NAME: Angels and Knights


WARNINGS: Angst, Pre-smut, rape, abuse, shota. Oh, and France as an UKE. Can ya handle all that?

CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: England/France ;; hinted Axis Powers Threesome (Germany/Veneciano/Japan) ;; Germany -- France, England -- Japan, France -- Veneciano

SUMMARY: England and France reflect about their relations with the Axis Powers and find that they can never turn back the clock.


Romano was afraid of him. He wondered if Spain had distilled the idea that France would hurt him in his mind so very long ago. France wouldn't do that. Romano tried with his life to protect Veneciano. France's Veneciano. The little Italian would've been his if Austria hadn't taken him first. Taken him in a light sense. Austria was too nice to do any real damage to the young country's sexuality.

But would France have done it? No. No. No. Non. Veneciano was too precious for any nation to take without the younger one's hapless consent. And he seemed to be giving his hapless consent to either Germany or Japan. Not that France hadn't done the same thing when he… fell. Now that he was under Axis control… well, the Allies were doing their best to free him, but it was taking them long enough.

There was a knock on France's door. He opened it slowly and found one Arthur Kirkland on his porch. He looked around warily, "Come in, Arthur, before one of Germany's men see you…"

"I… I thought you would be and Germany's house…" England asked as the frog closed the door.

"You would. The Axis are having a meeting, and they didn't want me around. So they dropped me under house arrest for the rest of the day," Francis explained, "How did you get here?"

"Alfred choppered me in. Are unhappy to see me?" England asked.

Francis chuckled, "You're such a drama queen, Arthur. Of course I'm happy to see you. Germany only used me once for pleasure, and then he dropped me as if I was a whore on the streets of Paris…" he confessed, getting closer to the British man.

Arthur didn't make a joke of that. He simply listened. "I miss you."

"I know."

"I'll never forgive Germany for what he did to you."

"I'll never forgive him for what he's doing to you," Francis retorted, tracing the outline of several scars on Arthur's person. He made sure to only touch the scars he could see on Arthur's face, neck, and wrists. England turned away for a brief minute before he went up on tiptoe and kissed Francis. Francis shrunk back from it. "Should I have taken Italy?"

England blinked, "What?"

"Should I have been the one to break Veneciano?" Francis asked.

England was taken aback, "Are you… jealous of Germany?"

"If… If he was mine… then this war might not have happened this way. I miss him, Arthur…" Francis replied.

Arthur sighed, "If you're asking this, then answer my question first. Should I have broken Kiku?"

Francis's heart jumped, "You're still hung up on him?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

England smirked, "You see my dilemma in answering your question, then?"

Francis stepped back, gulping lightly. England was right. Damn. Merde. Why was Eyebrows always right? "Fine."

England laughed, "Francis. Who is the drama queen now, you bloody frog?" he asked, stepping closer to the Frenchmen.

Francis kept backing up. England kept advancing. Francis ran out of room between him and the couch and immediately fell upon it. England put his leg in between Francis's and climbed onto the couch on top of him, placing on hand on the back of the couch in between Francis's arm and his side. The other hand he placed neatly on France's side.

"I didn't come here to reminisce about what didn't happen. Nor did I come to play games, Francis," Arthur hissed into his ears. His intensity sent shivers down the Frenchman's spine.

"A-Arthur…" Francis whined.

Arthur simply grinned and began kissing his neck.

"A-Arthur!" Francis hissed.

"If you're worried about Germany, he's all the way at Japan's… he'll be back tomorrow afternoon," England said.

Of course. He and America had been spying on the Axis for who knows how long now. Francis had forgotten.

"This… isn't the reunion I had in mind…" Francis stated.

England stared at him, eyes green and mischievous in the afternoon light. "You? Not thinking about sex for one minute out of the day?"

"You know nothing about romance, Arthur…" Francis teased.

He shouldn't have been talking, with Arthur over him, smirking that incredibly gorgeous smirk of his. "And how would you like this reunion to go, Francis?"

Francis thought for a moment. "Comfort me. Or I'll comfort you. Or we'll…" he trailed off as first Arthur sighed, cutting him off, and then as the Brit put first one arm around him, and then the other, kissing the Frenchman's forehead lightly. Francis in turn put his arms around the Brit's waist, quite liking the Englishman's warmth.

"You've been through a lot. What with Germany taking over and the Allies not able to do much about it. Now with these thoughts about Feliciano…" England mused. He stopped short, not knowing what to say next.

"And you? Germany's been hitting you pretty hard?" Francis asked.

England gave him a pensive look, "Yes."

"I'm sorry."

England kiss him on the side of the lips, "Don't be. It was inevitable that Germany's armies would capture you."

Francis leaned up and kissed England on the mouth. England smirked into it and deepened the kiss ever-so-slightly, his hands snaking down to Francis's belt buckle. Francis gasped out of the kiss and looked into England's eyes. "Be gentle, Arthur…"

England gave him three gentle, quick kisses on the mouth before replying, "This is not Germany's victory. This is England's loss…" he said, and the belt was unbuckled swiftly and the pants unbuttoned in record time.

A few minutes later, a naked Francis shivered against a pretty-close-to-nude Arthur, looking up into those pretty green eyes, "Arthur. Qu'est-ce que tu es?"

"Je suis… Je suis ton chevalier…"

"Ah~ Non! Tu es… tu es mon ange…" Francis replied, kissing him.

Arthur smiled into the kiss before moving his hands down Francis back. Whatever he was, he knew this reunion was going well.



Qu'est-ce que tu es? – "What are you?"

Je suis… je suis ton chevalier. – "I am… I am your knight."

Ah~ Non! Tu es… tu es mon ange… -- Here Francis is playing with his words. This could mean either "Ah! No! You are my sweetheart." or "Ah! No! You are my angel."


Luuuud... I think I should have written Chanson d'Hiver instead of this. But Uke!Francis and Loving!Arthur would not let go of my creative energy, and thus this was written.

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