Chapter 3

A small town that once stood near the meteor, which hit Enterra 500 years ago, was now over run with Kadrians. All the Enterrans that had lived there were now being carded by Kadrian solder's, as they carded the Enterrans the solder's also ripped their en-cards, making sure the Enterrans could never come back to life.

Entra stood watching the solder Kadrian while leaning against one of the houses that had long been burnt down.

"I heard you were looking for me?" A female Kadrian walked up and stood in front of Entra, who looked up to see her pale green skin and purple hair that stuck into two horns above her head before going down her back just below her shoulders. She had bright yellow eyes and dark purple markings under them and on her shoulders. Her outfit was a green waistcoat that was longer at the back and her long gloves and knee length boots was the same colour green. Underneath her waistcoat she wore an olive green body suit and finally she wore red and purple belt which was fastened by yellow jewel around her waist.

"You took your time coming here, Maygo." Entra answered her turning to look away from her as he straightened himself up from the wall.

"Well I was a little tied up." .Maygo answered as she walked over to Entra gently putting her hand on his shoulder. Entra turned to look at her with a displeased look in his eyes.

"I'm having a bit of trouble freeing the rest of the Kadrians from the meteor. The seal is stronger than we first thought. For something that has been weakening for the last 500." Maygo explained to him as she put her other hand throw her hair in frustration at the last part.

"Soon you won't have to worry about the seal." Entra shrugged Maygo hand off his shoulder. "It only has energy left in it to keep the seal intact because of Yakumo. The guardians will soon learn it was a mistake to trust the seals power to a week human whose life can easily be destroyed."

"But it's not so easily destroyed if Zafire failed to kill her." Maygo laughed while Entra gave her an annoyed look. He knew Maygo was only toying with him.

"Zafire will make up for her mistakes soon enough. Until then I'll just send anther Kadrian to deal with humans group." Entra told her letting his cloak drop over his right shoulder. "And you will find a way of awakening Mushra celestial energy."

Maygo eyes widen a little before she had to cover her mouth from laughing. "You already have me trying to unlock the guardians seal on the meteor. That, might I add is no easy task." Maygo tone had tuned serious at the last part while she walked in front of Entra and continued. "Now you want me to awaken celestial energy in the Enterran." Maygo stopped to look up at Entra un-amused face. "You do realize that it's most likely going to kill him."

"That's why it is your job to make sure that doesn't happen." Entra told her as he started to walk forward just stopping next to Maygo Entra began to talk again. "When Lanancuras is realised from the meteor his Energy is going to be surreally weakened. A price he had to pay for turning these Enterrans against their human creators." Entra eyes narrowed as he grabbed Maygo arm. "That is the reason we need Mushra alive, for now. Is that understood?"

"Clearly." Maygo answered as she pulled her arm from Entra grasp. "But I'm going to need some test subjects and since you have so kindly ordered for the eradication of all the Enterrans in this village, I'm going to have to borrow some solders to help me find some new ones."

"That can be arranged." Entra told her as he started to leave, leaving Maygo on her own in the now empty street.

"We'll I guess I should get a lab ready for myself." Maygo said to herself allowing a wicked smile to grace her lips while she turned to look at the meteor that could be seen over the buildings. "Not long now, my Master."

"Right nearly done." Teran whispered as he was just finishing up on fixing Sago bike, screwing in the last few screws with a broken piece of metal.

"Um, mister would you like anything to drink?" Estee neversly asked Teran as she walked up to him holding a small tin of water up towards the guardian. The small kitten had been worried about the red haired guardian, hearing him cursing at all the vehicles and so wanted to try and be helpful seeing as he was helping them.

"Hu…why would I want that?" Teran answered, not even looking at Estee as he continued to screw the last screw in. Estee lowered the glass as she looked down at the floor upset before turning around to leave Teran.

"I'm sorry….. I just thought you might be thirsty is all." Estee shyly whispered looking down into the glass embraced.

"We'll I'm not." Teran told her still focusing on the last screw as he screwed it into place making sure it was tight enough and wouldn't fall out.

"Right finally done." Teran smiled, Estee turned around to see Sago bike standing but barely. The bike was leaning up against the side of the wall having lost its leg's so could not stand on its own. The seat was completely gone and there was crack all around the front.

"Hey water wimp your bikes done." Teran called over to Sago as he stood and walked past Estee who quickly looked down at the floor so Teran wouldn't see her upset face.

"What did you just call me?" Sago looked over from where he was helping Yakumo pack up the leftover food they had all just eaten. "I have a name and it wouldn't hurt for you to learn some manners." Sago called back to Teran who just shrugged and ignored him as he walked over to Raven and Serenity who was fixing up a cart Teran had built for Hakuba to pull.

"Sago." Yakumo said making the water Enterran turn to look at her to see her face upset. "Please don't fight."

"Sorry Yakumo, there's jus…" Sago started saying but stopped seeing Yakumo eyes were trying to hold back tears. "Never mind let's just focus on saving Mushra. Then we'll all go to Shinzo together." Sago told her putting his hand on her shoulder making Yakumo smile a little, wiping her eyes.

"Yes let's all go to Shinzo, together." Yakumo repeated glad that Sago was there, but as the two started packing up again Yakumo couldn't help worrying about Mushra and hoping that he was ok. 'Mushra please be safe'.

"Estee are you ok?" Kutal asked seeing the small kittens brown eyes on the brim of tears. "Why are you crying?" Yakumo and Sago looked over to see Kutal kneeling down in front of Estee to see if she was alright.

"I'm not crying. I just tripped and hurt my paw see." Estee told Kutal as she held up her hand then pulled it back before Kutal could get a good look at it. Kutal gave her a puzzled look before he smiled and pat her head to make her feel better.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Kutal asked her. Estee just smiled nodding her head not wanting her uncle to worry about her.

"Yes I'm fine; I'm going to go help Sen and Rai finish putting everything into your car." She smiled running off to her brothers before Kutal could find out what was wrong.

"Is everything ok Kutal." Yakumo called over to the cat Enterran.

"I don't know." Kutal sighed as he walked over to the two while watching the kittens by his car that looked like it was going to fall apart any moment with the car doors missing and two of the wheels were gone from the middle. The headlight was falling off the side and there was a hole in the front where you could see the engine. Hakuba stood next to the car and didn't look any better. The glass case was no longer there and the back was completely torn off. Hakuba head was back together but looked like it called still fall off at any moment.

"We'll let's just continue packing, the sooner we get out of here the better." Sago said as he stood up and grabbed the bag of food putting it on his back. Yakumo stood as well picking up her bag. The two walked over to Hakuba Kutal following them as went to help Yakumo.

"Would you like me to carry that for you?"

"No, I can carry it Kutal."

"But your arm must still be hurting."

Yakumo just smiled at him holding onto the bag tighter. "No I'm fine. The sooner we go the better." Yakumo told him walking towards Hakuba. She didn't want them worrying about her so she thought it was best not to tell them her arm had started feeling like it was burning a while ago. 'It's fine, it will stop hurting soon.' Yakumo thought.

Kutal and Sago followed behind her when all three heard Sen asking Teran a question.

"How come Hakuba can't talk anymore?" Sen asked looking to the red head guardian. Raven and Serenity came out from behind Hakuba the two of them finishing securing the cart to the robot.

"I don't have enough parts to fix the voice box, and Hakuba doesn't have much battery life left so the faster we get to the next town the faster I can fix all of these pieces of junk."

"Hey Hakuba isn't junk." Rai glared at the guardian. "So don't call him junk, he's our friend."

"I only called him junk because he is junk now, they're all pretty much ready for the scarp anyway." Teran put his hands behind his head and the kittens eyes went wide with tears at what Teran had said about Hakuba.

Kutal eyes lit with rage hearing how the red haired guardian talked to his family, as well about their robotic traveling companion. Dropping the food the feline Enterran was about to grab Teran when Serenity walked in front of him and grabbed Teran ear, pulling his head down.

"Teran stop teasing the kittens."

"What I'm not teasing I'm just telling the tru…. Owe, owe ok I'm sorry. Can you let go of my ear now." Teran cried out when Serenity pulled his ear further before she let it go.

"Hakuba can't be fixed." Yakumo whispered quietly, dropping the bag while looking over to the robot with wide eyes after hearing Teran comments.

"I never said that." Teran straightened himself up rubbing his ear trying to get feeling back into it. Yakumo and ever one else looked towards him. Raven just rolled his eyes ignoring Teran as he walked back over to the cart.

"What I said was he was ready for the scrap. Doesn't mean I can't fix him, it would just take some time and the right parts." Teran explained clearly ignoring the fear he had just put into everyone.

"Well you shouldn't say those kinds of things to my family or Yakumo." Kutal said putting his hand on her shoulder to reassure her.

"Fine, whatever next time I'll be more aware of what I'm saying." Teran waved them off while turning and walking to the cart that Raven was now sitting in.

"Come on we better get to the next town before it gets to dark." Sago told Yakumo trying to reassure her gently before bending down and picking up the bag she dropped. "Let's go."

Yakumo nodded as she went and sat down in Hakuba, as Yakumo tried to get more comfortable she noticed that she would actually have to drive the robot. 'How am I going to do this?' She thought slowly reaching out and turning the power on for Hakuba to start. The lights flickered on and off at first before and the machine slowly started to hover in the air, spitting out oil in the back.

"Hakuba are you ok?" Yakumo asked looking up to see Hakuba slowly nod its head being very careful not to do anymore damage. Yakumo let out a small sigh of relief.

Looking around Yakumo could see Sago having to stand on his scooter as it no longer had a seat and was now spitting out black smoke once he started it. Looking to her other side she could see Kutal slowly getting into his car, the look on his face showed he was praying it wouldn't fall apart. As soon as Kutal was sitting the kittens jumped up on the front of the dash board. Estee and Rai were both holding onto Sen to make sure he didn't fall as he had trouble balancing with one arm.

"Right everyone ready to go." Kutal announced starting up his car tacking the lead in front. Yakumo following taking it slow as Hakuba pulled the cart that held Serenity, Raven and Teran. Sago was behind them all, he couldn't help looking down at his scooter wanting to make sure it didn't blow up with all the noise it was making.

"We can finally go find Mushra." Yakumo whispered to herself as she held onto Hakuba stirring wheel.

"Are you ok Yakumo?" Sago came up to rid alongside her. "Your arm isn't hurting you, is it?"

"No." Yakumo quickly replied only to winch in pain as her arm throbbed at that moment.

Sago Shock his head letting out a sigh, he was worried about her. "Yakumo you don't have to hide anything from me. We've been through so much already. If anything is wrong you can talk to me. Ok." The Water Enterran gave her a small smile trying to make her feel better.

"I'm worried about Mushra. I want to know where he is, if he is ok. Sago why did they take him? What could they want with Mushra?" Yakumo brought one of her hands to her face trying to hold back her tears. "They were after Mushra from the start, but why. I have a really bad feeling about all this Sago."

"I don't know why they took him." Sago began; turning his head a little he could see the guardians talking in the cart behind them from the corner of his eye. "But I don't think it is because of Mushrambo. If it was they would have also attacked me a Kutal which they didn't."

"They didn't even acknowledge me and Kutal." Sago whispered under his breath.

"What do you mean?" Yakumo asked.

Sago went to reply but they heard Sen scream in pain.

"Sen I'm sorry." Rai said seeing his brother in pain.

"It's… fine Rai, you didn't mean to hit my arm…. It was an accident." Sen tried to reassure his brother.

"No it's not. This is all my fault." Rai cried. The guardians turned to look up at what was happening up front and Yakumo and Sago speed up to be closer to the cats.

"Rai, none of this is your fault."

"Yes it is." Rai let go of Sen, Estee grabbed her brother tighter so he wouldn't fall. "I'm the one that wanted to carry on looking around. I put you both in danger." Estee and Sen looked to see tears in Rai eyes. "Because I was being Selfish I put you both in danger." Rai lifted his hands to his head. "And because of this Mushra is gone."

There was silence as Rai finally let his tears fall, repeating over that he was sorry.

"Rai." Kutal gently said making the green vest kitten look up to him, tears falling down his checks.

"None of this is your fault. You didn't know about the Kadrians being there." Kutal smiled hoping that Rai was listening to his words. "I'm sure you did everything you could to protect your brother and sister."

"I did, but they still got us."

"But the three off you are here now and safe." Kutal butt in.

"But what about Mushra? He's not here. They captured him."

"And that is why we are going to go and save him." Sago mentioned.

Rai looked behind him to see Sago and Yakumo giving him a warm smile. The kitten then turned his to see his brother and sister smiling at him.

"You see Rai, no one is blaming you. So you shouldn't blame yourself." Kutal expressed gently lifting Rai up to give him a hug while keeping one paw on the wheel.

Behind the group the guardians all watched the scene.

"You know that little family reminds me of anther family I know." Teran spoke quietly so only Serenity and Raven could hear him. "And the older brother in that family also needs to learn that something's just isn't his fault ether."

"And someone needs to shut his mouth." Raven scowled at the red haired guardian.

"I'm just saying." Teran lifted his hands letting out a nervous laugh.

"Raven." Serenity cut in making both males look towards her. "Are you sure I can't help that kitten. He just seems to be in a lot of pain and the injury was caused by the Kadrians."


"But Raven…"

"Serenity we can't waist are energy. Lanancuras influence is stronger than we first thought. We can't afford to waste our energy." Raven turned while Serenity looked back to see Kutal hugging Rai. None of the guardians Noticed that Sago was trying to listen in on their conversation.

"Hey stop it. Stop it you pest." Mushra screamed as he tried to shake Kuro and Shiro from his shoulders. The two Kadrians laughed as they drew on Mushra face with crayons they found in the room.

"Stop it." Mushra shock his head some more, but this was only digging the crayons into his face more.

"Why would we stop?" Kuro laughed drawing the crayon up to Mushra eye.

"If you don't stop moving about, we might actually poke your eye out." Shiro moved the crayon closer to Mushra other eye.

"I swear you two are going to pay for this." Mushra pulled at the chains trying to free his hands.

"Are you still trying to escape?" Shiro asked while he took the crayon before jabbing it back into Mushra check.


Shiro and Kuro laughed at Mushra pain. Not noticing their shadows growing larger, hitting the back wall and creating a portal which Entra entered the room..

"And what is going on here?" the Kadrian asked watching the scene with the two smaller Kadrian drawing on Mushra who now had red and blue crayon lines drawn all over his face..

Shiro and Kuro jumped turning around to see Entra.

"We're just watching him like you ordered." Kuro stated.

"Get off me you fur balls, now!" Mushra again tried to shake the two Kadrians of his shoulder. This time the two jumped down and ran towards Entra. "When I get free from here you two are the first I'm going to card."

"Ha, we'll like to see that." Kuro snickered.

"Kuro, that's enough." Entra looked down at the two before looking back towards Mushra. "I take it you have been enjoying you're stay." Entra grinned as he started walking towards Mushra.

"What are you doing here?" Mushra growled, yanking on the chains trying to free his arms.

Entra stopped in front of Mushra looking down at the Enterran with a wide grin. The portal behind him faded back into the shadows. "I came to find out your answer to my offer from earlier."

"And I told you no."

"So quick to answer, have you at least thought it over or do you only have a one track mind." Mushra glared back at Entra as he clenched his fists.

"I don't need to think it over." Entra raised an eyebrow. "The answerer is no and will always be no. I'll never help anyone trying to hurt Yakumo."

"Even after she betrayed you" Kuro sniggered in the back making Shiro laugh next to him.

"SHUT UP" Mushra screamed at the two Kadrians. "She didn't betray me, she was upset I hurt Sen." Mushra lowered his head remembering striking Sen with his staff.

"So that's the reason she didn't try to help you when Entra took you then." Shiro asked as he put one of his paws to his chin pretending to think, Mushra head shot up in shock.

"What are you talking about, Yakumo wasn't there."

"That's were your wrong." Entra spoke, smiling at seeing Mushra shocked face. "That human was watching the whole time. From the moment that Zafire stabbed you. Till the moment I brought you here."

"You're lying."

"Afraid not, so do you understand now. You will only ever survive if you accept my offer." Entra out reached his arm as Mushra took a step back hitting the back of the wall. "There is no reason to stay on the side of the dying race."

"And you think joining you will put me on the winning side."Mushra whispered under his breath, clenching his fist.


"I promised Yakumo I would take her to Shinzo."

"And she refused to help you when you most needed her." Entra smile grew bigger. "She would help her own enemies before her allies."

"Shut up." Mushra growled. "Yakumo wouldn't do that."

"Then explain the spiders." Shiro pointed out.

"What….. how do you know that?" Mushra asked eyes widening before glared at Shiro. "That doesn't matter."

"Oh but it looks like it does." Kuro jumped up and down. "Or you wouldn't be so upset."

"Shut up."

"Oh is the little kid upset his girlfriend doesn't care about him." Shiro jumped in front of Kuro.

"Shut up." Mushra shouted trying to move forward but the chains stopped him.

"Shiro, Kuro enough." Entra turned his head to glare at the two.

"You all know nothing." Mushra started to say making the three Kadrians turn back to look at Mushra.

"What doesn't matter?" Entra eyes narrowed starring down at Mushra.

"It doesn't matter if Yakumo was there or not." Mushra began. "As long as she's safe, so my answer is still no." Entra eyes narrowed before he took his hand back and punched Mushra in the jaw sending the Enterrans head smashing against the wall.

"You're going to regret not accepting my offer Mushra." Entra grabbed Mushra by the hair and lifted him of the ground before knocking him back against the wall. "I'm only offering you a chance to live once, do not expect me to be offering it again." Entra dropped Mushra; the chains stopped him from falling over.

"The… only thing I regret is that I got captured by you." Mushra struggled to get up shaking his head.

"But you have been captured, and now because of your choice you will die along with the human and the Enterran race." Entra turned around to face Shiro and Kuro. "Both of you take Mushra to Maygo, Now."

Mushra looked behind Entra to see both Shiro and Kuro jump forward with wide grins on the faces.

"It's about time." Shiro said jumping over Kuro.

"Why waste time with asking dumb questions anyway."

"Hurry up." Entra started walking away lifting his arm and bringing the shadows of the room towards him to create a new portal. "Fear not Mushra you will still have a few more days left on this planet before you die."

"Hey get back here." Mushra started pull at the chains when in the corner of his eye he saw a glow. Turning his head Mushra could see both Shiro and Kuro getting ready to hyper form.

"By the power of Lanancuras." Both shouted fussing together. As the light grew Mushra shut his eyes. When he could finally feel the light down, Mushra slowly opened his eyes.

"What the….?" Mushra breathed looking up at where Shiro and Kuro once was now stood a giant panda.

"What do you think Enterran." The Panda laughed.

"I see a giant panda. Is that meant to be threatening?" Mushra couldn't help but laughed at the two.

"Why you little shrimp." The Panda angrily grabbed hold of the chains and in one swift motion ripped them out of the wall, bringing Mushra up so they were face to face and roared. "Do you find that threatening, Enterran."

"No I find it annoying, you just spat into my face." Mushra swung his leg back before he kicked the Panda in the face making the Kadrian let go of the chain and drop him to the floor.

"Why you little….." The Panda looked up holding his face to see Mushra jump up and punch him in the nose knocking the Kadrian over before jumping over him and running towards Entra.

"You're next." Mushra ran forward ready punch Entra in the face.

"I think not." Entra glared grabbing hold of Mushra arm before Mushra could hit him. "When are you going to learn?" Entra tightened his grip on Mushra arm.

"Let go." Mushra yelled trying to get his arm free. He could see in the corner of his the Panda standing up.

"If that's what you want." Entra chuckled as he throw Mushra into the wall, the chain still connect to his arms hitting him in the face.

"Ahhhhhh." Mushra got up shakily, lifting his hand to his head where the chain had hit and whipping the blood from the fresh cut on his forehead. "You'll pay for that." Mushra glared at Entra and the Panda.

"And what are you going to do about it."

"This." Mushra put both his arm across his chest before screaming out. "HYPER FLAME." Fire consumed Mushra body as he started growing older and red armour appeared on him. Entra and the Panda stepped back putting their arms up from the heat of the transformation.

"Now you're done for, Inferno blast." Hyper Mushra screamed as he attacked both Kadrians with fire and letting the fire burn around the room. Looking around quickly Mushra saw a window and ran towards it to escape his own attack. Jumping through the window Hyper Mushra landed on the ground. Standing quickly, he looked back at the building he had just been in to see the fire slowly burning it down.

"A powerful attack, but not powerful enough." Hyper Mushra heard Entra say. Spinning around Mushra saw Entra and the Panda standing behind him and unscratched from his attack.

"That attack might not have done anything but I promise the next one will." Hyper Mushra summoned his staff and got into a defensive position and ready to attack.

"I'll show you power." The Panda got ready to charge till Entra put his arm out in front stopping the Kadrian.

"Enough." Entra brought his arm to the front of him, his shadow started to morph upwards until it reached his hand transforming into a long black sword with a dragon hilt. "I'll handle this myself."

"You think this is going to be like last time." Hyper Mushra ran forward and swinging his staff around to hit Entra in the side of his arm. The Kadrian quickly side stepped out of the way, missing Hyper Mushra attack before dealing his own attack by slashing down at Mushra back and cutting through his armour.

"Ahh." Hyper Mushra grunted as he hit the floor. Before he could get up again Entra smashed his foot down on his back where he had just wounded him.

"You really think that you can win this Mushra." Entra added more pressure on Mushra back. "You can't." taking his foot of Hyper Mushra, Entra kicked him in the side of the ribs and sent him flying towards the Panda, who grabbed him in a bear hug. "You should learn this now Mushra. You will never escaper from here." Entra slowly walked up as Hyper Mushra struggled to get free.

"Let go of me you hair ball." Hyper Mushra started to charge up his energy allowing fire to realise around him.

"Ahhh, stop it you Enterran." The Panda shrieked but didn't realise his grip instead he only tightened it, crushing Hyper Mushra ribs and cracking the red armour.

"Give up Enterran." Entra Grabbed Hyper Mushra by helmet ignoring the fire. "Their nowhere you can go now. Every time you try to escape. You'll fail and be brought right back here." Entra punched Hyper Mushra in the gut transforming him back to normal. "Shiro, Kuro take him to Maygo now." Entra through his sword to the ground and allowed it to sink back into the shadows.

"Le…. Let go." Mushra coughed as he tried to get his breath back.

"Shut up Enterran." The Panda increased the pressure of the bear hug making it harder for Mushra to breath. Mushra started to kick his legs and struggle more needing to try and breath. Slowly Mushra started to lose consciousness.

Once Mushra passed out, The Panda through him over his shoulder.

"Guess your vision was wrong." The Panda Laughed starting to walk away from Entra who's eyes narrowed in anger.

"It wouldn't have been wrong if you two could keep your mouth shut."

"There you go, Zoar town." Kutal pointed out over the top of the waterfall to a town in the distance. They were all traveling along the side of river before they had reached the waterfall to see the reptile town.

"That's Zoar town?" Yakumo asked looking down towards the town.

"It shouldn't take too long to get down there." Sago looked around to see the three guardians standing up and looking over Hakuba to try and see the town themselves.

"What's the plan when we get down there?" Kutal asked.

"We get the parts we need." Teran answered as he sat back down putting his hands behind his head. "You all might as well get some food and supplies yourself. Plus look for someplace to stay for the evening."

"It's getting dark. Will anywhere be open?" Estee asked.

"We won't know until we get we get down there." Sago replied

"Shouldn't we stick together?" Yakumo questioned.

"No. everything will get done a lot faster if we split up. You and the Enterrans should find your supplies. We will go and get the spare parts." Raven sat down next to Teran.

"Do you even know what you're looking for?" Sago asked.

"Should if your planet has the spare parts we need." Teran smirked while Serenity hit him on the head. "Hey what was that for. You know one day you're really going to hurt me." Teran rubbed his head glaring up at Serenity.

"Well you deserve it." Serenity turned towards the others who were looking at the two. "I'm sorry; I will help you with looking for you supplies. Raven and Teran will know what to look for and it will be safer in case the Kadrians come back." Serenity finished.

"I guess that's an idea, but will you two be ok on your own." Kutal asked the two male guardians.

"Will be fine, we may look like children. But I assure you were not." Teran started, and then grinned. "We don't need babysitting."

"Shut up." Raven kicked Teran in the side and knocked him into water.

"Hey that's not funny." Teran cried out as he grabbed onto the side of Hakuba as he surfaced from the water. The kittens started laughing at the red haired guardian misfortune.

"Guess we should get going then." Sago turned to the front and started moving forward.

"Are you ok, Teran?" Yakumo called out.

"He'll be fine. We should just get going." Raven replied not giving Teran a chance.

"I'm fine, don't worry." Teran called climbing back into the cart.

"Yakumo, we should get going." Kutal started up his car following after Sago.

"Yah." Yakumo started Hakuba cringing at hearing the crackling from Hakuba. 'Not long now Mushra, were coming.'

"So their heading towards Zoar town." A small female figure in a black cape said standing by a tree holding up a piece of paper and reading it.

"They'll be their soon." Another figure this one male said sitting on a tree branch. "How are supposed to deal with them before they reach there." The Second figure said yellow eyes glowing. "And just what are you reading."

"That's none of your business." The first figure said her purple eye's glaring back at the second who jumped of the branch showing that he was much taller than her. "Besides, were not heading to Zoar town. We have a different destination"

"Oh and where are we heading to?" the second figure smirked walking in front of the first. "Because I believe that we were told to intercept the human."

"That may be your orders but I have a different plan. Besides there is someone in that town I don't won't to run into at the moment."

"Then what's the new plan?"

"The new plan is meeting the ruler of this region." The first figure put the paper in her cape and pointed to the distance of a snow mountain. "You ready to get off this heat."

"You know I like your plan a lot better, especially if I get the element advantage." The Second figure laughed, the two started walking towards the mountain.

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