen.

"About an hour or two." Kutal said, Rai and Estee climbed on to his shoulders not wanting to be away from the uncle.

"Yakumo doses Hakuba have any medical equipment?" Sago asked the human.

"I think so, I'm not sure." Yakumo said turning towards the water Enterran.

"Come on we better go and check." Sago said turning and walking back down the stairs. Kutal holding Sen in his arms and Estee and Rai on his shoulders quickly followed. Yakumo stayed back just for a little bit turning to look at Mushra who was staring at the floor.

"Mushra am I the reason you fight?" Yakumo asked seeing as Mushra head shot up to look at her.

"Wha... of course, I promised that I would protect you."

"By fighting, Mushra I'm trying to make peace in the world not more violence. How am I supposed to do that when all you won't is to fight and put other's in danger."

"I didn't know he was going to throw Sen at me."

"But you knew he had Sen and Rai, you knew he had them as hostages and that they were in danger, yet all you wanted was to fight." Yakumo said turning as she started walking down the stairs, at that moment she didn't want to look at Mushra.

"Yakumo." Mushra said but Yakumo had already gone down the stairs following both Sago and Kutal.


"Yakumo is that you." Hakuba said looking up as the robot heard footsteps coming from behind him. Turning his head Hakuba couldn't see anyone behind him. Turning to look at the sides Hakuba could only see Kutal car and Sago scooter.

"So you're Yakumo transportation." Zafire said in from in front of Hakuba and making the robot quickly turn its head to look at her, as soon as Hakuba saw Zafire his eyes widen and his mouth fell open.

"Now we can't have you all leaving, not until we get what we came for." Zafire smirked as she started to walk towards the robot, while Hakuba started to reverse backwards; he was soon stopped as Entra placed his foot on the back of Hakuba making him stop. The last thing Hakuba saw was his shadow come to life encircling around him was Zafire smirk.

Then all there was, was the sound of metal and wires ripping apart.

As the group quickly made their way back to the camp site. As soon as they got there they all stopped.

"What happened here?" Yakumo said as her eyes fell on Hakuba her hands went straight to her mouth covering it in shock. Hakuba neck was ripped half off only being held together by few wires that had not been torn. The glass case around the seat was smash to pieces lying around Hakuba and inside. The metal was ripped of showing the wires sparking with electricity. "Hakuba."

"Them fiends." Kutal said holding Sen closer to him, while the other kittens turned away not wanting to look at their robot friend.

"Why would they do this?" Sago asked looking at his own transportation that was thrown into Kutal car sparks flying out of it was lose wires; one of its legs was out moving slowly trying to get out.

Kutal car wasn't any better its doors ripped off with two of the tires missing while the other two was slashed. There were dents all over the car.

"They don't won't us to leave." Mushra said coming up behind them all and looking at what Entra and Zafire had done.

"Hakuba, Hakuba are you alright?" Yakumo asked running up to the robot.

"" Hakuba continued saying as Yakumo reached the robot, Hakuba eyes were fading in and out not noticing Yakumo next to him. "Hakuba." Yakumo said putting her hands on the robots head.

"Yakumo, what's Hakuba saying." Sago asked coming up behind the human.

"I don't know, I can't make it out."

"How are we going to get out of here uncle Kutal?" Estee asked.

"Don't worry, we'll find a way out of here." Kutal said to Estee reassuring her.

"But there's no way out for us here, we don't have transportation and the next town is too far to walk." Rai said tears coming down from his eyes. He was all but ready to give up hope on leaving the ruined city.

"Rai don't worry we'll find a way out of here." Yakumo said as she stood up. "We just have to believe."

"But Yakumo." Rai said tears freely falling down his face as he looked from Yakumo to Sen. He was really worried about his brother and everyone could see is as he held onto Kutal tighter. "How."

"Rai." Kutal said looking to the kitten.

"We have to find some sort of transport." Sago said looking around but could only see ruins.

"Hey Sago, where's my hover board." Mushra asked noticing that his hover board wasn't in sight.

"I think you left it in Hakuba." Sago said as Mushra quickly rushed over to the destroyed robot and started looking around.

"Dam, they got my hover board as well." Mushra said as he picked the board up that was on Yakumo seat. It had a huge whole throw the middle of it. Mushra just let out a sigh as he let the board drop out of his hand and fall to the floor.

"Maybe there's something in one of the buildings or somewhere around us, medical equipment or supplies." Yakumo said bending back down and stroking Hakuba head.

"There won't be any Yakumo." Mushra said putting his hands to his head and looking up at the sky.

"So you're saying that we should just sit and do nothing." Kutal shouted at Mushra making the fire Enterran turn to look at the cat Enterran.

"No, I'm saying we get them before they get us. This was a trap, this whole thing was a trap, and I don't want to sit here waiting to be attacked." Mushra shouted back but lowered his voice as he saw Kutal turn his head away from him and the kittens try to hide in fear.

"Mushra stop it." Yakumo said as she came up to Mushra she grabbed his arm making him look at her.


"Just stop it Mushra don't you see you've done enough." Yakumo said as continued holding onto Mushra arm. "So just stop, and GROW UP." Yakumo shouted the last part making everything go quite. Mushra just looked up at her shocked at what she said before lowering his head and looking at the ground. Yakumo couldn't see his eyes since the shadow from his hair was covering it. Sago and Kutal just stood there shocked as they looked at the two waiting to see what was going to happen next.

"That's what you think." Mushra said eye's still hidden but he pulled his arm away from Yakumo with such force Yakumo almost fell over. "Fine I'll just get rid of them myself." Mushra said before he ran off passing both Kutal and Sago. The water Enterran turned around to look at Mushra.

"Mushra wait." Yakumo called after as she started to run after Mushra but Sago quickly grabbed onto her arm.

"Let him be for a minute Yakumo." Sago told Yakumo when the Human was about to complain sago continued talking. "Yakumo you're their target. Mushra will be fine. He'll just let out his frustration and come right back. Until then its best if you stay here so those two Enterrans don't find you." Sago let go of Yakumo but saw her still looking where Mushra had ran off.

"Kutal, tie this around Sen as a sling to keep his arm in place." Sago said as he started ripping part of his cape and throwing it to Kutal. The cat quickly picked up two pieces of wood that was lying on the floor and started tying part of the cape around Sen arm and the using the rest of the cape to make a sling.

"How's that Sen?" Kutal asked the kitten who was still holding his arm.

"It hurts." Sen cried trying to hold his tears in.

"Don't worry we will be out of here soon. Then we will get it looked at proper." Kutal said stroking Sen head avoiding the cut. Rai and Estee help Sen sit down when Kutal stood up and looked over to Sago who was holding some of the machine parts from Hakuba.

"Right, Yakumo do you know anything about tec..." Sago started to say as he turned to where Yakumo was only to see her not there.

"Where's Yakumo?" Rai asked noticing Yakumo wasn't there.

"She must off went to go look for Mushra." Estee said.

"What she thinking, with those two Enterrans around, Kutal come on we need to find Yakumo now." Sago said turning to the cat Enterran. Kutal nodded to Sago before turning to the three kittens.

"I want you three to hide."

"But uncle Kutal."

"No buts, you're to hide and not to come out at all till I get back." Kutal said giving the kittens a smile before he and Sago ran off to look for Yakumo. He turned around to see Estee and Rai helping Sen find a hiding place.

Mushra stopped running when he thought he was further enough away from everyone before he turned to a nearby building and punched it making it collapse to the floor around him.

"Who needs them anyway? I try helping them and they just blame me for everything." Mushra said as he looked at his hand that was shaking, he didn't know if it was with anger or because he was upset. "Fine I'll find those two and beat the crap out of them." As Mushra was about to walking off he found that his legs wouldn't move.

"What the?" Looking down he saw his own shadow wrapped around his legs preventing him from moving. Quickly Mushra grabbed one of his legs trying to pull it out from the shadow when he heard laughing behind him.

"Poor little Mushra, did your friends abounded you?" Zafire mocked as she appeared behind the Enterran. Mushra spun around as far as he could to look at her.

"This is great I was just looking for you, now I'm going to beat the crap out of you and get out of here." Mushra said going to punch Zafire but missed her as she stepped out of the way and nearly making Mushra lose his balance. Mushra quickly waved his arms around to stop himself from falling.

"And how do you plan on doing that, you've already fallen in to our trap." Entra said making Mushra turn to look at him, just as Entra grabbed Mushra around the neck lifting him from the ground. The shadow around Mushra legs also let go making Mushra start to kick them hoping to hit Entra so that he would also be let go.

"Let me go." Mushra said still struggling.

"And why would we do that. When we got what we came for." Zafire said making Mushra stop his eyes moved to try and look at her, when all of a sudden he felt a sharp pain in his back. Everything started to go dark and his eyes started to get heavy. The last thing Mushra saw was Entra smirk as he dropped him to the floor.

"Where are you Mushra?' Yakumo thought as she walked around the ruined city trying to find Mushra. She had a really bad feeling and wanted to just find Mushra and get back to Sago and Kutal.

Earlier on she saw a building collapse and had rushed into that direction but she soon found herself lost again. She felt like giving up and going to see if Mushra had gone back to Sago and Kutal, but she couldn't even do that as she didn't even know which way she had came. As Yakumo turned a corner she saw Zafire and Entra, quickly she moved back around the corner, her back against a wall hoping they hadn't seen her.

"Let me go." Yakumo eyes widened as she heard Mushra voice.

"And why would we do that. When we got what we came for."

Hearing this Yakumo quickly came out from behind the corner to see Mushra drop down onto the floor. Both Zafire and Entra turned to see Yakumo.

"Wh...what did you do to Mushra." Yakumo said seeing a small amount of blood coming out from Mushra back.

"We just put him to sleep." Zafire answered pointed her dagger at Yakumo. "Which is more then I can say what were going to do to you." Zafire said before rushing into stab Yakumo. As Zafire slashed her dagger upwards hopping to cut Yakumo face but as the human stepped backwards tripped over a lose piece of rubble making her fall and just miss the dagger.

"Zafire hurry up and finish her off." Entra said as he picked Mushra up and put him under his arm.

"Let him go, what you want with Mushra." Yakumo called but soon yelled in pain as Zafire grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up.

"Now why would we tell you that?" Zafire said as she throws Yakumo over to a building. Yakumo screamed out in pain as soon as her back hit the stone wall.

"You might as well go Entra; this human will be easy to get rid of." Zafire said bring up her knife as she slowly started walking towards Yakumo.

"Make it quick." Entra said raising his arm. As he did this his own shadow started to rise up until it was as tall as him. "I'm only keeping the passage open for 3 minutes."

"Why so long."

"Because I know how much you like to play." Entra smirked as he was about to walk throw the portal when he heard movement from where Yakumo was. Looking over he and Zafire saw Yakumo slowly stand up holding onto her arm.

"What type of Enterrans are you? Why did you hurt Mushra? What are you after?" Yakumo said her voice braking as she felt like bursting into tears.

"Disgusting, how dare you even put us into the same category as those lowly insects." Zafire said throwing her dagger at Yakumo just missing the human by an inch. "Were Kadrians, beings far superior to you all."

"Kadrians?" Yakumo whispered looking at her and then Entra before her eyes fell on Mushra who was still unconscious.

"And besides it wasn't us that hurt this brat, I believe that was your fault. I'll be saying good bye to him now because you're never going to see him again." Entra said before walking through the portal. Yakumo seeing this went to go and stop him when Zafire grabbed her again and throw her up against the wall holding her by the throat.

"Mushra." Yakumo said trying to get Zafire to let her go.

"Guess this is good bye Yakumo." Zafire said grabbing her dagger of the floor next to her. Zafire then raised it up and was about to stab it into Yakumo, when Yakumo panicked and kicked her, catching the Kadrian of guard and making her slash Yakumo arm instead.

"Stupid Human." Zafire snapped at Yakumo punching her to the ground. "You're already making me waste enough of my time." Zafire now stood over Yakumo.

"Why?" Yakumo asked looking up at Zafire.

"Why?" Zafire repeated anger in her voice.

"Why are you doing this? Why did you take Mushra?" Yakumo said weakly getting up but her arms felt heavy and she found herself falling back down.

"Why, because this miserable planet should have been destroyed 500 years ago, because that little brat is the whole reason where here, Because this universe is filled with filth and disgusting creatures like you humans and Enterrans. "

"What." Yakumo said as she started felling faint she tried getting up again only to fall down again making Zafire start laughing.

"Wondering why you're feeling so faint." Zafire said changing the subject as she saw Yakumo look like she was going to fall down, while Yakumo raised her head, her eyes opening and closing.


"This dagger has a very high poison. Don't worry it won't kill you; it only puts you to sleep. If you're stabbed deep enough you lose conciseness right away. But you were only scratched by it so it takes a bit longer." Zafire said bending down in front of Yakumo holding the dagger in front of her.

"You're insane." Yakumo breathed heavily as her eyes went in and out of focus.

"That maybe so." Zafire raised the dagger above her head.

"Good bye Yakumo." She finished before she went to stab it into Yakumo neck.

Closing her eyes Yakumo waited for the impact of dagger. When she didn't feel anything Yakumo opened her eyes slowly and saw a young boy in golden armour and hair that was stuck up like a flame. He had golden wings like an angel he stood in front of Yakumo holding Zafire arm up above her head so the dagger was away from her.

"Raven." Zafire spat out in anger as she pulled her arm away and jumped away from the guardian.

"Kadrian what are you doing here." Raven said summoning a sword into his hands and pointed it to Zafire.

"Sorry but that's something you're just going to have to find out later." Zafire said as she started to walk closer to the portal that Entra had left open for her. She knew that she was no match for a guardian but couldn't help but feel that something was off about him.

"No it's going to be now. You shouldn't even be on this planet." Raven said running towards her and slashing his sword at her. Zafire didn't move out the way in time and ravens sword stabbed throw the shoulder and pinned her dawn to the ground.

"Now what are you doing here." Raven shouted tacking out his sword and making Zafire hiss in pain. Raven quickly put his sword to Zafire neck thou to keep her in place.

"Do you really think I would tell you? Besides you're too late." Zafire said as she started laughing only making Raven put his sword closer to Zafire neck.

"What do you mean it's too late?" Raven shouted when he heard Yakumo trying to get up of the floor.

"Mushra... Mushra." Yakumo said trying to get up only to fall down again. Raven turned to look at her. This gave Zafire the chance she needed as kicked raven of her and ran towards the portal. Before Raven could stop her Zafire had disappeared throw the portal and the portal vanished behind her.

"Dam it." Raven said before turning back towards Yakumo who was now lying on the floor trying to stay conscious. Quickly Raven ran towards her lifting her head up of the floor.

"Mushra." Yakumo said looking up at Raven as before her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fell unconscious.

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