When they first met, she was crying and he had never seen so much red.

2. Love
It wasn't love at first sight, or second, but it was a close seventh

3. Light
She never understood why he always liked light beers, if they were going to get drunk, it might as well be hard.

4. Dark
The darkroom when he develops his photographs was always sacred, no one entered; but then she came and promptly tripped over three chemicals.

5. Seeking Solace
He doesn't know why he is standing outside her house, after he hears someone say his pictures are trash.

6. Break Away
They were suppose to have a clean break, from each other; but they were holding on too tight.

7. Heaven
He doesn't believe in heaven or hell, but if he did, she would be there, just to be with him.

8. Innocence
She's not sure how much of her innocence she has left, but she knows that giving it to him gave her the biggest pleasure in her life.

9. Drive
He doesn't trust her to drive, not after she drove his new car into a golf course lake, with him in it.

10. Breathe Again
They didn't know they were holding their breathe, until they held each other, and started breathing.

11. Memory
He says he doesn't have a favorite memory, she knows he just doesn't like saying things out loud.

12. Insanity
Chii says they're insane, for breaking up in the first place.

13. Misfortune
She doesn't say she's clumsy; the rest of the world disagrees, she says she's just misfortunate.

14. Smile
When Naka smiles HER smile for him, he wants to break the camera.

15. Silence
She's not the quietest person he knows, she doesn't even come close, but somehow her silence is the hardest.

16. Questioning
Her questions about his photographs drives him insane, but when she left he started to miss them

17. Blood
On snowy days she stops wearing her favourite colour and holds him while he cries about the blood he saw.

18. Rainbow
She never understood his hatred of colour, but when he came to her door and made her go outside to see a rainbow, she knew it was alright.

19. Gray
There was a photograph of them, he didn't develop correctly. It was torn and in different shades of gray.

20. Fortitude
She asks him what the word Fortitude means, he gives her a dictionary that she throws at his head.

21. Vacation
Could one call it a vacation if he has to work the entire time?

22. Mother Nature
She hated the photoshoot that involved chicken feathers, and she knew it was all his fault.

23. Cat
She didn't understand why Chii made Naka and Umi wear cat ears, but they were adorable wearing them, and she thought he would too.

24. No Time
He wastes no time in getting what he wants, except with her

25. Trouble Lurking
She would never understand why he thought he saw Chii every other minute

26. Tears
He had seen her cry every time they first met, but never had he felt as helpless as he did now.

27. Foreign
When he saw her smile after they exited the airplane, he decided the whole thing was worth it, until he found out all their luggage were stolen.

28. Sorrow
Her sister never understood why she had torn a definition out of the dictionary, especially the one she needed to know.

29. Happiness
He said happiness was overrated, she prayed that he was always happy.

30. Under the Rain
He knew she was insane when she told him she was going to dance under the rain, but he danced with her anyway, and caught a cold.

31. Flowers
He's never bought her flowers, and she would never accept them.

32. Night
Night was the hardest time, knowing he had a girl in his room that wasn't her

33. Expectations
She expected excellence, he expected pocky at any given moment.

34. Stars
He secretly thought stars were romantic, but she saw them as burning balls of gas millions of miles above their head.

35. Hold My Hand

He doesn't like public displays of affection, but he holds her hand anyway.

36. Precious Treasure
Heaven help her when she steals his strawberry pocky.

37. Eyes
He doesn't know why she draws cartoon eyes on the back of bills and any scrap piece of paper; she does that just to leave him wondering.

38. Abandoned
They both hated the other for the longest time, because they had left the other.

39. Dreams
He doesn't know what she dreams of, but when she says Chii, he wants to rip Chii's head off.

40. Rated

He has been rated in their world as being one of the toughest photographers, she has never found it hard to work with him.

41. Teamwork

He has to photograph Chii and her for a wedding campaign, and he hates how well they look together in the camera.

42. Standing Still

He says to walk forward, but she keeps telling herself she's glued to the floor.

43. Dying

He wakes up some nights, screaming when he sees the crash again and again in his dreams.

44. Two Roads

They both know that they are going in opposite directions, but they can't help but hoping that their roads will merge.

45. Illusion

He knows that the serious, gorgeous girl he sees in the camera lenses, is an illusion, and he prefers it.

46. Family

His family is awkward, and hers is weird, and they know between them their child will not be normal.

47. Creation

He's not quite sure what she made in the kitchen, but he knows he's going to eat it.

48. Childhood

They both thought they were being adults when they stopped seeing each other.

49. Stripes

"This is my side of the bed! If you cross the tape, I will throw the strawberries out of the window!"

50. Breaking the Rules

One rule her father had, was not to mix with the talent.