"Well… Then, a Question…" Junpei said with a soft expression and a sweet smile on his face. "It's a relationship that's now a clean slate, but… would you go out with me once again?" he asked with his gentle eyes looking at her face- Tsukasa's matured and beautiful face. "Yeah… I guess. And will you once again, excite me…?" She replied as the wind blew her hair tenderly pushing it up against her face. The sweet scent of roses came of from Tsukasa's direction, had allured Junpei in. With surprise, Tsukasa screamed in a rushed voice, "Ah! No Wait…" and was immediately picked up and held gently be Junpei's arms. She wrapped her arms around him as he repeatedly spiraled in a circle.

After Tsukasa was put down, she looked back at Junpei strongly with her eyes. "Jeez, Junpei! When I said 'No Wait' I meant it!" Tsukasa said with a loud voice and began to pout. Lowering his head, Junpei clapped his hands together and apologized; "Sorry, Tsukasa… I couldn't help it. After all, it's been so long since I've seen you." He said in a worried voice. Her back was facing him and her head turned to the side. She looked back at him and let out a sigh. "Well… It's not like I didn't like it…" Tsukasa replied quietly.

A loud "Eh--?" escaped Junpei's mouth, quickly following after Tsukasa's sentence. "Ah, no I mean… What I meant to say was…" She was struggling for words, and her face became pink and flustered. "I mean to say… It made my heart go 'Thump!' It's a nice feeling… And for some reason, it only comes when I'm with you…" she said that with a slight sense of confidence. Junpei blushed, and showed a hint of embarrassment at the words such a beauty had just said to him.

Junpei grabbed Tsukasa's hand, and began to lead her into a distance. He turned around to face her and smiled with excitement. "Tsukasa, I found a place that I want to take you to!" Junpei said with a happy voice, and Tsukasa could not help but smile back at him.

"You have changed a lot, Junpei." She said as they continued to walk. "How? The others were surprised when they saw me, but I don't think I look that different… Do I?" He mumbled to Tsukasa. She shook her head. "No, that's not what I meant… I meant, you have grown into a good man. I used to have to lead you on our dates, but this time-" Tsukasa stopped talking with surprise as Junpei had stopped walking.

"Tsukasa, we're here." Junpei said. Tsukasa looked around, and noticed that they were in a beautiful park, full of roses, lilies, as well as other different flowers. Junpei asked Tsukasa to sit down with a kind and calm voice, and as she did so, he slowly dropped down onto one knee. "This is…" She said as her eyes widened frantically.

"Tsukasa-Chan…" Junpei got off of his knee, and moved his face close to Tsukasa's. "I love you." He softly whispered into her ear. He moved his face so it was in front of Tsukasa's, and moved slowly towards Tsukasa's face. Motion… Time… Everything seemed to have stopped moving, the only thing that was present was their love, and the heartbeat of one and another's going: "Doki, Doki, Doki!"

Finally, their lips met as they pressed against each other gently, the luscious sensation made them both close their eyes, and leave everything up to their hearts to decide. Junpei stood up suddenly, and his eyes diluted as he had realized what he had just done. "Sorry… I couldn't help myself…" He said apologetically.

Tsukasa pressed her fingers against her lips and looked back up at Junpei. "Junpei… You have gotten good at kissing, haven't you?" She said. "How much times have you kissed another girl apart from me…?" She asked in a half demanding voice. He scratched his head, and stuttered, trying to think. "That's… er, well actually…" Tsukasa smiled at Junpei's blushing face and then stood up off of the park bench. "Spit it out Junpei!" She said in a pressuring tone.

"None…" Junpei replied with a depressed voice. "I haven't kissed anyone… not even a hug… since I last saw you off to France…" he said as he looked down. "Oh…" Tsukasa replied in a quiet tone. She hit herself on the back of the head and laughed softly. "Sorry Junpei, I didn't think you would have that reaction. It was just a joke!" Tsukasa said with her usual tone.

The atmosphere felt awkward as an unwanted silence entered between the two. As Junpei was about to speak up, his phone rang and gave them both a Jolt of surprise. Junpei took the phone out and looked at it for a second. "Hmm… Who is it, Junpei? Someone I know?" Asked Tsukasa. She did not hear a reply, and started to become a bit suspicious. She snatched the phone out of his hands and then looked at the screen.

"Toujou… Aya..?" She read out in a confused voice. She looked back at Junpei as he began to speak. "It's not what you think, Tsukasa." She just turned her head and looked back at the ringing phone. "I'll answer it!" She said, and as soon as Junpei heard those words, he leapt forward and snatched the phone off of her.

"It's okay! I'll answer it!" Junpei said in a hurried voice, as his fingers were trying to open the phone. He laughed trying to pretend like he was not nervous, and then the phone stopped ringing. He sighed and finally stated "Hah— It's over" Junpei said in a relieved tone.

"Junpei, can I see that phone for a second?" asked Tsukasa, and Junpei handed it over, as he was not thinking straight. She smiled back at him and then pressed a few buttons on the phone. "Thanks, Junpei-kun." She said, and the started to talk in the phone.

"Ah, Hello Aya! It's Tsukasa!" Tsukasa said in a kind voice.
"Eh!? How did you do that?" Asked Junpei in surprised tone.
Tsukasa moved her index finger over her lips, and softly whispered: "Shh!"
"Okay, we'll be right there" She said on the phone.
"Mm, You too. Bye." Tsukasa finished up on the phone, and hung up giving it back to Junpei.

"Junpei… Is there anything going on in between you two?" Asked Tsukasa in a stern and curious voice. "No, of course not!" He replied with a loud voice. "Then… Why didn't you want me to answer the phone?" She asked, and her hands began to entwine with one and another. "That's… Um…" Junpei's voice was full of guilt, and he was looking around in the scenery.

"Junpei! Look me in my eye, and promise to me that there is nothing going on in between you two!" Tsukasa demanded. He looked into her eyes, and could not speak. He opened his mouth, yet words did not leave it. Finally, his voice came out slowly and quietly. "Nothing.. There is nothing between Aya and me…" He answered.

Tsukasa let out a sigh and looked back at Junpei. "I guess I'll believe you this time." She said. "But, lets get to the reunion party, I made something for everyone to eat." Tsukasa continued. "Lead the way, Junpei!" She said, and he walked off in front of her. She looked at his back, and noticed that it was more broad and manly. She created a rectangle with her fingers, with Junpei in the center of it. "Click!" She said as she winked at him.

She followed Junpei, to soon finally be reunited with old friends, and she walked on a new path.