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Derek was dreaming about Spencer. There was nothing unusual about that--he'd dreamed about him almost every night since the kid got shot. The settings in the dreams varied, but they always started out with Spencer happy and smiling, and Derek feeling so much love for him that his heart was bursting. They'd be talking, sometimes about little things, sometimes about big plans for the future.

Then, something horrible would happen--they'd be on the edge of a raging river bank, and Spencer would slip away from him. Derek would be immobilized, watching helplessly as Spencer was swept away with the roiling water. Or, Spencer would suddenly become scared and plead with Derek to help him--only to disappear, snatched up by some unseen hand. Derek could then hear his voice desperately calling his name, but never be able to find him. He would wake up in a panic, reach for him, and then the weight of reality would hit him--he was waking up alone.

What was unusual about this Sunday morning was that, not only was his dream wonderfully mundane--something about a vacation and work interruptions, interwoven with Spencer complaining about the food--but, he came to consciousness with Spencer, the real Spencer, not some dream entity, firmly wedged into his side. He found that he was holding him protectively, even in sleep, and he gratefully gathered him closer, pressing kisses onto his cheeks and nose and forehead before claiming his mouth.

He could feel the boy wake up and stretch against him, then he burrowed in, shielding his eyes from the early morning light. After a moment, Spencer's hand wandered slowly over Derek's chest, stopping to finger a nipple, then tracing the line of well-defined pectoral muscles. The hand trailed down over Derek's belly, found his cock, and squeezed. He heard a muffled giggle and before he could think rationally--he'd given the boy a pretty serious work-out before they'd finally slipped off to sleep the night before--Derek was hard. Then, somehow, Spencer was flat on his back with his legs wrapped around Derek's waist, and Derek was blissfully pounding deeply inside him again.

Afterwards, he looked down and saw Spencer lazily grinning up at him. So beautiful, he thought. Dark eyes, long lashes. Tousled brown hair against the white of the pillowcase. Skinny arms warm around Derek's neck. And then, his voice, content, but gravelly--"Mm, morning sex. I've missed that..."

"Me too, babe," Derek gasped. "I've missed you." He rolled off of him and was instantly half-covered by Spencer's lithe body as he refused to allow the air between them to cool. They kissed again and then Spencer finally moved over to his side of the bed to stretch luxuriously.

"And, I've missed this bed," he groaned happily. "As well as the man in it."

"Last night was amazing,"


Derek grinned. "We sure made up for lost time, didn't we?"

Spencer nodded, then ruefully added, "Of course, you understand that I won't be able to walk properly for a while, especially after what we did just now--"

"I'm sorry baby, but that really was your own fault--"

"Oh, I know, I accept full responsibility. But, you were the one who went for round three last night!"

They laughed, Derek resettled him in his arms, and eventually they dozed off again, not quite ready to begin their long, lazy day.


Later, Derek woke to the sound of kitchen noises. He grinned and rolled out of bed to investigate. He found coffee brewing, and bacon and eggs set out on the counter; Spencer was in a t-shirt and underwear, staring into the refrigerator. Derek came up behind him and patted his bottom, with which he had thoroughly reacquainted himself the night before, as promised.

"Now, this is a damn fine morning. In fact, this is about the best morning I've ever had in my life."

Spencer turned and put his arms around Derek. "You know something? I completely agree." He pulled back with a smile and they kissed tenderly.

Derek asked, "Do I have time for a shower before breakfast?"

"Sure, I'll wait to start the eggs. Go ahead."

Derek disappeared and Spencer poked around in cabinets and drawers until he found a frying pan and a spatula. He smiled; Derek was obviously a creature of habit. Everything was in approximately the same location as it had been back at his old apartment. Spencer took a moment to look out into the big back yard; he knew it would be different, living in a house. So much space, so much room. He thought he might like it.

There was a knock at the door. He glanced down at himself and frowned. He hadn't cleaned up and felt sweaty and sticky and a little sore, especially where Derek had repeatedly "reacquainted" himself with him. His hair was tousled and he was barefoot, but he went to the door and peeked through the peephole.

A stern-looking man in a suit was standing there. Spencer hesitated, but opened the door enough to ask, "Yes?"

The man peered at him. "Hello. I'm looking for Derek Morgan."

"Oh. Well, he's a little busy..."

"I'm Special Supervisory Agent Aaron Hotchner, Unit Chief with the BAU." He held up his badge.

Spencer's eyes widened. "Oh, wow. You're Derek's boss! Please, come in..." He opened the door, and gave an awkward smile. "He's, uh, in the shower, but you can wait in here. Would you like a cup of coffee?"

Hotch entered the house, forgetting to pay attention to the security lights and door locks, so distracted was he by the lanky, underwear-clad young man. "No, thank you. Uh--you are?"

"I'm Spencer. Spencer Reid. I'm Derek's... friend." He extended his right hand and was surprised to notice that he was still holding the spatula. He swapped hands, then again offered Hotch his right. Hotch stifled a grin and shook it.

"Is everything ok?" Spencer asked.

"Oh, yes. I had promised to come by and do Morgan's security check, but I just haven't been able to find the time. I happened to be in the neighborhood this morning, so I thought I'd take the opportunity while I had it."

Spencer nodded and was about to say something, but just then Derek strode out of the bedroom, naked, rubbing a towel over his head. "Damn, Spence, you're going to have to come help me change the bed sheets, we wrecked the hell out of them last night and--"

"Derek!" Spencer's voice cracked. "We have company!"

"Huh?" Derek pulled the towel away from his face and saw Hotch. He muttered an expletive and hastily wrapped the towel around his waist, but not before Hotch got a stark view of his agent's formerly hidden--and extremely generous--assets. He glanced back at the rather frail-looking boy beside him and shook his head. Poor lad, no wonder he was limping a bit.

"Hotch!" Derek said, attempting to reclaim some dignity and control over the situation. "I wasn't expecting you. Is everything all right?"

"Uh--yes. I came to do your security analysis--if you have time." He glanced back at Spencer, who was pensively biting his lower lip. "I think I'll take that coffee, now, please."

Spencer nodded gratefully and headed back to the kitchen. Derek and Hotch stared at each other for a moment, then Derek said, "If you'll excuse me, I'll just go... get dressed."

"Of course." Derek disappeared again, and Hotch took a seat at the kitchen table, then Spencer set a coffee cup in front of him.

"Would you like some cream, or sugar?"

"No, just black, thanks."

"Ok." Spencer stood uncertainly, trying to think of something to say. Finally, he came out with, "So--have you caught a lot of serial killers?"

Hotch smiled slightly. "My team has. They're really quite amazing. We're very happy to have Agent Morgan on board, by the way."

Spencer's discomfort seemed to ebb away. He slipped into a chair across from Hotch and gave him a big smile. "He's incredible, isn't he? He was the best detective the N.O.P.D. ever had. He solved some cases that they'd given up on, and he saved a lot of lives. Mine, included."

Hotch gave him an inquiring look. "How's that?"

Spencer paused. He had no idea what Hotch knew or didn't know about him--if anything--and didn't want to reveal something that would embarrass Derek. "He helped me through a really bad time in my life. I was lucky to meet him when I did--otherwise, I probably wouldn't even be alive today."

Just then, Derek returned and assessed the situation. He didn't need his boss and Spencer chatting without his supervision.

"Spence, why don't you go take your shower? We can fix breakfast later."

"Oh--sure, I'll do that. It was nice to meet you, Agent Hotchner." Spencer nodded as he went off to the bedroom. Derek poured himself a cup of coffee, then sat down across from his boss.


"So, Spencer's your...?"




"The one from New Orleans?"


"Are you--"

"He just showed up here yesterday. He wants to get back together. I think... I think we're going to be ok, now."

"Good. He seems very nice. Not at all what I was expecting, however."

Derek gave a wry chuckle. "Yeah, I can imagine. He's--young."


"And, he's been through a lot--but, he's doing ok, now. He's incredibly smart. He's already got two college degrees. And, he's going back to school to work on a Masters in behavioral psychology."

Hotch nodded and smiled. Derek's pride in Spencer came through even though he was still flustered. Hotch took a sip of the hot brew.

"Well, he also makes a damn fine cup of coffee. So, he'll be living here?"


"You'll provide contact information? Where he goes to school, work, what kind of car he drives--"

"Yes, yes. None of that applies right now, but I'll get it for you when it does."

"All right." Hotch regarded Derek for a moment, then gave him a genuine smile. "I can see that you two care very deeply for each other. I'm happy for you, Morgan."

Derek sighed in relief. He didn't know what he had expected Hotch's reaction to be regarding Spencer, but he was grateful that the Q&A seemed to be over.

Hotch glanced around the room.

"Why don't you show me where your alarm system is set up? Then we can go through the house together. I have a few suggestions already. You'll need a couple of cameras installed out front--"

The two agents strolled outside the house, and once Spencer was out of the shower and dressed, he watched them through the bedroom window and smiled. Derek was happy. He could see it in the way he stood, the way he walked, and in the easy way he was talking and laughing.

And, Spencer was happy, too. The emptiness that had plagued him for so many years had finally gone away. He thought of Cassie, and said a silent thank you. He hoped she was at peace and somehow knew that he was finally exactly where he wanted to be.

He took a deep breath and went out to invite Hotch to eat breakfast with them.


Then it was late in the morning on Monday. Penelope Garcia was perched on the desk next to Derek's, giving him a critical appraisal. She shook her head and made her pronouncement.

"You look like hell. A sexy, gorgeous hell that I would happily volunteer to be room mother for, but hell nonetheless. What's her name?"

Derek raised tired eyes to hers. He and Spencer had gotten very little sleep the night before--they were still way too excited about being together again to waste time sleeping, but Derek was beginning to wonder if he was too old to have such a young and enthusiastic boyfriend.


"Come on, sweet potato, I'm not blind. I can see you've had a hot, sex-drenched weekend, and apart from the fact that it wasn't with me, I'm thrilled. It's about time--a gorgeous piece of meat like yourself shouldn't go languishing on the shelf. I just want the dirt. What's her name, and what does she look like? And, most importantly--" Garcia slipped down into a chair so that she could look him straight in the eye--"what did you two... do... together? Hmm? Now, go slow, and be thorough. I need details."

"Garcia, I--"

"And, do not tell me it's none of my business! How am I going to live vicariously through you if I don't have details?"

"Garcia, I--"

Garcia narrowed her eyes. "Oh, don't think I'm going to let this go. Uh-uh. If you don't want me to ask these very same questions in the middle of Hotch's next team meeting, you'd better spill it. Now."

Derek almost laughed. She was adorable, even as she drove him crazy. He considered. No one on the team knew he was gay except Hotch, who would never say a word about it to anyone. It wasn't something Derek was trying to keep secret, but it wasn't the sort of topic that came up naturally in casual conversation. This was probably the easiest way to get the information out there without having to make some sort of public declaration.

"Garcia--in the first place, I'm not going to discuss the details of my private life with you, no matter what you threaten me with. However, I do want you to know something--I'm gay."

Garcia gave him a laser-like stare, then burst into scornful laughter. "Oh, you kill me. You do. If you think I'm going to fall for a ruse like that--come on, how dumb do you think I am?"

"It's not a ruse, baby girl. It's true. Sorry, but it is."

"Derek Morgan, if you think I'm going to believe for one second that you're gay, you must be tripping. Because, I have a sixth sense about that sort of thing, and I can tell--you are a bona fide, 100% woman-loving man if I ever saw one, so don't try to throw me off the trail, it won't work."

Derek stood up and took Garcia's face in his hands. "Sweetie, you can believe whatever you want. But, I'm telling you the truth--" he leaned down and whispered in her ear. "...I kiss boys." He gave her an impish grin, then headed off to ask Hotch about a file he needed for the case they were working on.

Garcia watched him retreat with a sour look on her face. Smart-ass. She'd just have to pay more attention, that's all. The delectable Agent Morgan was suddenly getting some, and she wanted to know from whom.


Within minutes, the BAU office was officially abuzz with speculation about Derek Morgan's sex life. Garcia went off to tell first Elle, who was too busy to pay full attention, and then JJ about their conversation. JJ gave her a puzzled frown.

"Gay? Morgan? Wow."

"Oh, you don't really believe it, do you? He's obviously trying to throw me off the scent!"

"Well--I don't know. That's a pretty heavy claim to make just to keep from having to 'fess up to you about his weekend activities." She grinned a little. Garcia was nothing if not persistent, but still...

"It's ridiculous! There's no way that that burning hunk of chocolate love is getting it on with another man!"

JJ shrugged. "It's kind of none of your business, you know."

Garcia's eyes widened. "Oh, and, you're not curious at all?"

"Oh, I am. I just think we have other things to worry about."

Garcia shook her head in disgust. Just then, Elle walked into JJ's office.

"Ok, Garcia--what was all that you were trying to tell me about Morgan?"

"He claims he's gay."

Elle shrugged. "Morgan's a smart guy. He might say something like that just to freak you out. On the other hand--he's never come on to me. How about you, JJ?"

JJ shook her head. "But, that doesn't mean anything. He might just be too professional to try to mess around with his co-workers. Especially when they're armed."

Elle's lips twisted into a wicked grin. "Well, I'm not putting up with not knowing. I'll just ask him directly. Who's with me?" Both Garcia and JJ shot up out of their chairs and joined her as she headed down the hall in search of their mystery man.


At the same time that the BAU girls were having their discussion, Gideon slipped into Hotch's office and took a seat across from him. Hotch looked up wearily.


"So, what's the deal with Morgan?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Haven't you heard the gossip? At first, all the ladies were discussing which one of them would be the first to be propositioned by him. This week, they're all speculating that he's gay."

Hotch put down his pen and smiled slightly. "If that were the case, I would think a group of sharp FBI profilers could figure it out on their own."

Gideon smirked and pointed knowingly at Hotch. "You know something."

"And, I have no intention of discussing it. If you're so curious, go ask him yourself."

"I'll just do that." Gideon rose and headed off to find Morgan. After a moment, Hotch followed. He could imagine a little head-butting going on between the two men if Gideon didn't present his question in the right way.


Blissfully unaware that these conversations were going on, Derek got on the phone to Spencer. "Hey, babe."

"Hi, Derek. What's up?"

Derek grinned suggestively, but let it pass. "I miss you. Why don't you come down here to the office and I'll take you to lunch? Also, I'd like to introduce you to everyone."

Spencer bit his lip worriedly. He was amazed that Derek had not only welcomed him back so forgivingly, but that he was already so eager to bring him into his new life. He was, however, terrified at the thought of meeting Derek's co-workers en masse. Hotch had been nice, but still...

"Uh--well, ok. But, are you sure you want me to meet them? With my past, and Cassie and all..."

"Hell, yes, I want you to meet them! None of that shit matters--I'm proud of you, kid."

"You are?" Spencer felt a catch in his throat.

"Damn right. I'm proud of you, and I want to show you off."

Spencer smiled a little, then asked, "But, what about, uh--I mean, do they already know you're... with a guy?"

"It's getting around. Look, just come on down, ok? I'll leave word at the front desk, you'll just have to show your ID to get in."

"Ok... I love you, Derek."

"Love you too, kiddo. See you soon."


Spencer took a cab and arrived at the BAU within fifteen minutes. He got cleared at the receptionist's desk and was directed upstairs. He got off the elevator and found his way to the offices; he came into an empty bullpen. He wandered around until he found the open door of the break room; Derek was pouring a cup of coffee. Spencer tapped on the door frame.


Derek looked up and a huge smile crossed his face. "Hey, kid." He hurried to him and put his arms around him. It felt good to have Spencer show up at his workplace. He was just about to lead Spencer off to find everyone, when he looked past the boy's shoulder and saw that JJ, Elle, Gideon, Garcia and Hotch had all gathered in the doorway, bewildered expressions on everyone's face except for Hotch, who looked mildly amused.

"Oh, hey, guys. You're just in time. I want to introduce you to my boyfriend, Spencer Reid."

The room was oppressively silent for a long moment. Then, JJ stepped forward and offered her hand.

"Hi, Spencer. I'm JJ. This is Elle--" Elle did the same, then moved back to allow Gideon to move forward. "...and this is Gideon."

"Hello, Spencer. It's very nice to meet you." The older man had kind eyes and his warm handshake made Spencer feel more at ease.

Spencer smiled shyly as he shook everyone's hand. However, he couldn't take his eyes off the eccentric-looking blonde who hung at the back, staring at him. Finally, Garcia stepped forward.

"I'm Penelope Garcia. My heart is officially broken, but--welcome, Spencer!" She threw her arms around him and gave him a breath-stealing bear hug. "Oh--you're so cute! Derek Morgan, leave it to you to have a boyfriend who's prettier than I am! Come on, Spencer, I'll show you my office. I have a feeling we're going to be very good friends..." Garcia grabbed Spencer's hand and dragged him out of the break room with her. He gave Derek a helpless look, but grinned and allowed himself to be led down the hall. The rest of the team looked expectantly at Derek. He smiled sheepishly.

"Uh--well, thank you for making the kid feel welcome. He was kind of worried about meeting you all."

"Seems like a nice young man," Gideon assured him.

"He is cute," JJ added.

"I'm happy for you, Morgan," Elle said, patting Morgan's shoulder. "You'll have to bring him with you next time we go for drinks."

Derek sighed in relief. Never in his life had he imagined being truly happy. But here he was, surrounded by people he respected and cared for, and doing work he was not only good at, but proud to be doing. And, he was in love with a boy that loved him back and who was finally willing to start over with him, just as Derek had always hoped he would.

Elle and JJ cornered Derek and asked him a series of rapid-fire questions about Spencer--How old is he? Where is he from? How'd you two meet?--while Gideon stood off to the side with a bemused expression. Hotch went back to his office to get some work done.

Derek answered the questions with a well-scripted, fit-for-general-consumption story; he didn't know if the day would ever come when he would tell them the truth. They didn't need to know, and anyway, he and Spencer really were starting a brand new life together. He thought they deserved a nice, bland back story to go with it.

Once the interrogation died down, he invited everyone to go to lunch, and they delightedly agreed. Derek went to find Spencer and Garcia, but he had a hard time getting either of their attention as they were deep in an animated discussion about some beloved comic book character, with Spencer's hands flying as he went on about the genius behind the series originator and Garcia gleefully interjecting and talking over him.

Derek smiled. Spencer was happy, he could see that. He knew that he would spend every day from now on showing Spencer that he was safe and loved and very much needed in Derek's life, no matter what. Derek was never going to risk losing him again.

He wondered if it was too soon to ask Hotch for a little time off. He and Spencer had some traveling to do, first to Vegas, then to Chicago. And, he had to come up with a truthful, but heavily edited, version of their back story.

He never could lie to his mother.

-The End-